Using an external DVD-Drive seems impossible with NB100 Win XP

I'm working with my NB100 half a year.
Now I want to connect an external CD/DVD-drive to I.
The first drive I bought, was bad luck. Often I needed to restart my system several times until it was found, but than it worked. Now I gave that drive back and tryed another one.
Often a message occures "berspannung an USB-Hub", (don't now how to translate correct - but it means the power needed is to much).
So I took an USB-Hub with it's own power-suply. Now it sometimes works, but than imidiately it is calld a "unknown device", and so it does not work until I reboot the system. With a little luck than it works for a few minutes until it "disappears" again.
Am I unlucky, or is there a mistake I dont now?
Thanks for help

The notebooks USB ports provide an standard power supply which is about 500mA.
This is a standard and usually all external USB devices should support this as well
But sometimes such external devices needs more power and it could happens that an device will not work properly
I have no idea what external device you are using but I would recommend using the one recommended and supported by Toshiba
Usually you should be able to purchase such ODD from an Toshiba authorized service partner in your country
Nevertheless its advisable to change some settings in device manager which are related to the USB ports.
You should go to device manager -> USB root hub properties -> Power Management (last tab) and should check if the option is not marked.

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  • Starting up an emac using an external dvd drive?

    My emac has frozen. I was installing the software update to system 10.4.6 when the machine crashed (not enough HD space? don't know.)
    Now, it won't get past the Starting Mac OS X screen.
    I figure I need to do a clean install or something drastic, just to rebuilt the system software. I think that will work, but I have a problem:
    The 10.4 disks I bought only came in DVDs. My emac only has a CD drive, so I installed the software using an external DVD burner.
    I have tried to restart holding down the C key, but it's not starting off the external drive.
    I have no idea where the ancient OSX disks (CDs) are that came with the computer, and don't know if it's a good idea to go backwards anyhow.
    I know the actual hard drive on the emac is functional, because I was able to make it a target disk to back up the files today.
    Any clue how to start up using the external DVD drive and the 10.4 DVD?

    Edward Rosenstein,
    Welcome to the Apple Discussions!
    Had you used patchburn on the external DVD drive?
    Does the drive appear as an option using the option key to bring up Startup Manager?
    You mention backing up the eMac's hard drive in Firewire Target Disk Mode. The host computer you used for that should show you how much free space there is on the eMac hard drive; you'll need at least 5 to 8 GB free.
    If the host computer you used for the Firewire Target Disk Mode backup has a DVD drive, you can use that to install 10.4 onto the eMac while the eMac is connected in target disk mode. If the host computer doesn't have a DVD drive, try moving the external DVD drive to the host, run Patchburn if it's not recognized, and you should be able to install onto the eMac that way.

  • Upgrade to SL using an external DVD drive?

    Hi all:
    I've got an older mac mini (it's an intel machine), but the internal dvd drive has been broken for a long time. I've been using an external DVD drive when needed. I've been trying to upgrade to SL from 10.5.8, but it just won't work. It gets to the instal screen and then at "45 minutes remaining" it flashes to the end of the status bar and reboots my computer... where I am still on 10.5.8. I tried repairing permissions and all that good stuff, but no dice.
    Any help? Is the weak link my external DVD burner? Thanks!

    Yes, there is a reason. That's what I was trying to figure out. I don't think it would have to do with using an external DVD. Did you try starting up from the DVD. You might try that. If you want to erase and install, then you'll have to start up from the DVD. If you can, once the installation begins choose your language; open Disk Utility from the top of the next page; highlight your drive and choose Partition; assuming you want one partition select 1 (you must select a number here even if you don't want to change the number); and select GUID under the options (which also will format/erase your drive). Shut down Disk Utility and continue your installation.
    Next, if you have access to another properly equipped Mac (see link), then you may be able to install using [firewire target disk mode.|] Finally, [here is another interesting install possibility mentioned above.|] You should be able create your image file like this:
    a. Insert the DVD/CD;
    b. Open Disk Utility, and select the DVD/CD from the left side list (select the DVD/CD icon on top);
    c. from the Disk Utility File menu select New Disk Image from Disk 1;
    d. Choose to format the disk image as DVD/CD Master, name the disk image, click Save; and
    e. Upon completion, Get Info on the .cdr file and lock the file.
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  • Is it possible to install Tiger using an external DVD drive?

    I have one the of the first iMacs and at the time I thought I didn't need a DVD Player. However, now I was thinking of buying an external DVD player/burner. Is it possible to upgrade to Tiger using the external DVD drive since I don't have an internal one?

    Hi Celticart,
    Welcome to the discussions.
    I have an old AGP PowerMac G4 to which I have hooked an external Firewire DVD Drive. I have installed Tiger without any problems, using this drive. I see no reason why it couldn't be done on an iMac as well, (provided it has Firewire).
    I don't think you could get it to work using an external drive hooked up via USB.

  • Upgrading to Tiger using an external DVD Drive

    Our computers at work don't have internal DVD drives. When we try to install Tiger using an external DVD we can't get past the restart process. We insert the DVD into the external DVD drive and restart our computers. Once the computer restarts, we double-click the Tiger DVD and it once again tells us to restart. My questions is....Can you upgrade to Tiger using an external DVD drive or should I request the CDs from Apple for the upgrade?
    Power PC G4   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    Hi Devra,
    Be aware that you CANNOT boot from an external USB-drive: Don't start up from an external USB device. You have to use an external firewire drive. Then insert the DVD and reboot while holding down the Option-key. Select the DVD in the external firewire drive as boot volume.
    You also might want to follow this procedure: 10.4 Tiger Upgrade: Decision tree+Checklist . It also covers potential install errors due to outdated firewire-drive firmware.
    If this answered your question please consider granting some stars: Why reward points?

  • Boot Windows AND FreeBSD from my MacBook Pro 8,3 using an external DVD drive. I'm considering to remove my DVD-ROM and replace it with an SSD drive. That doesn't seem to work. Why not?

    As the title says, I'm attempting to boot off my favorite operating systems, Mac OS X, Windows 7 and FreeBSD from an external DVD drive. However, for some odd reasons, booting the Windows DVD and FreeBSD 9.1 install DVD from the external drive does not seem to work. I was able to create a bootable USB with the Windows installer, but whenever I attempt to do the same with FreeBSD, I only get an error message that says "No bootable device -- press any key to restart." Is this a limitation that Apple deliborately created? If so, why won't Apple let its customers do whatever they please with their computers, considering that customers who want to change the hardware and/or operating systems knows what he is doing, without having to worry about some silly Apple limitations?
    If I sound rude, I apologize for that, as no impoliteness is intended from my side.
    In advance, thanks. Have a wonderful day, everyone.

    That is only partially correct at best.
    When you are booting off Windows or any other operating systems that usually don't support EFI (including Windows), your Mac uses something called CSM-BIOS. And as long as that CSM-BIOS implementation on EFI-based Mac do not support booting off from USB (note that Mac OS X Installer works fine when booting from USB), not even a USB Apple SuperDrive which once was an internal drive, there mot definately is something for Apple to fix.
    When attempting to install Windows via BootCamp, a somewhat hybrid GTP/MBR table is created. When you boot off the installer disc of the OS you intend to install (i.e. Windows 7, FreeBSD, etc), your Mac might not support the EFI boot option (at least my 2011 17-inch MacBook Pro doesn't support that), so the only way of booting that second OS installer is via the regular BIOS, which Apple's EFI based systems implement as CSM-BIOS.

  • External DVD Drive not working with osx 10.8.5

    Hi, I'm having issues with my MacBook Pro 15" 9,1 working with an external DVD drive.  I am running OSX 10.8.5 and have been troubleshooting this issue for a few weeks.  The optical drive itself is the original drive that came with the computer, but I have put it in an external enclosure to free up space inside the body of the MacBook Pro.  The drive seems to function fine with CDs (playing and ripping - haven't tried burning yet) but is extremely inconsistent/barely functional with DVD playback.  Only one DVD in my collection properly works - others bring up error messages in multiple programs (VLC, Wondershare, the native DVD application, etc.) and another continuously loops back to the main menu each time "Play Feature" is selected.  These are a variety of DVDs that range from obscure to commercial and old to new (the oldest and most obscure is the only one that works).  After deciding that it is not the programs, I replaced the enclosure.  I still had the same exact issues.  I reset PRAM - no solution there.  I created a new user on my computer, installed the same media players and had the same luck.  I then used the same external drive on my old MacBook Pro 15" (5,4 running OSX 10.6.8) to see if it would work there.  It worked perfectly (with the native DVD application).  What is going on here and how can I get my new computer to recognize the external DVDs reliably and consistently?

    older superdrives were Hitachi mfg, new ones are Panasonic.  Since yours is new and panasonic, indications are it wont work thru the enclosure on your NEW macbook, rather as you state on your older Mac.
    until you said it worked fine on the old machine, the logical conclusion is a dirty lens on the laser since it reads CDs fine but most DVD not, since the track is much smaller.
    Considering a new superdrive is only $48 on ebay ,or $78 for a new superdrive, your frustration might be too much, and just grab a new superdrive.
    Your detailed information indicates a firmware incompatibility of the panasonic superdrive thru an enclosure
    This is the new superdrive, made by panasonic as you have in your enclosure:
    of course thats a lot of trouble buying that AND an enclosure, easier still is just getting a Mac superdrive inside its working enclosure designed for use as such:

  • Can I install Tiger using an external DVD drive?

    My PowerBook is being repaired and I have to use an older G4/733 tower (OS 9.2; CD/zip drives only) from 2001 ASAP. I purchased Tiger and now need to load it, along with the new software. Rather than purchasing an internal dvd drive, can I buy and external dvd drive to install Tiger/new software? I've seen some posts that say "no" and others that say yes, as long as its firewire, not USB. In looking at external drives, I've seen some compatibility requirements that say OS X as the minimum. Some places like CDW and the Apple store don't seem to have an answer for me. Does anybody here know? thanks!
    PowerPC G4   Mac OS 9.2.x  

    Internal drives are much cheaper; you can get a DVD burner for under $40 online, vs. well over a $100 for an external, which may or may not boot your specific system.
    The NEC ND-3550A or Pioneer DVR-110D will both boot the OS installer DVD when using the "C" Key, or from Startup Disc...
    In a QS, you just have to remove the drive tray faceplate before installing the drive; This Apple Article has clear diagrams of the replacement process.

  • Can I use USB external DVD Drive to boot up my G4?

    My G4 (PCI Graphics) internal drive DVD-ROM is not working, its dead. I want to replace it with an External USB or Firewire Lacie DVD Drive.
    According to Apple document, my computer cant boot up from Firewire devices. I think that means, I wont be able reinstall my Mac OS or install future systems or start my DiskWarrior from the CD. Using a external Firewire DVD Drive. Let me know if I am wrong?
    Can I use a USB external DVD Drive to boot up?
    G4 (PCI Graphics) 400 mhz, 488Mb Memory, 50GB, 9.2.2 & 10.3.9. USB 1.0 & Firewire 400 Ports
    G4 (PCI Graphics)   Mac OS X (10.3.9)  

    Hi, Harold -
    Bad news - your G4 (PCI) model can not boot to either a firewire drive nor to a USB drive.
    Although the G4 (PCI) models do have native firewire, they (and their cousins the B&W G3) are specifically exempted from firewire booting; there is no workaround for this -
    Article #58606 - FireWire Booting
    Relatedly, a G4 (PCI) machine can be the Host machine in a Firewire Target Disk Mode setup, but can not be the Target machine.
    Article #58583 - Firewire Target Disk Mode
    USB booting was introduced first on the G4 (AGP) model, and is not available on earlier Mac models -
    Article #58430 - USB Info and Benefits of Dual-Channel USB
    The only external drive your G4 (PCI) can be booted to is a SCSI drive - but that requires that the machine have an appropriate SCSI PCI card installed.
    Replacing the internal optical drive might be the best choice, particularly for ease of maintenance and OS installing in the future.

  • External DVD drive not working with Lombard G3 333

    I have an external DVD drive that worked when I had 10.4, but had to reformat HD and now only have 10.3.9, and now the DVD drive does not work with DVDs, it will work with CDs and CDR media, but not with DVD media. My Lombard did not come with DVD originally and I am using a PC Card (Macintosh PowerBook DVD-Video PC Card For PowerBook G3 Series) and it worked before with 10.4, but not with 10.3, any ideas? Also have tried with 9.x, no go either. Any help would be appreciated.
    Also, would it be difficult to add a DVD logic board to my Lombard?

    I am reading and replying to this post after first replying to your other post, so a few of my previous comments are redundant.
    Regarding the FireWire(?) USB 2.0(?) DVD drive: It is possible Tiger supported your DVD drive but Panther does not. I would give PatchBurn for Panther a try:
    If the above is unsuccessful, take a look at this workaround:
    You can swap logic boards but it does require a lot of disassembly.
    Since no version of OSX supports Apple DVD Player, I am assuming you have a third-party player like VLC installed to watch movies. If this is the case, the DVD Decoder PC card is not necessary. If booted to 9.x, you of course will need the decoder PC card but I did not know 9.x's Apple DVD Player supported external drives.

  • Trying to wipe the hard drive on a G5 iMac, using an external DVD drive as the one in the iMac is broken.

    I'm trying to boot up with the OS (or install) disk, from an external DVD drive as the one in the iMac is broken. When the computer boots up, my normal desktop appears, but also the Mac OSX (Tiger) install disk. When I double-click on the "Install Mac OSX" icon, a screen comes up that says: "Click the button below to restart & begin the install process". The iMac restarts, but just goes back to where it was, & I'm prompted to:  "Click the button below to restart & begin the install process".
    So far there is no way to "begin the install process", I just keep going around in circles with this. I'm doing this so I can sell the computer. I hope I've made it clear, and TIA for any advice.

    I looked at the disk utility erase option.  The wording looked a little vague.  Seemed to me to erase all the disk  including the data if you pick one pass, but I am not sure.
    but that is contradicted when you see you have to pick the correct option.

  • What external dvd drive is compatible with IMAC with optical drive

    what external drive is compatiblee with IMAC with optical driv

    As far as my experience goes I have had all external dvd drives work throu USB, the USB stands for Universal Seriel Bus and that means the drives are already in the device, so you can probably just go to best buy or to new egg and order a cheap one.
    If you have usb 3.0 I would go with that since its one of the faster ones and you will save money on using a thunder bolt device, and trust me a $17 dvd player works just as good as a $120 dvd player.

  • Using An External DVD Drive

    I do not have an internal DVD drive and want to view commercial DVDs on my iMac. Only AFTER I purchased an external LaCie drive did I learn that this is not supported on my machine. I tried VideoLan Client software (version 7.0; the latest that supports OS 10.1) but it's not reliable.
    My question is-if I upgrade to the latest operating system and increase my RAM, will I have reliable DVD viewing capabilities with my external drive? Anything else I should do?

    Some external DVD drives work with a software called Patchburn to extend operation to Apple's applications in 10.2 and up.
    I have no idea whether LaCie's will, but drives do.

  • Can I restore using an external DVD drive?

    Hey everyone, I've got a unibody MacbookPro with a broken internal disc drive.
    My roommate has a new external USB super drive. Can I reinstall my OS using his external CD drive? Or will I need to make a DMG of my original install disc and do it that way?

    As far as I am aware you should be able to reinstall your system software without any issues using your roommates external disc drive.

  • Can I use an external dvd drive to install windows?

    Basically I have a licensed version of Windows Vista Business laying around, but it is on 5 CDs, and I can't seem to find a legal source to redownload it so I can burn it on a dvd to use my legal key. And I know in the bootcamp instructions it says it must be on one disk, due to newer macs not having an analog eject method, and the mac keyboard's eject button not working since this is before you can install the drivers.
    One work around I have read is that you can run an eject.exe program from a flash drive via command prompt while installing, and this would eject the disk so you can put in the next one, but if it can read from a USB flash drive during the install process can it not also read from a USB dvd drive?

    vLite can merge the CDs to one DVD.
    But it has to be done on a Windows PC.
    Plus, be aware that with the newer 2011-released Macs Apple has abandoned XP and Vista support, so that Windows 7 is the only one supported.

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