Using DataExport to create an out put

Iam currently trying to export the level 0 data to a text file( or table) so I can remap the data to a different member
I want a spcific format so it's easy to dump the data to a SQl table.
Currently when I run the following calcscript I get the results as shown below, WIth m1 showing in the first line( it's a dense dimension.
What I want is M1 showing on each can i do that?
DataExportLevel "LEVEL0";
DataExportColFormat OFF;
DataExportDimHeader ON;
DataExportColFormat ON;
/*DATAEXPORT "DSN" "bfp" "ClaritydataCS.dbo.BEAM_Output_Budget" "bfpcssql" "pBaUsDsGwEoTrd123";*/

Yes you can export multiple dense dimension columns. In your case I believe the fix statement is limiting what you are exporting. You don't mention what version you are on, but if you reald my blog, you will see there could be issues when the data is missing. There is a 4 part series on data export.
I have found that it is best to first export to a flat file and verify that the data is good and what the actual columns are then try to go to a relational source. It took me a little tweaking the first time I did it. I made all of my columns excelt the data columns as Varchar (varchar2 for Oracle)

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  • T code or path for creating Z out put type for picking

    if I need  to create u201CZ u201Cout put type for picking list copying standard out put type( EK00). Which T- code I have to use or  which path  , I  have to follow in IMG  .
    I want to create u201C Z u201Ccondition type for picking list , copying   EK00 which is standard condition type for picking  list .
    Thanks u2026

    it is part of V4 application, if you dont see V4, use tcode v/38 .... there you will find it.

  • Out put in Background (SM37) not showing All columns

    Hi Folks,
             I’m creating an out put display for my query in background , we have define an output device , after submitting the query in back ground it just showing me only 10 columns . I mean I its not showing me all columns when I went to SE37-> select job->”spool ->view (display).
    Why it’s happening?
    Please help me

    When you are submitting the job in background by exexuting your query from Sq01 or Tr.code , a screen will pop-up ask for you device name, on the same screen you’ll see properties hit that, it’ll take you to another screen and change the report format 65 and 200 or 65 and 200. It depends on your out put device . You can only display report till 255 . If you want to active ALV functional enable in background spool job you have to use extracts for that . So you can download your data in correct format.
    You can also decrease the length of variables in query so within 255 characters you can see all report columns. 
    Hope this’ll help you .
    Hope this’ll give you idea!!
    <b>P.S award the points.</b>
    Good luck
    Saquib Khan
    "Some are wise and some are otherwise"

  • Report Out Put

    Hi All
    I want the out put of a report in DOC file so that user can make changes in that report and then can print. this one is the requirement. but using a reports 9i the out put can be in PDF and HTML file. is this one possible that i can get the out put in DOC file. if yes can any one give me a hint how i can implement.
    Thanks in Advance

    thanks its working. but when i am trying to open RTF file every time it appear a dialog box where i have to mention the target that i want to open in MS WORD or note pad. etc. may be because when i am using the command
    WEBS('/reports/rwservlet/getjobid'||substr(v_rep,instr(v_rep,'_',-1)+1)|| '?'||'server='|| :global.reportserver ,'_blank');
    there is no extension. so it ask me every time. so how i have to fix this that if mention my Report Destination Format to RTF is should be opened in MS Word.

  • Creating Move-Out Document by Program

    For an ISU Contract, I need to create Move-Out document programatically. Which BAPI or Function Module should I use regarding this purpose.
    I used BAPI_ISUMOVEOUT_CREATEFROMDATA to create Move-Out doc, but its generating it, but not updating them Contract. Even if I try to see the generated document in EC57, it gives an error that no document exists.
    Edited by: Pulokesh Karmakar on Jul 12, 2010 4:29 PM

    you used a custom Web ADi integrator (XXFA_TEST).
    I think you have a grants problem, therefore with assigment of the system administrator, no problems exists.
    Have a look in the Web ADI Implementation Guide
    e.g. for R12.0.4

  • Out put of subcontracting challan

    Hi Gurus
    I am facing a problem.
    I have configured diff output type for my two plant to print subcontracting challan & same i have assign in CIN setting subcontracting attributes.
    For J1IF it is working i am able to print subcontracting challan but i have created same out put type ZJIF & assign to another excise group but it is not working.
    Please advise

    This FM Converts OTF format to various formats (TLINE table). TLINE displays SAPscript: Text Lines

  • Billing out put problem

    hi gurus,
    I have a problem when creating billing out put automatically.  through condition technique .  I did it  when am looking into vf02 it is not coming automatically.  when am giving manually it is accepting.  when i saved that out put type it is saving and green singl is coming.  But it is not coming automatically.  Even though i maintained conditon records  in vv31.  still am getting this prob.  in procedure. am having conditon type that
    conditon type i assigned i proce.
    If any one know this please .  he will get maximum rewards from this query.

    Hi Nag,
            I.Once again check assignments with repect to billing type.
            2.Check the communication tab in VV32 are you maintaining all parameters or not,check the storage field it should be filled with print,check medium also.
    I hope it will help you

  • Store the out put of smartform in a directory which is created on app..Serv

    Dear All,
    I want to store the out put of smartform in a directory which is created on application that the user in future can directly print the output with out again executing the smartform.....

    hi Sudheer,
    Correct me if I am worng but you cannot issue output without executing smartform.
    If you want to just store the output in App server then use the PDF output option in SmartForm attributes. Then use
    to store the PDF on app servee.
    Reward if helps

  • I used iphotos to create a photobook.  I want to send the book to my aunt in the states but it won't allow me to do that.  I was just wondering why it won't allow me to put in her address so the book can go directly to her home.

    I used iphoto to create a photobook.  I want to send this book to my aunt in california but it won't allow me to put in her address.  I would like to know how
    i can have this book sent directly to her home.

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  • Using a MAC to fill out PC Created PDF forms creating problems

    We have created a number of forms using LiveCycle to be filled out by clients.  They include submit buttons that send the form back as a PDF (rather than a data file).  The forms were then opened in  Acrobat 8 Professional and usage rights enabled to allow the clients to save a copy of the completed form.
    They work great...unless the client is using a MAC.  We have encountered the following problems with MAC filled forms:
    1) client entered data is present but only visible when the field is clicked on
    2) the Print and Submit by E-mail buttons do not work for MAC users
    3) the tabbing order is inconsistent
    Any ideas of ways we can make our forms more compatible for MAC users??
    Many Thanks!

    Hi Rod,
    Sorry I replied a few days ago, but for some reason it didn't seem to get added to the thread.  So, here we go again ...
    The "fix field" script worked great for me.  So, we have been using that solution when needed.  Unfortunately, I am not enough of an expert on these things to provide an intelligent answer as to why it may not be working for you.
    But, it also became evident from dialogue and testing that the issue only occurs when recipients use MAC Preview to complete the forms.  So, on some forms I have just added a note saying - MAC Users: Please complete the form using Adobe Reader.  As this is, of course, free software, which most people already have installed on their computer, this seems to prevent the problem from occurring as well.
    Hope that is at least a little bit helpful.

  • ALV Report In Background.. Generating same out put using ABAP Extracts

        We are running ALV reports and generating out put in background using Extracts. We are having a discussion that SAP doesn’t recommend to execute ALV reports using batch and generate report output , as it heavily load for spool ... we are coming across some problem when I analyze Sm37 ... I found an error " ABAP framework unable to initialize " .
    I want an input/suggestion what you guys think about it?
    Thanks in Advanced...

    Nope... We’re using some batch id which use to run background job, as I am also in SAP Security, I just verify it has all the security to run the report . As this report is running fine if we ran it other then batch id ... as before it was running fine .
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  • How to display the out put of the sql query in a text file using forms

    I want to display the out put of the sql query in a text file using forms 6.0.Same could be done using spool command in sqlplus but i want it using forms....Fiaz

    Have a look at the text_io package:

  • How to generate idoc  PODRCH02 using out put type

    Hi All,
    I need to generate outbound idoc PORDCH02 and message type PORDCH using out put types (messages).But i unable to generated this idoc using message type. System is giving error as  *No recipient found for message type PORDCH in the ALE model*
    To do this , i have done the following steps.
    1. In BD64 i have configure the business object BUS2012, using add bapi. ( In cust.distn model it doesn't allowing the message type. so i have given BAPI )
    2. In partner profile (WE20), for sending logical sytems
    i have configure the message type in outbound parametes.
    3. In NACE for out put type NEU  i have given medium as Distribution (ALE),  Partner function as LS     
    Could you please help me out , what are the necessary steps i need to take care and what are the steps i missed out.
    Thanks and regards

    In distribution model, you have to configure both the sending system and receiving system. The Tcode of Distribution model is BD64.

  • Assigning digital Spidf in / out put in logic LE using TC KONNEKT 24 D

    hi there..
    i know LE doesnt support digital in/out puts but ive been told i have to configure is manually through my KONNECT 24d audio interface.. that i have no clue how to configure and assign these in/out puts... if any one knws how to do that .. many thanx in advace

    hi there,
    ALL i want to do it route voice works using chanel 9/10 and i got an answer from TC. but im still clueless i must b thick!!
    Dear Nazeer,
    Setting this up of course depends on how everything is cabled.
    If you set it up via spdif you should send and recieve via channels 9-10. You can ofcourse do the same analog with channels 3-4. Express unfortunately does not have the I/O plugin, so you will need to do all the routing manually as with the Konnekt. The exclamation mark is a sample slip indicator. Make sure that the Konnekt is setup to be the sync master, and not the VoiceWorks.
    I hope this helped. If you have any specific questions on the subject you are welcome to update this incident.

  • Downloading the report out put for wchich split conatiner is used

    hi friends i used split container for my report out put .here iam displaying two alvs in the two parts of the conainer.
    i put some heading on the container in one box, is it possible to download all the out put into one excel file.

    Hi sudheer ,
    There is no standart functionality for this. You need to code for your custom excel output.

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