Using Firefox to access facebook chat Button or online friiend chat button generates a Black screen with CANNOT LOAD IMAGES and no chat window opens.

This does not happen in other browsers and it happens on a variety of computers I have access to and would seem to be a common problem but I can find no identical cases in my searches of
Firefox , Facebook or windows help or Google search. My home machine is only a P2 with WINXPCORP but works fine and I have done all updates but still have this continuing problem every time I try to use Firefox
to access Facebook chat but it does not happen with IE or chrome
The response to clicking on chat button or friend chat is a black screen with small center square box with blue title bar that says
center of box is ""! "" mark in yellow triangle and wording
clicking on OK returns to facebook page but no chat opens.
Some times |VERY RARLEY if as the page loades you click on
chat button with 1/2 second of it appearing chat will open.

Please also see [ this.]

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