Urgent !!!! Problem in Leave request

Hi Experts,
I am facing one problem in leave request. When manager tries to approve leave request although is able to do so but he is getting one message "You do not have sufficient Authorization" .
I dont know why this message is coming.
Please provide the solution.

Am not sure if this is gonna work  ..check whether agent asignment of the workflow u are using is set to general task or not ?

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  • Problem in leave request configuration

    i am configuring Leave Request in EP6.0 using workflow template WS20000081. In the Portal side i am able to send a leave request successfully, but <b>i am not able to receive any notification in the Universal Worklist</b>...
    can anyone please suggest me what to do? do i need to make use of any other worklist ?
    Any help on the same would be highly appreciated..

    Kindly refer
    <a href="https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/fa21a890-0201-0010-708b-d0cfc117e7cd">https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/servlet/prt/portal/prtroot/docs/library/uuid/fa21a890-0201-0010-708b-d0cfc117e7cd</a>
    to configure the worklist.

  • Problem in Leave Request

    We are using EP 7.0 , ECC 6.0.
    when an employee is requesting leave, the request is not going to the substitute but it is going to the manager who is in leave.
    I haven't worked on ESS/MSS.  How and where can i check for the problem? and how to resolve it. 

    any answers please......

  • Problem in Leave Approval

    Hello Experts,
    We are having a problem with leave request. When the end user raised the leave request in the Portal it' not showing in the L+1 UWL. Even when I check in the backend the request is not found.
    Could you please help me.

    check the request in Rptarqdbview and see in WF to whom it is routed
    if you know the workitem check  the next agent in SWIA.
    and ensure WF is triggered
    check the WF associated in V_t554s_web for the absence

  • Problem in navigating Leave request.

    HI All,
    My leave request application is working fine after approving leave ,The page is shouing me a link that says "Approve another leave" when I click the link its not taking me anywhere.
    Please help me on this as quickly as possible.
    NOTE: My JCOs  both metadata JCOs and simple once are having connection type as SSO.
    I think meta data JCOs shld be of user/ID password type or the other way around.
    Please help me to figure out the problem.
    Point will be awarded accordingly.

    Hey sid,
    I dont have any development environment like NWDS and all where I can make the changes and upload it.....
    Is thare any other way......
    One more interesting observation when I click on the link " Approve another leave " though it doesnt take me back to approve another link, but when I right clivk on the portal page and take the link from properties(Normal windows right click and properties) I get a URL link ,when I post this link in explorer guess what its giving me that page to approve another leave so can we solve the problem without getting into touch the codes as I dont have development environment.
    Look fwd to ur reply.
    Thanks in adv.

  • Problem using workflow with ess leave requests

    Hello, I have been experiencing some problems using wf for approval with leave request in ess.
    I customized ws12300111 for request approval and it is working fine. But when we try to cancel a request in ess, there are strange things happening:
    - If the request is in status sent: the workflow gets in error.
    - If the request is already in db: it starts a new workflow (ws12300111).
    We don't want this because we have customized ws12300111 only for new requests. I have tried to customize absences in SPRO so that onlu new requests start the WS12300111, Onlu new requests have the workflow field filled with 12300111, but even like that, the WS12300111 starts whenever that is a cancelling or modification of a request.
    I have also tried using a different workflow for canceliing (WS12400007), but in this case there is an error in ess when we try to submit.
    This is really annoying, I have tried everything...

    "If the request is in status sent: the workflow gets in error."
    Please always say what the error is.
    " If the request is already in db: it starts a new workflow (ws12300111"
    You first have to find out how this is done. Look in SWEL, it's probably via some sort of CHANGED event.
    Rick Bakker
    hanabi technology

  • Workitem Lock  problem in workflow for leave request

    Hi Experts,
    I am facing the strange problem in the workflow of the leave request.
    We have implemented the two  level approval for workflow. For the first level approval we have created custom WebDynpro  application where approver approves the request and selects 2nd approver for the workflow. Here we are calling method initiate_state_transition of class/interface if_pt_req_request to change the status of workflow from sent to approved in custom WebDynpro  application .
    For the second level approval we are using standard approval application.
    When 1st approver approves the request, workflow moves to next task, but this task gives error "Work item 000000605682 locked by user SD21690 (enqueue error)".
    I am not getting why this is happening?
    Could you please help me.

    As you have developed a custom application for first level approver where the status of record is being changed from sent to approved.
    please check what is the workitem number that is initiated. If its 605682 and the first approver is SD21690 then please make sure you release that workitem in your webdynpro application.
    You must have customized the workflow to add the first approver step. Where you would be mentioning the name of the custom application in SWFVISU against your custom task.
    The problem is with the workflow so please check the workflow. Your first approer is not releasing the workitem post approval and that is the reason for lock.
    Vivek - this lock is not enque lock its a workitem lock.
    Please revert with further questions if required.
    thank you

  • Leave request in ESS problem

    hi there,
    we are planning to use ESS 'leave request' in our portal for users to enter their leave requests for holiday, illness, etc.....
    we will have about 1200 users, but there is a big problem:
    for some of the leave request-types like illness (and others) it is not possible that the user himself enters this information. so a reponsible person for the area (e.g. a secretary or someone else) have to enter the leave request for the other person. e.g. when the person is ill: the request for it MUST be entered the first day of the illness ! and the employee can't do it on his own, because he is of course ill and not at work.
    is there a solution in ESS (SAP Netweaver 2004s 7.00, with backend HR ECC 6.0) ? i cant find anything. it is only possible to enter the OWN leave requests for the user which is logged on into the portal.
    b. reg, Martin

    we have about 1200 employees here ! Illness (and other absence) MUST be entered by other persons then the employee himself. CATS is not working with that in ess-portal and also not the leave-request.
    PA30 is an license-problem ! i can't allow users to use it............thats why we have a portal ! why should i let people enter leave-requests in the portal and other abscense in the backend ? thats a very bad thing ! very user-unfriendly !
    best reg, Martin

  • Sharepoint 2010 Infopath Leave request form Weird Problem

    We have multiple sites on the same server. The individual sites are for different facilities in different states. All users belong to the same domain. The problem we have is that if a CA employees fills out a leave request on the site, and a manager
    from MN attempts to accept the request, the radio buttons on the form are not greyed out but they are not clickable, the cursor does not change when over the buttons. Now if the same manager, attempts to accept a leave request from an employee in MN,
    the form works fine. I have went through all of the security settings and groups in the two SharePoint sites and compared/matched settings. Any ideas anyone?
    Jon Peterson

    Hi Jon, that's very strange. I would guess that the problem is in the form itself, not SP security. Do you have any rules set on the fields or form load? It's hard to troubleshoot without knowing more about how your form is set up.
    cameron rautmann

  • Problem with ESS Leave Request Workflow

    We had configured ESS Leave request, which is working fine with Leave request approval.
    1)     Cancellation of Leave Request using the workflow WS12400005.  
                                  Workflow is not getting triggered when we try to delete the leave request.
    2)     Quota Overview
    While displaying the Casual Leaves (CL) I need to deduct the Paternity leaves (PL) also.
         Remaining CLu2019s = quota CLu2019s u2013 ( used CLu2019s + used PLu2019s).

    hi kishore. how did you resolve the issue of workflow not being triggered?

  • Problem with chage leave request

    Hi Experts,
                      In ESS leave request application is working fine. But the customer's requirement is that while changing leave request employee should able to change only Leave start and end dates. He should not able to change leave type . So is this requirement is possible in SAP.
    Please give me suggestions ASAP.

    Hi Sameer
    Yes. It can be achieved by changing the webdynpro code.
    Project: ess/lea
    Component Controller: VcFormEdit
    View Controller: EditView
    1. Add a Value Attribute, of type 'boolean', to EditView's Context (eg: ReadOnlyLeaveType).
    2. Assign this attribute to the 'readOnly' property of 'Type of Leave' dropdown (id = awartDropDownField) on the EditView's Layout.
    3. Now to change the value of the above attribute, according to the requirement needed, add relevant code inside 'wdModifyView()' method from the EditView's Implementation.
    Following is a code sample added to restrict user from changing the Leave Type ONLY for the approved leaves:
    String status = wdContext.currentPrepare_Ex_RequestElement().getStatus_Text();
    if (status.equals("Approved")) {
    } else {
    This should answer your question.

  • Problem in changing label in leave request approval screen

    Hi All,
    I have followed the SAP note 1234273 to change labels in our Leave request iViewin ESS and could do it successfullybut I could not able to know how to change the labels in Leave request approval screen because I have created a custom role and assigned Universal work list to it and assigned it to manager to view the leave requests applied. I navigated to Leave request approval screen via that role but ctrl + right click is not working on that page. Please suggest me

    Check your uwl config, normally it is configured to directly call concerned(leave req approval) application hence your iview may not be getting called. You can try changing the uwl config to call PCD page instead of direct wdp application call.

  • Problems while creating the leave request via PTARQ

    Hi All......
    While trying to create leave request via PTARQ I am getting the following warning message
    Document created with warning: HRTIM00BLPRETRO 009 Earliest recalculation for time evaluation exceeded
    Please suggest what should be done.

    It sounds like you are trying to post a leave request on a date that is too far in the past.
    1. PA03, earliest retro acctg period.  The leave requst cannot be older than that data.
    2.. In IT0003 for the employee involved: Check Earl.pers RA date.  Leave request cannot be older than that date.
    If you want the leave request to be posted anyway, you either have to change the dates mentioned above (be careful, they are there for a reason). 
    Hope this helps

  • Problem with Team Calendar from Create Leave Request

    Hi Expert,
    We are facing following 2 issues with Team Calendar-
    1)     When manager checks Team Calendar from create leave request he gets a warning message 'No team set up for the user in the selection                period.Contact Administrator'
    I know this issue has been reported earlier as well but i didn't find the thread where it has been answered correctly.
    - OADP configuration is correct.
    - Manager is head of org unit.
    - Also IT105 exist for manager as well as employees.
    We are currently checking on authorization side for this.
    2)   Team Calendar is showing leave details only for the current month. If we navigate to previous month it does not show anything even though there exist leave data for the given month. 
    Please suggest if we are missing something.
    Thanks & regards,

    Hi Nagendra,
    I dont remember the exact auth object but ask security team to apply trace for the user id and identify the same.
    Also i would suggest you to check following setting before checking authorizations-
    Get the Group of Organizational Views applicable for rule group in your case  from following path
    SAP Customizing Implementation Guide--> Personnel Management-->Manager Self-Service (Web Dynpro ABAP)--> Service Specific Settings-->Working Time--> Team Calendar--> Select Employees:
    After getting Group of Org View Check the Evaluation path used in OADP configuration.
    Please check if the evaluation path is correct as per your requirement.

  • HELP: Customizing ESS Leave Request for multiple entries in one submission

    Hi experts,
    I appreciate help on this urgent problem. We're on ECC6 with EP7. My customization requirements are below:
    1) Allow multiple leave entries to be submitted at one go. Standard ESS only allows one date range entry per submission. We've customized the Webdynpro Leave request form to allow multiple entries in table form.
    Assuming there's 3 requests:
    R1 ~ 01-Oct-2007
    R2 ~ 03-Oct-2007
    R3 ~ 05-Oct-2007
    Whenever user clicks 'New Entry' button, Webdynpro will call bapi PT_ARQ_REQUEST_PREPARE to generate a new request ID.
    When user clicks on 'Review' button, I will loop at the requests internal table and check each of the entries, which is an individual request, via BAPI PT_ARQ_REQUEST_CHECK. Am I doing correctly so far?
    The checks return no error. Next comes the problem. When I click the 'Send' button, I will loop at the request IDs (in ascending order) into BAPI PT_ARQ_REQUEST_EXECUTE. I will get a dump, saying that the object cannot be found. Debugging shows that it cannot find the first request ID (R1) in the memory. I found that if I sort the request IDs in descending order, it will be able to find the last request (R3) and could process it. However, when it comes to the 2nd last request (R2), it will give me the same dump saying that object can't not found. Both R1 and R2 cannot be found whereas only R3 can be found.
    In overview, the logic we adopted is like this:
    2) PT_ARQ_REQUEST_CHECK (R1) upon clicking 'New Entry' Button
    4) PT_ARQ_REQUEST_CHECK (R2) upon clicking 'New Entry' Button
    6) PT_ARQ_REQUEST_CHECK (R1, R2, R3) upon clicking 'Review' Button
    7) Loop PT_ARQ_REQUEST_EXECUTE ( R3 - Returns OK, R2 - Returns object not found and terminates, R1 - not processed because execution terminated by R2).
    Can anyone please advise me how I should go about changing the BAPIs? Or are the CLASSes/BADIs to be changed?
    <b>Points will be rewarded for helping with this urgent requirement.</b> Thank you.

    Hi Kiran,
    Thanks for replying. My guess initially was also that the requests are overwritten.
    I heard of another company's implementation who did the same concept and was able to do it. Unfortunately, I'm unable to get any information from them.
    Initially, my frontend programmer and I thought of adopting the 'dummy checks' methodology. i.e. Do dummy checks when clicking 'New entry' or 'Review' button. This is to ensure that the entries were entered correctly at front end. Only when the user clicks on the 'Send' button, my BAPIs take in a table of request entries and perform the Request_Prepare&Request_Check&Request_Execute one at a time.
    This may be expensive as there will be double the processing needed. One set for dummy checks and one set for the actual backend processing.
    Is there any way that I can create multiple requests in 'transcient' state so that it won't be overwritten and I can still find it when I call the BAPI PT_ARQ_PREPARE_EXECUTE? PT_ARQ_PREPARE_EXECUTE only takes in request IDs instead of request structures.
    Thanks again, Kiran, for replying. Have a good weekend.

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