USB Ports - Mass Storage Devices - Unknown Device

Model: Satellite A135-S2276
OS: Vista
I recently tried plugging in my media card reader that I've had for several years now and has worked many dozens of times.   Windows responded with an 'Unknown Device'  response.  I thought this was odd, so I changed and tried each USB port.  To no avail the device wasn't recognized.  I tried it in another computer and it worked fine. 
I began to try two other mass storage devices that I know used to work, up until recently, on the laptop.  Both now are 'Unknown Devices'.   I now have a strong feeling that someting was wrong with windows vista.  So I search around and find methods to force the driver (inf) cache to reset which should reload any corrupted drivers.   Tried many methods, nothing worked, same results.  I saw that Vista Service Pack 2 just came out, I installed that hoping that it would fix.  Nope.  
I gave up on it being a software issue after I did a fresh reinstall of the OS and with the base OS with no other software installed same results. 
Is there a way to diagnose if the USB is malfunctioning from a hardware standpoint?  Is it possible the USB, even thought windows recognizes it, is dead on the motherobard?  If so, how do I get this fixed?  Motherboard replacement?

It sounds like it is working enough that it can recognize that soemthign is plugged into it.
You say you did a fresh install of Windows.  Did you use the recovery disk or a retail Windows copy.  If oyu didn't use the recovery disk then maybe you are missing a driver.  Best woudl be to use the recovery disk.  If a USB mouse doesn't work after that then the hardware has an issue.  Assuming the BIOS is OK.
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  • USB 2 Mass storage device on Mac 0s 9.2.2.

    I have a USB 2 mass storage device connected up to my Mac 0s 9.2.2. It is recognized as a USB 1 device.
    Other than going to OS 10, is there a way to get USB 2 performance from my current classic Mac ?

    Hi Ian;
    This might be a reason to consider upgrading to OS X.

  • My USB ports will not recognize any devices, iPhone or external drives. Keyboard and printer work, any suggestions?

    My USB ports will not recognize any devices, iPhone or external drives. Keyboard and printer work, any suggestions?

    I'd start by looking in system profiler.
    the blue Apple icon > About this Mac > More info...
    goto the hardware section. Scroll down and click on  USB
    See what happens when you have the device plugged in & not plugged in.
    Move keyboard & mouse around to verify that ports work. Plug device in a port that worked with keyboar or mouse.  Keyboard usb ports are rather low power.
    Perhaps device is taking too much power.  Are devices power or unpowered?  Try connecting devices to a usb hub.
    Which mac do you have?
    What iMac do you have?
    Report system info
    Blue apple > about this Mac
    click on more info
    click on hardware
    do not copy your serial number

  • Been trying to use an external memory card reader with my macbook air- connecting via usb port, air does not recognize device nor the microSD card from my gopro - help

    Been trying to use an external memory card reader with my macbook air… connecting via usb port, air does not recognize device nor the microSD card from my gopro … help

    Some external ones do not work with the Mac's although most do. There are some driver compadibility issues with Mavericks, so I would wait for an update.

  • Restoring Your Nano When The USB Port No Longer Recognizes The Device

    I can't say for certain if its coincidental or not but as soon as the latest update of v9 for iTunes came out, my computer stopped recognizing my iPod (1st Gen Nano) through all the USB ports.
    First, I tried the Nano on a different computer with Windows Vista but the the latest version of iTunes had also been updated on that machine. The laptop also would not recognize the device through any of the USB ports.
    Second, I switched cables. Same problem.
    Third, I reset the device. Same problem.
    Fourth, I tried to update the drivers on the device manager. Same problem.
    Fifth, I uninstalled iTunes per Apple's uninstall instructions and that was to no effect.
    Now my last option is to restore the device, however because I can't get it to be recongized on any computer I own- I don't know how to do this? Do I take it to an Apple store? Is there a manual way to restore the device to factory settings since every computer I have access to won't recognize the device?

    I have exactly the same problem. After updated to the latest version of iTunes 10, my 5th gen ipod stopped being recognized by my Windows 7 Computer.
    I've tried:
    1. Un/reinstalling Itunes 10, then updating to 10.1 or whatever was the latest one as of 9/30/10.
    2. Using a different iPod USB cable to connect to the computer.
    3. Using a different USB port.
    4. Trying the iPod on multiple computers.
    5. Manually selecting the driver within Device Mananger in Windows 7 from "Unknown USB Device" to "Apple USB iPod Driver".
    6. Restarting my computer, multiple times.
    7. Resetting my ipod "Menu+Select buttons for 6-10 seconds"
    From what I understand I could resolve this problem by restoring the iPod to its factory settings, but since I can't get it to be recognized in a computer I am stumped.
    This will be my third iPod in 4 years that has crapped out (out of warranty of course) If I can't get this fixed I'm buying a Zune.

  • Mass storage controller problem device

    Laptop dv8305ca
    OS: XP SP3
    My system has slowed down to a crawl, sound is distorted and the screen flickers.  System Info says Mass Storage Controller is a probelm device.  The PNP Device ID is PCI\VEN_104&CDEV_8033&SUBSYS_309B103C&REV_00\4&13826118&0&23A4
    I tried to fix it through Device Manager.  Device location is PCI Slot 3 (PCI bus 6 device 4 function 3)  Status is Code 28 - no drivers installed.  I tried to reinstall driver but don't have an installation disc and don'tknow where else to find it.
    Can I download the drivers from HP  support onto a USB device on another computer and reinstall from the USB device into this computer and which specific driver do I need to install?  Help much appreciated. Thanks

    That's the TI media card reader, driver for XP is here:
    Though, if it was working before and now reporting problems in control panel, the reader might be having hardware problems.
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  • Right USB Port stops working after disconnecting device since 10.9.2

    Since updating to 10.9.2 the right USB port on my MBA stops working after diconnecting a device (tested: external hard drive, USB flash drive, USB HSPA Modem). The only way to get the port recognizing the device on that port is to do a restart. If the device is connected from starting the MBA it works fine, if I then eject the drive and reinsert it or a different USB device the device doesn't get recognized. The devices do get power, my WD passport ultra spins up just fine, the USB HSPA modem also indicates it's working (with signal) but nothing shows up in finder or diskutility. If the modem is connected from start (and thus working) and then disconnect from the internet but not remove the drive I can reconnect to the internet. The problem only occurs after disconnecting the device. The port becomes inactive. The left USB port works as expected.
    Steps I've taken:
    Disk Persmission
    Reapplied the 10.9.2 update
    Sent feedback to Apple
    Some Output:
    Boot Mode: Normal
    Total CPU usage:
       User 11%                    System 10%
    Max %CPU by process (name, UID, %):
       WindowServer         0   4.6
    Loaded extrinsic kernel extensions:
       at.obdev.nke.LittleSnitch (4052)
       com.driver.JRDUSBModemData64 (4.0.5)
       com.protech.NoSleep (1.3.3)
    Loaded extrinsic daemons:
    Loaded extrinsic user agents:
    Extrinsic loadable bundles:
                 (No bundle ID)
                 (No bundle ID)
       /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/Flash Player.plugin
                 (com.macromedia.Flash Player.plugin)
       /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin
       /Library/PreferencePanes/Flash Player.prefPane
                 (No bundle ID)
       Library/Address Book Plug-Ins/SkypeABDialer.bundle
       Library/Address Book Plug-Ins/SkypeABSMS.bundle
       Library/Services/Clip to Day One.workflow
                 (No bundle ID)
    Login hook:
    Global login items:
    User login items:
       Sort Menubar Items
       AppCleaner Helper
    Safari extensions:
       Shut Up
    Restricted user files: 28
    Font problems: 0
    Elapsed time (s): 130
    etrecheck output:
    Hardware Information:
              MacBook Air - model: MacBookAir3,1
              1 1.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo CPU: 2 cores
              2 GB RAM
    Video Information:
              NVIDIA GeForce 320M - VRAM: 256 MB
    System Software:
              OS X 10.9.2 (13C64) - Uptime: 0 days 0:20
    Disk Information:
              APPLE SSD TS064C disk0 : (60.67 GB)
                        EFI (disk0s1) <not mounted>: 209.7 MB
                        disk0s2 (disk0s2) <not mounted>: 59.81 GB
                        Recovery HD (disk0s3) <not mounted>: 650 MB
    USB Information:
              EFI (disk2s1) <not mounted>: 209.7 MB
              Radha (disk2s2) /Volumes/Radha: 1.81 TB (1.73 TB free)
              disk2s3 (disk2s3) <not mounted>: 189.89 GB
              Boot OS X (disk2s4) <not mounted>: 134.2 MB
    FireWire Information:
    Kernel Extensions:
              at.obdev.nke.LittleSnitch          Version: 4052
              com.driver.JRDUSBModemData64          Version: 4.0.5
              com.protech.NoSleep          Version: 1.3.3
    Problem System Launch Daemons:
    Problem System Launch Agents:
    Launch Daemons:
                     [loaded]          at.obdev.littlesnitchd.plist
                     [loaded]          com.adobe.fpsaud.plist
                     [loaded]          com.freemacsoft.appcleanerd.plist
                     [loaded]          net.sourceforge.MonolingualHelper.plist
    Launch Agents:
                     [loaded]          at.obdev.LittleSnitchUIAgent.plist
    User Launch Agents:
    User Login Items:
              Sort Menubar Items
              AppCleaner Helper
    3rd Party Preference Panes:
              Flash Player
    Internet Plug-ins:
              Default Browser.plugin
              Flash Player.plugin
              QuickTime Plugin.plugin
    User Internet Plug-ins:
    Bad Fonts:
    Top Processes by CPU:
                   6%          Safari
                   4%          WindowServer
                   3%          EtreCheck
                   2%          hidd
                   1%          Terminal
                   1%          notifyd
                   1%          opendirectoryd
                   0%          Dock
    Top Processes by Memory:
              147 MB          Safari
              137 MB
              49 MB          mds_stores
              29 MB
              27 MB          TextEdit
              23 MB          WindowServer
              20 MB          Disk
              20 MB          Sparrow
              20 MB          CVMCompiler
              18 MB          Finder
    Nothing out of the ordinairy. Thanks for any help

    It's an Apple Pro keyboard and mouse, the dongle is
    plugged into the Mac and not the keyboard. The same
    set-up is, and has been working on all our other
    The sleep issue sounds interesting- hum, maybe...
    Is your keyboard plugged into one of the USB connections on an Apple monitor? If so, you may want to change that connection to one that is on the G5 itself. My monitor came with a warning note indicating that problems will likely occur if the keyboard is connected to the monitor.
    I also had a problem with the automatic sleep function. After much trouble-shooting and a logic board replacement, it was concluded that coming out of the automatic sleep function with any USB device active would freeze the entire USB bus. After disabling automatic sleep in system preferences, I've had no freezing problems. My machine works fine with the manual sleep function in the Apple Menu.


    I got my macbook pro 15" for about 1 year and 2 weeks ago, when I turned on my macbook and put my mouse ( Death Adder) into the USB PORT, my macbook DOESN'T RECOGNIZE IT. There are 2 usb ports on my macbook, I tried both port and there was only one port work correctly, the other one didn't work at all, I also tried to put my memory stick, external hard drive, vodafone 3g usb, ipod,....into that USB PORT but non of them worked. Is there any one here have the same problem???? Can you guy help me please. I stay quite far away from Apple Store so it is hard to bring it to repair. I tried to reset SMC, Update Software,...but still not work...HELP ME PLEASE...

    I can't fault your troubleshooting. Sounds like a bad port.
    Home remedies are limited. You can grab a magnifier and shine a flashlight in there. If you see any foreign material, use a toothpick or other non-conductive tool to extract it. If you can, give it a good blast of (dry, canned) compressed air to blow any particles loose.
    Sometimes you can trick a flaky USB port into working at least intermittently by plugging in an extension cable or right-angle connector. Play with a device that lights up so it's easy to see whether it's working.
    Take a hard look inside the connectors at the end of your Death Adder and other frequently-used devices. If you see any corrosion or bent pins, that's what damaged your USB port.
    If the port requires physical repair, it's best to use Apple or an authorized dealer because if they make things worse while trying to fix it, they have to make it right. Joe's Appliance isn't similarly accountable.
    If you need more USB ports, ExpressCard to USB adapters are dirt cheap.
    Good luck.

  • USB Ports not working with specific devices

    So this one has me scratching my head. My USB ports on the back of my iMac are working except for a few devices. 1 being a logitech USB receiver, and 1 being a usb mp3 player. When I plug the received into the iMac the keyboard won't work, but when I plug my USB hub into the same USB port and the receiver into the hub it works fine. The mp3 player isn't working in any usb/hub (so that's a mook point).
    Here's what I've tried to resolve this issue:
    1. Reset iMac
    2. Reset PRAM
    3. Try every usb port on the back of the iMac
    None of these have fixed my issue. Plugging it into the hub isn't a huge deal, but I'd like the option to use my USB ports as I wish without having to deal with this. Anyone have advice on a solution?

    It is not a matter of using your USB ports as you wish, it is a matter of what you are plugging into them and the power demands that what you plug into them makes on the system.
    Not all USB ports or devices are created equal. How many ports are you using? What exactly are you plugging into the ports? What is the power demand of each item that you are plugging into each port? Are any of the USB devices self powered from their own separate power supply? Are all of the devices dependent upon the iMac for power?
    It sounds to me that you have too many high power devices demanding more power through the ports than the iMac can accommodate. Is the USB hub self powered? If so, that is probably why it resolves your issue with the Logitech Unified receiver. There is very little info on this device on the Logitech website, so I could not ascertain its power demands.

  • Help my MBP 2011's USB ports only work with powered devices

    My USB ports are only working with powered devices ( such as an interactive white board) they are not working wiht a USB modem, it picks up but doenst have the energy to dial out. it also doesnt work with a flash drive.
    this is only recent after i updated non vital programs such as printer things.
    now the other problem is that i have not updated this too recently but i dont mind losing some info.
    ps. i have done all of the restarts such as smc, ram. pram. the only thing i have not done is take out the batt. but thats becuase its really hard to do and there are warnings all over it saying dont remove.
    p.p.s i am running snow10.6.8
    Please help becuase i need it to help teach some of my stundets and not being able to use a USB or the internet to research is impeeding my planning.
    Thanks so much in advance

    One final detail. it is a 2011 early model. if there is any more details that you want please ask. i am very desperate because i dont want to take it to apple unless i have to.

  • How do I get my ipod shuffle/nano to play music in my 2009 hyundai elantra's ipod usb port? It reads the device (ipod) and says its "empty"?

    I have a 2009 hyundai elantra with an ipod usb port, when I try to hook up my shuffle with its usb connector to my car, the stereo dashboard says its reading the device and then says the device is empty...therefore no music gets played or heard. What am I doing wrong? Or is there some sort of cable i need to be using with my ipod to get it to play in my car?Any advice and help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    Either you have accidently posted this in the wrong forum (this is the LiveType discussion board), or the fora are screwing up again (if they ever stopped). To answer your question, though, you need some kind of converter that will export only the audio. I'm sure there are many free solutions out there, but not being familiar with Windows, the only one I know off the top of my head is Quicktime Pro ($30).
    Either way, your iPod problems shouldn't be affecting your caps lock key.

  • My USB ports won't recognize any devices. Thoughts?

    I am still using Mountain Lion, and I have been warned about updating. My USB ports will not recognize or connect to any external devices. Any thoughts?

    Try resetting the SMC. Use the procedure for "a battery you should not remove yourself".

  • USB ports only work when the device is connected at start up

    I have a dv5-1110em laptop which I have upgraded to Windows 7.
    If i connect a USB device before I start the machine then it works fine as long as I do not unplug it.
    If I unplug a device and then need to use it again I have to restart the laptop.
    If there are no devices plugged in at start then the ports will not work with any device.
    I have installed the new BIOS.
    I have uninstalled the USB ports and then re installed them.
    I have been searching for an answer to this for months and found nothing that solves my problem.
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated..

    I'm having the same problem.  Installed windows 7 professional over windows 7 home preminu.
    Only see USB device if it's plugged in at startup.

  • Problem with PnP devices, Unknown device, error code:28

    Hello, my USB Mass Storage Device Not Recognized( Flash drive- HP v156w, 16 GB)
     Full story : I opened flash disk,  started  to loading and opening files very slow, suddenly all writing, names of the files become unreadable. I took off the flash disk and try again. I got the message- disk have to be formated to be used
    again. After a lot of try I got this message:
     Unknown device doesn't have a driver ; and Problem with PnP devices when i run trouble shoot in devices and printers on my Sony VAIO laptop( Windows 8, 64 bit), and error code:28 for unknown device doesn't have a driver.
    Do other usb devices work ok in the same usb port? - yes
    Has someone else/or you used it on another pc?- yes
    Does it work ok on a different pc?  - the same problem
    Did you pull it out with using 'Safely Remove Hardware'? -  yes, a lot of time after its become invisible, unknoun
    Was it previously working ok with your W8 laptop? - never tried befor
    Disk Management can't see the drive.
    device manager:
    usb device with yellow sine and instead name strange sines
    divice tipe - other devices
    manufacturer - unknown
    location- on USB Mass Storage Device
    status: The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)
    To find a driver for this device, click Update Driver.
    I have done that -
      "open device manager make sure show hidden devices is ticked and right click on all the USB hidden devices and unistall them. once done reboot and put in the flash drive again and see if windows finds it."
    situation the same(((( Disk Management can't see the drive.
    please if any one know the fix please help
    Its very important info for me on the flash disk.

    I'd ask them over here.
    Regards, Dave Patrick ....
    Microsoft Certified Professional
    Microsoft MVP [Windows]
    Disclaimer: This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties or guarantees , and confers no rights.

  • USB external mass storage devices doesn't work.

    Hey guys,
    I couldn't find any answer to my problem so I hope you can help me...
    I have USB Seagate external USB drive which was working perfectly with my mac until I installed VMware. The thing is that since first time I installed XP on VMware and unmounted my external drive from OSx and mounted in for virtual machine the drive is no longer visible in Mac OS no matter if I unmount it from virtual machine, plug/unplug from port, turn off VMware, restart macbook in any possible sequence combination. However I can use it easily in virtual machine or on other PC. Problem is not files type related, because I've already checked it, what is more I didn't format the drive and earlier it worked.
    What is more now I can't even see my pendrive despite the fact that both Seagate drive and pendrives are visible in system profiler. My USB mouse works perfectly so problem apparently is only with data storage devices.
    During the installation an error pop up concerning "IOUSBMassStorage" file but after installation of VMware everything was working until I mounted in on virtual machine.
    EDIT: I almost forgot to add that I uninstalled VMware and the problem still occurs.
    Thanks for any help in advance.
    Message was edited by: bheliom

    I was trying to install update USBFamilly and now also VMware again and in both cases I get error saying that USBMassStorageClass was installed improperly.
    I found few topics about this file on the internet that it controls exactly what I have problem with but couldn't find solution for how to reinstll this file.
    Any ideas ?

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