Use Tax Question

Hi Experts,
I have a question about Use Tax (Localization 2007 A).
Where in SBO does this have an effect?
I ticked the tickbox in the Company Details for Use Tax. I also setup a Taxcode with the Use Tax Accounts filled in. I tested this Taxcode in a AR and AP Invoice, but found that the Tax Entries only went to the Sales or Purchasing Tax Accounts.
Any help would be appreciated.

Did you Test in Demo by checking the tickbox 'Allow Use Tax' under the Warehouse Setup?
Kindly check.
Kind Regards,
SAP Business One Forum Team

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  • US localization use tax question

    What does Business One enable/disable when we tick the box "Use Tax" in Company Details -> Accounting Data?
    What does Business One enable/disable  when we tick the box "Use Tax" in Warehouse setup screen?
    During my testing of the use tax functionality I was unable to determine why either of these check boxes was needed.
    It seemed to me that overriding the tax type column on the AP marketing documents allowed me to set "Use tax" regardless of the status of the above tick boxes.
    It also seemed as though defaulting the tax type to "Use Tax" on the purchasing data tab of the item master allowed me to pull the "Use Tax" tax type field setting into AP marketing documents regardless of the above tick boxes.

    I believe all options are governing different scope of documents.  If you selected top level, then it should apply to all.  Otherwise, you may just control part of the documents.  In case you already set up on the top level, no other setting should make differences.

  • Problem in using tax code

    hi Gurus,
    m facing very different problem from yesterday. The day b4 all tax codes were working finely bur nw they are showing error in calculation.
    if i m using tax code with 14%BED, 2%ECess, 1%SEcess, 4%VAT.
    But when entering in PO conditions, user delete the BED condition and uses manula excise condition value.
    Say v r ordering 100 pcs of 50 each.
    So total amt will be 5000
    Manual excise 14%   =  700
    ECess 2%                =    14
    SEcess                    =    07
    VAT                          = 228.84    
    which is showing correctly in condition tab.
    But when v assign tax code with same combination i.e. 14,2,1,4 n whn clik on taxes its showing
    BED deduct             = 70 i.e. 10% of manual excise which v entered.
    Ecess                     = 1.40 i.e. 2 % of above value (70)
    SEcess                   = 7 which is correct
    VAT                        =  203.14 which is from above addition.
    M facing this problem fron yesterday only. I compared pricing procedure also, n didnt find any change made. Also no one has made the changes. V r using TAXINJ. Also when I enter BED = 100% in tax code then some tax codes work finely. But some didnt. What may be the problem?

    My guess is if you are using customised Tx code with the deductible Tax code for the 3 taxes then there is no question of it calculaiting wrong percentage during PO, only thing you need to select the right Condition types.
    IF you are maintaing conditions in FV11 for the vendor pleae do check if it is picking some thing else othere than what you have entered i. e 14% then it is certain that the corresponding vendor is picking som other record instead of the current what  you have created. Pleae try to create conditions Plant specific  with vendor/material combination and also check for the validity of the condition also.
    Best regards

  • Setting up use tax

    How do I go about setting up a use tax for supplies that we consume during operations, such as office supplies?

    Hello Shelby - there are several factors involved here and there might be a few ways to ...a few questions for you first...
    1.  How do you invoice for these office and other usage supplies, by an AP Item type invoice or AP Service type invoice?
    2.  Where are you located?
    3.  How many levels of taxation districts/jurisdictions do you have in SAP B1?
    4.  Do you report taxes directly from SAP B1 or is the information extracted and externally adjusted?
    5.  Does your taxation from SAP B1 feed directly into the taxation authorities' systems or do you manually complete the required documents and send them in?
    6.  Do you have a user-defined chart of accounts and/or use segementation?
    @gary - hey how are things going?  yes, it is 5am on Saturday!
    @robert - I am in heaven with two taxation questions in two days!
    Edited - oh darn, I just noticed this is from January - sorry folks....
    Edited by: Zal Parchem on Jul 24, 2010 5:13 AM

  • Error while posting to Tax Journal Entry for sales and use tax

    I am trying to post a journal entry (FB50) to cleanup and correct the liability on our sales and use tax. All  lines are giving warnings and messages.Give me a suggestion  on how to get it to post .  Or if needed, another solution to correcting the balances in the sales and use taxes.
    But the entry to a/c # 226530 is giving an information message but still wouldnu2019t save.
    The Error message is
    Enter the tax base amounts for account 226400 in company codeAFCO
    Message no. F5A375
    You are posting directly to a tax account. Enter the tax base amounts per item using the function "Tax Amounts".
    Kindly help me how to fix the above issue.

    You may want to check out the following notes... they may shed some light on your problem.
    681930 - Posting on tax account possible w/o specific. of base amount
    1090096 - FB60 / MIRO - Checking direct tax after change (F5A375)
    944978 - FB60 / MIRO - check of direct tax after change

  • Sales Report for US Sales and Use tax

    I'm looking for t-code to extract detailed sales report having Gross sales, Exempt sales , Ship to state, Ship to County\ City,  Sales Tax collected. If I'm getting this report i can verify what my sales tax software is updating.
    When i extract  tcode - ZINVLIS i don't get much detail.
    Please help me in extracting complete sales detail which can be used for sales and use tax verification process and audit purpose.

    Hi Karthik,
    There is no standard report available as per my knowledge.You may develop Z report to achive your requirment. Check some LIS report can give data (MC01 is transaction where you can check all type of key figure reports)
    Mani Kumar

  • Sales and use tax or self assessed tax

    I am supposed to configure Use tax for a client.
    I have checked metalink note on configuring use tax, somehow it is not complete.
    If someone could help me find a document that speaks about use tax, it would be a great help.

    the below note helped resolve my requirement pertaining to Use tax:
    How to Configure a Tax to Self-Assess in R12 E-Business Tax (EBTax) and Payables (Offset, Use Tax) [ID 948414.1]

  • Sales and Use Tax Packages

    Here at KeySpan we are in the process of upgrading to Oracle 11i. We are also evaluating software packages for calculating sales
    and use tax in conjunction with Oracle Purchasing and Payables modules. How are other organizations doing this? Did you use
    the existing functionality in Oracle or purchase a package like Vertex or Taxware?
    - Mike Stankard

    Did you comeup with any solution for this??

  • Use Tax Posting To Tax Payable and Expense Account

    Hello Experts,
    I am trying to post tax, code 03, to an expense account instead of the customer account at the time of billing. This is for use tax posting based on the costs of our materials and should be paid by company and not passed to the customer. Currently The percentages will base from the cost of material instead of sale price but this is posting to our tax payable account and to customer account as below:
    Dr Customer Account 1.27
           Cr Revenue -1.20
           Cr Use Tax Payable -.07
    The desired outcome would be as below:
    Dr Customer Account 1.20
         Cr Revenue -1.20
         Cr Use Tax Payable -.07
    Dr Use Tax Expense .07
    Thanks in advance for help.

    Welcome to SDN Forum
    As you want to post to separate Tax payable and expense account ,so maintain a separate account key and assign it to the tax condition type in Pricing procedure .In VKOA assign the G/L accounts to that account key.So you have to take your FI Team members help to get the G/L accounts.and its assignment to the tax code.

  • Use Tax for Free of charge items

    Here is the scenario:
    In our Business, there is a process to give a Free item with mostly all the products sold online. In SAP, we will create regular sales order with 1 line item as TAN and other item category as TANN.
    The Business wants to calculate Use tax on the 2nd line item where Net value=0. As we use the same Pricing procedure, we cannot charge different taxes based on line item.
    The other option was to send the cost details to Vertex, so that they can store it in Vertex and use for Tax calculations. The technical issue is that whenever the Net value=0, Vertex RFC is not called.
    We have proposed to create a report in SAP which will tell them the order details with Free items but this is not acceptable to Business.
    Has anyone worked on such scenario where Use tax is calculated on the Sales side for Free of charge items.

    The basic concept in tax is seller can levy the appropriate tax on the items which they are billing.  This being the case, I am not sure, why for a free of charge item, tax should be levied.  Can you please share in which Business process, this is being followed.  Needless to mention, if at all you want to achieve this requirement, have a separate condition type for this free goods, set as statistical, so that, only tax portion would be posted to FI.
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Use tax reports do not match

    Use tax reports do not match. One shows the GL account balance using FAGLB03 and the other is the use tax report S_ALR_87012394.  I need to use S_ALR_87012394 to determine the location of the tax and pay it but since it doesnu2019t match with the GL there will be issues.

    Under  these two cases i had found difference between vat reports and vat gl accounts.
    1) When the users are manual input the vat amount on the input invoice , resulting vat amount will be updated on the invoice and gl account BUT not the vat report.To find the these items go to the GL line item report and find the line items with BLANK VAT CODE.usually this will tend to use by the users when there are any rounding differences in the vat calculation. Also to avoid these cases hide the manaul vat amount field blank.
    2) When the users manually inputed the vat amount on the gl accounts, provided GL master are not checked with automatic postings only option.
    Best Regards
    Suresh Addagiri

  • US: Tax-setup of Sales and Use Tax in a company located in Michigan, US

    Dear all!
    Below it's described how the A/P-taxes have to be handeld in our company in Michigan, US. We want to use a very simple TAXUS-setup (No Jurisdiction). Actually we have problem in setting up the tax-scheme of TAXUS with the following cases:
    In the US, there are four situations for our Sales/Use Tax. All four are for A/P only. All four are related to the State of Michigan. The applicable tax rate is either 0% (exempt from tax) or 6% (taxable).
    The first two involve invoices that are correct from the vendor and nothing special needs to be done. The
    payment is made to the vendor and the full amount of the invoice is booked to the expense account (i.e. 123456 Telephone).
    1. The vendor DOES NOT charge sales tax on items that are EXEMPT from sales tax.
    2. The vendor DOES charge sales tax on items that are TAXABLE.
    The second two situations involve invoices that are incorrect from the vendor and our company must account for the sales/use tax.
    3. The vendor DOES NOT charge sales tax on items that are TAXABLE. Our company must accrue for the tax due to the State of Michigan and pay it at the end of the period.
    4. The vendor DOES charge sales tax on items that are EXEMPT from sales tax. Our company must either deduct the sales tax on the invoice from the payment and reduce the amount paid to the vendor OR pay the invoice in full and book the overpayment of tax against the accruals from item #3.
    Especially case #3 is actually the biggest challenge to be setup in the system in order to get the amounts correctly calculated. To our opinion the SAP has to create an additional tax-line item.
    Thanks a lot for a helpful answer or solution!

    Hi Bernd,
    Did you get a solution for your  query? If so, can you please share that? I have the same scenario for Geismar, Louisiana.
    Please let me know how did you configure the Accrued tax. Really appreciate your response.
    Thanks, Reji.

  • How to use remediation using Pretest questions?

    Remediation using Quiz questions works fine for me, but.... now I am trying to use Pretest questions in combination with remediation.
    This has to be on a "per pretest question" base, so NOT at the end of a complete pretest!

    Tweak means that the score of the pretest slides will not be added tot the
    total score, that you'll have to calculate the score of the pretest by
    actions. Most system quizzing variables for the final quiz will be correct,
    with some exceptions like the total number of questions.
    With custom questions, no need to use the quizzing system vars, user
    variables can do the trick. But it is more work to create custom questions
    with standard objects, widgets and actions.

  • Sales/Use Tax - Automatic Account Assignment

    Our use tax on an incoming Accounts Payable invoice gets automatically charged to a GL account.  Is there a way to assign a profit center on that posting so that all postings to that GL account for that company are assigned to a profit center?

    And conditions are company code + GL account = profit center 1? For that you can use substitution, transaction GGB1, make this setting for Cost accounting, line item level and in prerequisites you make if BUKRS = xxxx and HKONT = xxxxxxx, in substitution put COBL-PRCTR = PC1.
    Ask if you need further clarifications.

  • Accrual of use tax

    When receiving an invoice for a material that requires the accrual of use tax, the accrual generates a purchase price variance, rather than generating an expense related to the material.
    Does anyone have solutions to this?
    Please help.

    Hi Willian,
    You can check the customizing for the taxes by way below:
    SPRO/Financial Accounting Global Settings/Tax on Sales/Purchases/
    -> Basic Settings
       -> Calculation
         -> Posting
    Also, you can verify the help online:

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