Using USB NI-6008 on LV7.1 the results data has to be in Excel. It looks as cluster data format that i can not insert into excel VI

I am Using USB 6008 with LV 7.1. The application is voltage logger and i would like to use excel and upload the data . The Columns will be the channels and the rows will be the data.
The data comes from the DAQmx vi not like a simple string or an number it is kind of cluster data
which contains strings and numbers and more for each measurement.
I tryed to work with spraedshit and it goes ok but it is not conveniant to convert later to excel.
Do you have a solution for that please?
(How to extract the data from the cluster type format that is used with USB6008).
TX arik
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I hope all is well. If you are trying to write data to a text file along with the header information, you could do the following:
1. Open a reference to a file and write the header information right away.
2. Do your continuous acquisition (in a loop) using the 6008 and write the data to a file everytime.
3. With the proper formatting, your colums will represent channels and your rows data.
Please take a look at the attached example and let me know if you have any other questions.
Rudi N.
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