Using Blackberry as a Mass Storage Device is not working at all. Please advise

It does not show up in My computer.It shows up in the device managers under Universal Serial Bus Controllers as
Blackberry Smartphone I would like to be able to have access to my media card without  having to use my storage card reader.I went to computer management to see if it is a drive mapping issue, but it does not even show up there so there is no letter to assign.
I have made sure that The media card is formatted.
I have a Blackberry 8310
Media Support is set to ON
Mass Storage Mode is ON
and Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected is set to YES
It is a 4GB sandisk micro sd
The bberry is not locked.
Encryption mode is not enabled.
I do not have Acronis installed or an Iso mounters to cause any conflicts.
I am not using any network drivers.
Nothing else in plugged into any of the other ports
There are only two on my laptop and I have tried both usb ports.
It is plugged directly to a usb port and not into a hub.
My Computer's OS is XP Pro SP3
Also to reiterate, I am able to take the card out of the bberry and read it no problem through a card reader, but
that is annoying since you are supposed to be able to use see the blackberry as a mass storage device through
And just recently as a test,I tried plugging in another blackberry, a 8800 and that one popped up no problem as a removable device in my computer. What I do not get is why Roxio Media Manager can see the 8310 and copy files over and the device manager has it listed as a smart phone under the Universal Serial Bus Controllers list. This is bizarre.
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Hi and welcome to the forums!
GREAT FIRST POST!! Very clear and specific. You don't know how rare that is
Is the laptop in a docking bay?
Content "encryption" meaning Content protection is turned off, right?
Are you able to backup and sync with the Desktop software?
Do you have the correct folders on the card?
Blackberry, music, ringtones, pictures, videos, voice notes?
(blackberry has to be first).
Last one, how did you format the card?
Update device drivers manually:​ayKC&docType=kc&externalId=KB13336&sliceId=SAL_Pub​...
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    With iCloud and photo stream your photos are automatically syced to the cloud, but the photos will only stay in the cloud for 30 days which is enough time by Apple's standards to download them from the cloud to a mac or pc so I guess the answer to your question would be no, you cant use iCloud as a mass storage device.

  • Windows Drivers cannot view Blackberry as a mass storage device

    I had a hard time finding the right category to post this question to so pardon me if it has been misplaced.
    I have a rather pressing issue with my Blackberry Curve 9300 for a few months now. I have scoured a number of fourms (including this one!) and discovered similar issues with other Blackberry curve owners. Unfortunately, none of their solutions seemed to solve my problem.
    Here is the issue:
    I have a computer that is running Windows 7 SP 1 (32-Bit) with the latest version of  the Desktop Manager Software. Now, the Desktop Manager successfully communicates with my Blackberry.  However, as others have expressed, my computer then detects the USB component of my Blackberry as a "RIM Mass Storage Device" and is unable to find the compatiable driver. As a result, I am unable to utilize the Mobile Modem or Media features of the Desktop Manager. Now this may sound like just any ohter RIM Mass Storage Device problem but I assure you that there is a twist!
    I have tried multiple methods to resolve this problem:
    Clean uninstall and re-install of the Desktop Manager Software
    Downgrading to an older version of the Desktop Manager Software
    Installing the corresponding RIM USB Drivers
    Deleting the RIM Mass Storage Device from the Device Manager
    Reseting my BlackBerry Curve
    Windows Update (I installed Service Pack 1 long after I first noticed this problem)
    Consulting the Solution Articles on the RIM and Windows Support websites for fixes
    Now, I have another computer that operates on Windows XP Home Edition (SP3). It also has the latest version of the Desktop Manager installed. However, it can successfully communicate with my phone at all levels (Mobile Modem, etc.). When I investigated the Desktop Manager, I found that the phone was being viewed as a "RIM Blackberry SD USB Device," as it should. Thus, I know that my Media Card settings on my phone are configured properly.
    I also noticed that the USB Device was utilizing disk.sys. My computer operating Windows 7 also has the disk.sys file, which is used successfully by my other USB devices. However, if I try to manually associate that driver with the RIM Mass Storage Device my computer objects, stating that the driver is not compatable with my device. So, I tried to apply another of other drivers that I was able to successfully associate my USB Flash Drives in the past (USBSTOR.sys,etc.) since the phone essentially must be viewed as a mass storage device by the computer. Unfortunately, it refuses to successfully associate itself with those drivers as well. But, based on my observations from my computer operating on Windows XP, I know that the computer needs to view my Blackberry as a Disk Drive in the Device Manager.
    What makes this situation even more bizzarre is that when I restart my computer, I notice that right as the Windows 7 OS is loaded, my blackberry asks me if I would like for it to be viewed as a mass storage device, for media only, or simply charge. That is the general response I expect once the Desktop Manager is loading. However, a few moments later, the phone then announces that it is unable to charge in the USB port it is connected to.
    I am curious if anyone else has had a similar problem with the acutal Windows 7 Drivers being unable to be associated with their Blackberry. Also, I am concerned if my disk.sys file is actually corrupted. I think I might also be relevant to mention that my computer had a number of problems detected other USB devices in the past but by deleting the system drivers I was able to have them communicate with the computer once more. Unfortunately, from what I understand, disk.sys is a critial file during the startup sequence of the Windows Operating System. Thus, I don't believe my previous methods will suffice nor if there is anyway to reinstall disk.sys since the computer was purchased with Windows 7 as its original operating system.
    Thank you in advance for any advice!

    Yes indeed
    I usually try and stop this windows (7) update stuff because half my remote sensing software gives up every time - but yes indeed this time having just moved house there was a mistake and a load of ms **bleep** got installed and sadly when i thought to see if that was the route of the problem i discovered i had no restore point of any use
    SO i suppose we could say this is all my fault really because I left ms into my computer again - aaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

  • 8700c and device manager not working AT ALL

    So I just recently got a Blackberry 8700c and for some reason the device manager does not work at all. Like my computer will make a dadunk noise when I connect my Blackberry via USB cable but it won't register that my blackberry is connected. I cant go to my computer and actually click on my blackberry.
    I have windows vista and the device manager software I am using is the one I got in the box. 4.1
    I am also using AT&T please help.
    All I want to do is be able to connect it to my computer and upload themes and whatever else I want to the phone. But it isn't working
    Go to Solution.

    Do you have Desktop Manager loaded to your PC? You mentioned device manager, but I would recommed Desktop Manager ver 4.7
    Download Desktop Manager from here:
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  • USB external mass storage devices doesn't work.

    Hey guys,
    I couldn't find any answer to my problem so I hope you can help me...
    I have USB Seagate external USB drive which was working perfectly with my mac until I installed VMware. The thing is that since first time I installed XP on VMware and unmounted my external drive from OSx and mounted in for virtual machine the drive is no longer visible in Mac OS no matter if I unmount it from virtual machine, plug/unplug from port, turn off VMware, restart macbook in any possible sequence combination. However I can use it easily in virtual machine or on other PC. Problem is not files type related, because I've already checked it, what is more I didn't format the drive and earlier it worked.
    What is more now I can't even see my pendrive despite the fact that both Seagate drive and pendrives are visible in system profiler. My USB mouse works perfectly so problem apparently is only with data storage devices.
    During the installation an error pop up concerning "IOUSBMassStorage" file but after installation of VMware everything was working until I mounted in on virtual machine.
    EDIT: I almost forgot to add that I uninstalled VMware and the problem still occurs.
    Thanks for any help in advance.
    Message was edited by: bheliom

    I was trying to install update USBFamilly and now also VMware again and in both cases I get error saying that USBMassStorageClass was installed improperly.
    I found few topics about this file on the internet that it controls exactly what I have problem with but couldn't find solution for how to reinstll this file.
    Any ideas ?

  • Pls help! USB Storage Devices does not work for K7N2 Delta-L

    hi all,
        I am pulling my hair out trying to resolve this issue.
        Everytime i plug in a USB Storage Device/Thumb Drive(eg Creative NOMAD), my system gives an error saying task cannot be performed due to a I/O device error.
        Yet, the USB ports work well with other USB devices like mouse, keyboard, USB sound cards, printers and so forth??!!
         I am using WinXP SP1 and have installed the patch that comes on the CD driver. Pls help me out if you know the answer. ...

    I'm pretty much going to confirm the same going with compatibility issues here...there is still alot of hardware out there on the market that is incompatible with many other types of hardware...
    We've reached the day when alot of us like to think that ALL manufacturer devices should work flawlessly with everyone else's devices on the market. This just isn't the case and I don't ever see this being the case. Ideally it would be nice but the fact is is that no company can "cover all the bases" in this respect. There are literally hundreds of thousands of hardware mfg's out there now and this cannot be a reality unless the PC world goes Apple. Same standards for all period. No fluctuation or ability to expand on new ideas without going to the "Standard Setting Company" directly for full testing capability.
    Regardless of that fact, I'm kinda surprised that you can't get this device to work on your rig. Have you tried a fresh install of XP? Have you tried using a PCI USB device to see if the MB ports are bad? Could be that the MB has a problem that doesn't show until you use that device...many things to try here to troubleshoot your problem.
    Bonz 8)

  • Can I turn off the drive mirroring from my MAC to the iCloud? Meaning I want to just use the iCLoud and a storage device but not have it take up space on my HD.

    Basically I have 100megs left on my HD. I need to offload content. I need to move my files (photos) over to the cloud but I don't want it mirrored on my desktop taking up space.

    That's correct, I moved the iMac drive to the second bay in the new Quad G5.
    I wasn't sure if any combination of events would fix this. I didn't think there were any caches or anything else I needed to clear but just posted here to be sure.
    The iMac was 10.4.3 and current with all updates. I didn't really think anything was missing but posted here to be sure. My understanding of Mac OS X is such that I was pretty sure that everything the Quad needed was already on the iMac drive. Not that this is necessarily any more reliable, but I asked at the Apple store and they said there was no problem with me moving the drive to the Quad and setting it as the startup volume.
    A few people have told me that it's probably OK, but the official method is to use the migration assistant. So today I installed from the Power Mac OS X discs (10.4.2) to the Hitachi drive which I erased, then ran the migration assistant, then software update, then cloned the Hitachi drive back to the Seagate. I think the performace of the two drives is nearly identical (Seagate ST3300831AS, Hitachi HDS725050KLA360) and wanted the smaller (300 GB) Seagate drive to be my main drive.
    I've been using Macs for only about a year and have found the experience interesting. On the plus side the performance is fairly consistant and I don't experience progressive system slowdown over a period of months. And of course there are the system update, viruses, etc. issues which are better. On the negative side basic stuff feels faster on a Windows system. I'll try Photoshop which I have no doubt will be faster on the Quad than the iMac and probably faster than a PC, too. But Safari or Firefox don't feel as fast as IE on a new Windows PC. Just my observation. I invested a lot in this Quad and expected to feel a significant speed boost even if it's only for launching applications and displaying web pages. (I have Comcast's highest speed Internet service.)

  • Apple Configurator Device Backup Not Working - HELP ASAP Please

    Hey Everyone!
    We are trying to backup one iPad so we can take that backup and add it to all of our other iPads....
    In Apple Configurator I've added all of the apps, setup a profile, etc.
    On PREPARE, At the top I go to DEVICES and click on BACKUP. It gets to the "archiving" part of step 1 of 2 and I receive a popup saying "Could Not Create a backup. The device was disconnected... check the usb connection to this device".
    I'm going to assume this has nothing to do with my USB connection as I've tried several ports and several cables.
    We really need to get this backup and restore it onto all of our ipads as soon as possible.
    This is our first time using apple configurator!
    Thanks so much!
    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

        Let's get your iPhone back up and running reeset12! My first recommendation is to try a soft reset by holding down the power and home keys. If the device doesn't respond, I recommend connecting it to a computer via the usb cable. If you are unable to get past the logo screen in either case, I recommend a hands on evaluation at a store location.
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  • PC won't recognize BlackBerry as mass-storage device.

    I have a Curve 8320 with a 4-Gb SanDisk micro SD card.  Due to difficulties installing BlackBerry Media Sync, I'm trying to just manage my media (music, no photos or videos at the moment) simply by using my BlackBerry as a mass-storage device.  I understand that when I connect the BlackBerry to the computer with the micro SD card in it, the BlackBerry is supposed to prompt me to enable mass-storage mode.  However, this is not happening.  I can't get the BlackBerry to appear as a mass-storage device in the Computer folder on my PC.  I can tell the BlackBerry is indeed interfacing with the computer, for Desktop Manager is able to interact with it.  I've gone into the Media Card option in Options and enabled media-card support and mass-storage mode and told the BlackBerry to auto-enable mass-storage mode when connected, and I've formatted the card with the BlackBerry as well, but still I've had no luck.

    Hi and welcome to the forums!
    A couple of places for you to visit: Blackberry 101     Tips & Tricks
    Take a look at this kb article:   Unable to view media card  
    If that is not the issue, you might also want to use DM WITHOUT Media Manager as it may be causing the conflict:
    I suggest the following steps (insert plenty of reboots of your PC...not just restarts, but full power down reboots). Also, it is advised that you be logged into the PC on an account with full admin rights. Further, under Vista, use the "Run As Administrator" option for everything.
    1) Cleanly uninstall the RIM DTM software:
    KB02206 How to perform a clean uninstall of BlackBerry Desktop Software
    2) Get a fresh download of the RIM DTM software:
    Software Download for Blackberry Support
    * Choose the version that is newest and (if applicable) compatible with your PIM (if you are synchornizing via USB):
    KB12268 Applications supported by BlackBerry Desktop Manager for synchronization
    3) Install DTM to your PC
    4) Start the organizer configuration over:
    KB17022 How to configure organizer applications for synchronization using BlackBerry Desktop Manager
    Let us know how it goes!
    Happy to have you here!
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  • Help using my zen touch to use as a mass storage device

    Hello all I have a zen touch DAP-HD004
    Does anyoe know of a way to use this as a mass storage device not just for audio media files,
    any help would be greatly apreciated
    paul roy

    Okay, usb_modeswitch works fine.  There is one odd quirk though...  Arch is set up so that it loads XBMC by default (I'm using this as a media PC).  On my old wifi adapter, which does not need modeswitch, the weather and news on XBMC update immediatly when it is started.  With this wifi adapter they do not update at all.  I can tolerate this though, but if anyone has any suggestions on how to fix this I'd appreciate it.  Thanks!

  • Using an old iPod as a mass storage device...

    Hey there!
    So, here's my dilema:
    My (almost-3-year-old) iBook died on me 4 weeks ago. The logic board bit the dust and it's not covered by that 3 year logic board replacement program that Apple set up. So they (official Apple service centre here in London) want to charge me £728.50 to replace the logic board when a brand new MacBook would cost me £740.00. (If I could afford to fix the logic board I'd just buy a new MacBook!!!)
    Anyways, that gripe is going into another forum...
    Sooooooo.... I have an old Version 3 iPod that I want to use as a mass storage device but in a PC-based environment. So, if I re-format it for PC is it recogniseable/useable with Macs as a storage device still?
    I know that PCs don't recognise Mac stuff but, and correct me if I'm wrong, I remember something about Macs recognising PC stuff??
    So here's an example:
    * I want to reformat my old V3 iPod into a Windows environment.
    * I then want to take my newly re-formatted V3 iPod (set for disk use only) and use it to back up stuff (files, documents, MP3s) from my old, broken iBook (take it from the hard drive).
    * Then I want to take those files, documents and MP3s and put them onto a new, Windows-based laptop (which I am yet to aquire).
    Is this do-able?
    Thanks peoples!

    " I know that PCs don't recognise Mac stuff but, and correct me if I'm wrong, I remember something about Macs recognising PC stuff??"
    An iPod formatted for Mac it won't run natively on a PC because the Windows OS does not support the HFS Plus file system and therefore will not see the drive. There are third party helper programs to overcome that, however Macs can read Windows formatted drives so you should be able to use your old iPod as a straightforward removable drive without any problem.

  • I have a new mac air 11inches, i tried to download my pictures using my usb mass storage device. how come my mac can't recognize and open my files? pls help...

    i have a new mac air 11 inches and i tried to download my pictures using my usb mass storage device. how come my mac is not reading it? pls hel...

    What exactly is your 'mass USB device', and how is it formatted? When you connect it to your MBA, does it show up on the desktop?

  • Can i use e60 as a usb mass storage device over bl...

    Anyone knows if i can use e60 as a usb mass storage device over bluetooth?

    no you cannot, mass storage is a USB device class like you said yourself.

  • RIM mass storage device

    Hi all,
    I got a problem. When I tried to connect with Media Manager to upload music. My media card is not detected. Moreover, when I connect my BB on my laptop, he asked me to install RIM Mass storage device (which appear in device management with yellow exclamation). Any Idea?
    I have a BlackBerry Curve 8320 and Desktop Manager 4.5. Windows XP Pro SP3.
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    What OS on you running on your BB?
    What size media card do you have?
    Depending on your OS there is a limitation on the size of the media card you can use.
    Please let me know!
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  • Unrecogniz​ed mass storage device (BOLD)

    I got my bold a couple days ago and I plugged it in to transfer some stuff but nothing came up. My roomates Bold worked perfectly on my computer it showed up with both the Bold and his media card as seperate drives but nothing for mine.
    I have changed the Bold settings to use as mass storage device but still nothing
    Im on a macbook, any ideas? 

    Hi uvadula,
    As well as enabling mass storage, please check your BlackBerry bold smartphone setting under Options, Memory, to ensure that Auto Enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected is set to either Yes, or Prompt.  If your device has a password, you should be prompted upon plugging in the handheld for this password.
    Thank you!
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