Using Lightroom Cloud to Sync Catalog Between Two Machines

I have use of so many cloud services including the 20gb that Adobe gives me.  Is there a way i can sync my catalog on the cloud so that i can have all my metadata on both my laptop and desk top?  I also have 300gb of cloud storage though Copy.  I would just like some recomendations on how best to go about it. Thanks

Hi Pat,
Using Lightroom Cloud to Sync Catalog Between Two Machines
If you’re running Lightroom on a laptop during your location shoots, you might want to take all the edits, keywords, metadata, and of course the photos themselves, and add them to the Lightroom catalog on your studio computer. It’s easier than it sounds: basically, you choose which catalog to export from your laptop, then you take the folder it creates over to your studio computer and import it.
You need to decide whether you want to export a folder (all the imported photos from your shoot), or a collection (just your Picks from the shoot). In this case, we’ll go with a collection, so go to the Collections panel and click on the collection you want to merge with your main catalog back in your studio. (If you had chosen a folder, the only difference would be you’d go to the Folders panel and click on the folder from that shoot instead. Either way, all the metadata you added, and any edits you made in Lightroom, will still be transferred over to the other machine.)
Please refer to for more details.
Eshant Jindal

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    it would be interesting to know exactly what you are doing here.
    Does it mean that you upload the images from your Lr Desktop?
    It might take a while before the sync is done.
    Which version of Lr are you using?
    If you compare Lr Mobile with - is there any difference?
    Does it help to update Lr Mobile to 1.2.1?

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    Make sure that the caddy you get will support SATA drives (all new ones will).
    Although I am an HP Employee, all views expressed are my own and are not on behalf of HP
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    Then I synced back with computer A and the same thing happened. Every message in the sent folder gave me the "download from server message."
    It seems that I'm in some sort of infinite loop. The rebuild on one computer is not recognized by the other computer. Clearly, there is some file somewhere that contains info that's not being conveyed when I sync the ~/Library/Mail folder.
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    That is interesting. To that effect I have thrown together this Applescript:
    (CAUTION... do not run this script, experimental only!
    set flashDrive to "FLASH"
    tell application "System Events" to exists process ""
    if the result is true then tell application "Mail" to quit
    -- copy files to mounted disk
    do shell script "rm -r /Volumes/" & flashDrive & "/Mail/"
    do shell script "cp -r ~/Library/Mail /Volumes/" & flashDrive & "/"
    do shell script "cp ~/Library/Preferences/ /Volumes/" & flashDrive & "/Mail/"
    --copy files to userfolder
    do shell script "rm -r ~/Library/Mail"
    do shell script "cp -r /Volumes/" & flashDrive & "/Mail ~/Library/"
    do shell script "cp /Volumes/" & flashDrive & "/Mail/ ~/Library/Preferences/"
    Problem is, I don't know how to tell the script which version of mail data is older or newer. If you know of such a way let me know and I'll script it in, otherwise the user is stuck with manually choosing what to copy to where.
    And as we all know, any user choices are error-prone.

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    I point everything to the external drive I use (in terms of edits and saving) and just wanted to be sure I would have no problem on second computer seeing it all open and looking the same.  I just want my data to stay mobile. It looks pretty cut and dried but I want to know about any "gothchas" before I get to second computer.

    So I can't have the catalog on the External drive as well and always
    reference everything from that location? I thought that is what I had done.
    Then, the only "discipline" would be plugging in the External Drive each
    place right?
    I am open to suggestions on this. I just want groupings in organizer and
    that sort of stuff to travel.  Maybe an edit area on the USB that I simply
    import and export back and forth as needed?
    I guess I'm just interested in best work flow for this scenario.

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    Sync one folder two machines - Is it really that hard.
    I have one folder (with a bunch of subfolders totally 3k of image files) I'd like to mirror them on both my laptop and desktop machines.
    I'd like the Desktop machine to mirror everything on the laptop and when I travel with the laptop I add images once I return everything new will be copied over.
    Things I don't want in this system
    • Third party software, If the OSX 10.4.8 can do it all the better
    • Having to Manually hit a sync button. (But willing to budge on this one)
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    So much for other people having lives to live...
    I'd help you out if I knew anything about rsync, and
    I'm sure many others would, too, but apparently the
    ones who do know are doing other things. Considering
    it's a weekend, that really shouldn't be surprising.
    There are people and companies that give such
    immediate service for a fee. Look around and I'm sure
    you'll find one that'll offer to not only advise you
    but will also create the solution for you. They'll
    even you let you have the solution, for a price.
    Azqi, please don't belittle me about how the captitalism works in the world. I might been in a small community outside Vancouver that doesn't even have a large MAC dealership who could answer my question. I was already at the shop that does deal in mac because I wanted to SHOP LOCAL. I am perfectly aware I am on a FREE forum and have a life outside of this forum also! I waited four days before I said what I said and before my little question was lost in the forums. If I had 300 responses to my question like yours I'd never return. . . .
    I am just saying that it has been a bit of a cold welcome to these forums, as this isn't the first question that has gone unanswered. . . . and thanks to some helpful folks it isn't.

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    my oracle version is--->
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    PL/SQL Release - Production
    CORE Production
    TNS for 32-bit Windows: Version - Production
    NLSRTL Version - Production
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    If you mean communicating between two database, you can create DATABASE LINK.

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    I want Mail on two of my Macs to be in sync. I have a lot of rules set up and once the rules are applied the mail is sorted in local folders so it disappears from the inbox. This of course causes it to no longer be available on the other Mac.
    Looking for an application that can sync files I select between two Macs whenever a change is detected on either of them, in this case my Mail folder and peferences. This can go directly or through an OS X server that's running 24/7. I don't want to move my folders to the mailserver but keep them local.
    Any suggestions?
    Thanks in advance.

    fossy207 wrote:
    I've had a Macbook Pro for about a year and a half and love it so much that this Christmas I decided to buy myself a second Mac. I got a refurbished 24 inch iMac and just set it up last night. During the setup it occurred to me that there are certain folders on both computers (documents, pictures, audio, downloads, etc) that I would like to have available and synchronized between both computers. I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd like to do this. Does this functionality exist in Snow Leopard?
    no. not unless you want to use a command line tool like rsync.
    If not, are there any 3rd party apps that will solve my problem?
    you can use Chronosync or ForkLift. also,you can sync not directly between computers but via a cloud. there are many services that do that. there is apple's own mobileme. another very popular one is DropBox.
    Thank you for reading.

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    I have two big issues with syncing edits between my iMac (computer A) and Macbook Pro (computer B). My workflow has been as follows:
    Import photo shoot onto computer A as DNG into master catalog. Do some edits. Export all DNGs as "Original" from shoot to desktop and copy over to computer B. Import shoot folder in master catalog on computer B, edits are held. Finish editing the entire shoot on B and export folder as a catalog without exporting the DNG files. Back on computer A, import to shoot folder from another catalog to sync edits and metadata changes.
    My issues:
    1. When edits actually do sync back on A, everything syncs EXCEPT for virtual copies, they are no where to be found. Even when exporting from B as a catalog, the dialogue box says "79 virtual copies to be exported." They just never show up back on computer A.
    2. Biggest issue. On computer A, I work in one master catalog. Some shoot folders are still on the internal hard drive while most are housed on a Drobo. It seems the reason why edits will never sync back (changes arent found when importing from another catalog) is because LR4 is only looking on the INTERNAL disk of computer A. The import seems to not look for the photos that are housed on the Drobo. I think this because whenever I try to import back to A, LR4 tries to create a new folder in the catalog on the internal disk. The below screenshot shows what I mean. 0512-SpeedyFamily is the shoot Im editing between A & B, but LR4 tries to import them back onto the internal disk (upper portion of folders) and created the ?2012 folder.
    FYI - I am running LR 4.2 on both machines, just havent installed the latest update yet.

    There's a simpler way to do this: synchronizing software. The one I'm using is called SmartSync Pro. I think it's Windows only, but there must be alternatives for Mac.
    I have two machines, at work and home, containing identical copies of the Lr catalog (and of course all other files), using a portable pocket-size drive to transport files back and forth. Once it's set up it's a one-click operation to copy new and altered files only, stick the thing in my pocket and go home. Then connect the drive, click again, and I'm ready to pick up where I left off.
    The one provision is that the folder structure is identical on the two machines, and, being Windows, also drive letters. But you don't necessarily have to synchronize a whole drive, any folder(s) will do.
    Another advantage is solid backup: three copies of every file, one always off-site.

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