Using cookies through PI

Ext System -> SAP PI -> SAP backend.
User credentials contained in cookie in SOAP request to SAP PI should be forwarded and used to log on to SAP backend system. How to propagate the user credentials in the cookie and what adapter could be preferred for the connection to SAP backend? Note that we do not want all backend users to have WS Runtime credentials (execution of WS calls), and therefore WS adapter may be out of the question..?
Appreciate any input to how this can be solved.
Thank you
regards Ole

In standard the user of PI is a standard service user.
in PI 7.0 the development introduced principal propagation for some scenarios.
That means, PI logs on with a specific user which is provided by the sender of the interface.
There are threee types of adapters whch are supported. With SOAP adapters you can use PP, but not with cookies.
There nothing in online help, that is helpful
Here some blogs about the topic:
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    Hi, Russ-
    I found this article, which seemed really helpful in describing how cookies work in JavaScript:
    Remember that JS works just fine within Animate, so on your compositionReady, you can read your cookie and then set the play based on that.  You should probably uncheck the autoplay for your Stage and control the play of your Stage from the compositionReady.
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    There's a bit to learn.  It will slowly make sense.
    Aperture is an empty field.  You're given a tractor and a whole bunch of attachments. What you grow, how, and where, is entirely up to you.
    Vaults are for back-up and only for back-up.  They have nothing to do with storing your working files.
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    Short-term solution: buy and use a FW800 external 1 TB drive, formatted "Mac OS Extended (Journaled)", and using Aperture relocate the Masters of all images older than 30 days to that drive.  (Be sure to change your back-up strategy to include this new drive; you may need a second new drive.)
    This general post of mine might help you understand more about Aperture.

  • Using cookies and JavaScript to create a page to page timer.

    I have long wanted to be able to measure the time it takes to get from one page to another.  While reading in my JavaScript reference the other day, I came across cookies.  I've long known about cookies but have never used them.  The thing that looked attractive was that you can access cookies from both JavaScript and CF.
    So I put together the procedures to store the "start time" (startTimeP8D) for the transition and activated it on the onUnload event of a 1stpage.  After a few rewrites I got it working.   Here is the JavaScript to do that: it consists of two functions: doTimer which is the input section and setCookie, which writes to the cookie.  Not the two numbered alert statements.
    doTimer - results for "start" from the doTimer function called from page 1 when it unloads. (See doTimer below)
         Please note that the two startTime8D values are the same immediately after they are stored.
    On the 2nd page in the sequence, I run the corresponding code to determine the "end time", compute the delta and write it out to the page.  It didn't all run on the first try, but it now seems to be running without a crash, which can be misleading.
          second set of outputs from page 2:    
         Please not that while the endTimeP8D match, the startTimeP8D value no longer matches the previously stored value. 
    There is one major hitch in the get along which has me stymied:  As you can see, when you compare the startTimeP8 in the setCookie – results above and the "startTimeP8" in the doTimer results below the startTimeP8 is not the value that I wrote to the cookie @ unload of page 1.  I have checked and checked and do now see anywhere that the startTimeP8D value is being overwritten.  Based upon my limited experience with JavaScript cookies, it seems to me that you get an entry for each time you set the cookie.  So I would expect to see to startTimeP8D entry for each setCookie event, not a different value.
         The result of the failed computation is shown on the bottom of the page.  As you can see, the Total Elapsed Time is negative, which is never a good sign.  The other time shown, Page build time, is the run time from the server.  The whole purpose is to be able to show folks that the reason the code might be show is because of their overloaded network and not our code.  We had one client whose had users running on 56k modems.  It was so slow their VPN software was timing out!!!  Still the had the never to blame us!!!
    I am using SQLServer 2005, CF8, IE8 on W7. 
    I'm not married to this way of doing this so if anyone has a better/easier way of doing a "page to page timer", I'm up for it.  I'd prefer to fix this one since I've been working on it for the past 3 days.
    Thanks in advcance for your help.
    Len, PHRED SE

    Here it is with no JQuery or console logging calls using cookie utility functions found here:
    <!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"
         <title>Test JavaScript Page Load Timer</title>
              window.onload = function(){
                   var previousPageUnload = getCookie('unloadTime');
                        var d = new Date();
                        var loadTime = d.getTime() - previousPageUnload;
                        alert(loadTime + 'ms');
              window.onunload = function(){
                   var d = new Date();
              function setCookie(c_name,value,expiredays) {
                   var exdate=new Date();
                   document.cookie=c_name+ "=" + escape(value) + ((expiredays==null) ? "" : ";expires="+exdate.toUTCString());
              function getCookie(c_name) {
                   if (document.cookie.length>0) {
                     c_start=document.cookie.indexOf(c_name + "=");
                     if (c_start!=-1)
                       c_start=c_start + c_name.length+1;
                       if (c_end==-1) c_end=document.cookie.length;
                       return unescape(document.cookie.substring(c_start,c_end));
                   return null;
         <h1>Test JavaScript Page Load Timer</h1>
    Note that overwriting global window events like this is not a good idea, which is why I used JQuery in my earlier example. I strongly suggest you look at JQuery or one of the other JS libraries (YUI, etc.) to help with event handling. I'll leave it at that as this is getting into JavaScript development, not really on topic for a ColdFusion forum.

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    Sky go is an app that does not support video AirPlay, not all apps do.

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    Connect through wifi.
    Turn off Cellular data through settings __ General __ Network __ Cellular Data on/off

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    Hi there
    I have a report template, inside of which is a div containing drop down boxes. I want to use a button to hide/show the div.
    The code to do that is quite simple, however, I want to be able to 'remember' the view state of the div with subsequent page refreshes ( as happens when a value is selected from the drop down ).
    I thought I could use client-side cookies to achieve this, and for the most part this works.
    However, the first time I set the cookie, it doesn't seem to save the value.
    So, the process behind the scenes, is as follows:
    1. Enter the page for the first time ... cookie doesn't exist and div is hidden
    2. Click on the SHOW button, which sets the cookie to visible, and displays the div.
    3. Select a value from one of the dropdowns in the div, which reloads the page.
    4. As the page loads, the cookie should be read and the div display, but I find that the cookie is null or doesn't exist. If I now follow steps 2 and 3 again, next time the page loads, the cookie is read.
    So ... the cookie doesn't seem to be set on the first action, but does work correctly on subsequent actions ... very confusing ??
    Any ideas?

    You can find the info on how to use cookies here:
    Hope this helps you
    Giri :-)
    Creator Team

  • How to use cookies in jsp

    Hi all,
    I'm new to jsp, please let me know how to use cookies with jsp.
    I have three web applications, in run time I have to switch from one application to another application based on single login page. I have taught cookies are one of the solution. But while I'm googling I unable to get such a good material.
    please give some examples,
    Thanks in advance.

    Read a cookie in jsp
    HttpSession session = request.getSession();
    Cookie cookie_session = getCookie(request, "COOKIENAME");
              if (cookie_session == null) {
                   sesID = session.getId();
              } else {
                   sesID = cookie_session.getValue();
    get all cookie in the browser
    This gets all the cookies and according to the cookie name given u can get the cookie value
    Cookie[] cookies = request.getCookies();
              if (cookies != null) {
                   for (int i = 0; i < cookies.length; i++) {
                        if (cookies.getName().equals(cookieName))
                             return cookies[i];
                   }but i am not sure if this works for ur requirement try and see                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

  • How to use cookies in struts

    iI am new to struts. I want to get value in text field from one form to another using cookis in struts, can any one help me?, please...

    To write a cookie in Struts, you create one and add it to the response object. (response.addCookie(cookie)).
    To read it, you use the bean:cookie tag.
    As to use cookies to get a given value from one form to another, there might be better ways, like using request attributes.
    You might be better off keeping those cookies in the jar, after all.

  • How to use Cookies in Web DynPro?

    Is there a way to use Cookies in Web DynPro like a regular Servlet uses in it's response Object?
    If yes, I could use a code example...

    Hi Roy,
    1. This will create a Request Objec containing all the client's request just like in a regular Servlet or does it have special considerations I should worry about?
    A: If you have portal and webdynpro components, both have to use the same runtime. If you are using only webdynpro components then you can use the "Task" class. But it is a non-standard API.
    2. Where do you recommend putting this statement? I assume at the wdDoInit() method right?
    A: Don't put this statement in the doInit(), if you are handling some event within the component and refreshes the view, your doInit() will not get executed.
    3. Is there a Response object I can create as well?
    HttpServletResponse response =(( WDWebContextAdapter.getWebContextAdapter()).getHttpServletResponse()

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    I have a survey created with Google Docs. It uses cookies to tell if a user has already submitted an answer to a survey.
    It seems to me that these cookies are not stored with web content overlays (I've used the direct URL to the survey as input).
    Am I right? Is there a way to make the cookie thing work?
    br, Simon

    Is this procedure still available in 9iAS and RDBMS 8.1.6 ? I am trying to get it to work, and I keep getting "ORA-00942: table or view does not exist". The owner of this package is "SYS". I even tried prefixing the table name in the SQL string passed to calendarprint with the owner, and it still gave me this error. Does this have anything to do with the invoker rights model ? I need to set up a web calendar and would love to use this functionality...
    What gives ?
    Any help would be appreciated.
    Thanks you

  • Please help me-it's urgent,maintaining session and security using cookies.

    hi folks,
    i presently developing a web site for an engineering colleege ,i am facing prob in maintaining the session using cookies,and destroying a cookie and keeping security to the user,There are four links on my webpage ,including a logout link,when i click the other links other than the logout,it works perfectly,and when i click the logout link,i am not able to disable the cookie and still able to visit previous pages by clicking the back button.please give a suggestion as such to disable the cokie and maintain the security for my web site.
    Thank u....

    Try out this login if it helps you.
    Create a bean that stores some String value. Then make a object of this bean using the useBean tag with session scope when a user logs in. Store the name of the user in the bean and also set the same name value in the Session object. Then on every JSP page compare the value set in the session object with the bean variable (which will be having a session scope). If the value match, then the JSP page output must be displayed to the user. Then on the logout link, invalidate the session object using the invalidate() method of the session class. As a result now when you will try to navigate back to the old JSP page, null will be returned to you when you will try to retrive the name value from the session object. And since this null will not match with the value in the bean, you should not proceed further with generating the output. Hope this help
    Nirav ([email protected])

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    Hi. I am using Gmail through Mail in Mountain Lion on my iMac, as well as Mail in my iPad and iPhone. Generally speaking Mail seems to sync well across the three machines. However for some reason when I view an email in my inbox on either my iPhone or my iPad, the inbox on my iMac does not reflect the fact the email has been read: ie, while the email is marked as having been 'read' across both my iPad and iPhone, it remains 'unread' on my iMac. It is really frustrating and stuffs up the process managing the flow of emails. Is anyone able to help me please? Thanks so much.

    Hi SB. Thanks for your advice. I checked and I am using the recommended settings. I'm still not sure how to fix this. It's very irritating! I will read an email on my ipad, then hit my imac and see that the email is sitting unread in my Mail inbox.

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