Using SSRS Date Range- Data Not shown for date greater than by Analysis Services

Hello Friends,
 I am using Date Range filters(Start and End Date) in my SSRS Report. The Problem is that if i am using the start date will be today, then the end date will be the future date by using Analysis Service as my Data Source, the report is not generated.
I don't know why it happens? If I give the date range filters before the current date, then the report will shown.
The problem is that the future date is not in my database. Could you please answer for this. I am struck in here,.
Table contains : 1-7-14 ,
If my Date Range will be 1st to 3 of 7th month, then the report shows the data.
if my date starts with 1st of the 7th month and ends in the future, then the report will not shown the 2nd and 3rd records...
Please teach me why?

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    how to put condition for one date range should not interfear with another  date range.
    my data base table has two fields
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    to date.
    when we enter the date range in the data base , new date range means from date and to date should not interfear.
    can  anybody help me.
    thanks &Regards,
    Edited by: rk.kolisetty on Jul 1, 2010 7:18 PM

    Do it the SAP way....
    First entry...from is today, to is 99991231.
    New dates entered, now we have two rows...:
        from is original date  to becomes yesterday.
        From is today          to is 99991231

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  • The '' secondary data source is not a relational data source, or does not use an OLE DB provider.

    We are using Teradata as data source in SSAS 2008R2, it’s using ‘.Net Providers\.Net Data Provider for Teradata’.
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    Hi memostone,
    When defining a data source view that contains tables, views, or columns from multiple data sources, the first data source from which you add objects to the data source view is designated as the primary data source (you cannot change the primary data
    source after it is defined). After defining a data source view based on objects from a single data source, you can then add objects from other data sources.
    If an OLAP processing or a data mining query requires data from multiple data sources in a single query, the primary data source must support remote queries using
    OpenRowset. Typically, this will be a SQL Server data source.
    Here are the restrictions:
    The primary data source should be SQL Server and support OpenRowset to the secondary data source.
    Or you design the cube in such a way that rocessing for each object only needs to access data from a single data source
    I recommand you refer to the following article:
    Defining a Data Source View (Analysis Services):
    Bin Long
    TechNet Community Support

  • When I tried to Mail Merge for Data is is not exporting any data.

    OS - RHEL 5.6
    [With my Login User and SysAdmin Login User] When I enter into to the "People -> Enter and Maintain" Form and then I press the "Export Button", there is error Alert
    Function is not available to this responsibility. Change Responsibilities or Connect to the System Administrator
    I Added the Function "HR ADI Seeded Integrator Form Functions" into the "AE HRMS Manager" Responsiblity. It is also working and Export Data icon is enable.
    But Problem is when I tried to Mail Merge for Data is is not exporting any data.
    1.Move to the "People -> Recruirment" and then "Request Recruitment Letter" .
    2. Enter the New Request. as
    Letter Name "App. Letter Contract Site",
    Automatic or Manual = Manual.
    Select the Name from the LOVs for the Request for Detail Block.
    3. Press the "Export Data" icon.
    4. Integrator Page Appear with my Custom Integrator Name as "Appointment Letter - Contact Site".
    5. Select the "Word 2003" from the View List. and Reporting is Checked.
    6. Review the Folowing Enteries as:
    Integrator Appointment Letter - Contact Site
    Viewer Word 2003
    Reporting Yes
    Layout App. Letter Contract Site
    Session Date 2011/08/02
    Mapping XXHR_MBE_APP_LET_CONT_SITE_V Mapping
    7. Press "Create Document" Button.
    8. It will open the Excel 2003 and then Word 2003. But no data down download from the Form.
    9. It open the Mail Merge Letter but no Data is Display.
    a. I am following the Steps from the Link:"".
    b. From the "Desktop Integrator Manager", "Oracle Web ADI", "HRMS Web ADI", it is working fine and Dowload the Data.

    Please try the solution in ("Function not available to this responsibility" Error While Cliclking On Forms Personalisation [ID 1263970.1]) and see if it helps.

  • Job getting cancelled for 'Chain not processed for date-2007031920070318' ?

    Hi All,
      We have 2 process chains running only on weekdays - one for sales and the other for billing. A cancelled job is created for one of the process chains with the job log message as 'Chain not processed for date-2007031920070318' for the not run days whereas the other does not have any issues though the same monitor job program runs for both. The difference is only in the variant but nothing much other than that its maintained for 2 different chains.
       We also debugged the monitor job program. It basically does nothing other than displaying messages depending on the status of the chain log.
    Please let me know your suggestions as to why it happens.

    it is also giving following error message:
    Caution: Program has changed
    Caution: At time of termination,  Active source code no longer available  and after above two statements its giving sign "?" before every statement in below manner:
    024300 ?     lit_ekpo_dummy1[] = it_ekpo[].                     
    024310 ?     DELETE lit_ekpo_dummy1 WHERE ebeln NE tab1-ebeln.  
    024320 ?     DESCRIBE TABLE lit_ekpo_dummy1 LINES count01.      
    024330 ?                                                        
    024340 ?     REFRESH lit_ematn_dummy[].                         
    024350 ?     lit_ematn_dummy[] = lit_ematn[].

  • Data Type Is Not Vailid for Input

    I'm new in (ABAP) WebDynpro and I have a problem with displaying data - particularly with HROBJECTs from our e-Recruiting system.
    In my WebDynpro-Component i read some data of candidates into my context. One table (with candidate-infos) which i save in my context includes a field which is datatype of HROBJECT. After I've read this infos into my itab, I bind this table to my context. All this works fine! But as soon as I bind this context to a table-ui-element in my layout, i get a error message "Data Type Is Not Valid for Input", when i start the application.
    If I delete the binding with the attribute which is a HROBJECT, it works.
    Runtime Errors         UNCAUGHT_EXCEPTION
    Exception              CX_WDR_CONVERSION_EXCEPTION
    Information on where terminated
        Termination occurred in the ABAP program "CL_WDR_CONVERSION_UTILS=======CP" -
        The main program was "SAPMHTTP ".
        In the source code you have the termination point in line 138
        of the (Include) program "CL_WDR_CONVERSION_UTILS=======CM00G".
        The termination is caused because exception "CX_WDR_CONVERSION_EXCEPTION"
         occurred in
        procedure "IF_WD_CONVERSION_UTILS~TO_STRING" "(METHOD)", but it was neither
         handled locally nor declared
        in the RAISING clause of its signature.
        The procedure is in program "CL_WDR_CONVERSION_UTILS=======CP "; its source
         code begins in line
        1 of the (Include program "CL_WDR_CONVERSION_UTILS=======CM00G ".
    136     WHEN cl_abap_typedescr=>typekind_struct1    "'u'     " structure
    137     OR   cl_abap_typedescr=>typekind_struct2.   "'v'.    " structure
    >>>>       RAISE EXCEPTION TYPE cx_wdr_conversion_exception exporting textid = cx_wdr_conversion_
    139 *      raise exception type cx_wdr_conv_unsupported exporting type_name = l_type.
    Please Help.

    now i've tried it with a independent candidate node (without) supply funciton. =>
    The same error: "Data Type Is Not Vailid for Input"
    Here's the code of my supply-function:
    (probably not the best coding - but it works until i want to display a hro.)
    METHOD get_cand_info .
      DATA: lr_cdcy                    TYPE REF TO cl_hrrcf_candidacy_bl,
            lr_cand                    TYPE REF TO cl_hrrcf_candidate_bupa_bl,
            stru_requisitions          TYPE if_componentcontroller=>element_requisitions ,
            lt_h_cdcy_list             TYPE rcf_t_list_candidacies_x,
            ls_h_cdcy_list             TYPE rcf_s_list_candidacies_x,
            lt_cdcy_list               TYPE if_componentcontroller=>elements_candidate,
            ls_cdcy_list               TYPE if_componentcontroller=>element_candidate,
            lt_addr                    TYPE rcf_t_addressdata_bp,
            ls_addr                    TYPE rcf_s_addressdata_bp,
            lt_email                   TYPE rcf_t_emaildata_bp,
            ls_email                   TYPE rcf_s_emaildata_bp.
    * get all declared attributes
          static_attributes = stru_requisitions ).
      CALL METHOD cl_hrrcf_candidacy_bl=>get_instance
          return = lr_cdcy.
      CALL METHOD cl_hrrcf_candidate_bupa_bl=>get_instance
          return = lr_cand.
    * Hole Kandidatur-Informationen der Kandidaten
              ps_req_hrobject  = stru_requisitions-hrobject
    *    ps_cand_hrobject =
    *    ps_appl_hrobject =
    *    p_exclude_draft  = 'x'
              pt_candidacies_x = lt_h_cdcy_list
        CATCH cx_hrrcf .
    * Ergänzen der Informationen mit BusinessPartner-Infos
      LOOP AT lt_h_cdcy_list INTO ls_h_cdcy_list.
                ps_cand_hrobject = ls_h_cdcy_list-cand_hrobject
                pt_addressdata   = lt_addr
    *    pt_telefondata   =
    *    pt_faxdata       =
                pt_emaildata     = lt_email
          CATCH cx_hrrcf .
        READ TABLE lt_addr INDEX 1 INTO ls_addr.
        READ TABLE lt_email INDEX 1 INTO ls_email.
        MOVE-CORRESPONDING ls_h_cdcy_list TO ls_cdcy_list.
        ls_cdcy_list-postcode1 = ls_addr-postl_cod1.
        ls_cdcy_list-city1 = ls_addr-city.
        ls_cdcy_list-email = ls_email-e_mail.
        APPEND ls_cdcy_list TO lt_cdcy_list.
      CALL METHOD node->bind_table
          new_items = lt_cdcy_list.

  • USB not working for data

    Hi, I just realized one of the USB ports of the laptop (powerbook G4) is not working for data transmition, it only works for power, like a cooler.
    Does anybody has any idea?

    USB and FireWire Quick Assist
    Common fixes for USB device issues (unrecognized, etc.)
     Cheers, Tom

  • VF01 00700009 00010 Date 000001 is not relevant for billing (billing plan)  VF143

    Hello, all:
    When I test the scenario 'Integration of resource-related billing and milestone billing', I meet an error: 00700009 00010 Date 000001 is not relevant for billing (billing plan), the message number is VF143.
    How to solve this problem?
    Thanks in advance.

    For this,there are two ways.
    1.Goto the T.Code "VF01".
    Enter your Sales order number and enter the billing date.
    All the items are displayed as a list.Double click on the item you need.
    2.Goto the T.Code "VF01".
    Enter your sales order number and don't press "Enter".Click on Selection list and select your desired item and click on "Copy".

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    Still it could not find the data searches for voice network instantly and works too. but even full voice network available, there is no data network.when i restart the phone it could find data network.
    Already i reset network settings for two times.

  • Date type-specific Customizing missing for date type ACTActPln

    Hi all.
    I'm using a Web Service obtained by copying the CRM 7.0 built-in WS APPTACTCRTRC.
    I'm using it to create Appointments using an Adobe Interactive Form.
    It goes everything fine (a Date is created in the system, with all the input data properly set) excepted the dates...
    The WS uses two TIMESTAMPS, TIMESTAMP_FROM for StartDateTime and TIMESTAMP_TO for EndDateTime, whereas the GUI transaction to create Dates accepts dates and times in separated fields.
    Going in Debug I can see that the execution ends with the following error, referred to the involved entity (CRM_APPOINTMENT):
    Date type-specific Customizing missing for date type ACTActPln
    CRM_APPOINTMENT uses date profile 0000000001 with three possible date types: ORDERACTUAL, ORDERPLANNED and ORDERPROPOSED and I cannot find anywhere date type ACTActPln (just to add it in customizing).
    Is anyone able to enlight me?
    Thank you in advance!
    PS I've years of experience in Java programming but I'm quite new to the SAP world. Maybe the problem is not a problem at all, but it seems to me as such. Even if it has a trivial solution, please let me know. Thx!

    Well I was about to write that you should enter date in decimal format. but you already did that as mentioned in How to set a date in a Form where the bound date format is a decimal?
    In response to following from above thread (copied for others to understand my response)
    Hi all.
    I'm successfully using the LiveCycle Designer and I've managed to remotely create Appointments using a CRM Web Service (a mere copy of APPTACTCRTRC).
    The only problem I'm encountering is that I'm not able to set the dates/times (start and end of the appointment).
    Dragging each of the two fields from the WSDL based Data Connection I obtain a Decimal Field limited to 15 digits.
    How can I write a date and time in such a field?
    I've tried with a retroverse date as YYYYMMDDHHmmss (for example, 20100301124500) but it does not work
    (the appointment is indeed created, but with the start date and time fields filled with
    the current date/time and the end date and time fields filled with the current date and time plus 10 minutes).
    The retroverse date above is only 14 digit long, so, maybe, this is the problem.
    But, given the field definition, I'm not able to fill a blank space between the date and the time.
    I'm not able to put a dot either.
    What should I do?
    Any suggestions?
    Thank you in advance.
    15 digit in UTC time format here is fraction of second so you should enter 201003011245000 (add one more zero).
    14th Oct 2010 16:00 should be written as 201010141600000, so just try it and and see if it works, I guess if you do not supply end time then by default it will be starttime + 10 min but this is just guess.

  • Data Warehouse and ETL tools for data verification ?

    Data Warehouse and ETL tools for data verification ?
    How need to to data verification using ETL tool ? Also how to relate this thing to datawaehouse ?
    Thanks in Advance

    Hi  Shyamal Kumar,
    1)  BW it self  facilitates to do the ETL (Extraction Transformation Loading)  steps:
                     Extraction  - from SAP or other data bases
                     Transformation - using transfer rules, Updates rules
                     Loading  -  Loading into ODS, Cube, master data
    2) Typically used ETL tools in the industry are:
         a)   datastage from Ascential (owned by IBM)
         b)   Informatica
         c)   Mercator
    Regards, BB

  • Funds mngt - Number range 01 not found for object BULI_DOCNR

    Hi all
    need some urgent help to crack an error am getting while creating a budget in funds management.
    the error am getting is
    "Number range 01 not found for object BULI_DOCNR in fiscal year 2007"
    I have maintained the number range in
    Public Sector Management-Budgetary control system-Budgeting-Budget Entry Documents-Maintain Number Range Interval for Entry Documents.
    But am still getting the error....
    will really appreciate some help on this
    thanks in advance

    The number range object refers to  "FM budgeting line item number "
    Are you using Former budgeting or BCS ?
    Try t-code- ok11 and ok91 under former budgeting.

Maybe you are looking for

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