Using the click wheel quickly pulls up a letter...but the WRONG LETTER

OK, this is funny and somewhat topical. I am afraid it is a predecessor to future problems though.
When using the click wheel rapidly in song selection we all know that letter pop up to help you scroll quicker. Well, the series of letters for me goes something like this:
A B T B C D E T E F G H T H I J K L T get the idea. Yes, it repeats the letter "T" over and over.
Does anyone have any ideas about this? I have reset the iPod, but am leary about restoring it because I have 45 episodes of The Office and 6700 songs to mess with.
  Windows XP Pro  

I am going to post, no so much an answer, but an observation. Here is what I noticed. The letter 'T' pulls up whenever there is the word "the" in the title. So, I am thinking that with the new iTunes, it updates the iPod not to recognize the word "the" when alphabetizing, but it recognizes the letter 'T' when scrolling.
Example: Bananarama - Venus would come first, then the next song is The Band - Acadian Driftwood. So, Band comes after Bananarama if you omit the word "the", but the letters recognize the 'T' in the. Make Sense?
Anyone have any thoughts on this? Does anyone know where I can tell Apple about it?
Apple needs a section that we can click on called "stupid things we seem to overlook" and then fill out opinions on dumb screwed up options like this.

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  • HT1363 i have an ipod classic 120gb. it has a white screen although i can hear the sound of the click wheel and even songs would play.but once dicharged ,my computer cannot recognize it please help

    I bought an ipod classic 120gb in 2008. once by mistake it went in along with laundry in washing machine. I kept it under the sun to let it dry and tried to start it but it wouldn't.I kept it for charging and it started normally.after around 1 month when it got fully discharged i again kept it for chargin but it showed white screen.Although i could hear the sound of clickwheel and songs too but the screen remained white..Some suggested to replace the screen. Please help

    It's likely that the moisture fried some of the internal components of the device. You'll need to take or send your iPod in for service/repair.  Apple will do an out of warranty exchange versus actually repairing the device as a third party service would do.
    Here is pricing for iPod repairs from Apple.

  • Does the click wheel scratch?

    I've had an iPod nano for 2 months now, and it has been fully covered with a full body protector, so it is basically scratch free. But the clickwheel has been very hard to use and it gets very annoying having it covered. I'm thinking about cuting out the clickwheel part. But, I just want to know, does the click wheel scratch? I'm aware that the center button scratches but I don't care. I just mean the circular donut part.

    Not from what I can see compared to the scared look of the rest of my Nano.

  • Is there a trick to using the center of the click wheel on my ipod nano 5th generation?

    I just bought a used (only 5 hrs playtime) from someone and I cannot get the center of the click wheel to pick up my touch very takes forever to scroll thru and its frustrating! Is it normal for it to be that difficult to use or do I just need to get used to it?

    It is not normal, there is something wrong with the click wheel.

  • The infamous problem of the Click Wheel getting frozen

    Since I've read a lot of stuff on the internet about this very common problem, and that nobody has found a solution, I wanted to start this topic in order to solve it through different experiences in the community.
    I live in Spain, but bought my iPod nano in Canada last October, and I noticed the click wheel problem since the very beginning. Sometimes it got frozen, so I used the Hold Button to “reset” it and it worked again, but I have to say that it was very annoying to get this stuff stucked from time to time.
    But in December, it started to get frozen more frequently, and now it happens every time I turn the iPod on. It responds to shaking, so I shake it and start listening to it in random play, and after some minutes (may be an hour, or may be never), and after many “Hold Switch slides”, I get it back working properly again. It normally keeps working fine for a while, but suddenly it can get frozen again.
    Here is a list of observations I’ve made, despite the problem seems to be very randomly (sometimes it fixes 2 min before turning on, sometimes it gets an hour, sometimes it never unfreeze):
    -Some people have said that it’s a moisture problem. Well, it is happening here, where humidity is high, but I was in a very dry place for Xmas and it happened the same way. But the fact that it works when it is hot rather than when it is cold is in support of this hypothesis.
    -Some people say it’s some dirt between the wheel and the contacts. I tried cleaning the borders of the wheel and it didn’t worked.
    -If I charge it full, it works immediately, but for a while
    -Sometimes I turn it on and immediately touch the wheel and it works, but 1 sec latter it isn’t working again. Sometimes I turn it on and it doesn´t work at all.
    -Of course I tried the “5 R’s” and a full restore. Reinstallation and updates of iPod software doesn’t work either.
    1- Any suggestions?
    2- Is Apple going to do something with this? (the problem is here since iPod Nano 2G). I’ve read somewhere that their policy is to tell you that the iPod is so cheap that you can buy another one (but it seems that is a serial problem so that irrational answers will not work)
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    Some points to ponder:
    It is very difficult to determine from Internet reports how common a problem really is for any product with a very high sales volume. If millions are sold, hundreds of reports still just represent a tiny fraction of them. Generally, if a problem really is inherent in its design or manufacture, a very high return rate follows & the maker is forced to correct it to stay in business.
    Internet reports also suffer from the problem of not always providing enough info to determine if the issue is exactly the same in each report, or if it has the same cause. Quite often there are a number of "me too" reports that list no details or are too vague to determine much. Sometimes a follow up reveals that user error, abuse, or post-manufacturing damage is involved in some of the reports.
    This is not meant to imply that real problems in design or manufacture don't exist, only that it isn't a good idea to make overly broad assumptions about commonality without sufficient information.
    You have provided a lot of useful info about your own experience, enough to rule out some of the theories & to make others seem much less likely. But it is still important to consider that those theories may explain some of the reports & that the same symptom does not mean the same cause must always be involved.
    With that out of the way, here is what I see as a synopsis of the symptoms you observe:
    • The frozen scroll wheel problem was intermittent but occurred from day one of ownership
    • It got worse over time & now occurs every time the iPod (Nano?) is powered up
    • Toggling the Hold switch repeatedly seems to temporarily cure the problem
    • Performing the 5 R's has no effect
    • Cleaning the borders of the wheel has no effect (details?)
    • The problem doesn't occur if the iPod is fully charged (details?)
    • Weather effects may be involved somehow but not in an obvious way
    If this is accurate, it would be useful to know how many other users see any of the same things, or if they see something substantially different.
    Also, note that the participants in this forum are just users & cannot know what if anything Apple will do about this issue. The terms of use prohibit our discussing Apple policy so all we can do here is try to uncover as many facts as we can about when the symptoms occur & what does & doesn't work to resolve them.

  • Removing the "Now Playing" sign when the click wheel is moved...

    Is there anyway to disable the "Now Playing" sign from appearing when the click wheel is moved?
    ... I like to use my ipod (20 gig 4G) as a watch when i'm walking home at night. I have the clock display setting on so that the time will be displayed on the top of the screen. My problem, however, is that when I move the wheel to turn on the light, the displayed message changes from the time (which I want to see) to the phrase "Now Playing" (which I have no use for).

    If you select the clock from the "Extras" menu, you'll get a large digital clock on the screen which will stay there until you remove it. This might be more fitting for the purpose you describe?

  • I have an older Ipod with the clicker wheel. w

    I have an older ipod with the clicker wheel.  Once I have imported a CD to iTunes, how do I get it to transfer to the iPod by Artist or Album instead of only each individual song?  When I import to my ipod and click on Artist or Album, it still shows the entire list of songs.  Thanks

    A 15GB iPod would have to be a 3rd gen iPod.  It has a touch (not click) wheel with four touch buttons in a row that glow orange during use, correct?  That model needs to be connected using FireWire, because it cannot charge over USB. 
    If your new Mac has a Thunderbolt port, you can get an adapter for FireWire r
    plus an adapter for FireWire 800 to FireWire 400
    Another way, if you have the square white FireWire power adapter that came with your iPod, is to get a special docking cable that Apple used to sell a long time ago.  It has both USB and FireWire connectors.  Here's a listing for a third-party version on eBay 71074766489?pt=US_MP3_Player_Chargers_Cradles&hash=item3f1d50ae99
    (Search on "FireWire USB iPod docking cable" to see other listings.)
    What you do with this thing is plug the USB connector to your Mac's USB port, the FireWire connector to the FireWire power adapter, and the dock connector to the iPod.  iPod can then sync over USB while getting power over FireWire.
    I would go with that special cable, to avoid using a series of adapters (which adds complexity and unreliability) and tying up the valuable Thunderbolt port for just your iPod.

  • I have a IPOD classic late 2009 160gb ... Only my play/pause buttons doesn't work ? Do I need to replace the click wheel ?

    I have a IPOD classic late 2009 160gb ... Only my play/pause buttons doesn't work ? Do I need to replace the click wheel ?
    May try DIY due to cost
    Just wondering if anyone's had this fixed how much it costs
    Or if it's another problem before I order parts

    I have found the solution for myself for the above.  I use a specific scripting program which is accessed by Control A. To pause it, you need to use Control B. not sure if this would work for any other application but it resolves my dilemma after hours of trying!

  • In Logic X, the mouse click wheel scroll is way too fast on the arrange window and the piano roll.  Is there a way to adjust this?

    In Logic X, the mouse click wheel scroll is way too fast on the arrange window and the piano roll.  Is there a way to adjust this?  This is the way I scrolled for MIDI editing on Logic 9

    Hi cris2121, assuming you're using a mouse from apple, go to >System Preferences<
    it's here where one can configure a mouse device.
    Additionally you can also configure Scrubbing in Logic: "When in scrub mode, you can slowly move the playhead in the Tracks Window and the Audio (and optional MIDI) will be played back. The playback speed depends on how fast you move the Playhead in either direction."
    Have a nice day!

  • Does the Click Wheel get scratched?

    Hi, I'm new to the iPod scene and have a quick question.
    Some cases and film protectors don't cover the click wheel on the Nano and I'm wondering if the click wheel gets scratched? Like is it easily scratchable as the rest of the Nano people are usually complaining about?

    from my own experience, no, the clickwheel is not scratchable, but, I take care of mine....
    its really up to you about the case or film - I have a case and I also have a set of clear protectors all for a total cost of about $25.00

  • Cleaning the Click Wheel

    My iPod nano's Click Wheel is a little bit dirty with some grime/dirt/whatever on the click wheel, making it less white than it used to be. Know any tips to clean it? Preferably things I could do with stuff I'd find at home, no specialized stuff.

    Turn off your iPod and clean the click wheel with a slightly damp cloth. After that use an eraser to make the click wheel whiter (just don't press too hard where "MENU", play/pause,etc. are, in order not to erase them...) Also be careful and don't let the residues of the eraser get into the iPod.

  • Protecting the click wheel on Agent 18

    I have had my Nano for several weeks with a zCover case. I want to change and Agent18 looks like a good replacement. My only concern is the click wheel. Does anyone with an Agent18 case would like to share how they protect the click wheel? Pics would be most welcome.

    you can either get an inexpensive clear film protector (like you would use to protect the lcd, or something similar

  • Does the Click Wheel Move?

    I recently bought my first iPod. A Blue iPod Mini 2nd gen. with 4 GB. Anyhow, the thing that I first noticed is that the Click wheel moves when I use it. The whole click wheel will move a little to the left or right or up and down as well as rotate a little while I'm trying to scroll to other options.
    The thing that makes me worried the most is that when I'm moving it up and down, it makes a bit of a clicking noise that isn't related to the clicker option (which it also makes). It's more of a noise from the scroll wheel hitting and then stopping against something. It's not horrible, but I was wondering if this is a normal issue with the iPod Mini? I have a friend that has the same one and his doesn't do any of this... So any help would be great!
    - Thank you!

    Nothing physically (should) move with the wheel.
    "When Apple designed the iPod Mini, those buttons had to go, because there simply wasn't enough real estate on the front of the device. The solution was a clever one. By making the scrollwheel clickable, it performs two functions: It allows for song-scrolling, and it provides playback control. To me, this was a huge design improvement, because the 2G/3G iPods' touch-sensitive playback controls didn't offer any feedback to the finger. With the clickable scrollwheel, when you depress the wheel, you get physical feedback that let's you know that you've pushed a button. This new version worked so well that Apple decided to build it into the full-sized fourth-generation iPod, doing away with buttons altogether."

  • Troubles with the Click Wheel (or whatever the "technical term" is) HELP!

    My iPod works pretty well, except for the click wheel (or whatever you wanna call it). It scrolls fine, but when it comes to trying to press the menu button, or even sometimes when I try to press the play, forward or backward button, it seems to think I'm pressing the center select button instead, selecting something on the screen instead..
    If anyone can help, I'd really appreciate it! (I posted one earlier but I'm new at this and was told I should make the subject more specific..
    (P.S. It's not the iPod with the four buttons across the top- it's one with just the wheel and the center select button)

    I still need help please!
    When restoring the iPod, that erases everything on the iPod, correct? Would I then have to do all that stuff you have to do when you first get the iPod, like registration type stuff? Does this mean that everything in iTunes will be erased as well? (I have purchased a lot of music that is not on a CD..)
    sorry, many questions in one... thanks for the help though!

  • TS1425 OK so I finally got it to turn on but now the click wheel is messed up.

    The click wheel isn't working now. I already tried what Apple put up but it didn't work. Any suggestions?
    Thanks, Dean Winchester

    Try here:
    iOS: Not responding or does not turn on
    If yu can't turn it off, then let the battery fully drain. After charging for at least an hour try again.
    If still not successful that indicates a hardware problem and service is required.

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