Using the IMac 27 only as display for MacBook Pro

i like to use my iMac 27 only as display for my MacBook Pro.
I have the connecting cable.
I must start the iMac, he is booting and then i can plug in the cable to my MacBook. Now i have the second display for using with my MacBook.
Now my question: Is it possible to use the display without booting the iMac-system?
Thank you for help!
Best wishes

LutzTrabert wrote:
Now my question: Is it possible to use the display without booting the iMac-system?
[_*Using a 27-inch iMac as an external display*_|]

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    A friend recently mentioned that i might be able to use my old powerbook as a supplementary display for the newest addition to my Mac family.
    can anyone tell me if this is true and if so, how to do it?
    Also, i signed up to this site before i upgraded and i have tried changing my profile to reflect the upgrade, but when i post, i still have to change the model and OS fields under the message field... Why is this so?

    Wow! this is hectic! thanks for that. but i have a follow up question, i notice it has a limited life for free. how long will the free version last? i am prepareed to pay for it, but as i am a student, cant just yet, i probably need until about December and i'll be right, will it last that long?
    also, about the 'model' and 'OS' fields? can they be updated centrally, or do i have to keep changing it every time i ask/answer a question?

  • New iMac as second display for MacBook Pro not working

    I just bought the new thin 2012 27" iMac as a replacement to the last model I had.
    I want to use the iMac as a second display for my 2012 MacBook Pro.
    I have a Mini Display Port to Mini Display Port cable that used to work with my previous setup and at work with my external display.
    However, this isn't working on the new iMac. When I try the Command + F2 suggestion I've seen in the forums here. Nothing happens.
    Do I need a new cable now that these are "thunderbolt" connections?
    Any help is greatly appreciated.

    You will most likely need a Thunderbolt cable as they are both Thunderbolt devices and not Mini DisplayPort.

  • Using an iMac as a 2nd display for another iMac?

    Hi all,
    is it possible to use an iMac as a 2nd display for another iMac?
    I guess it depends (if at all possible) on the models, right?
    Would it be possible with two of the currently available iMac 27" models?
    Is it just connecting the two video jacks with a cable? That would mean that the jack is input AND output connector at the same time: the video signal would be output from iMac 1 and serve as input for iMac 2.

    Awesome, David! Thank you! That helped a lot!
    Additional question: because running applications on the target-display-mode-iMac keep running: will I be able to connect from the source iMac to the target-mode-iMac via OS X's Share Screen functionality? So that I can still USE the 2nd (target-display-mode) iMac for running applications and accessing them? Or is the iMac in target display mode really just a dumb display? Will ssh'ing to it work?
    A little background: programs like Cubase and Logic work really great with two screens. Additionally, some audio plugins really need a lot of CPU power and some of those can actually distribute the number crunching via the LAN to other computers. So my thought is: run Cubase on iMac #1, use iMac #2 as a 2nd screen (will work, thanks to David's reply) AND use iMac #2's CPU, too, to help some Cubase plugins' number crunching. Would that work?
    Thanks a lot,

  • 24-inch Mid 2007 as external display for Macbook Pro Retina?

    I'm a video editor looking for a new laptop. Tough decisions, but these facts may help my decision...
    Can I use my 24-inch Mid 2007 as external display for Macbook Pro Retina?
    And if so, would the Macbook be able to access the external hard drives that are connected to the iMac? Or do the external hard drives have to be connected to the Macbook Retina?
    Retina's picture quality is just incredible but compared to Macbook Pro non-retina you sacrifice: disc drive, port options, customization, anti-glare screen. And its more expensive. Arghh

    I would use the retina as the primary screen for the canvas and viewer, while putting the browser and timeline on the iMac.
    Apple won't help here. Unfortunately, they leave they're old products in the dust and wouldn't waste time writing an article about connecting a macbook retina to an '07 iMac.
    Thank you for replying though Ralph. The answer has to be out there somewhere.

  • Can I use the "Find My iPad" app in my MacBook Pro when the iPad has a different Apple ID?

    Can I use the "Find My iPad" app in my MacBook Pro when the iPan has a different Apple ID & password than the MacBook Pro?

    On your Macbook you access Find My iPad via a Web Browser at
    This will require you to sign on using the Apple ID and password used for the iPad iCloud.

  • The normal value of battery capacity for macbook pro

    Hi there,
         I noticed my battery full charge capacity value is way below the technical specification from Apple.
    For macbook pro 15" early 2011 version a 77.5W battery is built-in.
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    It seems that I missed something. Though I didn't really notice the initial value when it's brandnew.
         Statistically what's the average value of the new battery will be ? around 75W or 7500mAh? Any idea?

    Best battery info resource is here:

  • Display broken - what is cost to fix new display for macbook pro in INR ??

    display broken - what is cost to fix new display for macbook pro in INR ??

    What is INR? Why not take it to an Apple store or AASP and they'll tell you.

  • Video recording using the built in iSight camera on a MacBook Pro

    Where do I find directions to record video using the built in iSight camera on a MacBook Pro?
    Thank you,

    Hi macosxlover,
    Those are the instructions.
    Open iMovie
    Move the slider to the camera (use it as a drop down if more than one cam is available)
    Press the record button to add the video feed as a clip.
    Edit as required.
    12:00 AM Monday; June 12, 2006

  • Does anyone know what is the exact HDD model and specs for MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012)? Thanks

    Does anyone know what is the exact HDD model and specs for MacBook Pro (15-inch, Mid 2012)? Thanks.

    Thanks for responding me,
    I just got this info from the link that you provided me but is there any model name or model number for it?
    or any 2.5 would be work?
    Thanks again.

  • Using my iMac as a second display for my Macbook

    Hello. I was just wondering if it is possible to use my G5 (early 2008) iMac as a secondary display for my Macbook (late 2009) using a mini Dvi cable?
    Can anybody help?

    Use ScreenRecycler and a network connection.

  • IMac as Display for MacBook Pro

    I would have my iMac as extrernal display for MyBook Pro.
    If I will find coresponding adapter will I be able to do so?
    iMac MA589LL with mini-DVI port (tech specs shows it is output but didn't say if it can be input mode)
    MacBook Pro MB990LL with Mini Display Port
    Thanks in advance...

    Only 2009 and 2010 27" iMacs and 2011 ThunderBolt iMacs have the ability to be used as an external display.
    'Older' iMacs don't have that ability.

  • To use imac 27 late2009 as monitor for macbook pro 13 rethina with thunderbolt cable

    when i us a thunderbolt cable from mac book pro rethina to my imac 27 late 2009 nothing happen, even with command F2 i can not use the imac as monitor for the mcbook pro

    You have got a problem: your iMac does not detect Thunderbolt cables because it has got Mini DisplayPort instead. However, you can use your iMac as a display for your MacBook Pro.
    To do this, you need to get a Mini DisplayPort cable like this one and connect it to your iMac and the MacBook Pro. Then, press Command and F2 keys on your iMac and it will show up as a screen for your MacBook Pro.
    For more information about Target Display mode >

  • Using an iMac G5 as a Display with Macbook

    I was looking at ways where I can link up the screen on my Macbook to a display monitor so I'll have more space etc. But, I have the first iMac G5 and thought if it was possible if I could hook my Macbook with the iMac and use the iMac's screen instead?
    Any ideas?

    That does not provide a direct video link between the MacBook and iMac G5 as a standard external display would.
    ScreenRecycler uses VNC and therefore uses networking to share the MacBook's screen to other devices.
    From ScreenRecycler's web site:
    Just start ScreenRecycler on your Mac then connect to ScreenRecycler via VNC from your old machine.

  • IMac (2010) as external screen for Macbook Pro (2012)

    I've been googling this for a few hours now and have only walked into walls.
    My 21,5" iMac only has a FireWire, Mini DisplayPort and several USB ports and has the newest up to date software but is from mid 2010.
    My 13" Macbook Pro only has a FireWire, Thunderbolt and several USB ports and has the newest up to date software but is from mid 2012.
    It would be very interesting and useful for me to be able to use my iMac as an extra screen for my Macbook Pro, as all I do is video editing, photo editing, video grading etc.
    All help or suggestions is welcome! Thank you!

    In addition to Niel's post, this article might help you out. What you're looking to do is called "Target Display Mode." I would make sure to especially check the "requirements" section to make sure that your model will work for this.

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