Use a Mac as a Windows Machine

I recently posted a topic called "Run windows on a mac without OS X" at
I think I got what I was looking for but a new question came to my attention.
like the other post I don't want to ditch OS X but my best option right now is windows.
So, heres what I want to know.
1) Use a program like SuperDuper to clone my OS X drive and transfer to an external drive, then install windows 7 home premium on my internal disk (of course after the Boot camp update so I'd run BC on my external disk through Mac OS X and install win7 on my internal HD)
2) if I did do option 1 then if there were needed updates from OS X would I be able to even use them because win7 is on another drive.
3) do the opposite and install (via Boot Camp) windows 7 home premium on the external HD (if there was a special way to do that, I would appreciate to know how.) and keep OS X unchanged on my normal HD.
4) To Keep windows 7 and OS X on the same internal HD and don't bother (I have a macbook air and my space is very limited it's only about 75 - 80GB in total of HD space on internal HD.) so both OS's wouldn't be as optimised.
5) which one of these options would be the best and how would I do it properly.
Thanks for your time and hope you can help me and maybe even someone else.

I'll just run with boot camp

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  • Hi! I'm a Windows XP convert... switched to an imac about 4 months ago and am LOVIN' it  As a graphics designer I did use a feature on my Windows machine which I really miss on my mac... beaing able to see a preview of one of the images in a folder on top

    Hi! I'm a Windows XP convert... switched to an imac about 4 months ago and am LOVIN' it As a graphics designer I did use a feature on my Windows machine which I really miss on my mac... beaing able to see a preview of one of the images in a folder on top of the folder icon. In other words, in Windows, you can see the first image that is inside the folder as an icon on the folder itself. Is there a way to do this on the mac? Maybe some software program that will do it? Thanks for you help!

    It would be brilliant if Apple could make picture folders behave like events in iPhoto. You could see a photo on the folder, and also mouse over it to change pictures.
    But no, there's not an application I'm aware of that does this. You can manually make a picture the folder icon, but it's a tedious process.
    Unfortunately this is another example of how dated and worn out the Mac's interface is. The concept of using a file folder as the icon for a directory of images is so 80's. You could use coverflow, but that only helps once you're in the directory itself. Or use iPhoto or Aperture, although they just do photos. Or try Lyn as an alternative: it has a sort of iTunes-like interface, and makes it easy to organize photos without having to put them in iPhoto. And it can display photos that are already in Libraries.
    But you'd probably need a Finder alternative. I use Leap, which displays any type of document. It also does tagging, which is another huge omission in the Finder. More like Windows Explorer (although still no photo on folder icons).
    Another very stylish Finder alternative, especially useful for pictures, is FileBrowse. I don't know why it hasn't gotten more attention. It DOES put photo previews on the folders it shows. And allows one-click expansion to show the photo enlarged. It's super fast, and even allow you to group/sort by camera or flash! It really has to be seen to be appreciated. It works in Lion, although it doesn't seem to be have been updated lately.

  • I brought my itunes library onto a mac from a windows machine and now i have two separate libraries.  How can I merge them?

    I moved to Mac from a Windows machine where I had downloaded all of my CDs into iTunes.  When I got my Mac it only put my purchased items into my library.  So I merged my windows library and it created a whole new user account with that on it.  I now have two libraries and can only sync music with one account or I lose all of my imported CDs.  Help!  How do I merge them. 

    The easiest way is to get both computers on your home network and copy the files over the network. It's easier than you think
    Check this earlier thread:
    [How do I move my itunes library to new computer|]
    That thread mentions Target Disk Mode, which won't help moving from a PC to a Mac. But you can use file sharing to copy the files.
    As the articles all say: don't forget to de-authorize your PC before you get rid of it.

  • Linux server, 1 Leopard Mac, 2 Tiger mac and a Windows machine: Should I?

    I am a photographer, my wife an audio producer. I am a Mac person - she has a Windows machine. We work at home and want to install an ethernet network and use a Linux server to serve up and share files accross the network.
    We are both very proficient at running our respective operating systems on our own machines but have no experience working with or administering a server or a network. I am going to pay someone to help me wire up the house with gigabit Ethernet cabling and install the server and Linux server software.
    I am a photographer and want to spend my time doing the things photographers do - eg not fiddling around getting a server to work and our computers to connect. I want a system that is just going to work once it is installed. I don't want to have to pay someone to come and help me when something goes wrong.
    How do I know if I am getting in over my head here?

    If neither of you are well versed in Linux, then why would you want to install a Linux server? That makes no sense to me. Why wouldn't you just install a Mac or Windows server?
    *"How do I know if I am getting in over my head here?"*
    There's no way anyone here can answer that question. While you say you're both proficient in your respective operating systems, we still have no way of knowing how proficient you are because we are not you. Only you can make that assessment and decision.

  • DSL slower on my Mac than my Windows machine

    Okay, so here's the problem.
    I have a Dual Core 2.0Ghz PowerMac G5 with 6.5Gb of RAM and an old Windows box that's on its last leg with only 128mb of RAM. I'm using Firefox 2.0 on both and I have the FasterFox extension installed on the Mac, it is set to the "optimized" setting.
    I have 1Mb/sec download DSL connection through Verizon. Both computers are hooked up to the DSL modem via a D-Link DI-604 router. My Windows machine seems to have a much more stable and fast connection while my Mac tends to loose the connection more frequently and is generally slower, much slower.
    My Ethernet is configured at a speed of 100baseTX, full-duplex at the standard 1500 MTU size.
    Any clues?
    Thanks in advance!

    Evan Agee-
    Just unplug the cable from the port it is in and plug it into another one.
    "My Ethernet is configured at a speed of 100baseTX, full-duplex at the standard 1500 MTU size." From that statement I made the leap of faith that you were familiar with how to set things up.
    Most routers have a set-up web page for configuring stuff. It would be located at the default ip address for the router. The manual for the router should explain where it is.

  • Using MacBook Pro as a Windows machine at 100% Windows office

    Hello everyone,
    Sorry, it might be well discussed, but I cannot find a topic.
    I use AutoCAD, Adobe Web premium, MS Office, etc. on a Dell workstation. I also use a Mac G4 (10.4) for FC pro and fonts (I have thousands). I only use Mac after work or when I need unique fonts to make outline (fonts) design file.
    I'm thinking to consolidate them to a McBook Pro (latest). I probably use it as Windows machine (either Vista or XP) 95% during a day.
    My questions are:
    1) Is it practical (I will connect it 24” monitor)?
    2) Any problem to use it at the 100% Windows office (Exchange server, etc.).
    3) Is it powerful enough?
    Thank you for your help!!

    I have been using Windows on my Mac for work since the release of Leopard.
    It works better than any Windows machine that I have ever used. I have run current notebooks from ThinkPad and HP, and my Mac runs the best. I have found Windows to work exceptionally better on my Mac than on any PC machine. The main reason is that PC machines are bogged down with so much trial software, spy software, and pointless software from the manufacturer. On a Mac, it is nice and clean.
    I would suggest setting it up with Boot Camp, which makes your computer a fully featured Windows machine.
    The only thing that I had experienced had been when I had formatted the Windows hard drive as FAT 32. FAT 32 cannot handle file sizes of 3.5 GB or higher.
    Therefore, the best way to format it is as NTSF, the new Windows standard.
    To access your Mac hard drive from Windows, you would want to check out MacDrive 7, which is really good.
    Under NTSF, you will be able to read your Windows drive from your Mac drive. However, if you want to write to it, you will need the following software from Paragon.
    As for partition size, I would recommend the following.
    XP 32 GB
    Vista 40 GB (minimum)

  • Want to use only DAC client on Windows machine

    I want to use only DAC client from my windows machine. I have all other components on UNIX machine. Now my question is,
    Do we need to install all OBIEE components & then Oracle BI Apps on windows machine to use DAC client? Or just copying DAC folder from some different windows machine onto my machine will be fine to use DAC client?
    2. If it is must to install OBIEE for installaing Oracle BI Apps(As DAC is part of BI Apps), What are the minimum components of OBIEE that i need to install?

    The supported way to do this is to install everything on Windows. However as you have see by installing the software on UNIX the file copy approach works. You can try it just make sure you have the proper path of folders. Since you will not actually have BI EE installed you still have to create an "OracleBI" folder because some DAC files look to that folder hierarchy. Also make sure you have the Java in path with no spaces.
    Let us know how it works out.

  • Backing up a Mac and a Windows machine?

    Can Time Capsule be partition to backup a Mac on one of the partitions and a Windows machine on the other partition over the wireless network? and are there any settings I should be aware of?
    Running OSX ver. 10.5.6 and Windows Vista Home premium on the other machine.
    Thank you.

    Don't think so because once you set the format type for the Mac its encompasses the entire hard drive.
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  • Download Mac Safari Off Windows Machine?

    I have a Mac at home but a Windows machine at work, which is hooked up to broadband. Is there any link to get the Mac Safari off the Windows machine. I noticed you can't seem to choose between the two any more which is silly.

    3.1.1 for leopard
    3.1.1 for Tiger

  • The Battle between Mac Mini and windows machines

    Ok i have a strange problem. I have a Mac Mini and it likes to fight with windows machines on the same network resulting in a loss in internet connectivity. Ok so here is the info the mini and the windows are on the same network the windows is wireless the mini is wired when both computers are on the internet for the whole network slows down. So i brought it to a friends house and hat it share his wireless connection same problem different windows machine except the internet connection stopped completely. With an all macintosh network nothing bad happens to the network.
    Solutions anyone?

    If your Mac Mini is wired you can easily turn 'Airport' (the built in wireless) off. By clicking on the icon next to the speaker icon in the top right haand corner and clicking Airport off.

  • Currently using Lightroom 5 as a standalone on a mac and two windows machines one desktop one laptop. with CC can i still use all the machines or do i have to take out an individual license for each?

    with CC can i still use all the machines or do i have to take out an individual license for each?

    Your LR5 license allows for activated installations on two machines.  Of those two machine, only one can be using the licensed software at a given time.  The same applies with CC, except with CC you won't be able to sneak in the third machine.  What you can do though with CC is have it installed on all three and sign in and out of the different machines as needed.
    If you intend to be using all three machines at the same time then you do need three separate licenses/subscriptions to be in compliance with the license agreement.

  • How can I share files on my Mac with a Windows Machine ??

    I need help in sharing data on my Mac with my friend's Windows 8 based machine. How can I do it using LAN connection or any wireless communications ? What are all the solutions for this ?

    File Sharing - OS X Mountain Lion to Windows 8

  • Can i use my mac licence for windows

    I have a cs5.5 licence for my Mac but I have a windows laptop and would like to know if I download Cs5.5 from the Adobe website am I able to use the serial number for my license to work?

    Hi Mylenium,
    Thank you for you quick answer.
    What would be the best solution for me then and what would the costs be.
    I have CS5.5 design premium for Mac.  I am now using a Windows laptop, I want to convert my serial number so I can download from the Adobe store and use my serial number so my CS5.5 can work on my Windows laptop.
    What are the steps I need to take and what are the costs? Do I also need to upgrade to CS6? IS it a free upgrade or at a cost and if at a cost do I need to upgrade, are the changes really that different that I need to pay again?
    What would be the quickest and simplest solution for me please?

  • Can i use another mac as a time machine backup?

    I was just wondering if i can connect two macs via ethernet or firewire and use of of them to do a time machine backup of the other mac.

    The two machines are connected by Ethernet via an 100BaseT hub and are on a local network. The server has a static IP address and my primary machine uses DHCP. I don't know if this would work for IP over FireWire.
    Truthfully if I were you I would just go ahead and spring for a good FireWire 800 hard drive (and cable of course) to use for your back-ups. I have the server because I use it for a lot of other things - it is available for Time Machine backups for our whole group of computers and I serve a small web site from it for internal use.

  • Can you connect an IPOD used on Mac onto a Window PC ?

    I have tried to connect a friend's IPOD which he used on a Mac Platform, onto my Windows PC platform. Itunes nor Windows Explorer seems to recognize my friend's Ipod.
    Does anyone know a way to read a Mac Ipod onto a PC and vice or versa?

    To read a Mac-formatted iPod on a PC, you need third-party software, such as XPlay (
    Although it's not supported by Apple, Macs will read a PC-formatted iPod just fine.

Maybe you are looking for

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