UserExit/ Badi for me51n ( Version Details )

Hi Experts,
In transaction ME51n for Purchase Requistion for line item in Version TAB , I want to capture the Status "version completed" checkbox in a User exit or BADI and want to put a validation on the checkbox. I have  list of all UserExits and Badi's
which are available for me51n. But none of them capture the Version TAB details in me51n. Version Details are available in EREV table.  EREV table details are not available in any of the UserExits and BADI's. No structure is available for that in User exits / Badi's.
Also I want to know about BTE's. What are BTE's? Can BTE be used for ME51n transaction? If yes . what is the procedure  for the same?
Please suggest a solution for the same as soon as possible.
Thanks in Advance.

Hello Priti,
For BTE ref following doc-
Thank You,

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    Any  user exist  or badis for  Me51n or me52n if
    Material Profit center ,v/s Plant profit center  or v/s WBS profit
    center not matched then PR should not saved.
    Moderator message: please do some own research before asking.
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    Please check this thread for the procedure to find the BADI for a transaction,289483,sid21_gci1276392,00.html#
    You goto se24 and specify the class CL_EXITHANDLER and in that double click on GET_INSTANCE method in that put a break point on the line 
    CALL METHOD cl_exithandler=>get_class_name_by_interface
    and run you transaction... for almost every action you will get this method trigger and in that check the exit name... And that's the BADI for the interaction made in that transactation.
    Please go through this link for Finding BADI using class CL_EXITHANDLER in detail.
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    Hope this would help you.
    Good luck
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  • Any Userexit & BADI for transaction VB(7 during final settlement

    I have checked no user exit and BADI. Any Userexit & BADI for transaction VB(7 during final settlement. During final settlement of rebate, I have to change the amount from KONP table in transaction VB(7 . Let me know the userexit and BADI.

    Hi Sekhar,
    These following BADI are not capturing KONP item details.
    I want to capture KONP item details to modify amount.
    ARC_SD_COND_CHECK : Archiving Object SD_COND: Additional Checks
    ARC_SD_COND_WRITE : Archiving Object SD_COND: Archive Additional Data
    SD_COND_SAVE_A : Save condition application A, E

  • Userexit/BAdi for CBIH102  (HR-EHS module)

    Hi guru's,
    Please help find the userexit/BAdi for Transaction code: CBIH102. The Requirement is to auto-populate the Accident Category  (CCIHT_IPEVA-IALPCAT) field  during the Creation/Change mode. I tried the below exits/BAdi & set all the breakpoints, activated CMOD projects and even implemented BAdi. It is not triggering. Enhancement Framew
    Object Name                                 Description
    EHSIAHM1                                     EH&S: Menu Exit 1 for Incident/Accident Log Header
    EHSIAHM2                                     EH&S: Menu Exit 2 for Incident/Accident Log Header
    EHSIAPM1                                     EH&S: Menu Exit 1 for Incident/Accident Log Person
    EHSIAPM2                                     EH&S: Menu Exit 2 for Incident/Accident Log Person
    EHSMPHM1                                   EHS: Menu Exit 1 for Measurement Project Header Data
    EHSMPHM2                                   EHS: Menu Exit 2 for Measurement Project Header Data
    EHSMPJM1                                    EHS: Menu Exit 1 for Measurement Project Measurements
    EHSMPJM2                                    EHS: Menu Exit 2 for Measurement Project Measurements
    EHSSARA                                     EHS: Check/Edit Lines in SARA List Before Printout
    BAdi Name                                    Description
    EHSI_AC_COSTC                          EHS: Cost Calculation in Safety Measures
    EHSI_ANNC_RATCP                      EHS: Calculation of Rating of Standardized Criteria
    EHSI_ER_MEX_01                          EHS: Risk Assessment Menu Exit 1
    EHSI_ER_MEX_02                          EHS: Risk Assessment Menu Exit 2
    EHSI_ER_MEX_03                          EHS: Risk Assessment Menu Exit 3
    EHSI_ER_MEX_04                          EHS: Risk Assessment Menu Exit 4
    EHSI_FAL_***_SRV_SCR           EHS: Screen Enhancement: Injury/Illness Log-Service Assignmt
    EHSI_FAL_MEX_01                        EHS: Injury/Illness Log Menu Exit 1
    EHSI_FAL_MEX_02                        EHS: Injury/Illness Log Menu Exit 2
    EHSI_FAL_MEX_03                        EHS: Injury/Illness Log Menu Exit 3
    EHSI_FAL_MEX_04                        EHS: Injury/Illness Log Menu Exit 4
    EHSI_IA_RPHDFLG_COMP             EHS: Determ. of Reportable Event Indicator in Inc./Acc. Hdr
    EHSI_INT_ORG_1403                     EHS: Write Long-Term Average to Infotype 1403
    EHSI_MJVA_MATCHUP                  EHS: Transfer Measured Values - Amounts
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    EHSI_MJ_MEX_01                           EHS: Measurement Management - Measurement - Menu Exit 1
    EHSI_MJ_MEX_02                           EHS: Measurement Management - Measurement - Menu Exit 2
    EHSI_MP_CREATE                          EHS: Create Measurement Projects
    EHSI_MP_DV_SCR                         EHS: Screen Exit: Device List in Measurement Management
    EHSI_MP_EPI_IMP                           EHS: Import Exposure Profile
    EHSI_MP_METHOD_HELP               EHS: F4 Help for Measurement Method
    EHSI_MP_MEX_01                           EHS: Measurement Management - Meas. Project - Menu Exit 1
    EHSI_MP_MEX_02                          EHS: Measurement Management - Meas. Project - Menu Exit 2
    EHSI_WA_MEX_01                         EHS: Work Area Menu Exit 1
    EHSI_WA_MEX_02                         EHS: Work Area Menu Exit 2
    EHSI_WA_MEX_03                         EHS: Work Area Menu Exit 3
    EHSI_WA_MEX_04                         EHS: Work Area Menu Exit 4
    EHSI_WA_OVERALL_RAT             BAdI Default Impl.: Work Area Overall Rating
    EHSI_WA_RECEIVED_RAT             BAdI Default Impl.: Work Area Received Rating
    EHSI_ACPM_DATA_TRANS           BAdI Default Impl.: Work Area Received Rating
    EHSI_CLM_HEAD_SCR                  BAdI Default Impl.: Work Area Received Rating
    EHSI_CLM_MEX_1                          BAdI Default Impl.: Work Area Received Rating
    EHSI_CLM_MEX_2                          BAdI Default Impl.: Work Area Received Rating
    EHSI_CLM_PAY_SCR                    BAdI Default Impl.: Work Area Received Rating
    EHSI_IAL_COSTS_SCR                 BAdI Default Impl.: Work Area Received Rating
    EHSI_IPEVA_TIMDAT                     EHS: Make the Multiple Absences in the I/A Log flexible

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  • Badi  for ME51N Item changes

    Hi ,
      Is there any Badi or user exit to make changes to the line item data in the purchase requisition create/change ME51N or ME52N transactions. We would want to populate few fields automatically on the item data, so would request if any of you have worked on any Badi for this transaction, please do post in immediately.

    1)BADI to be implemented: ME_PROCESS_REQ_CUST.
    Method to be used: PROCESS_ITEM.
    Place the below code in your implementation.
    data : l_item type MEREQ_ITEM.
    CALL METHOD im_item->get_data
    re_data = l_item.
    *C-- L_ITEM-BEDNR is requirement tracking number
    2)Exit in ME51N
    MEREQ001 Customers' Own Data in Purchase Requisition
    You can implemet by this way
    You add your customer fields, which should be saved in the database, to
    the include CI_EBANDB (in table EBAN). You can also add customer fields
    that you want to use during the program run to the include CI_EBANMEM
    (in structure MEREQ_ITEM) These fields are not stored in database table
    <b>Reward points</b>

  • BADI for ME51N  purchase requisition

    Dear All,
    i want to use user badi for transaction ME51N as i want to put a check for cost centre with plant such that if it does not belong to a particular plant it should throw an error message
    i hav found one BADI
    wherein in one of the methods(PROCESS_ITEM) i m getting
    Plant directly but i have searched all method and i m able to get costcentre(*KOSTL) in methods like 
    now if i m trying to use this method its saying either method unknown or private or protected
    can anyone plz help me with the syntax of using methods having such format as above i know the syntax to access normal methods like getdata or getitem and so on.

    Hi Ronak,
    Your input parameter in PROCESS_ITEM (IM_ITEM) is an object of class IF_PURCHASE_REQUISITION_ITEM. You can get all item data by using:
      zls_item TYPE MEREQ_ITEM.
    zls_item = IM_ITEM->GET_DATA( ).

  • BADI for ME51n screen exit

    hi guys,
                 i have to add a new tab with three fields  under header level in me51n, i have used enhancement MEREQ001 but it is adding under item level, guys can you please tell is there any BADI for this..,thanks in advance.

    As i know there is no possibility to add custom tab at header level better to go with item level.If need help here check and post.

  • Userexit/badi for tcode MB1A

    I am currently looking for a userexit or BADI for transaction MB1A for me to modify/delete the accounting documents document created by this transaction.

    The below are the available user exits for MB1A.
    MBCF0002            Customer function exit: Segment text in material doc. item
    MBCF0005            Material document item for goods receipt/issue slip
    MBCF0006            Customer function for WBS element
    MBCF0007            Customer function exit: Updating a reservation
    MBCF0009            Filling the storage location field
    MBCF0010            Customer exit: Create reservation  
    MBCF0011            Read from RESB and RKPF for print list in  MB26
    MB_CF001            Customer Function Exit in the Case of Updating a Mat. Doc.
    To check for the suitable badi, Go to transaction SE24 and give the Object type as CL_EXITHANDLER and click on Display button.
    Double click on method GET_INSTANCE, put a break point on case statement.
    Execute your transaction and look for variable EXIT_NAME at your scenario then It will show the available badi's.
    Reward if it is useful.

  • Userexit/BADI for MBST Tcode

    Hi all,
    Is there any userexit or BADI for Transaction MBST.
    Pl help.

    I want know out of userexits listed in above thread, while saving which user exit will call.
    iam trying putting breakpoint in all exits, but i am not getting any relevant exit.
    while posting or saving Material document number for cancellation in MBST.

  • Userexit/Badi for vendor or enduser addition/change in sales order creation

    Hello Gurus,
    I need a userexit/badi that gets triggered on the addition/change of partners in sales orders
    I need to make some validations when the user adds/changes the vendor or
    enduser in the sales order creation.
    I tried many exits that I could find from forum but they were not able to asist.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Thanks in Advance,

    Well, if all else fails, USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBAK will definitely be called when you change partners... but of course it will be called much more often than at only partner changes. Still, internal table XVBPA shows the current partners, so you could compare its content with the earlier state of the table to recognize a partner change you're interested in.
    Strangely, the usual Y-table (YVBPA) is not populated, not sure why, otherwise the comparison would be even easier.

  • Exit/badi for me51n

    Hi Folks,
    My PO ordered quantity is greated than my PR quantity and that's because PR is not set to closed. Is there any way how to close the PR using exit/badi?

    Dear Friend,
    U r creating PO with Reference to PR.
    if u r  doing like this u can check that at the PO Level itself.
    For this u can use the EXIT or BADI.
    Then Function group for the PO is XMO6 . in this there is one include . Include ZXM06U43
    Please Implement this Exit. this will trigger at the Check function of the PO.
    So u can restrict ur PO at the time of Creation..
    2 BADI for this is ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST.
    This BADI contains some many methods.
    For ur Requirement just implement Process_item method .
    Hope this will Help u.
    With Regards,

  • UserExit/BADI for ME22N services tab

    Hi all,
         My requirement is that, I need to do validation of the Service Quantity of Purchase Items in ME22N transaction (ie. Change PO).
    I have tried a BADI  "ME_PROCESS_PO_CUST", but I am getting only the PO item quantity in this BADI, not the service quantity.
    Can any body suggest me a correct  UserExit/BADI  to to the validation of Service Quantity.
    Anbarasan K

    Thanks Charlie.
    The user exit SRVESLL worked.

  • Exit / BADI for ME51N / ME52N

    Hi experts,
    I have the following requirement:
    1. In transactions ME51N / ME52N, the long text field for the item (Item Text) must be made read-only if the PR is already approved / released (release strategy indicator = '2').
    2. The PR workflow approvers must recieve an e-mail if this text has been changed while the PR is still blocked / not fully approved (release strategy indicator = 'X').
    I'm guessing both can be achieved through BADI implementations (in this case, IF_EX_ME_REQ_POSTED~POSTED), but I've read a lot about various Exits in these transactions, and now I'm not sure if this is the right one. Can you help me?
    PS.: I'm not completely familiar with BADIs and Exits, so please bear with me on this.

    Thanks for the replies.
    The MM consultant is still looking for a way to grey out the text field within SPRO. It's not an easy requirement
    Regarding the text changes, I followed your advices and I'm now trying to implement my code within the exit EXIT_SAPLMEREQ_005 (it's triggered right after the user saves the document, so it makes sense). The problem now is that when this exit is called, the changes made to the item text are already committed, and I can't compare the new text with the old one.
    I also tried implementing ME_REQ_PROCESS_ITEM, but it doesn't seem to be called from ME52N.
    Isn't there a log for long text changes? It would be really easy to just read CDHDR / CDPOS and know if the text has been changed. Also, is this text the same text from material master? If it is, I guess it would be easier to log its changes, right?
    Will appreciate your input on this.

  • UserExit / Badi for PA48

    Does anyone know if there is a UserExit or Badi that i can use in order to change "Info Group" (In Pa0000), when executing pa48 ?
    Thanks Ami

    Hi Ami,
    To find the badi's available for PA48 go to SE24 class CL_EXITHANDLER and double click on method GET_INSTANCE. In this method approximately line 28 there is "case sy-subrc." statement, this is directly after the call i.e. "call method cl_exithandler=>get_class_name_by_interface". Put a break-point here and then run PA48. Every time it hits a badi it will stop here, you can then have a look at the field content of variable EXIT_NAME and here you will find the name of the available BADIs.
    Hope that helps.


    Dear All,
    pls. let me know the table from which I can get the details of Production Version
    With Regards

    Table name:<b>MKAL</b>
    Field names:
    VERID  Production version
    ADATU Date from which the production version is valid
    BDATU  Date to which the production version is valid
    BSTMA Upper limit of the lot size range
    BSTMI Lower limit of the lot size range
    STLAL Bill of material alternative
    PLNTY Key distinguishing task lists by their functionality (for example, routing, reference operation set, rate routing, standard network, rough-cut planning profile, etc.)
    Hope this helps, pl. reward & close the thread if you have got the appropriate solution.

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