Usage Tracking Customization

Can we customize the usage tracking tables?
I want to capture how long a user had a session open. Is this achievable?
If yes, how?

You said :
The query used to get trimmed outI thought that you may use a trigger on the table "OBI"."S_NQ_ACCT".
Check here for a before insert trigger :
Or as example,
connect you on oracle on the OBI schema and start this code :
        ON  S_NQ_ACCT
        FOR EACH ROW
        -- Substr
        :new.QUERY_TEXT := substr(:old.QUERY_TEXT,1,1024);
    END;Then for each row, a substr will be performed.

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  • Get hit count of a page or a dashboard (usage tracking)

    hi, experts, I found that I can get the query count (using count(*)) from usage tracking.
    but is it possible to get the hit count on a particular tab page or on a particular dashboard? not the query count on a page or a dashboard.
    thank you very much!

    Hi Nicolae,
    I did some digging and I found a few things out.
    Point 1) The OBIEE .dll files are what build up the HTML files based on their code and some "customizable" code in the XML files located in the messages folder of OBIEE (C:\OracleBI\web\msgdb\messages). I say "customizable" with quotes because although these files are editable, it is not supported by Oracle and any upgrade will overwrite your changes. That being said, we cannot change the code in the dll files, so our only other option is to play with the XML files and see if we can inject our script somewhere in their code.
    Point 2) The absolute last message from an XML file is the message that wrote the div with id="idSelsPermissionsDlgDiv". I had to do some grep'ing but I located the file which generated the final DIV. It is the commonuitemplates.xml file line 161. The bad thing is that the particular WebMessage is called multiple times ( I think three times based on my tests) in the building of the HTML. So if you put the code here, it would show up three different times in your HTML. Not ideal :(
    Point 3) The dashboardtemplates.xml document, line 410 is executed about four lines before the final body tag. This WebMessage is only executed once, so it is the closest you can get to the bottom of the page without having a duplicate entry. I recommend you paste the code from google right before the final html tag on line 410.
    Hope this helps!

  • Usage Tracking not displaying in Data in 11g

    Hi Gurus,
    One of my collegues complained that the Usage Tracking(UT) which is OOTB functionality in 11g does not show any data expect the Time table.
    Is this a bug, as UT is pre-configured in 11g, do we need to do any customization for this to make it work.
    Can please anyone help with the steps to troubleshoot.

    Hi A,
    The steps are all done they can see the data in the View Data Section in the Physical Layer, but no data is appearing when they create the Reports in Answers, thats kind of weird was my first expression. I asked them to check the Business Model Diagram but they are of the opinion that as it is OOTB functionaly they did not meddle with the BMM.
    Really critical and need to bring the data in the Answer in 11g, any quick help will be appreciated.

  • USAGE TRACKING Error in Obiee

    Hi All,
    I have configured usage tracking in our Obiee version properly using enterprise manager. And, I have also created a a subject area in the repository called "Usage Tracking" where I gave all the details of "DEV_BIPLATFORM" schema in the connection pool as well. Now when I go to analysis to build a report using same subject area, I can't see any results. I checked the SQL and its quering from the right table "S_NQ_ACCT" but just can't populate the usage information. Also I checked in the database. The table is empty there too!! But It works fine for Obiee version.
    I referred following oracle link to configure usage tracking in Obiee

    Thank You for your quick reply. The table permission was alright.
    Its very strange that, we configure usage tracking in obiee using enterprise manager and that how all document says. And then it should automatically update the "NQSCONFIG.INI". But it was not updated there. So we need to change all configuration settings in both "Enterprise Manager" and also in the "NQSCONFIG.INI". Then it works fine!!

  • BI publisher report : why "Database Usage Tracking Summary"  repport is empty ?

    Hi everyone,
    I'me using BI publisher intergated to Grid Control12c (R3), trying to get "Database Usage Tracking Summary" report folowing Oracle documentation (
    And I have 2 problems :
    1) FTPburst delivery is not working, sftp is configured but still have the folowing error
    Echec de la distribution.
    [INSTANCE_ID=gs00slli052.occ.lan.1424277393149] [OUTPUT_ID=1973]
    Echec de distribution du document
    [INSTANCE_ID=gs00slli052.occ.lan.1424277393149] [DELIVERY_ID=1974]Error deliver document to FTP::Exception happened when calling deliver API::Error deliver document to FTP::FILE=[::Exception happened when calling deliver Error in writing data Broken Error in writing data Broken pipe
    2) Since FTPburst delivery is not working, i decide to try mail delivery. The delivery itself is working but the report is empty (see Sortie1.xls in attachements)
    So i don't know why is it empty.
    Can someone   guide me  ?

    Thank You for your quick reply. The table permission was alright.
    Its very strange that, we configure usage tracking in obiee using enterprise manager and that how all document says. And then it should automatically update the "NQSCONFIG.INI". But it was not updated there. So we need to change all configuration settings in both "Enterprise Manager" and also in the "NQSCONFIG.INI". Then it works fine!!

  • OBIEE 11g ( usage tracking migration

    Hi Team,
    I am facing issue in setting up the usage tracking in 11g (
    All the tables and views are available in DEV_BIPLATFORM schema. Migration of the the RPD and the Catalog (available under 'sample' folder) is failing.
    Error: Wrong Password.
    I have used the default password of Usage Tracking rpd (Admin123 as well as Administrator) during migration. Even though the migration fails.
    Is there any bug associated with this as i have also tried to open the RPD with 10g ( and also with 11g ( In both case, they failed to open.
    Error in 10g:
    [nQSError: 36010] Server version 184 cannot read the newer version 266 of the repository.
    Error in 11g:
    [nQSError: 36015] Please run the upgrade utility obieerpdmigrateutil to upgrade the repository.

    This is a bug.
    Raised SR with Oracle to resolve it. Oracle has provided a new RPD.

  • Error in implementing Usage Tracking in OBIEE

    Hi All,
    I wants to implement Usage Tracking in my project. I have done all the steps as per link
    But i am getting following error in NQServer.log file----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
    [59048] Usage Tracking encountered an insert statement execution error. This error has occurred 1 times and resulted in the loss of 1 insert statements since this message was last logged.
    [nQSError: 16001] ODBC error state: S1000 code: 1456 message: [Oracle][ODBC][Ora]ORA-01456: may not perform insert/delete/update operation inside a READ ONLY transaction.
    [nQSError: 16015] SQL statement execution failed.
    I have also check by changing the Call_Interface in Connection Pool of Admin Tool from ODBC 3.5 to OCI 10g. By this chage i get ollowing error:
    [59048] Usage Tracking encountered an insert statement execution error. This error has occurred 1 times and resulted in the loss of 1 insert statements since this message was last logged.
    [nQSError: 17001] Oracle Error code: 3114, message: ORA-03114: not connected to ORACLE
    at OCI call OCIStmtExecute.
    [nQSError: 17011] SQL statement execution failed.
    Please help....
    Thanks in Advance...

    problem is solved....
    Actually in NQServer.ini file i was using actual Database name instead of Admin Tool Physical Layer name at PHSICAL TABLE NAME: <database>.<schema>.<tablename>
    and at CONNECTION POOL: <database name>.<connection pool>

  • Usage tracking problem : not started due to non-existent Usage Tracking tab

    I need some help after following the necessary steps to setup 'Usage Tracking'.
    My table S_NQ_ACCT stays empty.
    The structure in the rpd files looks like
    * OBI Usage Tracking
    Connection Pool
    Usage Tracking Writer Connection Pool
    My nqsconfig has the following entries related to usage tracking
    # Usage Tracking Section
    # Collect usage statistics on each logical query submitted to the
    # server.
    PHYSICAL_TABLE_NAME = "OBI Usage Tracking"."Catalog"."dbo"."S_NQ_ACCT";
    CONNECTION_POOL = "OBI Usage Tracking"."Usage Tracking Writer Connection Pool" ;
    BUFFER_SIZE = 10 MB ;
    When making queries on the Usage Tracking SA, I still receive the following error in the NQServer.log File
    +[59049] Usage Tracking not started due to non-existent Usage Tracking table "<Database>"."<Catalog>"."<Schema>"."<Table>".+
    What am I doing wrong??
    Txs for your quick help on this!

    Can you post your entire NQSConfig.INI file?
    According to the message guide ( the error you're getting specifies the table that OBIEE is trying to use, so the fact that yours reports literally "<Database>"."<Catalog>"."<Schema>"."<Table>" makes me think maybe the wrong config is being picked up. Also your comment that using a file instead of DB doesn't work either.

  • Usage Tracking - Access problem when Authentication Mode = Windows

    Hi Everyone,
    I´m working on UPK Usage Tracking configuration, in order to provide the finished training material.
    1) In Server01 (on Window Server 2003) the UPK Usage Tracking is installed
    2) In Server02 (also on Windows Server 2003) the Usage Tracking database is installed
    3) By accessing the configuration file (http://Server01/ODSTrack/configuration/setup.aspx) on Server01,I setup the Authentication Mode = Forms
    Note: The rest of the configurations were done.
    4) Once the configuration from step 3 is done, I execute the traning material (on Server01) from another node of the windows network
    and as a result I´m able to perform it.
    5) I access the Statistc data on Server01 by accessing the file (http://Server01/ODSTrack/admin/default.aspx)and I´m also able to see the results.
    6) When I execute the step 3 but with Authentication Mode = Windows, and including the GROUP name (windows group specially created for this goal where my user is included),
    - I still have access to the training material (step 4)
    - I have NO aceess to the statistics data any more (step 5) and the following message is display
    "You do not have permission to access this page. Please contact your Usage Tracking Server Administrator to update your permissions. "
    I don´t know what else I can do, and I wonder if some other configurations need to be done at windows network and/or explorer lever or any other.
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Best Regards//
    Rubén Zamudio

    Hi All,
    This problem was solved by reconfiguring Usage Tracking in the authentication method (was anonymous and the solution was Windows integrated).
    It is important to count on people from your organization working on Networks with some knowledge in IIS.
    Best Regards

  • Usage Tracking Catalog Problem

    I am trying to setup usage tracking in OBIEE running on Windows 2008. Every time I try to open the sample catalog I receive the following error: Error initializing/loading existing Catalog: D:\UsageStatistics\UsageTracking. I have tried the file from three different installs with the same error. I am using 7-Zip to unpack the zip file.
    Any ideas

    Sorry about that -- this is 11g. I haven't gotten far. I have been using blogs like: to guide me. While looking at the sample files provided I just wanted to take a look at the catalog provided in OBIEEHOME\instances\instance1\bifoundation\OracleBIServerComponent\coreapplication_obis1\sample\usagetracking\ When I unzip and then try and open it in offline mode I am getting the error.

  • EPM workspace 11.1.2.(x) - usage tracking for Financial REports?

    hi all!
    have a simple question - is it now possible to enable usage tracking in FR objects in Workspace 11.1.2?
    could not enable any relevant MIME types, so I guess it is not possible, right?
    or can I enable FR MIME types somehow?
    many thanks

    You might find this useful: Track Usage of Financial Reports

  • Usage Tracking not showing correct data.

    We have configured usage tracking in our project.while creating a report with(Subject Area,Query,Request ) it shows the dashboard filter query of all subject area in a particular subject area.
    Eg : If Subjuct area SA1 has a dashboard prompt query "@@@@' ,and Subjuct area SA2 has dashboard prompt query "$$$$$' ,both the querys are shown in Subjuct area SA3 in the usage tracking reports.

    We implemented usage tracking too
    Make sure you are not running into the following BUG pre-
    We found this issue and verified it was resolved in problem is still there, and we are getting value of random subject are populated for drill down queries. is there any bug for this too?

  • Usage Tracking in OBIEE 11g - S_NQ_DB_ACCT and S_NQ_ACCT

    Hi Experts,
    How to fetch the physical query using usage tracking in OBIEE 11g, i hope in OBIEE 11g there is a feature to capture the physical query using S_NQ_DB_ACCT.
    I have imported the table S_NQ_ACCT and S_NQ_DB_ACCT in to RPD.
    Please let me know how to join these two tables(Using which Key).

    Which version are you using it?
    If you in obiee11. and above version refer,
         [USER_NAME] [varchar](128) NULL,
         [REPOSITORY_NAME] [varchar](128) NULL,
         [SUBJECT_AREA_NAME] [varchar](128) NULL,
         [NODE_ID] [varchar](15) NULL,
         [START_TS] [datetime] NULL,
         [START_DT] [datetime] NULL,
         [START_HOUR_MIN] [char](5) NULL,
         [END_TS] [datetime] NULL,
         [END_DT] [datetime] NULL,
         [END_HOUR_MIN] [char](5) NULL,
         [QUERY_TEXT] [varchar](4000) NULL,
         [QUERY_BLOB] [ntext] NULL,
         [QUERY_KEY] [varchar](128) NULL,
         [SUCCESS_FLG] [numeric](10, 0) NULL,
         [ROW_COUNT] [numeric](10, 0) NULL,
         [TOTAL_TIME_SEC] [numeric](10, 0) NULL,
         [COMPILE_TIME_SEC] [numeric](10, 0) NULL,
         [NUM_DB_QUERY] [numeric](10, 0) NULL,
         [CUM_DB_TIME_SEC] [numeric](10, 0) NULL,
         [CUM_NUM_DB_ROW] [numeric](10, 0) NULL,
         [CACHE_IND_FLG] [char](1) NOT NULL,
         [QUERY_SRC_CD] [varchar](30) NOT NULL,
         [SAW_SRC_PATH] [varchar](250) NOT NULL,
         [SAW_DASHBOARD] [varchar](150) NOT NULL,
         [SAW_DASHBOARD_PG] [varchar](150) NOT NULL,
         [PRESENTATION_NAME] [varchar](128) NOT NULL,
         [ERROR_TEXT] [varchar](250) NOT NULL,
         [IMPERSONATOR_USER_NAME] [varchar](128) NOT NULL,
         [NUM_CACHE_INSERTED] [numeric](10, 0) NULL,
         [NUM_CACHE_HITS] [numeric](10, 0) NULL
    this one is working fine and no issue.

  • OBIEE 11g - Usage Tracking - All details are not captured

    We have implemented USAGE TRACKING in our RPD on OBIEE It is working fine, only in few cases it is failing... failing to update with appropriate information...
    For the field SUCCESS_FLG the value is populated as 3 - which means "The query failed due to some other reason" as per documentation. When checked the logs, there is no much information in that to conclude what went wrong. Log level is set to 3.
    My question is, What are the possible reasons to have this success flag as 3? To capture all the details in the table S_NQ_ACCT, what need to be done? Any settings change?
    Please share your thoughts...

    Good for you.
    Maybe you can post the solution and how you solved your issue to help other users having the same problem and then close the thread (currently it's still This question is Not Answered.)

  • Can we improve performence using usage tracking

    hi all
    wat is the use of usage tracking in obiee
    by using this can we improve report performance

    We can use it to track the performance but not to improve the performance...
    Check this....
    In order to improve performance...

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