Urgent!!!!Add a Horizontal Scroll Bar for Table Control

Hi Experts,
I want to have a Horizontal Scroll Bar on my Table control.
I tried with few properties for the Table UI Element but not able to solve it.
If any one who had already done this please help me out.
Thanks in advance..
Regards, Kishore K

HI Koen,
Thanks for early Reply.
When I use this I get
Page Down ( ->!!, Arrown with lines pointing Down)
Page UP
Page Top    ( ->, Arrown with lines pointing Top)
Page Down ( ->, Arrown with lines pointing Down)
But I need only Page top and Page down for this Table UI .
I think my question is clear enough.
Please let me know this also.
Thanks & Regards,
Kishore K

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  • How to get the Horizontal Scroll Bar for a Table?

    Hi All,
    As per my requirement, I am displaying several records in a Screen in a Tabular Format. But here I have to show 21 Columns in that table which is too high. I am able to display it but due to it I am getting a Horizontal scroll bar for the whole screen since all the columns are not getting displayed in the normal window screen space. But its looking too odd since once I am scrolling it to right the columns are getting displayed but the above Header Bar and Global buttons are not displaying, they are bound to the normal screen space.
    Is there a way to have a Horizontal scroll bar only for that table instead of the entire screen so that on scrolling that bar only the table rows will beshifted ant got displayed?
    With Thanks
    Kumar Gautam

    try this approach.
    include a raw text item before and table item.
    include the appropriate HTML tags in raw text item to enable horizontal scroll

  • Horizontal scroll bar for the adf page

    We have around 7 tables in single jsff page. Here , we have a requirement like :
    We need to show horizontal scroll bar for the entire page instead of each table. Is there any way to get this.
    As of now, we have horizontal scroll bar for each table, but our customer is not accepting this, that want the scroll bar for the entire page.
    Please suggest the approach.

    I have grouped all the tables in panelgrouplayout.So, what is the problem (because it is not quite clear what you need)?
    If your PanelGroupLayout is with layout="horizontal", then the tables will be rendered next to each other horizontally but there will be no horizontal scrollbar on the page.
    If your PanelGroupLayout is with layout="scroll", then the tables will be next to each other vertically and there will be a horizontal and a vertical scrollbar on the page (if necessary).
    If you need your tables to be relocated next to each other horizontally and to have a horizontal scrollbar on the page, then use a PanelGroupLayouts(horizontal) inside a PanelGroupLayout(scroll):
    <af:panelGroupLayout layout="scroll">
      <af:panelGroupLayout layout="horizontal">
        <af:table> ... </af:table>
        <af:table> ... </af:table>
        <af:table> ... </af:table>
    </af:panelGroupLayout>If your problem is that you still have horizontal scrollbars inside the tables, then you should set appropriate widths to the corresponding tables (e.g. to <af:table> tags) such that they are large enough to fit the sum of corresponding column widths.
    ya, I know that its not god design, but its customer requirement, so we need to do that.If you expect some table(s) to be stretched automatically according to the size of browser's window, then you should re-think your UI design because PanelGroupLayouts do not stretch their children. A possible solution is to use a combination of PanelSplitters or other layout containers that stretch their children.

  • REG:: Horizontal scroll bar for pdf

    Dear All,
    I am displaying data in a table in Portal and this table has 13 columns in it. I am writing all this data from the table to a PDF and I am able to generate a PDF. 
    This generated PDF clips the data on the right side, i.e. it shows few columns only.
    I need to have the horizontal scroll bar for the generated pdf output file.
    Can anyone guide me how to achieve this.

    hi pal,
    refer this help

  • Set the horizontal scroll bar for the OOTb document library view

    hi all,
     Am facing an issue in my sp portal.We have designed and developed the portal with OOTB document library views for site columns also. Going to enable the doc lib view. but  we have some  35 columns in eeacha nd every document
    library within our sub site. But if an end user wants to see the last column then he needs to scroll. but, since  then my master page has fixed width, the top corner will be seen as blank. would like to know how can we set horizontal scrolling
    in this doc lib view .

    According to your description, my understanding is that you want to set the horizontal scroll bar for the document library when the last column postion exceed the fixed width.
    I suggest you can try to use Jquery to set the width attribute of the menu bar dynamically if the document library width exceeded. You can add the Jquery or CSS style using SharePoint Designer under the PlaceHolderMain tag of document
    library page. Also, you need to find the div id in your environment using Internet Explorer.
    More information:
    Best Regards
    TechNet Community Support
    Please remember to mark the replies as answers if they help, and unmark the answers if they provide no help. If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact
    [email protected]

  • Horizontal scroll bar for combo/lsit box in JSP

    i want "Horizontal Scroll bar" for combo box to display long names.

    Not a JSP issue. Look up styles, CSS, and dynamic HTML. They should help.

  • Remove vertical scroll bar from table control

    i had used table control in my application. i want remove vertical scroll bar from table control.
    At initial time in table control there is no vertical scroll bar. In my table control lines are dependent on internal table which i was used to fill it.
    i was used these code for to set table control lines.
    Initially there is no data in internal table so there is no vertical scroll bar. After getting value i am filling internal table. and there is scroll bar in my table control. but i does not want that.
    i was not selected RESIZING-VERTICAL OR -HORIZONTAL.

    From Scroll Bars in Table Control
    You can remove the scroll bar in the table control by switching off horizontal and vertical scrolling in the properties of the table control. The properties can be accessed from the screen painter by double clicking on the table control. Regarding the page up and page down functions, I believe you add those buttons in the screen layout and code for them. You can use the standard function code for the page up and page down functions.
    You can get rid of the vertical scroll bars by not setting table control lines. This way the user can only see the visible lines of the table control. As for the horizontal scrollbar, just make sure that your table control doesn't contain too many fields.

  • Scroll bar in table control without wizard

    Dear All,
    I have made a module pool program for gate pass. In which i have taken a TABLE CONTROL WITHOUT WIZARD. Now my problem is , the table control does not have the SCROLL BAR  functionality. It is not showing the scroll bar also. So can any one of you can help with the code that i can use to bring that scroll bar.
    Table control is without wizard.
    Thanks & Regards

    In PBO module write the code as,
        data:  fill TYPE i.
        DESCRIBE TABLE itab LINES fill.
      flights-lines = fill.
       Flights is the table control name in screen and itab is the internal table name.
    Edited by: Haritha Teegala on Jan 6, 2012 7:53 AM

  • Horizontal scroll bar for each page of the ADF page???

    Hi Everyone,
    I have developed one ADF page which is working very fine.
    The width and height of the page is more by which it is showing vertical scroll bar and horzontal scroll bar at the end(bottom) of the page.
    But the requirement is that the horzontal scroll bar should be displayed for every page when we scroll down but it is displaying at only bottom of the page.
    How can i include horizontal scroll bar?
    Any suggestions wil be really useful.

    See if this works:
    <af:form id="f1">
    <af:panelStretchLayout id="psl1">
    <f:facet name="center">
    <af:panelGroupLayout id="pgl2" layout="scroll">
    <af:panelGroupLayout id="pfl1"/>
    Drop your content inside the second panelGroupLayout

  • Scroll Bars in Table Control

    How do I remove the vertical and horizontal scroll bars in the table control? I would like to use the Pg Up/Down buttons instead.

    You can add or remove the scroll bar in the table control by switching off horizontal and vertical scrolling in the properties of the table control. The properties can be accessed from the screen painter by double clicking on the table control. Regarding the page up and page down functions, I believe you add those buttons in the screen layout and code for them. You can use the standard function code for the page up and page down functions.
    Regarding the Page up Page down...You need to add some extra code in your program to activvate that. Check the following program for example.
    or try something like this
    try something like:
    CASE sy-ucomm.
    WHEN 'P+' OR
    'P++' OR
    'P-' OR
    entry_act = tc-top_line
    entry_to = tc-lines
    last_page_full = 'X'
    loops = loops
    ok_code = sy-ucomm
    overlapping = 'X'
    entry_new = tc-top_line
    no_entry_or_page_act = 1
    no_entry_to = 2
    no_ok_code_or_page_go = 3
    OTHERS = 4
    ENDCASE   .
    Hope this helps
    Vinodh Balakrishnan

  • Horizontal Scroll Bar for Region or Page

    I have a region with 10 items in a row for data entry. If i resize the browser window or the the screen/resolution is smaller then not all items are displayed and there is no scroll bar.
    How can i enable a scroll bar to be able to view all items depending on the current width of the browser?
    I'm using Application Express

    You can set the div's width based on the window's width in Javascript. If you are in Apex 4 the following code can do this for you
    $('#SPECIAL_DIV').width( $(window).width()/2 );$(window).width() returns a number indicating the window width.
    Here the width of an HTML element ( with an ID: SPECIAL_DIV ) is set as the half of window's width.
    If you want to resize the item as soon the window is resized(without refreshing the page) ,you can bind the code to the resize browser event
    In jQuery, that would be
    $(window).resize(function () {$('#SPECIAL_DIV').width( $(window).width()/2 ); });

  • Vertical scroll bar in table control with wizrads

      Im working on a table control with a customised table. I created a table control with wizards. But vertical scroll bar is not working. How can i invoke vertical scroll bar and can any one provide the code for the all the operations on a table control like save,find,find next,change....Thanks in advance.

    Hi Avinash
    move the records number of your internal table into field LINES of tablecontrol. So you should change the code generated by wizard in PBO, for example create a new module:

  • How to activate the Vertival Scroll Bar to Table control

    Hi All,
    I Have created a Module pool table control(Wizard) with Input control,where user can enter the values in the screen.
    In my screen 15 lines are visible,once i enter all 15 rows,vertical scroll bar is active,but rest of all lines are in deactivate mode.
    My requirement is:Once i enter all the visible lines,the remaining lines should be in activ mode(In put control).
    I appreciate your response.
    Best Regards,

           V_FLAG TYPE C,
           END OF IT_MARA.
        WHEN 'DISP'.
          SELECT MATNR
                 MBRSH FROM MARA INTO WA_MARA .
          TABLE-LINES = V_TEXT.
          CLEAR IT_MARA.
    Balaji  ( assign if this helps u ..)

  • How to handle scroll bar in table control in bdc

    hi friends,
       how to handle scroll bar coding in table control in bdc
    Thanks & Regards,
    Srinadh D

    check the sites :
    table control scrolling:
    Scrolling in table control
    Re: scrolling in table control
    Table control - Vertical scrolling problem
    table control scrolling problem

  • Add Horizontal Scroll Bar to MII Navigation

    We are on MII 12.1.8 build (20).
    Our client would like to see a horizontal scroll bar for the Navigation pane such that if the Name of the link is longer the navigation page scrolls horizontally but I figured that in MII 12.1 I can only wrap the names or let them expand.
    I brought in the DynamicHomePageLibrary.xsl and tried to customized but I am unable to get a proper scroll bar.
    Please guide me on how I can add a horizontal scroll bar to MII Navigation page, which lines must be added/modified in DynamicHomePageLibrary.xsl

    At line 308 you should see something like this:
    <xsl:attribute name="style">z-index=5;display:visible;height:100%;border:1px solid #666;padding:5px;overflow:auto</xsl:attribute>
    Try adding a css width like so:
    <xsl:attribute name="style">z-index=5;display:visible;height:100%;border:1px solid #666;padding:5px;overflow:auto; width: 250px;</xsl:attribute>
    Edited by: Michael Appleby on Aug 17, 2011 12:25 AM added lines after and before the  blocks

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