Usb port can't find hardware for ipod so won't show on itunes

My computer says it the usb port for my ipod is unknown and won't show it on my my itunes so i can't add new music. I already installed the whole thing again but it still didn't work. Any ideas?

I have a similar problem - my computer always tells me it does not recognize my USB device or that the device has malfunctioned and then the iPod shuts off. I found a few support articles on the issue.
None of these help me because I think my problem is the last one (iPod is not recognized properly by computer when USB drivers are not installed properly or are out of date) but the fix requires the iPod to be turned on.
my ipod also has minimal battery life at this point, which may be a contributing problem.
can anyone help me?

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    click on "iTunes Store", then on the left side of the screen, there should be a box near the top with:
    TV Shows
    Music Videos
    iTunes U
    iPod Games
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    listed. You want "iPod Games".

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    Ok I fixed the problem I had.  I went under device manager and right-clicked the ipod icon, and told it to update the driver.  For the update though I didn't use the automatic search.  I told it to search in the location  (windows/winsxs) and it found the driver.  I hope this helps somebody else.
    Since I didn't mention it earlier I have Windows 7 64-bit.

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    I'm running iTunes under Windows XP and my iPod Touch 3rd generation is running iOS 4.0.

    Start here:
    iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch: Device not recognized in iTunes for Windows

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    Any idea ?

    Be patient please.
    Your iPod hardisk filesystem need to be repaired
    Use DiskUtility, select your iPod, click First Aid and press Repair.
    However if you want to troubleshoot it yourself.
    To change from diskmode to normal mode.
    Disconnect the iPod from PC
    press Menu and Center button for 10 secs till the Apple logo comes ON, then let go of the buttons.
    This will bring you to Normal iPod mode, if your iPod harddisk and battery are good.
    If you hear clicking sounds, during the reset, your iPod hardisk is dying.
    Good Luck!

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    Something is going on with your Nano if Vista doesn't see it anymore. Did you use device manager and try to uninstall your Nano? Perhaps this will work. Once uninstalled, the next time you plug it in, Vista will see the Nano as a new device and install the proper USB drivers.
    I'm not on my Vista computer right now...but here's an article to help you find device manager in Vista:
    Good luck!

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    Hello remslicer, I just did this and it seems to work, I had the exact same problem and I just read what to do on another users reponce,
    I re-set my phone
    hooked up the phone to my computer,
    let it do its syncing, 
    then I went to podcast page and un-sync and I did this with music as well, and hit apply.
    go back and re-sync and hit apply again.
    I went to the app and it started playing the podcast I have saved on my desk top.
    I  hope this works for you too. Good luck

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    Not uncommon. Start here:
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    I can not find games for the ipod nano 4 genoration. Can someone help?

    Use the instructions in this Apple support document to locate games in the iTunes Store.

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    Welcome to Apple Discussions!
    Does the iPod show Do Not Disconnect? You may want to try resetting your iPod while it is connected...
    See if this link helps too...
    Finally, more details on the issue such as what your computer (if anything) does and what the iPod does.

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    hi ziris,
    Can you try these drivers:
    Intel® Chipset Device Software (INF Update Utility)
    Bluetooth Driver (Intel, Atheros, Realtek, Broadcom)
    (AVC, Bison) Camera Driver
    If the  above drivers doesn't fix the unknown device under Device Manager, can you follow this guide on how to install the drivers via their Hardware ID or you may want to consider installing Windows 7 64bit (this would be best if you'll be utilizing 4GB RAM and above).
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    Kimg68365882 did you purchase Acrobat 9 Standard from Adobe directly?  If so and you choose to download the software instead of receive a CD then please see Find a download link on
    If you originally received the software on CD then please use a computer with an optical drive to copy the contents of the CD to a USB drive.

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    Moderator edit: Matched Subject to content.

    Thanks to the folks at Kepware. I was able to get this working for CompactLogix L32E.
    Step 1: In NI OPC Server Create a new Channel. Channel Name can be whatever you want.
    Step 2: Device driver will be ControlLogix Ethernet.  You can also enable diagnostics if you want.
    Step 3: Network adapter. I used default setting.
    Step 4: Write only latest values.  Duty at 10. ( These are default settings and are recommended.)
    Step 5: Finish new Channel setup
    Step 6: Click on Icon to create new device
    Step 7: Device Name can be whatever you chose.
    Step 8: Select Device Model in this case CompactLogix 5300
    Step 9: Device ID For me was IP Address XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX,1,0    (Note the 1 directs path to backplane. The 0 to the slot where processor is)
    Step 9: Device timing.  Leave at defaults.
    Step 10: Auto demotion leave unchecked.
    Step 11: Leave at defaults Do not generate on startup Delete on create and allow subgroups
    Step 12: Port and watchdogs at default settings
    Step 13: Project options leave at default. (In my case I changed to short as that is what most of my tags were)
    Step 14: Create tagname from device.
    Step 14: Finish Device setup.
    You now have two options. 
    Option 1: Start creating tags as you need them. (This is what I did)
    Option 2: Right Click newly created device and select properities.  Then select database creation and click auto create.
    Go To Lookout  and create new driver. 
    Select OPC Client
    Server name will be from dropdown menu. National Instruments:NIOPCServers
    Click okay
    You should be done and smiling. 

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