USB Mass Storage device problem

Hello, I cant use my USB mass storage device in my computer, it is a SanDisk ImageMate CF/SM unit, which works perfectly in every other computer I have tried it, but in this one it hangs while accessing the device, and in linux, it hangs while mounting it (the same thing).
I dont know what might the problem be but some other people have seen the same problem, perhaps someone here can help me.

Yeah, I though so, but first I wanted to know what might be causing this incompatibility, in the linux posts people have said that it is a nForce2 generic problem, perhaps a big nvidia bug? heh

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  • Arch instance living on USB mass storage device is very slow

    I installed an instance of Arch on a USB stick.  This is a full installation, not a ramdisk-based "installer" or anything.  However, this little guy is very, very slow.  Sometimes, I have to wait for almost a minute between writes while the UI locks up (XFCE4, in case you're curious).
    I think a lot of the problem comes from iowait load and pending write requests.  I've been considering experimenting with data=writeback, but I've never used this ext option before, and thought I'd ask you guys about it first.  I hear that sudden power failure can lead to pretty severe data loss with writeback enabled.  Anyone have any experience with this?  Are there any other tweaks I can apply to increase performance that would be appropriate for a USB mass storage device?  I have noatime enabled, but that only gives it an almost unnoticeable bump.

    @hifi25nl You can link a post directly, by copying the link that is behind the date, at least with my theme, on the same height as the post number. … 2#p1428782

  • My ipod 4th generation wont show up on itunes or my compute, but there is a file for USB mass storage device in my device management with a yellow triangle next to it. how do i get it to sync? HELP!!!

    my ipod 4th generation wont show up on itunes or my compute, but there is a file for USB mass storage device in my device management with a yellow triangle next to it. how do i get it to sync? HELP!!!

    iOS: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows
    I would start with
    Removing and reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows Vista or Windows 7
    Removing and Reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows XP

  • USB Mass Storage Device - ?

    Shuffle shows up as a USB Mass Storage Device under the drive (USB Port) i plug it into.
    It will not take an update or reformat.
    Wondering if it is possible that the factory format could be erased and now the unit is just being recognized as a storage device and unable to be used in the manner it was originally intended for...MUSIC.?
    What does it mean when you get a message "Media in Drive - Changed" ?
    Fixed many other ipods in past but only one shuffle so this one has me clue what else i can do to it.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    i think it was trying to read the shuffle when i wanted to format and restore.
    i never did get it to work.
    no way of knowing now..i just got through tearing into this one to make one good shuffle out of the two i was working on.
    all was good till i went to put the slide bar on/off switch back on....broke the switch again.
    do you have a switch?

  • USB Mass Storage Device won't Eject/Unmount

    My brother bought a Sanyo ICR-B180NX digital voice recorder last year to use with his iBook. It was working very well up until about August of 2005. At that point, the recorder would mount on the desktop, and he could get all the files off (it records direct to MP3 format rather than WMV, so he can edit his files very easily), but when it came time to eject it, the device icon would disappear and then immediately re-appear on the desktop. The display on the voice recorder remained static at the "Connect" screen.
    I believe this happened in conjunction with some sort of OS update, as it was a "sudden" thing. We can't quite recall what happened between the times it worked and the time it stopped working.
    I have tried the device on a PC, and it works the way it should, so I don't believe there's anything wrong with it.
    Now, I know the system requirements on the website say that you must have Windows, but a statement from a support company (we returned it to the place where we got it, and they sent it out for repairs, and it came back with a letter) states that the device does act as a generic Mass Storage device, and thus may work with most systems.
    All my other USB storage devices (ie. SanDisk 12-in-1 card reader, SanDisk Cruzer Titanium 2GB, iPod Photo), and FireWire devices (ie. WiebeTech TrayDock Extreme) work fine and unmount fine.
    Does anyone know of any changes to the way Mass Storage devices are ejected in the current iteration of the OS? I haven't had a chance to test the device under an older OS, but will soon.
    Alternately, if anyone has any suggestions regarding replacements (not really looking forward to that, given this recorder cost almost $300CAD), let me know. We need a device that can plug in via USB and transfer files to his iBook which he can edit together (he's a newspaper reporter in training, and needs to edit the interviews to take out such things like dead air, etc).
    Mike Ma.

    +USB mass storage device. An error occurred during the installation of the device the data is invalid+
    This typical error message appears if the installation of external USB devices failed.
    Why? This is not easy to say
    What you could do firstly is to clean your registry using the freeware software called CCleaner (Google for that).
    Install it and clean your OS and the registry entries.
    After cleaning access the device manager and remove all USB root hubs and all USB Host controllers from the device list and reboot the notebook.
    New reboot should cause a new installation of USB drivers.
    Finally try to connect and try to install your external USB devices again.

  • PCI Communication Controller and USB Mass Storage Device driver was missing

    Recently i formated HP Pavilion Slimline 400 PC series and reinstalled with windows 7 32 bit.\
    initially i found a lot of driver was missing. i have gone through hp support forums and almost all drivers are running on 64 bit with minimum requirement OS windows 8.1.
    i couldn't find it anywhere. under device manager, these two devices are being shown with yellow exclamation
    PCI Simple Communication Controller :
    USB Mass Storage Device :
    Please kindly provide the link for the drivers, so i can use my PC.
    thanks in advance

    Did you install the USB3 controller driver so the device you installed could work?
    The USB Mass Storage Device is something you have connected to the PC.
    Specifically a Sony® MicroVault USB Flash Drive.
    If my suggestion to let windows update find the Intel Management Engine driver, didn't work, see if this driver from Intel works.  It also has the hardware ID for that device in the setup information file.

  • I have a new mac air 11inches, i tried to download my pictures using my usb mass storage device. how come my mac can't recognize and open my files? pls help...

    i have a new mac air 11 inches and i tried to download my pictures using my usb mass storage device. how come my mac is not reading it? pls hel...

    What exactly is your 'mass USB device', and how is it formatted? When you connect it to your MBA, does it show up on the desktop?

  • Can i use e60 as a usb mass storage device over bl...

    Anyone knows if i can use e60 as a usb mass storage device over bluetooth?

    no you cannot, mass storage is a USB device class like you said yourself.

  • IMac cannot detect ANY usb mass storage device.

    iMac Core 2 Duo (White) cannot detect ANY usb mass storage device including iPod. Only Mice and Keyboards work via usb. Any solutions? OS X shows absolutely nothing when any usb device is connected.

    Try resetting the PRAM. Hold down Option-Cmd--P-R together at the startup chime. Wait for two more chimes, total three, then let go to finish booting.
    Try an SMC Reset. Shutdown, unplug from power, wait ten minutes, still unplugged, hold power button in for five seconds. Reconnect to power.
    Run the Hardware Test in extended.
    Tried a different USB port, tried a different device besides the iPod?
    Some other ideas

  • Help my computer does say USB Mass storage device

    ok so i can't charge my ipod and the computer doesn't even recognize that i have connect the ipod. so i went here
    and it told me what to look for so i lookded for it but my computer doesn't say anything like USB Mass Storage Device or Ipod. I was wondering is there any way for me to download USB Mass Storage Device for the ipod.
    If so can you help me do it.
    Ipod Video   Windows XP  

    How about this article?
    iTunes for Windows: iTunes 7 doesn't recognize iPod

  • Is iPad mini supports usb mass storage device ?

    Hi Using iPad,
    Is iPad mini supports USB mass storage device like pen drive etc.? If yes, then can you kindly  tell me, which USB storage device will be best suited for iPad mini as well as supporting other OS like Windows, Ubuntu, Chrome etc. ?
    With Regards,
    Arpan Purakait

    Have a look at these cloud storage:

  • Mass Storage Driver Severe Crash - USB Mass Storage device useless

    I am running the latest, updated version of OSX Leopard; Hardware Growler; and Parallels Desktop. Today, as I was doing a very resource-intensive task on Windows XP - via parallels - I plugged in my Samsung M610 to try to access the memory card. I then closed Windows XP, and noticed that my cpu was still registering at 100% output. Opening Activity Monitor and looking at the processes there, I saw that Mass Storage was taking 100.00 units of CPU output, and was not responding, I immediately clicked end process. Much to my dismay however, Activity Monitor then proceeded to lock up, so I forced it to quit, which caused finder to lock up in turn. Throughout this time, my cpu was still working overtime, so I decided to power the computer off. Upon rebooting and much "whew"-ing I tried to plug my Cell Phone in again; as usual Hardware Growler notified me of the connection and it's details, however, confusingly finder had no knowledge of any mass storage connection. After multiple connects and reconnects, testing all USB ports on my MBP (and being annoyed by the system telling me to properly find and eject hardware before removing it, which I suppose I should take as a good sign) my memory card remained invisible to finder. Hardware growler continues to perfectly recognize the device connection.
    The most odd thing about this particular problem, is that other USB devices are recognized... at least one other Mass storage device is, but I have only one other device to test at the moment.... Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Check the following link and find the part of the text "Common resolutions for Code 10 error".

  • USB Mass-Storage Device on CompactRio 9025

    I'm trying to store data in the memory stick which is connected to the CompactRio 9025. The memory is formatted with FAT32 file system. That's should be all right.
    It says that LabVIEW maps USB devices to the U:, V:, W:, or X: drive. But when I ran the VI to create a file on U: drive, the path returned by close file function is NOT A PATH. I also tried to use the other three drives, but it still doesn't work. And I cannot even find the above 4 drives on my CompactRio.
    How could I fix this problem?
    Thank you very much!


  • USB Mass storage device CHAOS test time out.

    OS Platform: Windows v6.3 x86
    The RunTest time out fails, but no log files are generated. HCK manager show process
    exit status:-2113819215.
    The test item keep running WDTF_SIMPLE_IO test until test timeout.
    Could anyone tell me the root cause and how to fix it?

    It could be because of the mini's disk problem. Have you dropped it or shaken it recently?
    Try restoring your iPod mini via iTunes 7 (download the latest, 7.0.2). If it doesn't work, and if it still under warrantry, try replacing your device.

  • Can't mount USB mass storage device [RESOLVED]

    I plugged in my iRiver mp3 player in an attempt to transfer files to it from my hard drive and it prompted me what I wanted to do with it (do nothing, open a folder, etc.).  Irrepsective of which alternative I choose, I get the following error:
    Error - Konqueror
    A security policy in place prevents the sender from sending this message to the recipient, see message bus configuration file (rejected message had interface "org.freedesktop.Hal.Device.Volum" member "Mount" error name "(unset)" destination "org.freedesktop.Hal"
    Can anyone tell me what this means and what I need to do to fix the problem?

    Thanks Bert.  It wasn't working until I realised I had to reboot to effect the new group membership!
    Now I've got another problem.  My iRiver shows up with permissions:
    How do I change them so that every time I connect it to my PC it allows me to write to it?
    It's mounted as /media/IRIVER but I couldn't see a 'media' group in /etc/group.

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