Using Flex 2 for dynamic creation of a Flex 2 application at runtime

We're looking to replace our existing end-user development
environment and believe Flex 2 may be able to satisfy our
requirements. However, without spending a month trialing the
product I thought some existing user(s) could suggest (based on
personal experience) whether we'd be straining Flex 2 in expecting
it to be able to provide dynamic runtine generation and execution
of an application based on the meta-data associated with each
component. The generation of each component includes automatic form
and code generation, with end-user tailoring facilities to maintain
the meta-data (tabs, fields (visibility, location, business rules,
actions, validation etc.), display format, drill-down, work-flow
etc.), for use in the next instantiation of each conponent.

I know of at least one of our customers (not sure if I can
say which) is doing this. They use Flex to compose MXML files and
then send that to a server. The server than compiles that into a
So it is possible, just a lot of work.

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  • How do u use SDO_RELATE for dynamic theme

    Hi ,
    I have line geometry. For this line geometry I have to create a buffer using SDO_GEOM.SDO_BUFFER and I have to check whether the given point geometry is with in this buffer.
    How can i do it?
    i have used buffer and SDO_RELATE but its giving error as
    "SDO_RELATE can not be used with out Spatial Index". Here my buffer is a dynamic theme.
    Is there any possibility to create index for dynamic theme?
    Thanks and Regards

    We did something familiar in a sence.
    We used an analysis based sdo_NN.
    Also therefor the spatial index is required and used.
    We created a Materialized view containing the sdo_buffered result geometry, based on additional where clauses for the base table..
    We defined a spatial index on the materialized view result table, and an additional view containing the sdo_nn operator to this materialized view result table.
    So when we changed the requirements in which geometry had to be buffered in the first step, we refreshed to materialized view. This caused the de sdo_index being updated. this way the view with the operator was actualized.
    I hope this explained a little bit the way we did this, maybe this can help you out.

  • Cannot use alias for dynamic column name in SELECT statement

    I want to retrieve values from several tables by using dynamic column & table name as below:
    DATA: tbl_name(30) TYPE c VALUE '/bic/tbi_srcsys',  " staticly initialized for this example
               col_name(30) TYPE c VALUE '/bic/bi_srcsys'.  " staticly initialized for this example
    SELECT (col_name) INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF TABLE it_values FROM (tbl_name).
    The internal table "it_values" does not contain a field named "/bic/bi_srcsys", instead it has another generic field "value" so that the above code can be applied to other tables. I tried to use alias (AS) as below:
    SELECT (col_name) AS value INTO CORRESPONDING FIELDS OF TABLE it_values FROM (tbl_name).
    But this cannot work. I know that there are other ways to solve this problem, such as by using a single field in SELECT .. ENDSELECT and subsequently appending it to the work area and internal table as below:
    SELECT (col_name)  INTO (lv_value) FROM (tbl_name).
      wa_value-value = lv_value.
      APPEND wa_value TO it_values.
    Just wonder if there is any other more elegant workaround, because I might have several other fields instead of only one?
    Joon Meng

    Hi Suhas,
    thanks for the quick reply.
    Sorry that I have not well described the structure of the internal table "it_values". This internal table contains several other fields (key, type, value, etc.).
    I guess that the following code
    SELECT (col_name) INTO TABLE it_values FROM (tbl_name).
    works if the internal table only has one field (value) or the field "value" is in the first position, right?
    In this case, I need to fill the "value" field of internal table it_values (ignore the other fields like type, key) with values retrieved from (col_name) of the DDIC table.
    Looking forward to your reply.
    Joon Meng

  • Using Java for dynamic web page content

    I've currently got a Perl program that I'd like to convert to Java. It merges two files that are stored on a web server and generates a "dynamic" HTML response.
    For example, if I have the following files on the server:
    <Comment1>This stuff</Comment1>
    <Comment2>That stuff</Comment2>
    When I go to the URL\cgibin\
    the Perl program will produce a web page saying:
    This stuff
    That stuff
    The major obstical for the rewrite: NO JSP ALLOWED. It's not allowed by the ISP.
    Now for the questions:
    - Could this be done using Java?
    - How could I initiate the Java app and pass it the parameters? (applet tag, access Java inside Perl, use Java Script somehow)
    - Will an applet tag even work for this since the final page is generated completely from other files?
    Thank you very much for your help.

    If your ISP don't support JSP / Servlets,
    1.use any server side technolgy, something like ASP.
    2.Read the files and transform them as Strings (or StringBuffers).
    3.Pass these Strings as parameters to the applet (if you are forced to use java technology, otherwise you can do it using ASP itself).
    4.Construct the required format (content) in your applet.
    Don't forget that the stuff will be in applet but not a complete web page. The ideal solution is asking your ISP to provide JSP engine.

  • How to use SPEL for Dynamic View Objects?

    Hi Gurus,
    In Benefits Self Service particularly in the Designate Beneficiaries page, we have a requirement to set the row for Self designation as Read Only. What this means for any plan that you're eligible and that requires beneficiary designation, you are not allowed to designate yourself. Unfortunately this is an intended functionality and the only way to achieve our requirement is thru Personalization. I was able to accomplish this successfuly thru the SPEL functionality. However the view object corresponding to each plan that requires beneficiary designation is somewhat dynamic. For example, Plan A corresponds to BeneficiaryPeopleVO1, Plan B corresponds to BeneficiaryPeopleVO2, Plan C corresponds to BeneficiaryPeopleVO3, etc. The Personalization Page only allows me to use the SPEL for only one view object at a time. So if an employee is eligible for 3 plans that require beneficiary designation and my SPEL points to BeneficiaryPeopleVO1, it will only set the Read Only in Plan A. Plan B and Plan C would still allow self designation. Is there a way I could use the SPEL to work for all View Objects?

    jeanluca wrote:
    I've seen things like this in scripting languages, so I was wondering if things like this are possible in java. Here is an not working example:
    Is something like this possible ?AFAIK, it is only possible in a very limited way as noted above and is nearly always not recommended and definitely not necessary. The variable name has little importance, but OTOH the object reference has great importance. Instead learn about arrays, Lists, and Maps.

  • Hi frnds this is the code for dynamic creation of users in plsql but these statements r not executing so pls help me for this error

    n NUMBER;

         Here is the dynamic query for creating user and to give grants to user,
       n         NUMBER;
       cr_user   VARCHAR2 (300);
       gr_user   VARCHAR2 (300);
       n := 1;
       WHILE (n <= 10)
          cr_user := 'CREATE user EM' || n || ' IDENTIFIED BY KLU';
          gr_user := 'GRANT CREATE SESSION,GRANT ANY PRIVILEGE TO EM' || n || '';
          EXECUTE IMMEDIATE cr_user;
          EXECUTE IMMEDIATE gr_user;
          n := n + 1;
       END LOOP;
    Edited: Removed When OTHERS Exception Handling from Code.

  • Use sequence for dynamic conditional grouping

    Hi experts,
    I have a simple(?) task - I want to number (assign) some groups (increasing group number) based on a condition.
    Here an example: create numbered groups based on department number (actual the same grouping)
    create table emp as
    select * from scott.emp;
    CREATE SEQUENCE group_no;
    /* automatic grouping - NOT WORKING!!!! */
      select ename, deptno, deptno_next, deptno_prev,
       case when (deptno_next > deptno) then group_no.nextval else 1 end grp
          (select ename, deptno,
                  lead(deptno) over (order by deptno) deptno_next,
                  lag(deptno) over (order by deptno) deptno_prev
          from emp
    It seems the sequence is increased, even when the condition for a new number is not met!
    NAME      DEPTNO                 DEPTNO_NEXT            DEPTNO_PREV            GRP                   
    CLARK      10                     10                                            1                     
    KING       10                     10                     10                     1                     
    MILLER     10                     20                     10                     130                   
    JONES      20                     20                     10                     1                     
    FORD       20                     20                     20                     1                     
    ADAMS      20                     20                     20                     1                     
    SMITH      20                     20                     20                     1                     
    SCOTT      20                     30                     20                     135                  
    WARD       30                     30                     20                     1                     
    TURNER     30                     30                     30                     1                     
    ALLEN      30                     30                     30                     1                     
    JAMES      30                     30                     30                     1                     
    BLAKE      30                     30                     30                     1                     
    MARTIN     30                                            30                     1instead of else 1 I will use group_no.currval (same group number, when not changing department). I know, I need to cover the previous number as well, but I made it simple, because the problem here seems to be the sequence...
    Looking forward to your support :-)
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    Yes, your observation is correct.
    You cant use a sequence this way.
    May be the below gives you a hint to achieve your goal.
    when lag(deptno, 1, deptno) over (order by deptno) = deptno
    then deptno
    else 30*deptno
    end mark
    from emp
    order by deptno
    clark     7782     10     10
    miller     7934     10     10
    KING     7839     10     10
    ford     7902     20     600
    scott     7788     20     20
    jones     7566     20     20
    SMITH     7369     20     20
    adams     7876     20     20
    WARD     7521     30     900
    martin     7654     30     30
    ...Example with consecutive ordering
    ,sum(grp) over (order by deptno) grp
    from (
    when lag(deptno, 1, deptno) over (order by deptno) = deptno
    then 0
    else 1
    end grp
    from emp
    order by deptno
    ENAME     EMPNO     DEPTNO     GRP
    clark     7782     10     0
    miller     7934     10     0
    KING     7839     10     0
    ford     7902     20     1
    scott     7788     20     1
    jones     7566     20     1
    SMITH     7369     20     1
    adams     7876     20     1
    WARD     7521     30     2
    martin     7654     30     2
    ...Edited by: chris227 on 08.10.2012 08:08
    consecutive ordering

  • Users using Templates for SC creation

    Is there a way in which users can only edit the quantity field when creating SC using public templates.
    In our case the users can edit all the fields of the templates created by buyers.

    Use SHDO tcode, enter your transaction code BBPSC02 go to the screen variant and select BBP_SC, click display/change the different fields avaialble for the shopping cart public template.
    Here you will find options to make fields invisible also.
    Best regards,

  • Using FileOutputStream for File Creation. Help Required!!

    I am using the FileOutputStream to create a file.For this I am
    FileOutputStream fout2 = new FileOutputStream("Name.txt");
    This creates the File in the Current directory of the IDE(JBuilder 5).
    I want to create ths File in the a logs directory,taking the
    relative path.
    So I want the File to be created as ./logs/Filename.txt??
    How do I set the relative path in the FileOutputStream ??
    Can anyone please respond?

    Yes, "." does not coincide with the classes directory, especially when starting the application from an IDE.
    Take a look at the system properties for some directories:
    System.putProperty("user.dir", "...");For your means I would abuse the ClassLoader, and specify a full path, and start to patch a file name from it: u = this.getClass().getResource(".../x.gif");

  • Using IDOC for PO creation

    Hello Experts,
    I have to work with IDOC,kindly help me out in urgent basis.
    I am using, let, SAVVION as a front-end and SAP as back-end.
    Now I have to create PO using standard BAPI, but using IDOC i might be connect two software.
    How can i proceed, anybody plz help me out.
    will give a best points..

      Check this document:

  • I want to use Java for dynamic web programming...

    And don't know what to learn, JSP or servlets or both. I'm guessing it would be best to learn both, but I don't want to buy two books. Are there any books that teach both fairly well?

    I don't know how it covers them I am not learning them at the moment.
    Why don't you try searching for JSP and/or Servlets at, Doesn't the JSP and Servlet section of the also have recommended books?, I have just done that search at and found these three instantly...the top two have reviews and ratings from other people. There are MANY book websites out there, try searching on this as well.
    JSP, Servlets and MYSQL; Paperback ~ David Harms
    Java Servlet Programming (The Java Series); Paperback ~ Jason Hunter
    Java Servlet and JSP Cookbook; Paperback ~ Bruce W. Perry

  • Dynamic creation of date in selection variant

    Hi All,
    I have a Z program for updating a field in BOM item. One of the input field in the report is "Valid From Date". Actually the current date is automatically fetched through a function module and it is defaulted in that field. 
    Our client is using selection variant for ease of use. The problem here is old date in the selection variant  is replacing the current date. I want current date to be created automatically during insertion of variant also. How can i solve this problem. Is there any selection variable inside the variant for dynamic creation of Date?

    As I know there is no setting for this. For any std or Z report variant function with L should act same way...anyway you discuss with your ADABer.
    See the help for variables
    Selection Variables                                                                               
    The following three types of selection variables are currently          
    o   Table variables from TVARV                                          
            You should use these variables if you want to store static          
            information. TVARV variables are proposed by default.                                                                               
    o   Dynamic date calculations:                                          
            To use these variables, the corresponding selection field must have 
            type 'D' (date). If the system has to convert from type T to type D 
            when you select the selection variables, the VARIABLE NAME field is 
            no longer ready for input. Instead, you can only set values using   
            the input help.                                                     
            The system currently supports the following dynamic date            
            Today's date                                                        
           From beginning of the month to today                               
           Today's date +/- x days                                            
           First quarter ????                                                 
           Second quarter ????                                                
           Third quarter ????                                                 
           Fourth quarter ????                                                
           Today's date - xxx, today's date + yyy                             
           Previous month                                                                               
    o   User-specific variables                                            
           Prerequisite: The selection field must have been defined in the    
           program using the MEMORY ID pid addition. User-specific values,    
           which can be created either from the selection screen or from the  
           user maintenance transaction, are placed in the corresponding      
           selection fields when the user runs the program.                                                                               
    The SELECTION OPTIONS button is only supported for date variables that 
       fill select-options fields with single values.                         
    i.e means we can do that with D also.

  • Variable substitution for Dynamic filename

    Hi All,
    my Scenario is Proxy to file. and the receiver file should be a zip file of extension .dat.gz.
    In mapping I tried as below. In signature I used one sender and two receiver messages.
    SENDER:                         RECEIVER:(2messages)
    MT_Product                       MT_Product
    -----Row                              ---------Row
    ---------field1                         -----------field1
    ---------field2                         -----------field2
    ---------field3                         -----------field3
    for field5 I mapped current date and I am trying to use it in Reciver file communication channel. will that be correct to use?
    In receiver communication channel the file name is I used
    and I used Module Configuration for content conversion and Zipping the file.
    In variable substitution I used field5 for dynamic date.
    Module Confuguration:
    Guys! am on right path????? will this be possible????

    Why you are using multimapping? Just for defining target file name using var substitution - BTW, that too is incorrect. You cannot use Messages/Message 1 nodes in variable substitution.
    Secondly, if I am not wrong the approach of defining dynamic zip file name using variable substitution won’t work because variable substitution will be executed once all the modules before standard call sap adapter gets executed. So during runtime, at var substitution step, ur file will actually be a text file instead of XML as a result u will get an exception.
    So, if there is no specific objective of using multimapping then simply use DC.
    Amit Srivastava

  • DIP profile settings for quotaion creation?

    Hi experts
    I have to create quotation with reference to Plan cost thru ECP.For the same i have to assign DIP profile. So, i need to know what are the settings should be done in DIP profile steps (like in Usage , charaterstics,Sorces, selection criteria etc..) so that i can use it for quotion creation.
    your early replies may help me a lot.
    Thanks in advance

    i am closing this thread

  • US Hosting for dynamic portfolio

    I'm wondering about a good host for dynamic content.
    I've used Hostway for simple sites but have not used them for
    stuff. Any opinions?
    I'm staying away from Go-Daddy.
    Anyone have a list of their top 5?
    I'm probably going to use PHP as I am trying to move away
    from ASP but
    If the company has both ASP and PHP, that might be something
    I'd consider.
    VPS is probably a good option as long as the pool isn't too
    This is all for my brother who recently lost his job in 3D
    Architectural/Environmental Rendering.
    He has some work posted on Coroflot - See below.
    Oh, and if you have any ideas for work, he's willing to move

    My favorite is.
    "Art" <lee_*[email protected]> wrote in
    news:gom8vs$ftt$[email protected]..
    > I'm wondering about a good host for dynamic content.
    > I've used Hostway for simple sites but have not used
    them for dynamic
    > stuff. Any opinions?
    > I'm staying away from Go-Daddy.
    > Anyone have a list of their top 5?
    > I'm probably going to use PHP as I am trying to move
    away from ASP but
    > If the company has both ASP and PHP, that might be
    something I'd consider.
    > VPS is probably a good option as long as the pool isn't
    too big.
    > This is all for my brother who recently lost his job in
    > Architectural/Environmental Rendering.
    > He has some work posted on Coroflot - See below.
    > Oh, and if you have any ideas for work, he's willing to
    move almost
    > anywhere.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Original iPad on Verizon MiFi

    First, this has been working without an issue for some time. However, the last couple days, I can no longer connect to wi-fi via my Verizon Mi-fi. It sees the connection and does connect, but then constantly disconnects and reconnects to the network.

  • Plan order text in CM29 screen

        How to display plan order text in CM29 screen? Reply appreciated.

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    i currently have a gen 3 40 gig ipod and bought a new 80 gig video ipod can i just plug the new i pod in and wiil it down load all my songs? hp   Windows XP  

  • LSMW --direct input for sales order

    Hi frenz,          We are facing a problem in mapping the fields, sold-to-party and ship-to-party in structure BVBPAKOM. I have already tried using partnerfunction(PARVW) and custno(KUNNR). Even then i got an error 'Specify ship-to-party or sold-to-p

  • Mavericks finder sort folder on top feature?

    hi development team, just a humble suggestion ... would be great that the mavericks finder include a feature to sort folder on top. i don't want to install any bloated 3rd party finder apps that would solve this issue, because i want this basic featu