Using the Airport with an Xbox 360 and such

Hey guys I'm thinking of buying a new Airport Extreme N for my home since my linksys router is being stubborn. I have an xbox 360 and i was wondering if it worked well with it. What i mean is it faster with the Extreme and is it very reliable. Thanks guys for helping me out and have a Merry Christmas. --- Vinny the Pooh

I just got the Airport for Christmas and it only took a couple of minutes to set up with my xbox 360 and all of my computers connected right away. The signal is twice as good as the signal with my linksys router was. Much better for xbox live. Good luck

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  • I use the airport modem for my computer and wireless devices. I can't access with my iphone. It won't take my passcode. This passcode works with some of my wireless devices but not others. Can you help me?

    I use the Airport Extreme modem for my computer and wireless devices. I can't access my iphone 4 and 4S. It does not accept my passcode. My wireless laptop and wireless tower computer does accept the password. Can you help me?

    You really have an iPhone question here.
    Start with the Troubleshooting Guide for iOS devices:
    Post in the correct iPhone support area if you need more assistance.
    Using iPhone

  • Problem with my xbox 360 and ps3

    I have an The Sound Blaster? X-Fi Platinum Fatalty with front PanelAnyway, I'm trying to hook up my 360 to my x-fi so I can get surround sound. I plug the optical cable to the digital input on the front Panel digital-in then?
    ?when I turn my 360 on the initial screen I get sound but thats it. No sound?in the dashboard or in the 360 I select the digital output and turned?on dashboard sounded,but there is still no sound. :mansad::mansad:

    Sorry it took me so long to reply. I have tried restoring the network settings and i have restarted router. I am just so disappointed because my ipod is the only one out of all my friends and family that does this(I know about 15 people with ipod touches and one with iphone). My router works fine with my ps3, xbox 360, and laptop. By the way, its not just my router. It does it with any of them. I have had friends that say their ipod has problems with album artwork too. And, if it makes a difference, it started doing this after i got an update via itunes. Also, the restores made it take longer to reconnect to the router so i really think its just my ipod. I guess im just gonna have to deal with it. Maybe version 3.0 will fix it just as 2.1 or so destroyed it.
    One thing i just dont understand is why geek squad did what did to my ipod. I told them that it wouldnt stay connected to my router and the guy tested my battery and hard drive. What does this have to do with that? He also told me to restore it. I mean, no offense to geek squad, but my brother could go in there and teach these guys how to do this. He didnt go to college for this stuff either but he built all of our computers and anytime we have a problem, he knows exactly what to do. He also owns his own computer business and helps people fix their computers. The only problem is that he hates apple so he knows nothing about it. Apple is getting so annoying, coming out with newer versions of things every few months and making so much crap that no one needs. I just cant wait until microsoft steps it up and makes a touch screen, internet and email compatible, zune. Sorry, this is just so annoying and disappointing.

  • Hi, We can use the airport with windows mac

    Can I use the Airport Time MAchine with windows mac?

    Yes... but more information is required. I don't know what you mean by "Windows Mac".

  • Using the Airport with Multiple Macs

    I have three Macs in my house. An eMac, an iMac and an iBook. All three are wireless, we have an Airport. However, we have to reset the DSL everytime we use a different computer. Is this a problem with the Airport or our DSL service? If it's the Airport, what can I change so that we can all use the DSL at the same time?
    iBook G4   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   Airport

    Welcome to the discussions.
    Your problem is how you are confiqured.
    1. Make sure that the drivers are set to infrastructure mode and obtain IP auto.
    2. Router's DHCP On. (Static IP will work too if set correctly.)
    3. Make sure that the Router does not have any MAC or IP filtering on.
    4. Disable WEP/WPA on both devices.
    5. Set the SSID and channel of the Router and the Client card to be is same.

  • Can I use an airport with a non apple product such as net gear

    I have been wanting to get another router because I am going to be playing some ps4 pretty soon here in the next week and I was wondering if I could get an airport express to extend my houses wifi, but we have a router that isn't from apple. Could a airport express work with that? Or would have I have to buy another airport express and replace the router I currently have? Any answer would help thanks, appreciate it a lot!

    The AEX can only connect wirelessly to your router in Bridge Mode. It can Join your existing network, but it cannot Extend it. Given that you can connect an Ethernet cable from the AEX to your PS4. But since the connection to your router is wireless there is no speed increase. That will only occur by connecting the PS4 by Ethernet directly to a LAN port on the main router. There's no way around that unless you put a second cable connection in the other side of the house. If you have to do that then you might as well run Ethernet cables. You can hire someone to run the cable up through the attic area and down the wall to an outlet box with an Ethernet jack in it.

  • Amazon Q&A - E3200 - Default Nat Type for xbox 360 and ps3

    Date: Sep 5, 2012 4:08:21 PM PDT
    Linksys E3200 High-Performance Simultaneous Dual-Band Wireless-N Router
    the nat type for xbox 360 and ps3, what is it when you set the router up out of the box? are the nat types open moderate or strict

    Hi there. It actually depends if the gaming consoles ports are not blocked by your ISP. Moderate NAT type limits your connection playing online games, Strict does not allow you any connection at all while Open allows you to play with everyone online. Have you had a router before with Open NAT on the gaming consoles? Try to check without the router by going directly to the modem and see if your NAT type is open or strict or moderate. If ever modem is fine and it is the router not working right you can port forward ports on the router. I found these usual ports online, for XBOX live:TCP and UDP ports:  80-88, 3074-3074, 4267-4269. For PS380, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480, 5223, 8080 and UDP: 3478, 3479.
    Setting up port range forwarding on Linksys wireless-N routers and gateways
    Resolving NAT type issues with gaming consoles through a Linksys router
    Setting up an Xbox 360® behind a Linksys Wireless-N router

  • I have Verizon FiOS service for phone, internet and TV but I only have one TV hooked up for it for just basic cable service with no DVR and no need for widgets.  Can I use an Airport Extreme as my router and not use the FiOs router?

    I want to use an Airport Extreme as my router.  I currently have a Verizon FiOS router.  I have Verizon for phone, internet and TV.  However, TV-wise, I just have a basic service for one TV with just a regular box.  No HD, no DVR.  Don't need access to a menu, widgets, on-demand.  Can I eliminate the FiOS Router and just use the Airport Extreme and still have phone and internet?

    I know that it will increase my wireless coverage in my house but will it increase the speeds?
    Not sure what you are asking here.  The AirPort Extreme is only going to be as fast as the Internet connection that it receives.....which is 75/75. It cannot take a 75/75 connection and make it go any faster.
    If you locate the AirPort Extreme in an area where you need more wireless signal coverage, the AirPort Extreme would deliver 75/75 in that area.  But, keep in mind that the AirPort Extreme must connect to the FIOS router using a permanent, wired Ethernet cable connection.
    If you are asking if the AirPort Extreme can wirelessly connect to the FIOS modem router, and extend the FIOS wireless network, the AirPort Extreme would not be compatible with a FIOS product for that purpose.

  • I am currently using the Airport Express to work with a Bose Wave radio.  3.5 MM jack out and phono connectors into Bose.  Is there a way to hook to a new Bose Wave which does not have phono input plugs?

    I am currently using the Airport Express to work with a Bose Wave radio.  3.5 MM jack out of the Express and phono connectors into Bose.  Is there a way to hook to a new Bose Wave which does not have phono input plugs?

    The latest Bose Wave SoundTouch music system still uses a single 3.5 mm analog Aux port. You would connect the two using an analog audio cable with 3.5 mm stereo jacks on either end.
    An example cable would be located here.

  • AirPort Express as a Wireless Adapter For Xbox 360 and to stream PC audio?

    Ok, so I am wondering if I can do this config with an AirPort express. I want to connect the AirPort to my existing WiFi, and be able to plug in an Ethernet cable connected to an Xbox 360 to get Xbox Live, as well as stream audio from my PC. Is this possible to do at once? Also, is it possible to stream PC audio, not just iTunes music? Thanks for your time.

    Hello podalex,
    Just an FYI for you with regard to the Airport Express:
    It is always best to check with the software manufacturer FIRST. They will tell you if they have tested the product and the version, as well as whether or not it will work with Windows 7.
    Check out the Windows 7 Compatibility site: (There you will find out about hardware and software compatibility.)
    There is a pulldown from which you can choose "hardware" and "software".
    There are also some great articles, instructional videos and such to help with your Windows 7 at our Springboard site:
    In any event a lot of the times, Vista drivers will work in lieu of Windows 7 drivers, however, it's not 100%!
    As stated previously, it's best to have the Windows 7 certified drivers installed.
    Microsoft does have an official Windows 7 Support Forum located here . It is supported by product specialists as well as engineers and support teams. You may want to check the threads available there for additional assitance and support.
    John M
    Microsoft Windows Client Team

  • Networking with an Xbox 360: Getting the Xbox hard drive on desktop?

    Last Xmas my family became the owner of an Xbox 360. The Xbox is successfully hooked into my Airport network for online gaming.
    Saved games are stored on the Xbox's hard drive. I'm wondering if anyone has ideas about how I can "backup" the content on the Xbox's hard drive to my Mac's hard drive. I think that would entail "mounting" the Xbox's hard drive in my OS X environment over the Airport network.
    I know networking with Windows computers is possible, but the Xbox?
    Thanks for any ideas.

    Thanks for the reply.
    I've tried Connect to Server and entered smb:// and the IP of the XBox, but received an error: The Finder cannot complete the operation because some data in "smb://" could not be read or written. (Error cose -36)."
    So far, no dice. Any other ideas?

  • What extra features can be had with the airport with my iPad? I do not have a Mac computer so I update on my friends,and store imfo on an external hard drive when needed.

    I use my iPad for everything, if I had airport what more fantastic things could I do with my iPad? I have not invested in a printer, I watch Netflix , I have the camera adapters, use the camera daily. Video storage and Netflix streaming are two areas I need ideas for.

    You could download airport utility for ios 5 on your ipade. Like this you can update your airport directly from your ipad and you don't need a mac or pc.
    If your airport is an airport express you can use the airtunes feature.

  • How do you use Airport extreme at hotels etc, when traveling? I can plug my computer into the Airport with my ethernet but how does Airport pickup signal?

    How do you use Airport extreme at hotels etc, when traveling? I can plug my computer into the Airport with my ethernet but how does Airport pickup signal? What equipment & devices do I need to travel with to make this possible?

    You may mean the AirPort Express.....not AirPort the Express is a popular travel router.
    The whole idea behind using this device is that the hotel must provide an Ethernet jack in the hotel room. Then you connect the AirPort Express to the Ethernet jack with an Ethernet cable and configure it to provide your own wireless network in the room. You still have to agree to terms, pay the fees, etc.
    The problem with this approach is that it is getting very difficult to find hotels in North America that prrovide an Ethernet jack....most have moved to wireless networks and the others are not far behind.
    So, if the hotel is already providing a wireless signal, the AirPort Express is of no use in that situation.
    If you normally stay at the same hotels, and know that they provide Ethernet ports, an AirPort Express might make sense in terms of convenience.

  • Can i use the airport express in my hotel with wired connection?

    I'm going to be traveling quite a bit coming up and staying in hotels with wired internet connections in the room.  Can i use the airport express to connect with the hotel's internet connection and then my ipad and/or iphone 4S?  I'm new to Apple products so will certainly appreciate any info that may help.  Thank you!

    You will need to have AirPort Utility installed on the iPad and/or iPhone. It is free on the App Store
    App Store - AirPort Utility
    Connect the AirPort Express 802.11n to the hotel Ethernet jack using an Ethernet cable
    Power up the AirPort Express and wait 40-45 seconds
    Tap Settings, then tap Wi-Fi on the iPad
    Tap the AirPort Express under the heading of Set up an AirPort Base Station
    AirPort Utility will take a moment to to analyze the connection and then you can proceed with the easy guided setup
    Once the AirPort Express is configured, you should not have to set it up again at the next hotel. But, you could if you want to.

  • Using the airport usb disk with playstation3...

    anyone know how i can get my PS3 to see the USB disk hooked up to my AE, and use it as a media share?
    I have a wireless-n AE, with a 250GB USB drive hooked up, and also a WD Mybook world edition 1TB server on a ethernet connection.
    all the macs in my house see the drives just fine, but everytime i search for a media share on the PS3, it says 'no media shares found'.
    i'm sure its a PS3 issue, but i was just wondering if anyone here has any experience with it, as i'm a complete noob when it comes to networking.

    a) WEP WPA password, ive never set one up for the airport, where do i find out what this password is for my PC?
    You will set up wireless security (WEP or WPA) on the AirPort Express Base Station (AX)..using the AirPort Admin Utility, which is part of AirPort for Windows.
    b) Everytime I run the Airport Express Assistant it gives me an error message saying "Windows is not the current network manager...please change Windows to the default", I dont know why I get this error and I assume windows is the one managing the networks I use.
    Your PC has wireless capability...correct? The AirPort Setup Assistant requires a wireless connection to the AX.
    c) I can connect to the airport through windows, but when in the Airport Management Utility it does not detect the Airport
    Connect your PC directly, using an Ethernet cable, to the Ethernet port of the AX, and then run the AirPort Admin Utility to configure it.
    d) After all this, will Windows and iTunes allow you to stream music thru the Airport Express, like it does on my mac with itunes???
    Yes, you will be able to stream iTunes from your PC to the AX, either wired or wirelessly.

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