Using a MAC to fill out PC Created PDF forms creating problems

We have created a number of forms using LiveCycle to be filled out by clients.  They include submit buttons that send the form back as a PDF (rather than a data file).  The forms were then opened in  Acrobat 8 Professional and usage rights enabled to allow the clients to save a copy of the completed form.
They work great...unless the client is using a MAC.  We have encountered the following problems with MAC filled forms:
1) client entered data is present but only visible when the field is clicked on
2) the Print and Submit by E-mail buttons do not work for MAC users
3) the tabbing order is inconsistent
Any ideas of ways we can make our forms more compatible for MAC users??
Many Thanks!

Hi Rod,
Sorry I replied a few days ago, but for some reason it didn't seem to get added to the thread.  So, here we go again ...
The "fix field" script worked great for me.  So, we have been using that solution when needed.  Unfortunately, I am not enough of an expert on these things to provide an intelligent answer as to why it may not be working for you.
But, it also became evident from dialogue and testing that the issue only occurs when recipients use MAC Preview to complete the forms.  So, on some forms I have just added a note saying - MAC Users: Please complete the form using Adobe Reader.  As this is, of course, free software, which most people already have installed on their computer, this seems to prevent the problem from occurring as well.
Hope that is at least a little bit helpful.

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    I designed in InDesign, exported as Interactive PDF, opened in Pro, saved with extended options.
    I have both Pro XI and the most recent version of Reader. (Mac os x)
    I actually used a template to design the form. Would this somehow be causing an issue??
    Here's a link to the form-- (website is still being developed.)
    I've uploaded to the new website, and to Box, and the issue remains the same.
    Thanks for your help!

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    On Mac, why won't the downloaded PDF form SUBMIT after being filled out?
    Thank you for the help.
    Kind regards
    Ryan Kohler

    This FAQ should describe the issue - you need to be using Adobe Reader (free) or Adobe Acrobat to fill out the PDF, Preview on the Mac breaks the PDF so it is no longer usable:

  • How do I use auto-form recognition to create PDF forms in Acrobat XI?

    I used to use Acrobat 9 to create PDF forms that would allow me to fill in text into the fields that were created.  Acrobat XI seems to have changed the way this function is performed.  Previously, I could run an auto form recognition wizard, do some minor tweaking, and be done.  Now, when I attempt to follow the process in Acrobat XI, I get the following message that pops up:  "No new form field annotations were detected.", and no fields get created.  I could do this manually, but the process of doing so is very clunky and cumbersome.  Once I create a new text field, I must then go back and resize it.  This would not be a problem if I was only working with a few fields on a single page, but I have a six page document with multiple fields to create (text fields, check box fields, etc.).  Perhaps I'm missing something, but there seems to be no simple way to do this anymore.  It's making me want to just install Acrobat 9, so that I will have back the feature that I used to have.  I'm using Acrobat XI on Mac, but I'm assuming the function should be the same in Windows.  I can use Preview on the Mac to simply type in the text that I need, but I was hoping to pass along the PDF so that others can use it as well.  This is not just a one time thing.

    There are no APIs for C# and external applications for this conversion.  There is however an API for Acrobat plugins to perform this operation.   So, if necessary, you could write a custom plugin (that calls the API you need) and expose that via some form of IPC to your C# app.

  • Problems with filling out/going back and editing filled out information and signing forms

    Users cannot fully fill out, edit and save forms--
    the forms were set up in InDesign CS6, then edited in Adobe Acrobat Pro 9 for all the form info and after that was set up the forms were saved as extended pdfs to allow adobe reader users to fill them out and sign.
    The users are having all kinds of issues with the forms and its been difficult to pin point the exact cause.
    Here are 2 errors:
    This document enabled extended features in Adobe reader. This document has been changed since it was created and use of extended features is no longer available. Please contact the author for the original version of this document.
    The security settings on this document prevent adding text and/or placing a signature on it from Adobe Reader. To fill out and sign this document you need to print it out.
    ---I've checked the security on the form and there is no security not allowing them to fill it out and I believe that originally they were able to but the form was saved and then they went back and were unable to edit it. I need to know if its something I need to do on my end or an instruction I need to give to them--steps to filling out and saving programs vesions to use etc..
    sorry for some of the holes in the info. the form was created for a client and they sent it out to their employees so I do not have direct contact with the people having the issues just two screenshots, and I have not been able to find an answer that works--this is what I thought would help but it didnt:
    It should solve the signature/adding text  issue—From :
    Your user should go to Extended pane in Reader to apply a digital signature to the Reader extended PDF.
    The user is probably trying to use the Sign pane in Reader which has some options disabled according to the document permissions. The new Sign pane in Reader is an integration with Adobe EchoSign service in the sense that it enables an end user to fill-up documents, electronically sign and then send a PDF document, without having the need to print them. The Sign pane provides two options to the user:
    1 - Fill and Sign: Here the user can place text using 'Add Text'. Users can add arbitrary text to a PDF, eg. in documents where Reader cannot interact with the document even though the document looks like a form, in forms where user cannot save the filled-up form. In such cases the only option a user has is to print the form, fill it and then fax or fedex the filled up document to the author or scan it and send it electronically. Using the Sign pane in Reader, a user can add text and also electronically sign the document (this is not the same as digital signature) using an image of their signature. He can create a 'signature' from a scanned paper which has user's handwritten signature and place it on the PDF.
    2 - Send for Signature: Here the user is sent to EchoSign for collecting signatures from others.

    You will get that first message when the document has been changed in a way that invalidates the internal digital signature that's applied when a document is Reader-enabled. Certain changes are allowed (e.g., filling fields, commenting, signing) and will not invalidate the signature, but others are not. The exact cause of the change is often hard to track down, but it can be due to font problems, some type of file corruption, or something that Acrobat/Reader attempts to correct when the file is opened/saved. You will also get the message if the users system time is not correct and is currently set to some time before the document was Reader-enabled. It seems best to use the most recent version of Acrobat to enabled the documents and recent versions of Reader to work with them.
    It problem is probably not related to the user using anything in the Sign pane.

  • Saving filled out for saves ip address causing problems

    I have an application that users use from within the company network and from outside. A web page opens an adobe form that the users fill out and save back to the server, in the form of an FDF. Some change in Adobe versions has started to save the ip address of the template file within the fdf. This is now causing the problem that people inside the company network who want to open to view the document can't see a document created from outside because it is looking for the template at the wrong ip address, and people outside can't see documents created by people inside. Is there any solution to this problem? I tried writing a program to change the ip address but I just get damaged files.
    Thanks for your help.

    I have an vbscript asp page that opens the form within the web application with Adobe Reader plug in, filling out parts of the form with data from a database. I use the following code to create the form:
    i dim FdfAcX
    i Set FdfAcX = Server.CreateObject("FdfApp.FdfApp")
    i Set outputFDF = FdfAcX.FDFCreate
    i outputFDF.FDFSetValue "somefield", somevalue, False
    The form has a button on it that directs to another ASP page that then gets the form data and saves it all:
    i Set FDFin = FdfAcx.FDFOpenFromBuf (Request.BinaryRead(Request.TotalBytes))
    i activity_id = FDFIn.FDFGetValue("activity_id")
    i FDFin.FDFSetFile form_name & ".FDF"
    i FDFin.FDFSaveToFile reportSavedFolder & file_name
    i FDFin.FDFClose
    When I look in the file created, I have the following characters at the end:
    i /UF (
    /F (PW3N2008.FDF)>> >> endobjtrailer<</Root 1 0 R >>%%EOF
    the is causing a problem -- people on the outside trying to open this form to view get an error. When people on the outside create the form, a different ip address is saved there and people on the inside can't open it.
    I dont know how to set it up so that the F key is not included, but I'm also not sure that would work -- what I really want is not to have the ip address in there. If I did not point to the pdf, would it look anything like the original pdf? Is there a way to use relative addressing of the path and not have the ip address?
    Thanks so much for your help.

  • I need basic help on filling out an on line form.

    I have used Adobe Acrobat to fill out forms on line, and it was always a no-brainer (set up that way by the author, I'm guessing).  So I never explored the details of how it works.  I am trying to fill out forms for an upcoming doctor appointment, but am unable to type on the lines.  I did a bit of reading and then tried to use the "typewriter tool", but could not figure it out.  I looked at the properties of the document, and the author marked "allowed" on the form being "fillable", so I thought that meant answers could be "filled in" on the lines.  In the past, I've noticed that documents I could type on had light shading on areas I could type.  This one doesn't. I'm not sure if I need to purchase Acrobat software or some other software to do this, or what I need to do.  Can anyone help? 

    Well... thats actually my problem... I can't seem to wrap my brain around
    readet and acrobat, and if you have to buy acrobat or what...  It, seems
    like, its on my laptop already, but I don't know how to figure that out...
    I found my way to a site where you can get a "free account" and, I
    registered, but I'm just mystified by the whole thing.  I will ask a
    computer geek today to help me learn what I have and how to use it.
    Meanwhile, I answered everything on a separate word doc and saved it with
    the forms onto a cd... at least it will be easy to give em the cd to get
    the info into their compiter, and they or I can merge the answers onto the
    forms they want fo a paper chart.  Thanks, for the info, anyway!. Have an
    awesome day!  xxoo,    I'll b n touch so in case I have more trouble...  A

  • Creating PDF forms in Frame (switch from  Word?)

    Here's another "can I switch from Word" question. I am an old (5.5) Frame ACE now in a new job where we use Word. Frame would be a much better choice in many ways, for many reasons.
    I could use some help figuring out whether Frame creates forms that convert easily to PDF. As an end product, what we need is a PDF form with a large number of fixed-length text fields; users must be able to download the form and fill it in at their leisure, either all at once or in stages, saving their work as they go.
    These files are currently constructed in Word out of tables. They are a terrible mess and must be recreated from scratch. If Frame handles forms well, we can start that work fresh in Frame and dump Word completely. (This is a question I could answer for myself in a few minutes if I could download a trial. Bad timing.)
    Can somebody with a current copy of Frame tell me how it handles forms and whether it's possible to use Frame to create PDF forms with plenty of fixed-length text fields, some of them quite long?
    Your help is much appreciated. Thank you!
    V. B. Beck

    Thank you, Sheila.
    Users are most likely to simply have Adobe Reader.
    Sorry to be asking for so much help--it is rather maddening not to be able to download the trial and take a quick look for myself.
    Are form fields defined directly within Frame, or is it necessary to hack the PDF? If within Frame, how is length of input defined--by number of characters? Or, as with LiveCycle Designer, can you "limit length to visible area"?
    Thanks as always and in advance for the help.

  • Creating PDF forms in Preview??

    Do I HAVE to have another application other than Preview (e.g. Adobe Acrobat, or something) to create PDF forms? I'm trying to do a questionnaire-type thing, and so far haven't been successful in creating one. Thanks.

    I know how to save things as PDF, it's just I'd like to create a form that people can fill in, and I'd like to do it as a PDF document that I can email out.

  • Can I  use excel type functions embedded into an online pdf form, ie Qty x Price= total $

    Can I use excel type functions embedded into an online pdf form, ie Qty x Price= total $

    Let me tell you what I am sure about and what I am not sure about:
    I am sure that I want to be able to sell my products online. The industrial market that I sell to usually do not allow the maintenance people that find me on the web, do not have the ability to use credit cards in a typical shopping cart format due to the higher prices that the equipment I sell costs and that most people call me up to 'request a formal quotation' to give to their purchasing depart. So, my bright idea is to create numerous pdf files with very specific url's to match the very specific items that I sell. (1) item per pdf. I am thinking that the advantage to skipping the shopping cart approach and allowing the customer to fill in the qty of items, which would be mulitpled by the price of the item (a constant #) and then hitting a apply button, that would calculate subtotal price. Discounts for the qty the customer inputs (qty of items inputted by customer would be discounted on a percentage x base price) and a refresh the screen. It would allow for SEO advantages from what I have seen in the past in my very vertical market. All forms would be setup using the same functionality, just images, alt text, urls, and readable text would change.
    What I don't know- which is alot, then how to calculate shipping costs. I have a weight per item, which can be added up. I saw an Adobe blog that allows UPS shipping cost to be programmed in. I don't know how dreamweaver works, which was what the blog mentioned would allow for this updated, instantanious interface with UPS and calculating real shipping costs to a specific zip code. Shipping cost would be fluff to this page. The main thing would be to do allow the customer to be able to fill in a qty of the specific item on the page, calculate a discount if / then type thing, be able to have customer email to purchasing dept or print. I would date stamp it with verbage that pricing is valid for XX days and if I could get a copy emailed to me that would be icing on the cake. I believe that this non static pdf would be something different then the current competion and that it would allow for 100's of quotes to be generated without customers having to wait 15 minutes to an hour for me to process the exact document that they are looking for.

  • PDF form - Create link to folder or other document

    I've created PDF Form with various field along js. now client is asking the option to insert the link of other document reference in the field by using button. similar to browse to give the "link of document location in the server" in the field by using button.
    please help to make this.

    I see. That is more complicated to implement... Basically you could do it
    like this:
    - Set the text field's option "Field is used for file selection" under
    Properties - Options.
    - Then add a MouseUp action to the button that executes this JavaScript
    - When the button is then clicked it will open a file selection dialog and
    will populate the selected file path into the text field.
    On Sat, Nov 29, 2014 at 12:30 PM, kumaran20 <[email protected]>

  • Can't create a multiple file PDF from PDF forms created in Designer

    I want to create a single PDF which combines 6 pdf forms created in Adobe Designer (all as separate pages).
    When I try to create a single PDF from these multiple files using the "Create a PDF from Multiple files" command, my A-3D won't let me do this returning a dialog box saying
    "The file "filename.pdf" is protected. It cannot be used for this command".
    I can't find any properties that control this, either in the original file or in A-3D. Can I overcome this and how?
    Many thanks in anticipation.

    Designer-created files aren't really PDF files any more and cannot be
    edited or combined in Acrobat (including Acrobat 3D). You CAN make a
    package of them, however, in Combine Files.
    Aandi Inston

  • Creating PDF forms: possible in InDesign?

    Hi there
    I'd like to create PDF forms to be used for email questionnaires and surveys. The last time I looked into it I found that I needed to create the PDF first and then use another application (I can't remember the name) to add the fields for the form. I found it to be a little clumsy, and didn't have the layout control that I do with InDesign. Is there a way of creating forms entirely in InDesign?
    Any help would be appreciated.

    .. then use another application (I can't remember the name) to add the fields ..
    That would be Acrobat Pro.
    Nothing ID can do for you here. You still create the PDF with a layout package, and add form fields (which are a PDF feature, not a layout thing) with Acrobat. Fortunately, Acrobat has a nearly magical Form Field wizard that'll help you through that process as painless as possible.

  • Create PDF form sancer show "IsCapAllowed"

    Why I use create PDF form sancer, my Adobe Pro XI will show "IsCapAllowed", and then show "Runtime Error!" and termination, please support.

    Hi ngai_951127,
    Are you able to scan using the software included with the scanner, or does this error only occur when you scan from Acrobat? Have you been able to scan from Acrobat previously? What OS and version of Acrobat are you using? So many questions, I know!
    Please make sure that your scanner driver is up-to-date and appropriate for the OS that you're using. And, if the error persists, you can try repairing your Acrobat installation.
    Let us know how it goes.

  • I filled in a fillable pdf form and when i print it, the text in the fillable section gets cut off.

    I filled in a fillable pdf form and when i print it, the text in the fillable section gets cut off. What do I need to do to get the entire text to be printed. Any help is appreciated.

    What has this to do with Pages? You probably did this in Preview.

Maybe you are looking for

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