Use two VIs with the same name, different functionality on a single Project

Hi, I'm working with vision builder al labview, I need to integrate the vision builder migration Vis into my main program, (Is not an option), but I have multiple Vis autogenerated with the same name, how can i integrate them in the same project without dependency problems
Thanks in advance

Unless you really need tight integration between the Vision code and the rest of your LabVIEW application, or would rather not have to pay for a Vision Builder AI runtime license on the targets on which you want to deploy your final application, I would recommend you look into using the Vision Builder AI LabVIEW API instead of migrating the inspection to LabVIEW.
The API allows to control Vision Builder AI by launching a Vision Builder AI engine, running the inspection and retrieving resulting images and results.
The advantage of the API is that it allows for easier modification and debugging of the Vision Inspection that you designed in Vision Builder, if you need to make changes later. (i.e. all you need to do is open the inspection in Vision Builder AI, modify parameters, add steps etc).
You won't have to change your LabVIEW application, unless you want to output additional results.
When you build and deploy your application, you will need to install Vision Builder AI on the target machine and get a runtime license for it.
Migrating the inspection to LabVIEW is a one way deal. If you need to make changes to the inspection, you will have to migrate the inspection again, or modify the code outside of the Vision Builder AI environment.
As you might have noticed, the code generated is quite complex, and it is recommended to go this route only if you need really tight integration/synchronization between the vision code and the rest or your LabVIEW code, or if you would rather pay for a cheaper Vision runtime license rather than a VBAI runtime license for the deployment machine (in case of deploying multiple systems where cost is a big consideration).
Vision Builder AI API examples are located in this folder:
C:\Program Files (x86)\National Instruments\Vision Builder AI\API Examples\LabVIEW Examples
Hope this helps clarify the use cases and help you make the right decision for your design.
Best regards,

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    Hi all.
    I have two folders with the same name and I would like to be able to share these under different share names. Problem is, this doesn't seem to be possible.
    For instance, try doing this in File Sharing under Server Preferences:
    * Click +, add /Data/Media
    * Edit permissions on "Media" to permit guest access
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    * Edit permissions on "Media" (make sure you click the right one!) to permit guess access.
    This appears on the surface to work, but what it has actually done is to delete the share for /Data/Media. If you exit the File Sharing pane and go back into it again, it will be gone.
    Server Admin has the ability to rename a share's name from AFP,SMB,FTP,etc. but this doesn't appear to help either -- I tried adding the second media first, renaming its shared name to Media2 over in Server Admin, and then adding the first. Server Preferences just deletes the second one.
    Such a basic thing as being able to rename the share from Server Preferences would appear to be enough to get around this, but since Apple didn't make it possible, I have no idea how to proceed.
    Does anyone else have this working, and how did you do it?

    The best way to solve this, would be make sure you use database paraneter GLOBAL_NAME, to change your database from lets say orcl1 to, by this you can make sure each database actualy has a different name. Your other database then could be named
    When chaning the display name in EM you might face other issues later on when for instance trying to run a restore using EM for one of these databases.

  • How to put two files with the same name into the same folder?

    How can I put two files with the same name and the same extention into the same directory?
    Is this even possible?
    Thanks in advance. 

    Are you sure? I would be very surprised if that was the case.
    How does the computer/filing system differentiate the files, if not by their names?
    How do you tell the computer which one you want? (On the command line.)

  • How can I have two fields with the same name if it makes sense?

    Hello, folks :)
    I have a pretty hard time figuring out how I can have two text fields with the same binding name.
    The whole problem is that when I need two fields with the same binding name they are still differnent coz they have the same name but differnt indices.
    I should make a form filled at runtime by merging a pdf form file and an fdf file data file. And I have no choice to do it differently. And my form file needs some data like customerName, companyName twice in one form. But there's only one possible buinding name indexed zero.
    How can I create a field with absolutely the same name or is it just impossible due to possible name conflicts? And is there a workaround to this problem? I just need one piece of data repeated in different places.
    Thanks for your replies :)
    P.S. if u think that the problem is not clear enough let me know. I'll supply you with more details. But the general process can not be changed.
    One pdf should be mergred with an fdf with as the result of their merge a new filled and flattened form. I have no control over fdfs their are generated by Oracle and I can not fill the form using XML files coz this process should be integrated in a working application.

    I just thought about a really ugly workaround with a server-side script adding values to fdf files but it's a bit of work and tests and personally i think it's a bad idea :-(

  • Lightroom Faces: Two People with the Same Name

    I downloaded Lightroom CC last night and came up with the following question:
    I have an uncle and a cousin with the same name...can Lightroom create two different "people" or will I need to name them each differently? I'm guessing it's the latter but figured I'd pose the question in case there is an alternate solution.

    johnrellis schreef:
    You might have a keyword for each family grouping, e.g. "John Ellis Family" and "Steve Ellis Family", and then place the keywords for the members of each under those parents.  E.g. under "John Ellis Family" you'd have "John Ellis", "Mary Ellis", "Jane Ellis", etc.   And under "Steve Ellis Family", you might have "Steve Ellis", "Kathryn Ellis", and "John Ellis" (a different John Ellis).
    It's a good idea to work with hierarchies. But for the face option to work, you will have to have two unique names.
    I just did a quick test.
    I have some images of twins in my catalogue, Tom and Boris.
    Under them, I created a "name" Twin. Because of the hierarchy, I can apply Boris>Twin to one image, Tom>Twin to another and both of them to a third photo.
    So I drag a name box around them and type "Twin". The drop down (auto fill) lets me choose between two identical looking entries called "twin". No way of knowing which one to pick. And maybe you've noticed that the auto fill drop down list starts with entries you used recently. So no good remembering that the top "Twin" will always be "Boris" for example.
    The count of used keywords only goes up for one of them if I happen to use the same entry twice.
    The only way for this to work (as far as I can tell now) is to drag the appropriate "Twin" from the keywordlist onto the right face in the People view (O).
    I work with hierarchies, but I make sure I have unique names.
    Also, I don't use spaces in the names, but rather JohnEllis, SteveEllis, etc. That way, if I have a very long list with Ellis members and also a lot of people called John or Steve, it's much easier to narrow the search for a particular person (like in smart collections).
    Opening the properties for the keyword, I make sure that "include on export" is NOT on, so you won't see that strange looking name Number123JohnEllis in your exported image.
    I have "export containing keywords" and "export synonyms" (and now with LR CC of course "Person") checked. As a synonym, you can put "John, Ellis, John Ellis, Steve Ellis family" and all of these will export.
    Hope this makes sense.
    Like John suggests, if you already create the Ellis Family>Steve Ellis Family>John Ellis>John>Numer123JohnEllis then you don't have to enter the synonyms, as long as you have "export containing keywords" on all of them checked, as well as "include on export" (except for the Number123JohnEllis keyword which shouldn't have "include on export" checked).
    Working with hierarchies can really help you in your keywording. But it will take some time to set it up.

  • Apperture allows you to import two photos with the same name

    I have two different Sony Cameras and Apperture has allowed me to import photos from both without a problem however after changing to 1.5 it will not allow me to back them up to an external drive because the drive thinks that the other one is open and that it is duplicated. For example the file name DSC2134 has been saved at different times with different cameras but if I try to back up to my exyternal drive it just hangs up my entire computer. I thought the backup was slow but after 24 hours it still had not moved and would not even allow me to force quit. I had to turn my mac off. If I move each photo one by one it will say that my second photo is a duplicate - even if I have renamed the second version. How do I batch rename? How do I rebuild my library?
    I moved to Apperture to get out of all the problems with iphoto now I seem to be back at the begining.
    G5   Mac OS X (10.4.4)   Tiger

    Aperture stores everything in its index table with a master filename as a key. This key may be the incoming filename or a user designated name.
    Images are imported into a Project, and OSX naming conventions demand that within a folder, names are unique. However, OS X allows multiple occurences of the same name in different folders. And so does Aperture.
    When you exported, it sounds like you exported the dups to the same folder? It sounds like Aperture should have identified this error condition and presented a dialog box to ignore/replace .... obviously it didn't and I suggest that is a program defect.
    To remove dups., sort on filename or date/time stamp and delete the offending image.
    BTW, with multiple cameras available to us, it is quite reasonable to expect two distinctly unique images with the same name. Duplicating the name is not necessarily duplicating the image. So I am for Aperture allowing dups. - providing it also allows me to rename, which it does. At the image level, true dups. should show up at the date/time stamp level. That's why sorting on date/time is a useful tool.

  • How can i distinguish two controls with the same name?

    I'm recording automated tests with VS 2012 Coded Ui Test for testing a web application.
    In that web application it is possible to enter data in something looking like a list.
    There is - per example - an Edit control sitting on a ColumnHeader with the name/text "Description".
    Below that header is another Edit control for data input - containing the text "Description" too and which lies on a Cell control.
    When i playback my recording, Coded UI Test looks for a control with the name "Description" and gets the one, it finds at first.
    In that case the Edit on the ColumnHeader, which causes an exception, when the Text will be setted with the data input from the recording.
    Unfortunately the controls have no ID.
    Is there a way to distinguish controls with the same name?
    Thanks in advance!

    Hi Patrick Pirzer,
    >>Is there a way to distinguish controls with the same name?
    Based on the blog "How does “Coded UI test” finds a control ??", we know that to really find a control, it would be related to the unique properties as the search properties,
    so if two controls have the same property, please use other unique property as the search property would be better.
    Best Regards,
    We are trying to better understand customer views on social support experience, so your participation in this interview project would be greatly appreciated if you have time. Thanks for helping make community forums a great place.
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  • Two groups with the same name in File and LDAP realms

    I configured WLS 6.0 SP1 to use an LDAP caching realm
    as default one. In the LDAP server (Netscape Directory)
    I have a group called Administrators. There is a group
    with the same name in WLS own File Realm. When I click
    on the Groups menu item in the administration console
    I only get the Administrators group from the File Realm
    listed. Is that expected? What will happen if I protect
    a resource ti the Administrators group? Which one will
    prevail - the one from the LDAP or the one from File
    Realm? Or maybe the two will be merged?
    Plamen Petrov

    First of all I want to know that where you created your class, In SE24 or in any programm.
    if in SE24, then go to se24 open that class go to methods tab and check if that method name accurs at two places, if not, then
    click on that method and check the code.
    or if in a program.
    then you must have defined like
    class <class name> definition.
    public section
    method <method name>
    class <class name> implementation.
    method <method name>
      code for that method.
    It might be possible you have set the implementation part twice for that particular method, So please check and delete one implementation for that method.
    Lalit Gupta

  • Is it possible to have two files with the same name on my Zen To

    Is it possible to have two mp3 files with the same name?; I.e if I'm ripping a Bach CD, there are several tracks that have the name preludium, and I hate to do the rename.
    Also, will I be able to sync my Zen so that It will only recieve new files that have been added since I last connected my Zen to my computer?

    I believe same filename is OK because the Zen Player does not really care about filename. As far as I know, the Zen database of the tracks in the player is based on the track information such as Title, Artist, Album and Genre. This means you cannot have two tracks of the same Title, Artist, Album and Genre in the Zen Player.

  • Why are my devices finding two networks with the same name in my house?

    I have Verizon FIOS (Actiontech router) connected with an ethernet cable to my Airport Express. Everything works beautifully through all three levels of my house...except... there are seemingly two networks in the house...a 192.X network (I think that is the Actiontech router), and a 10.X network (I think that must be the airport express)...
    Here is the problem...
    My devices (MACS, i-PADS, wireless printers) sometimes connect to the 192.X network (usually on channel 11) and sometimes they connect to the 10.X network (usually on channel 1). If the computers & i-PADS are not on the same network as the printers, then I can't print because the computer can't find the printer.
    With the printers, every time the power goes out it's a crapshoot to see which network they reconnect to...and I have not found a way to manually choose a network since both networks have the same name and password (and I think they have to be set up that way in order for the Airport Express to work properly with the Verizon router.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thank you.

    OK, thanks. Did you see the message I posted right after your previous reply? I'm copying it here. Would choosing option two below, "join a wireless network" vs. "create a wireless network" be similar (or the same) as running in bridge mode?  Thanks.
    Tried a different MAC in my house using Lion instead of Mavericks and was able to open a version of Airport Utility. I couldn't find the tabs as in your picture; however, I did find a box that says, "This airport express is set up to create a wireless network." Three options are then listed as follows:
    1- create a wireless network (the one that is checked)
    2- join a wireless network
    3- disable wireless and connect to a computer or network using Ethernet
    If I choose option two above, would that solve the problem?

  • Can I back up two computers with the same name to Time Machine?

    I recently bought a new MacBook Pro to replace my old one. Both have the same Computer Name (as shown in the Sharing tab of System Preferences). The older one backed up to my Time Capsule as Stuart Field's MacBook Pro.sparsebundle.What will happen if I turn on Time Machine for the new computer? Will it just append to the old sparsebundle? Or will it create a new one with a  different name? I would prefer to have the new machine have the same name as the old one.

    It will create a new one, unless you get the "Would you like to reuse the backups" prompt and select the "Reuse" option. See #B5 in Time Machine - Troubleshooting for details.
    The 2 sparse bundles will have the same name, but internally each carries the hardware address of the associated Mac, so Time Machine will always know which one is which.  If you ever have to do anything directly with the sparse bundles, however, you may have some trouble figuring that out.  Thus I'd strongly suggest using names that are at least slightly different.

  • Two computers and two users with the same name. Can't copy files anymore...

    Hi all, after a user migration to my new iMac I had to make a change of the shortname. I knew it was not a good idea but had no choice otherwise I had to wait other 3 hours to migrate data again...
    Anyway, I managed to change my shortname with success, but one strange thing happened afterwards... I have two macs networked, both have an admin user with the same shortname/real name, 'gillo' (I followed the procedure in one of these two, the Intel iMac. The other, a Powerbook, was not modified).
    While previously I had no problems in copying files from the user 'gillo' on the Powerbook TO the user 'gillo' on the iMac, after the shortname change I'm not anymore able to do it. The error I get is:
    "The operation cannot be completed because you do not have sufficient privileges for some of the items"
    Doesn't matter where I put the files, Desktop, Documents, even the Drop Box, I always get the same error.
    I went through some checks and this is the 'log':
    - The files/folders in the iMac 'gillo' directory are not locked.
    - The files can be copied without troubles to the dirs of another admin user
    - Permissions are the same as the other admin user and owner/group are the correct ones.
    - Both Macs have 10.4.6
    - The 'gillo' user on the iMac can copy files FROM the user 'gillo' on the Powerbook.
    - I repaired permissions and the hard disk booting from the install DVD.
    - I tried to change permissions of the directories (such as Desktop) on the iMac 'gillo' user allowing everybody to read/write. Also a no go.
    Anybody went through this already? Or maybe something similar not directly related to the short name change?

    Actually, everyone missed one point, when a device is priced, the cost of icloud storage space for that device is also included in it that is why they are able to give you 5gb each for each user ID, in nutshell there is nothing free coming with apple device purchase, it is paid for.  What they are trying by giving only 5gb per user ID irrespective of the number of devices used is pure broadlight looting, they take money from you when you buy each device and give you nothing, This is a case of goods and services bought but not fully deliverd ie apple can be suied for discreminatory treatment towards it's users. I wonder why no one tried this yet in America where everyone sue everyone for petty things..... there is no one to take up this issue? . if tim got any love for the guys who shell out money for the devices his company makes, he should be implimenting this as priority before someone wake up from sleep and sue him.

  • Two iphones with the same name

    Dear Apple community
    My iphone was stolen at new years eve. I've tried tracking it with find my iphone, but it's been offline since i lost it. However, i have an old phone that i immediatly charged the next day to stay in touch with my relatives, but i found out, that icloud is tracking my old phone instead of my new one (which is lost). I suppose it's due to the fact, that the iphones have the same name (or ID).
    So my question is, is there a way for me to add my old iphone to icloud while still being able to track the location of the stolen one? As of now, i cannot use the 'my iphone is lost' feature on icloud, because everytime i enable it, it just finds my old one and gives the security message. Is the only solution to keep old one offline?
    Kind regards

    You need to rename one of them. I would suggest that you backup and sync each device after the renaming.

  • I have two accounts with the same name. One no longer works. Can I delete it without deleting the folders it shares with the other account? How?

    Each account has the same name (e.g. both are called [email protected]). The newer one was set up by accident during a conversion from Outlook. Both access the same inbox and sent mail. The two accounts show up as separate in Thunderbird and both have their own inboxes and sent mail boxes. The older one has not updated since the newer one was created, and the older one can no longer reach the server. I want to delete the old one, but am worried that it may delete the folders for the new one in the process. All of the relevant messages are still hosted on the ISP's server. Please advise whether I can do a simple "delete account" on the old account and not wipe out the new one at the same time.

    Actually, doing a "delete account" does not delete the folders associated with it. They are still there, but unused. There should not be a problem with doing the "delete account".

  • Can I use two computers with the same Icloud account

    Hello. I want to sync icloud to 2 different computers (Win 7). I have a computer at work and at home, and wonder if it is possible to synchronize Outlook calendars from both computers with the same icloud account

    Hello again.
    I've tried to sync with 2 pc. Took a backup of everything first, on pc nr 1. Deleted the contents of the browser and Outlook on the PC nbr 2. Then synced up to icloud. works great.

Maybe you are looking for

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