Using an iMac as a 2nd display for another iMac?

Hi all,
is it possible to use an iMac as a 2nd display for another iMac?
I guess it depends (if at all possible) on the models, right?
Would it be possible with two of the currently available iMac 27" models?
Is it just connecting the two video jacks with a cable? That would mean that the jack is input AND output connector at the same time: the video signal would be output from iMac 1 and serve as input for iMac 2.

Awesome, David! Thank you! That helped a lot!
Additional question: because running applications on the target-display-mode-iMac keep running: will I be able to connect from the source iMac to the target-mode-iMac via OS X's Share Screen functionality? So that I can still USE the 2nd (target-display-mode) iMac for running applications and accessing them? Or is the iMac in target display mode really just a dumb display? Will ssh'ing to it work?
A little background: programs like Cubase and Logic work really great with two screens. Additionally, some audio plugins really need a lot of CPU power and some of those can actually distribute the number crunching via the LAN to other computers. So my thought is: run Cubase on iMac #1, use iMac #2 as a 2nd screen (will work, thanks to David's reply) AND use iMac #2's CPU, too, to help some Cubase plugins' number crunching. Would that work?
Thanks a lot,

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    I have two iMac's 2011, and want to use one of them as a display for another.
    Is there any way to do that?
    Best regards,

    Thanx for reply!
    My mistake - one of iMac's is 2010 (iMac11,3).
    According to this doc, there is no way to connect iMac 2010 to 2011 in TDM.
    Maybe there is another way to do that (over ethernet or any other interface)?

  • How can I use my rMBP as a secondary display for my iMac using thunderbolt?

    Based on this thread, it's not possible:
    But, I'm stubborn and refuse to believe that. Maybe they've released a software update (e.g., in Mountain Lion) that has since made this possible? Maybe there is an app that allows for this?
    Note that I don't want a solution that involves network hacks... this is at work, and I'd rather not slow down the network for others. And I'm not interested in the reverse setup (i.e., using my iMac as a secondary display for my rMBP).
    iMac: 27-inch, Late 2012. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M 512 MB. OS X 10.8.4.
    rMBP: Retina, Mid 2012 (15" I think). NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB. OS X 10.8.4.

    It's not possible. You can use the iMac as a display for the MBP,  but the reverse is not possible. The MBP does not have Target Display Mode as a feature and no third-party app nor hack can enable something that doesn't exist. The only way to accomplish this will be one of the network solutions.

  • Using a 20" iMac as secondary display for another iMac.

    I have an older Intel 20" iMac that I'd like to use as a secondary display for a newer 20" iMac. Is that possible?
    In my dreamworld, I'd still be able to use the old iMac as a second machine somehow. Ideally I'd be able to leave it running and switch over to it somehow. Am I dreaming or is this somehow possible?

    My son no longer uses his old "snowball" iMac (2003) and I may try this as it would a nice (17") second screen.

  • 2nd display for my iMac - Recommendations?

    I have a 24 inches 2009 iMac.
    I would like to add a second display. Nothing too big - something like 19-20 inches.
    Any recommendation? brands, model?
    Any brands come with the mini display connector?
    What are the characteristics I should be looking for the ensure I get acceptable performance (let say similar to the display of my iMac) and good integration with the Mac?

    In many shops you can filter on specs.
    Exclude screens with TN panels
    Include screens with DisplayPort (DVI or HDMI is possible too, but the adapters are more expensive)
    Set size to maximum 22" (most displays are 21-22 inch nowadays, 19 inch ones are DODO's).
    Things you will find are:
    HP ZR22W
    Dell Ultrasharp U2212HM

  • Use G5 iMac as external monitor/display for Intel iMac?

    I have a 24" Intel iMac and a 20" G5 iMac (which is sort of mothballed now).I was wondering if it is possible to use the older iMac as an external monitor, mainly to save the expense of buying a "proper" external display when there seems to be a perfectly usable one sitting there in the G5 iMac.
    Actually, it didn't translate very well. But the instructions are basically how to wire up an adapter cable. The G5 iMac appears to use standard DVI signals, so you just need to make a DVI cable to plug in to the internal connector. The table between pages 7 and 8 is what you want. If you've used a soldering iron around electronic devices before, that table is pretty much all you need. The picture of the backside on page 9 is neat. Using the ethernet connector hole to route the wiring. Almost looks like it came from the factory that way.

  • Can I use a second 24in iMac as a second display with another iMac?

    Hi Guys,
    I have two identical 24in iMacs. One used to be in my office but as I am now based at home I want to use the second screen in dual monitor-mode with my home-based iMac. Is this possible and if so how?
    Thanks for any advice!

    It looks like it would but that seems like it connects via ethernet and some people report colour issues. Is there no way of using the videoports or anything? I also use the ethernet port to connect to my Time Capsule.
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  • Use my I-mac as a display for another PC?

    How can I hook up another PC to my i-mac display?

    VNC, Remote Desktop (either Apple's or Microsoft's), or you need a Mac compatible of Target Display Mode and a PC that can transmit video over the same standard as the Target Display Mode compatible cable.

  • Using one laptop as an external display for another?

    The title says it all really, can this be done?

    Not directly, no. But you can approximate the function with Screen Recycler. I haven't tried it myself, but it's worth a look.

  • Using a macbook pro as a second display for an imac using a thunderbolt to thunderbolt cable

    I know I can use TDM to use an imac as a second display for a MBP with a thunderbolt to thunderbolt cable.  Is there any work around to use a MBP as a second display for an imac with a thunderbolt to thunderbolt cable?
    15" MBP w/retina running maverick 10.9.4
    21" imac running maverick 10.9.4

    No; the MacBook Pro doesn't support video in. If desired, use a product such as ScreenRecycler over a network.

  • How do i set up a second display for my iMac desktop?  I want to use both displays at the same time.

    how do i set up a second display for my iMac desktop?  I want to use both displays at the same time.  My iMac is the 24" Late 2006 model.  I recall that there is a cord for plugging in a second monitor, but I want to make sure that i can use both monitors side-by-side at the same time.  thank you.

    If the Display supports DVI, then you will need a > Mini-DVI to DVI Adapter and a DVI cable.
    If the Display only supports VGA, then you wiil need a > Mini DVI to VGA Adapter and a VGA cable.
    Noting that the (digital) DVI is far better than the (analog) VGA connection.
    Also see > Using Dual Displays on Mac OS X: The Experience

  • How do I use my 2011 27" iMac as an external display for a pc?

    I just bought a 27" imac for my home, and was also planning on using it as an external display for my work Dell Laptop running Windows 7.
    The Dell laptop has a displayport output, so I was planning on getting a displayport <-> minidisplayport cable, and using the iMac in target display mode.
    I would simply plug the minidisplay end of the cable into one of the iMac's 2 Thunderbolt ports. Seemed fairly simple.
    Except now it seems from what I have been reading that 2011 iMacs DO NOT WORK in target display mode unless they are connected to another Thunderbolt source. This leads to me two questions.
    1. Can anyone confirm or deny this? If this is true, does that mean I cannot plug my Dell's displayport into the iMac's Thunderbolt port as I described above?
    2. If #1 is true, is there any other option? Are there any adapters that I can use to turn my Dell into a Thunderbolt source for display purposes?
    If I can't resolve this I will have to return the iMac
    Thanks very much.

    Sorry you can't use the 2011 iMac as an external display to your PC. The feature you are referring to is called Target Display Mode and works on 2009 & 2010 27" iMacs. The 2011 machines use Thunderbolt as you know however they do support external displays that are not Thunderbolt displays. So for example if you wanted 2 displays on the iMac you can easily do that with either Mini Display port to DVI or MDP to VGA or even HDMI. MDP is the same size as Thunderbolt and this will work fine to drive a display, TV or even a projector.
    I'd recommend reading Apple's explanations at Target Display Mode 2009 & 2010 iMacs & Target Display Mode Mid 2011 iMacs.
    Using a Mac as an external display for a Windows machine to me seems like a horrible waste of a Mac. Why not enjoy the iMac and if anything run Windows on it and get rid of the PC?

  • Can I use my old 2006 iMac as a second display for my new iMac?

    Can I use my rusty old 2006 iMac as a second display for my new 2012 iMac?  How do I keep one computer from trying to take over the other one?  thank you.

    Try ScreenRecycler, the 2006 does not support display input.

  • Using the IMac 27 only as display for MacBook Pro

    i like to use my iMac 27 only as display for my MacBook Pro.
    I have the connecting cable.
    I must start the iMac, he is booting and then i can plug in the cable to my MacBook. Now i have the second display for using with my MacBook.
    Now my question: Is it possible to use the display without booting the iMac-system?
    Thank you for help!
    Best wishes

    LutzTrabert wrote:
    Now my question: Is it possible to use the display without booting the iMac-system?
    [_*Using a 27-inch iMac as an external display*_|]

  • Using my iMac as a second display for my Macbook

    Hello. I was just wondering if it is possible to use my G5 (early 2008) iMac as a secondary display for my Macbook (late 2009) using a mini Dvi cable?
    Can anybody help?

    Use ScreenRecycler and a network connection.

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