Using Remote app with wired AppleTV

I can only control my AppleTV 2nd Gen with the iPad Remote app when the ATV is connected wirelessly. With a wired connection Remote no longer detects the ATV.
Similarly I can't see music or photo libraries on other Macs when I use a wired connection to the ATV. Does anyone know if this is the expected behaviour?
Incidentally the wired connection is over a Netgear HomePlug AV network.
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I guess the problem will be with the Netgear connection not being a simple wired connection. I think that both devices appear to need to be on the same subnet, I have two wireless networks 192.168.2.x and another on 192.168.4.x with my router and apple tv on the 192.168.2.x network. With my iPad on the 192.168.2.x network everything is OK but if connected to the 192.168.4.x network then it cannot connect to the Apple tv so I believe it must be apple preventing access from another subnet.

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    You want to control iTunes on your computer using the Remote app on your iPad?
    And you want to connect the iPad and computer through your Nokia?
    No, this will not work.
    Just create a network with your notebook.

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    I use the Remote app with both an iPad and iPhone to control my first gen Apple TV. This works fine except for one thing. When I select "Apple TV" as the library, using an iPhone I have access to all my library including Podcasts. When I run the same app on my Ipad, still selecting "Apple TV" as the library, no Podcasts come up on the iPad to select - the category is completely missing.
    Has anyone else seen this issue ? Are they still there but hidden somewhere else ? Bear in mind I keep no content on the Apple TV - it is effectively just acting as a wireless device to get the signal to my TV.

    Literally nothing happens. I click the done button and hear a beep. Over and over again.
    On the phone, the passcode is still displayed.
    Thank you for your help.

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    Hey Ajthebassist,
    Thanks for the question. After reviewing your post, it sounds like you are having difficulty pairing the Remote app with iTunes. This article may be able to help in this situation.
    Remote app for iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can't connect to iTunes or Apple TV
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Have a nice day,

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    Hi there,
    I use remote app a lot, but I find it quite basic in the display features.
    I mean: remote is great to browse my music library and play songs with on my living room hi-fi while I'm sitting comfortable on my sofa.
    But what if I would like to know the release date of the album, the name of the composer, and so on?
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    Is any kind of new release of the app on its way?
    Thank you.

    Command (right) - click on a photo in the Photo tray and select Small Photo from the contextual menu:
    This will give you two columns of photos.
    To reduce the number of photos to select from one can select only Unplaced Photos to be displayed in the tray.
    Happy Holidays

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    Movie mode
    continuous MPEG-4 video with audio capture/playback
    Movie image resolution
    VGA (640x480 pixels) at 13 fps
    QVGA (320x240 pixels) at 20 fps
    Movie length
    limited by capacity of memory card or 5, 15, 30 second clips
    Movie file format
    Still: JPEG/EXIF v2.2.1; Video: QuickTime MOV (MPEG-4 compression)
    This info is from the Kodak pages.
    My only guess at the error message is the very odd 13 frames per second recording. I don't know what to suggest.

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    wow, very nice review Makes me want to get a vision for myself.
    WebKnight wrote:
    Add the ability to randomly select a new background from a pre selected group of photos every time the player is turned on or each day.
    I would love that feature. I can't stand useing my computer with a single wall paper anymore (I have 500 anime pics that i rotate between every 2 mins ) If you could make the vision rotate background every x minutes or every time the player is turned on, it would be totally amazeningly sweet!!!! (i might have to go out and buy one then :P)
    I just hope that creative has better firmware support with the vision than they have had with the touch.
    Once again, great review

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    Full page prints from iPhone but not from iPad using photo app with AirPrint ? iPad only prints 4x6 on full size paper. It's an HP 8600.

    I also have this problem printing photos from an iPad to an Epson WF-2540 printer. It prints only 4x6 and without border (so print starts at extreme top left corner of paper). Borderless printing is not selected on printer. Printing a square photo just crops to 4x6 size.

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    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    How far have you got into the set up process please.

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    Thank you,

    Export the slideshow from iPhoto, that makes a movie of it.
    Do you want to use this DVD in a domestic DVD player? If so, then the disk will have to be 'authored' to make it the correct form for that. If you have iDVD then that's the app you use. However, iDVD is no longer developed or distributed by Apple. You may be able to get it on an old iLIfe install disk.
    Other options:
    But there are lots of others too. Search on the App Store or MacUpdate

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    I have just started using with IMAP and my google mail account appears to be in two place. The has the following interface in the left pane.
    MAILBOXES, REMINDERS, RSS and GMAIL all in grey. Below the MAILBOXES i have got the following folders, inbox, sent and trash and below the GMAIL, i have got a replication of the structure in my google account.
    which set of folders should i be using?
    when i deleet the mail in the MAILBOXES it does not seem to delete it in All Mail folder under GMAIL.
    IS the synchronisation between the mails in the and the google server on a periodic basis. can i force the synchronisation?

    Mail works fine with Exchange 2003. This is how our accounts are configured:
    Incoming Mail Server:your exchange
    Username: domain\User alias\Full username
    eg. bunnings\bobs\bob.smith
    Web Access Server:
    You can then setup the LDAP options under the composing tab to get the email list from your Exchange server.
    And no i do not work for Bunnings!
    Good Luck!

  • Airplay icon missing using Remote app

    I have an iphone 5, a 3th generation apple tv and an receiver Pionner Airplay compatible.
    The apple tv plays streaming my music library stored on iTunes Match.
    The songs are selected via the Remote app installed on my iPhone5.
    While using Remote app, I can not send music from the ATV3 to the receiver Pioneer because the Airplay icon does not appear.
    I also made these tests:
    If I use the remote control of the ATV3 instead of the Remote app, I see and I select the Pioneer among the members Airplay compatible
    If I use the Remote app to control iTunes server installed on a PC instead of ATV3, Airplay icon appears correctly and I see the Pioneer among the components Airplay compatible.
    In conclusion:
    Airplay functionality working correctly between ATV3 and  receiver Pioneer only if I use the remote control of the ATV3, but does not work if I use the Remote app from the iPhone 5 (Airplay icon missing).
    Any idea?

    I've just bought an Apple TV yesterday and what a surprise to find this behavior as well. I use the remote app for everything about the Apple TV but swapping left and right to adjust the volume of the Airplay speakers doesn't work, so I need to use the physical remote only for that. Hope it's a bug that will be corrected. Doesn't make sense.

  • TS2972 I have signed in with same Apple ID & same network but still can't use Remote app to control my iTunes via iPhone 4s or iPad2.

    I have gone through FAQ and tried all methods and checked settings in my iMac and my iOS devices (iPhone 4s and iPad2) and still can't useRemore app to control iTunes. I have used this app without a problem before with my old iPhone 3 and it worked fine.
    What is wrong with it?

    Other than you have used it before and it worked - can you provide some more details? You don't see your iTunes library in the remote app?

  • Trying to use Remote app on iPad, but no remote button on itunes in PC

    ITunes on my PC does not show any Remote Icon on Tab bar or anywere else, so I can't add iTunes library to my iPad

    Ok, thanks, now I see the very inconspicuous little "control pad" icon in bottom right corner of Remote App. How the **** is a guy supposed know what that means? Why not just put a button labled with "Control Pad" or something on it?
    Thanks just the same. Now that I know that, it works really slick. I can start/stop/pause rented movies and use my iPad as remote touch pad to navigate anywhere on the Apple TV menu. Nice.
    Can't wait for the "real" Apple TV set to come out.

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    My Apple TV is out of sync with my iPhones and iPad. I was trying to add new phone with the remote app and turned off and back on home sharing trying to find where to enter that 4 digit passcode the app gives on each devioce when you select Add an iTunes Library. On older version of iTunes when you had the devices on the left you RT click and added 4 digit passcode. On the current version of iTunes I can not find where to do that at all. What am I missing? Running Windows 8 with current version of iTunes as of September 2013. I remember setting the passcode in old version just fine. Remote app is great and I want it working again! And yes everything network wise is working I was using it to start a movie using the iPad running remote app. While trying to get new phone working killed off all device remote access!

    There is no passcode to enter.
    Why do you believe that a passcode is needed?
    Understanding HomeSharing

Maybe you are looking for

  • HT1386 iphone will not sync with itunes the apple sign just keeps popping up

    iphone will not sync with itunes or ture on only with it on a charger but will only keep popping up the apple sign or on acation show iso6 on screen and say sync with conputer but as soon as i take it off yhe charger it wont do anything

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    I was wondering why I can't get premiere to recognize my capture card when I try to use the capture function.

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    I get ical and outlook to sync ok, but I have a subscription feed in ical, which does not sync with outlook.  Does anyone know how to do this?  Many thanks Steve

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    <entry key="java.naming.factory.initial" value="${xyz.JavaNamingFactoryInitial}" /> <entry key="java.naming.provider.url" value-ref="foresightconnectionurl" /> <entry key="" value="" /> <entry key="

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