Using Cap6, need to create menu screen that allows user to click a button, branch to other screens, and return to main menu. When returning to the main screen the button that was clicked will be grayed out or inactive.  How do I do this?  I created image

I am trying to emulate a piece of equipment.  I need the user to be able to click on specific buttons that will take the user to another screen(s).  After viewing those screens the user will be directed back to the main screen where the user would know which buttons had been pressed and which still needed to be pressed.  I create image buttons with the 3 states - that worked except when the user returns the slide is reset and so the user does not see the 3rd state of the button.  How can I get that 3rd state to stay after user returns to the main screen? 

Hi Elizabeth,
Since I just did this morning what you are currently attempting to do, I thought I'd share my method.  I must provide a disclaimer and tell you that I am not an expert in Captivate advanced actions--like you, I am still figuring them out.  However, I am happy to share here anything I have learned thus far.
First, here is what my initial slide looks like (see interaction slide below).  I created all of the icons (including the 'grayed out' icon on the second screenshot) in a few minutes using Adobe Illustrator. The icons have been imported as custom multi-state buttons so that I could have the desired effect when the user hovers over the image--the yellow 'explore' flag appears only when the mouse is over the icon. When the learner click either image, they are sent to the corresponding slide.  Once both slides are viewed, a 'continue' button will appear at the base of the screen (something I've not figured out--I sent an email to Lieve begging for some guidance). 
The initial slide (interaction slide):
Second, here is a depiction of what happens when the learner returns to the interactive slide from the content slide (see image below):  Once the learner visits the 'Battery Content' slide and then returns to the interaction slide, the images have changed.  The multi-state button is hidden (through the advanced action), the replacement image (the image with the completed banner over it) is shown, and a hidden click box to allow the user to return to the previously visited page (just in case they desire to do that) is "shown" to allow navigation since the button is no longer there (because it is magically hidden).
Content Slide 1:
Remember, there may be an easier way to do this in Captivate.  I am using Cp6 for this module.
1. I created two user variables as follows
Name: v_batteryExplore
Value: 0
Name: v_fuelExplore
Value: 0
2. I created an advanced action for each as shown below (showing only one--duplicate the first and change the names to match the content):
Credit: I learned these steps from @Lilibiri and Dr. Pooja Jaisingh!
I have also noticed that it matters where the buttons are located on the timeline.  It seems best to have buttons above all other content.  Not sure why, but I have had images not appear when I have not done this.
And the last step you do not want to forget; you need to remember to tell Captivate to use the action.
As a final note, remember that the elements you do not want to appear on the initial screen must not be initially visible.  Make sure to set them to invisible by removing the checkmark in the 'Visible in output' box located next to the button name.  In my case, the image of the completed battery and the invisible button to allow a revisit of content was initially hidden.  Here is a final screenshot of my timeline for this interaction.  I hope this information helps you!

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