Using Nokia PC Suite - Communication Center to cal...

I know that I can use the Nokia PC Suite - Communication Center (NPCS-CC) to start a call in my mobile, but...
Is it possible to configure the PC to be used as the speaking / hearing device?
I would love to make a phone call from the PC and be able to use its mic and speakers. 
Anyone knows if this is possible?
NPCS-CC already does the calling... Could it be developed to do that?

There may be few things
Kindly do check both your System(PC) and Your Phone timings are matching, because not all the phone will handle Daylight Saving Time.  If your phone does not support DST, make sure that Time settings are adjusted on your phone/pc so that both the time events matches.  Once you make sure that these two got mathced, sync your device with PC Suite and check.

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  • Connectivity 6555 to PC using Nokia PC Suite

    I´ve connected with bluetooth my 6555 phone to the PC.  This works fine.
    I´ve tried to sync contacts, notes, calender using Nokia PC Suite to my Outlook.  But I keep getting the following error message, as recorded on the log file....
    Summary (1)
    The following hidden debugging sections have been detected from this synchronization log:
    PC Sync information.
    PC Sync has received invalid data from the mobile phone.
    The synchronization has been terminated.
    Possible Solution
    Please check your Synchronization settings and ensure your phone is in the Idle state, then restart the Synchronization.  
    My computer and Phone info...
    Nokia PC Suite, American English
    PC Connectivity Solution:
    Nokia Connectivity Cable Driver:
    Operating system:
    Microsoft Windows XP 32-bit Edition, Service Pack 3
    Language: English
    Language for non-Unicode programs: English
    Detected Internet browsers:
    - Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.0 (Default browser)
    - Mozilla Firefox 3.0
    Detected Bluetooth stacks:
    - Microsoft (Version: 5.1.2600, Build: 5512)
    - Toshiba (Version v6.01.03(D))
    Nokia 6555c
    V 03.38
     What am I doing wrong.  Thanks.

    Spent 2 hours today at the NOKIA SERVICE CENTER with their leading tech guy.    We did not find a solution.   His final recommendation was to buy a new phone!!!!!

  • Problem In using Nokia PC Suite with the new Nokia...

    My Nokia Ahs 310 is a new phone I bought and I tried with it to connect internet through my PC using Nokia PC Suite. But, when I connect phone to the PC it tells that it can't find the drivers and install the new device. And in someyimes in Nokia PC Suite it showed as "connected in non compatible USB".
    However I can't log into internet using my Nokia Asha 310. Please help me in this regard. 

    scoobyman, I think KRNS tries to use his Nokia 310 as modem for his computer. Consequently, no Wi-Fi involved.
    farby wrote:
    The Asha and S40 Series phones released in this Calendar year (2013) are not compatible with the Nokia Suite.
    This does not affect the Nokia 310 but only Nokia Asha 501, Nokia 301, Nokia 210, and the Nokia 206 – because my Nokia 310 works with Nokia Suite and PC Suite perfectly. Furthermore, The Nokia 301 was tested with the PC Suite successfully. Same for the Nokia 206. Success reports for the Nokia 210 are still missing.
    KRNS wrote:
    when I connect phone to the PC it tells that it can't find the drivers and install the new device.
    install the latest Nokia Suite. This install the latest Connectivity Cable Driver automatically. Then
    install the latest PC Suite (I like its modem handling more)
    Nokia 310 » SIM Manager » choose SIM1 (at least for data)
    PC Suite » Menu » File » Connect to the Internet
    Works here with my Nokia 310, just tested for you. However, I was not able to use SIM2 for the computer. If neither PC Suite nor Nokia Suite worked for you, please say so!

  • N73 / PC suite / communication center / import con...

    I downloaded my contacts from my N73 in CSV format. I edited the CSV. Now when I try to import this file via pc suite/ communication center the program crashes ("communication center stopped working, windows vista is trying to find a solution blah blah").
    I have latest pc suite, connecting with USB cable (also just been updated).
    Any ideas?

    what else could I give which could help the investigation?
    I have intel centrino duo.

  • IE to Firefox Bookmarks using Nokia PC Suite

    May be someone can help me out. Is there anyway by using Nokia PC Suite's mobile bookmarks, i can transfer my Internet explorer saved bookmarks to Firefox bookmarks...
    IE bookmarks to Nokia Device
    Nokia Device to Firefox
    Is it possible?

    No it's not possible.

  • Problems converting video using Nokia PC Suite for...

    I bought an unlocked Nokia 6300 and have tried to move videos from my desktop to my phone through the Nokia PC Suite. I have upgraded the firmware on my phone to 5.00 (latest update available according to the Nokia updater program). When I try to transfer videos through the PC Suite, it converts the video file to MP4, which apparently is not supported on my phone. There is no option to convert to 3GP format through the PC Suite, which is the only format I have gotten to work using a 3rd party program.
    Anyone have a solution to the issue?

    Hi zlandar,
    Nokia Video Manager's (NVM) work is to convert the supported video files into .mp4 format. So NVM is doing its job withoug any fail. Its your handset 6300 which doesnot support the .mp4 file SO its better you can look for some 3rd party genuine video converter which will do the needful to you Have a great day
    Forum correct me if i am wrong

  • Problem in using nokia pc suit

    i m purchasing new dell inspiron laptops on windows based , and i m try to used to connect internet through my nokia 5230 handset. But problem is that, nokia pc suit not working
    Notification "dignostic problem " and "modem not found"

    to use you phone a bluetooth modem (only), you don't need to install pcsuite.
    Pair your phone with pc/laptop.
    Enable remote sim, let your phone always show itself other device(dicoverable).
    Set you laptop as authorised in your phone so that it connect automaticaally (you don't need to click yes, yes......)
    Pc should dectect generic serial port, generic bluetooth modem etc
    Enable DUN in blutooth device property(pc)
    Create a dailup connection.
    In phone no field type*99#
    Username and password-blank or call your operator if required.
    Click on dial

  • Lumia 800 - Does it use Nokia pc suite?

    Does the Nokia Lumia use the Nokia PC Suite?
    And why doesn't the phone show up in my computer? when it is connected by the USB, Zune shows and I can do things by that but doesn't show in my computer.
    Thanks in advance for any help
    Go to Solution.

    What files are you referring to? You can use Skydrive to transfer them from PC to phone. Sign in your Microsoft account, click on Skydrive. Save them into your account. You have to make sure that  you are using the same Live ID on PC and on the phone. You can download them to the phone. 

  • Nokia 5800 and communication center

    I have about 4000 text messages on my mobile, and im trying to view them all on my nokia communication center. When i first load it, all of them come up...couple of seconds later it starts to refresh and load new ones, and on the left hand side, it gets to 57% and they all just dissapear, and I cant see any of them etc.
    Please can someone tell me what I can do to solve this problem? Thanks

    Press F5 to reload.
    What's the law of the jungle?

  • Using nokia pc suite for phone to pc internet acce...

    If i use the bluetooth connect feature of my phone to pc to use the internet from ATT while i am out - will they be able to tell?  I have unlimited phone data but not a tethering plan - will it appear to them as phone data since i am not using anything other than the phone?

    Hi zlandar,
    Nokia Video Manager's (NVM) work is to convert the supported video files into .mp4 format. So NVM is doing its job withoug any fail. Its your handset 6300 which doesnot support the .mp4 file SO its better you can look for some 3rd party genuine video converter which will do the needful to you Have a great day
    Forum correct me if i am wrong

  • Trying to use Nokia PC Suite but it keeps losing c...

    This is getting very annoying! Every minute or so it will say phone disconnected then about a minute later it'll saying phone connected. I've never had this problem before. Any advice?

    Hi vixxx,
    Could you please give complete information about your issue? Phone details and PC details. Operating system, connectivity usb or IR or Bluetooth, the more you give info about your issue, you will get the response at the earliest by our experts.

  • Nokia Communication Center 2.0 on Betalabs

    Dear Forum,
    Good News to all who have wished for Contact group support from Nokia PC Suite
    Communication Centre 2.0 is now available on betalabs... Please do check in for more
    With Nokia Communication Center 2.0, you can access all your messages and contacts - and now also calendar - effortlessly in one location from your PC.
    This is the new version of Communication Center that was piloted in Beta Labs and integrated as part of standard Nokia PC Suite earlier this year. Many of the improvements you suggested during this earlier trial have now been implemented:
    Calendar editor
    Contact group support
    Contact thumbnail view
    Performance improvements
    Lots of bug fixes
    Hope most of bugs got fixed .... Really good news for our users

    Hi Ced,
    I hit the same problem with N97 across two machines (both Windows XP Home SP3). The Nokia Communication Center (NCC) only crashes with Messages, but not Contacts and Calendar.
    The NCC I'm using is version, the msvcr80.dll, 8.0.50727.4053.
    Via Nokia support, I was asked to uninstall PC Suite, run Nokia PC Suite Cleaner, re-install PC Suite. This does not exactly solve the problem. However, I can see NCC displaying the messages, then begin loading them, finally crashing when the load reaches 53%. Subsequently, NCC always crashes just right after launch before the display of messages.
    A reinstallation of PC Suite does not bring me back to the above observation. However, a reinstallation with the use of the Cleaner does.
    Eventually, I was able to track the cause to two things:
    1. The file C:\Documents and Settings\<User>\Application Data\PC Suite\356064032901395\PCCSMMS.db, and
    2. The MMS from, containing the configuration for synchronisation of contacts, calendar, etc to
    Removing the PCCSMMS.db file allows the problem to be recreated. Removing the MMS on N97 alone does not resolve the problem.
    The problem was eventually resolved by removing both the PCCSMMS.db file and the MMS.
    It does appears to be a defect or limitation with NCC with configuration type MMS. 
    Hope you'll manage to read this post, and thus check if this applies to you.

  • Messages not showing correctly in Nokia PC suite

    I'm using Windows XP SP2
    PC suite version is, English
    I use both data cable and bluetooth.
    My phone models are Nokia 2330 and Nokia 2730.
    My problem is that when I open the Nokia Communication centre in PC suite (messages), I see the following issues in the messages.
    For example, if the total number of messages in inbox is 250, in the PC suite, it is listed as a number less than 250 (e.g 242 or so). On a closer look, I discovered that a few of the messages are "mixed up" with other messages.
    For example, let's take the two messages:
    "Hello, how are you? Hope you are fine?"
    "Where are you, and when will you be coming?"
    In PC suite, the two messages sometimes are merged together as one message in a jumbled manner like this "Hello, hoWhere are you, an w are you? Hope you are fine? d when will you be coming?"
    However, they will be visible as "normal" in the phone inbox when I check in the phone screen.
    This issue happens on PC suite in both Nokia 2330 and 2730 in both inbox and sent items. I uninstalled PC suite, cleaned out my system registry and reinstalled PC suite, but the same problem occurs.
    Any ideas on why this issue is happening?

    Okay, so I emailed Nokia about this and this is what they had to say. The key is what they say in the last few lines of the email:
    Dear James,
    Thank you for contacting the Nokia Careline.
    We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you.
    Please make sure that you are using the latest PC Suite version available. You can download the latest PC Suite from the link below:
    You can export SMS Messages from your phone to your PC using Nokia PC Suite and store them in a .csv file, please do the following:
    1. Connect your Nokia Device to your computer.
    2. Open the Nokia Phone Browser.
    3. Select Your Nokia Device and then select Inbox.
    4. Right click in the right hands side of the window.
    5. Select "Export Messages"
    6. Nokia PC Suite will prompt for a location to save the .csv file.
    1. Connect your Nokia Device to your computer.
    2. Select Messages within Nokia PC Suite.
    3. Select Inbox.
    4. Right click in the right hands side of the window.
    5. Select "Export Messages"
    6. Nokia PC Suite will prompt for a location to save the .csv file.
    Note that merging of SMS messages can occur due to extreme volume of SMS messages on your phone that you want to view or transfer using PC Suite.
    Please feel free to write back to us if you need further assistance with this case. You may also contact one of our friendly Technical Support Executives at 0800 665 421 from 8am to 8pm, seven days a week. For online assistance, please visit ‘ASK Nokia’ at our website
    Rom R.
    E-mail Support Executive
    Nokia Careline
    I replied to the email asking if there is going to be a fix for the merging of messages, will keep you posted on the response .

  • Nokia PC Suite and Passworddragon Software

    I am running Windows 7 Pro with the latest updates. I was using Nokia PC Suite v3.8.48 when I got a notice of an available update to v7.1.60.0. I installed that update forgetting that I had a past conflict with a program called passworddragon. Passworddragon utilizes Java and has a conflict with Nokia software. I contacted the makers of Passworddragon and was told to contact Nokia since they are the ones that are changing the registry settings upon installation.
    I really don't care who's fault it is. All I know is that I can no longer access my passwords and I need to rectify the problem fast. Using the system restore did not resolve the issue so that option is off the table.
    Please...Please...Please, can someone assist me in resolving this issue?

    Bit confusing .. v3.8.48 is for the Nokia Suite whereas v7.1.60.0 ( If I remember it correct, this too is an earlier version) is for the Nokia PC Suite. Surprising that you got Update notification for Nokia PC Suite while using Nokia Suite. 
    BTW, were you able to use passworddragon with Nokia Suite (v3.8.48) ? If yes, un-install Nokia PC Suite that you might have installed and if required re-install the Nokia Suite and see if the problem gets resolved..

  • Suggestion : Add Smart Group in Nokia Ovi Suite

    Whenever i tried to create a Smart Group in Nokia Ovi Suite, If i hav recvd mssgs frm unknwn numbers, i cannt create any smart group for unknown numbers.  It wud b an added advntg 2 grp unknwn numbers
    If my post helped you, click on Kudos button and if my solution provided is opt 2 u, accpt my solution

    A quick additional piece of information to the above is that the phone appears in the Device Manager in Portable Devices as Nokia N97 therefore I can explore the C: and Mass Memory in Windows Explorer but I cannot of course install any software apps that have to be installed using Nokia Ovi Suite!
    I thought that perhaps instead of another re-install I should try the Repair option which I did but simply got the following Error Message
    Installation operation failed with error code: 1612!

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