Upgrading RAM cards not showing up in system profiler... is this normal?

Just replaced both 1GB RAM cards in my macbook pro with two 2GB RAM cards, but when I go into "about my mac" it is still saying that I only have 2GB of memory, and when I go into system profiler and click "memory" it is still showing/giving details on two 1GB cards, is this normal or did I not install the new RAM cards properly? I assumed it would update the info to show the additional memory?

This is not normal
Open up the Mac and reseat the RAM modules. This may help.
If this doesn't resolve the issue, return the modules to the supplier and get the proper modules.

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  • Applications not showing up in System Profiler?

    Anyone know why? All it says is "no information found" and hitting "refresh" makes no difference.
    Could it be somehow it uses spotlight to find the applications?
    It shows up the same blank page whether I boot into 64 or 32 bit.

    Applications still not showing up. I also tried a safe boot; no go. The safe boot did solve another issue I was having; my security panel in system preferences would not open. After it did in safe boot, it opens in my main administrator account.
    But no go on the applications in sys profiler. However, I did install the same 10.6.5 on another internal drive with all updates, and THAT boot WILL show me all my applications, including all the ones on two parallels windows versions (XP and 7) and my bootcamp windows drive, so if I need a list, I'll do that.
    I'm guessing probably a symbolic link to the applications folder is amiss or possibly system profiler preferences.
    But don't know how to futz with those.
    P.S. OK, I do know how to futz with the sysprofiler plist. Not the problem. Did the usual... dragged it to the trash, opened up system profiler, it created a new plist, STILL no applications showing up.
    I haven't moved my applications nor anything in my home folder nor changed my name or anything. Just really strange.

  • Serial number not showing up in system profiler

    i recently had a problem with my speakers in macbook.
    i sent it for service and the service center replaced my main board
    now the system profiler is not showing my serial number.
    do any one know how to fix this problem.

    You would need to send it back to have the serial number burned in to the board. This seems to be a common occurrence when the board is replaced. There should be a number you can call on the paperwork from the repair and discuss it with them.

  • Hardware Overview not showing up in System Profiler

    Yep...Not showing up...I hit about this mac, more info and it's not there....
    where is it? I opened System Profile, package contents, etc. but don't see where it could be.

    alright, still havent figured this out. can anyone direct me to a link where i can download system profiler? tried to extract it using pacifist but that doesnt work as it's blacked out.

  • CPU not showing up in System Profiler

    I have a 4 year old Dual 2.5 GHz G5 which I think has had a CPU failure (B CPU). The system profiler states that I only have one, not two CPU's.
    Is it a case of using a repair CD to reset the lost CPU or is it dead?
    Any ideas anyone?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Hi Dean,
    Ouch... Well I've gathered up a few alternative solutions, though you might want to give an Apple Authorized Repairer a call for an estimate: http://www.apple.com/buy/locator/service/
    Here are some links to wade through if you'd like to get a replacement. The first is way over priced, that store always is, but it does show the part is out there:
    I had a good experience with this place once awhile back:
    And this link provides even more links:
    Good luck with whatever you decide to do.

  • ISight not showing up in System Profiler

    I have tried SMC reset, safeboot, and many other things to try to get iSight to work with my Macbook Pro. It does not show up in the System Profiler. Any ideas?

    teddybest wrote:
    I have tried ... does not show up in the System Profiler. Any ideas?
    Then you most likely have a hardware problem. See your Apple Service Technician for help.
    As suggested in http://support.apple.com/kb/HT2090 :
    If your built-in iSight camera is still not behaving correctly after trying all these steps, you may need to contact Apple or an Apple-Authorized Service Provider for service.
    EZ Jim
    G5 DP 1.8GHz w/Mac OS X (10.5.7) PowerBook 1.67GHz (10.4.11)   iBookSE 366MHz (10.3.9)  External iSight

  • I have unlocked my iphone and when tried to upgrade it, i got an error, so i restored it.But i was not able to activate my iphone 3gs now...it is showing a message like ' sim card not found'..please help me with this regard

    I have unlocked my iphone and when tried to upgrade it, i got an error, so i restored it.But i was not able to activate my iphone 3gs now...it is showing a message like ' sim card not found'..please help me with this regard

    Try popping out the SIM card and turn off the phone.
    Pop in the SIM card once again and turn on the phone, make sure that the SIM card is placed and seated perfectly in the tray!
    Tell me how did you unlock your phone!?

  • SD Card not showing after Mountain Lion Update

    This matter has been discussed for some time now in
    Apple Support Communities > Desktop Computers > iMac (Intel) > Discussions
    SD Card not showing after Mountain lion Update
    Since the update to Mountain Lion, the SD slot does not show up in Finder.
    Someone gave a fix using the killall in Terminal, and that worked only once.  I have not been able to get that fix to work again.
    The only saving grace for me is that my SD Card us is always from my Nikon camera, and Nikon ViewNX 2 software is able to see and read from the card.
    Killall may have worked partially in that I no longer get the error message telling me that I have removed the SD card improperly, and need to dismount it first.
    However, Finder still cannot see it.

    BrianForbesColgate wrote:
    Thanks, Barney ...
    Those are basics ... Been there, done that, first.
    Then you should hava posted all the troubleshooting you already accomplished.
    Does the card show up in System Information? Or is that another one of the "basics" you've already looked into?
    Does it show up in Disk Utility? If so, have you tried formatting it there to determine if it is a formatting problem?

  • In solution manager system not showing all the system in SLD

    Dear Gurus,
    During the installation of solution manger sysyem i selected as a Central SLD as solution manager
    Later installed ECC 6.0 and EP systems selected SLD as solution manager system during the instllation.
    If i login in to http://hostname:50000/sld (solution manger system) and the screen also not showing all the options also. some options missing in the tab. Wat I need to do to see all the options clearly.
    It is not showing all the systems if i check in EP and ECC for SLDCHECK it is not givng any errror.
    But if i login into solution manger not  able to see all the system in SLD.

    Thanks for reply
    it is not showing all the systems

  • Why does Windows 7 not show up in System Preference's "Startup Disk"

    Why does Windows 7, installed via Boot Camp, show up when you hold down the option key when booting but the drive does not show up in System Preferences under the Startup Disk icon.
    As an aside Windows 7 runs perfectly on my MacBook.
    - Mike

    Now I found I'm not alone. My situation is similar but not exactly the same.
    I recently switched from the white MacBook to latest mac mini, tried installing XP Pro not successful for some reasons then tried Win7 (build 7000). On my old macbook this worked perfectly.
    Got win7 updated and picked win7 as startup disk in windows, used that for few days without going back to leopard. On just one occasion I booted with 'alt' key pressed (using a PC keyboard) I have choices of drives so I thought everything was fine. As soon as I booted into leopard I found no win7 partition in system>preference>startup disk, OMG I couldn't boot back to win7 since then. From that point onwards the 'alt' key didn't work for me. Every time only leopard can be booted.
    What can I do now?
    Why it was OK in macbook but didn't work on mini? Is it worth investing on a mac external keyboard just to get the 'option' key?

  • LaCie flash drive not recognized as a drive, but shows up in system profiler. Please help!!

    I recently got a LaCie RuggedKey 16 gb flash drive. The problem is that recently I plugged in the drive and I can't access the files, however, it shows up in system profiler. There are still files on the drive, and I really need them. Can you please help me recover them?

    If you're connecting the drive through a hub, connect it directly to a built-in port on the Mac.
    If you're connecting it directly, try a different port.
    Disconnect all other devices on the bus, or as many as possible.
    Test the drive with another Mac. Test another drive with this Mac.
    Boot into Recovery and launch Disk Utility. Is the drive recognized?
    Start up in Safe Mode and test.
    Reset the NVRAM.
    Reset the System Management Controller.
    If the drive doesn't work under any of the above conditions, and if another drive does work with the same Mac, then the drive has failed.

  • Adobe Bridge will not show items in subfolder even when this option is checked.

    Adobe Bridge will not show items in subfolder even when this option is checked. It works on one computer but not the other-both working on the same system/ version of adobe cc.
    How can I fix this bug?

    Check to see what is different between setups.  You may want to reset prefences in the balky computer.

  • OS does not meet the minimum system requirements for this installer. 10.6.0 is the minimum required

    How do I get my software? This is the message I am hitting before my download will complete:
    OS does not meet the minimum system requirements for this installer.
    10.6.0 is the minimum required for installation.

    May I know what are you trying to download ?
    What is the MAC OS version you are using ?
    It seems you are trying to download an application which needs atleast 10.6 MAC version
    I think you are using lower version of MAC, let us know the version of your MAC , in order to help better .
    To check the version  : click on Apple Button on top left
    select about this MAC, you will get to know the version over there.
    If its something 10.5.x , then you need to upgrade your MAC in order to install that application which needs 10.6 MAC

  • How come whenever i plug my iPhone 5 into the computer the device will not show up on my itunes.  This is the first time that i have done it since i updated to iOS7 and before i had no problem but now it just wont work.

    How come whenever i plug my iPhone 5 into the computer the device will not show up on my itunes.  This is the first time that i have done it since i updated to iOS7 and before i had no problem but now it just wont work.

    Hi Celia51510,
    Welcome to the Support Communities!
    The article below may be able to help you with this issue.
    Click on the link to see more details and screenshots. 
    I can't tell from your post if you are using a Windows or a Mac Computer.
    Try deleting the iTunes application and redownloading the version you need below:
    iTunes 11.1 Download for Mac
    iTunes 11.1 for Windows (64-bit)
    - Judy

  • New Hard disk is not appearing in the System Profiler

    I am doing a fresh install using my ligitimate Snow Leopard DVD  on my USB disk.
    My SSD is not appearing in the System Profiler under Hardware>ATA
    or under Hardware>Serial-ATA
    It is a PATA device as was the original disk I've replaced.
    So I have NO disk to install onto.
    Any ideas what the problem could be?
    My hard disk died, and I am replacing it with an SSD.
    I bought a Mach Xtreme Technology Pata 1.8" SSD (Part no MXSSD1MNANOZ-120G)
    (I can send this back if I have to)
    The SSD is unusual in that it has to be a 1.8" size with a ZIF PATA connector.
    The SSD is preformatted (but not necessarily to Apple formatting).
    With the SSD the same way around to the original 80GB HDD, Pin 1 of the new SSD is towards the back of the computer.
    I cannot find any information as to which Pin on the original HDD is Pin 1.
    I used this tutorial to dismantle and reassemble: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PnV7mHS7Qi8
    I've double checked the connections inside.

    Thanks, this was the answer.
    The connector on the SSD I used was indeed arranged reverse to the original Apple Drive. So it looked different to all the tutorials.
    I knew where Pin 1 was on the new SSD but could not see it on the old drive.
    The original 80GB hard disk had Pin 1 is towards the middle of the computer.
    Flipping the SSD over meant it was about 3mm closer to the back, which made the zif ribbon buckle. So I had to cut away some of the rubber shock absorber to the back, and use tape. The SSD should not need the shock absorber as it is not mechanical/vibrating.
    It is now working well.
    (Although I now have a different problem restoring from the Time Machine.   )

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