Using variables across multiple pages...

Hello all,
I may have forgotten something very basic in my time away from php and MySQL, so please keep that in mind when reading this question.
I have a page that has 5 links on it. Selecting one of the links would open a new page, which makes an SQL query to summon data specific to the link that was chosen.
Instead of creating 5 succeeding pages, one for each link, I'd like to use one page. Based on the variable generated/created/assigned when a given link on the previous page is selected (for simplicity, clicking the first link would generate a 1...clicking the fifth link would generate a 5) the query will look for specific data in the database, likely this will be accomplished by making 5 seperate includes files with specific commands or array structures to acheive this. Simplicity.
Simplicity except I'm not yet certain as to how this is accomplished.
Here's where someone's going to throw the book at my head...can I generate a variable that can be stored for use on another page?
I never ask easy questions...sorry about that.
Thanks to any and all in advance for your help!

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    How do you use the same fill on multiple pages in iBooks Author? For example, say you want all pages in a section to have the same background.

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    I am using Indesign CS2 on a Windows machine and have a 25 page document with 4-up photos (4"X6") on individual pages. I used the ImageCatalog javascript to load these images so I don't seem to have any control from the Master page. I would like to group and move these images to a different location on their own pages.
    Do you know how to select these images across multiple pages? Or can a simple script be written to process this task?
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Hi Greg,
    A script can certainly do what you want to do--but you have to be a bit more specific. Do you want to move them to different pages in some predefined way, or do you just want to adjust them a bit on the pages they're already on?

  • Select multiple frames across multiple pages for photos frames

    Hi people!
    How can i select multiple frames across multiple pages? I want my images to fit the frames by one click. I do not want to go through each page one by one . There must be some way to solve this.. or? Cant find a options that can do that so far?
    Useing Adobe Indesin CS6.

    suppien_ wrote:
    How can i select multiple frames across multiple pages?
    You can't.
    You can do it in Find/Change box. Set desired Frame Fitting Options in Object section and run find/change.

  • Orphan table header at bottom of page when page breaks a table across multiple pages

    Hi all,
    I think similar questions have been asked before but I have not found an answer.
    Here's the scenario:
    I have several dynamic tables in a dynamic form.  The layout is flowed, and everything can grow and shrink as needed.  That all works.
    However, my tables have headers.  Occasionally when one of these tables is large and needs to break across multiple pages, there will be just enough room at the bottom of the previous page to show the next table header, but not enough space to show any of the related table rows.  So it ends up looking silly, with just an orphaned header at the bottom of one page, and then the table continues on the next.
    I have my tables set up so that headers get repeated on subsequent pages, by setting the header row to "repeat row for each data item" on the binding tab.  I would like to keep that functionality, but I just want to find a way to avoid these "orphaned" table headers that sometimes appear.
    I have tried the "keep with next" option.  However, although this does push the rendering of the header to the next page, it seems that according to livecycle the table still officially began on the previous page.  Therefore I get a duplicate header because of the "repeat row for each data item" option.
    I have also tried having two header rows, one that is set to only be displayed on the initial page, and the other that is set to appear only on subsequent pages (pagination tab).  This did not work - I ended up with duplicate table headers.
    Can anyone help me?

    You shouldn't have "repeat row for each data item" selected for header rows.
    You should have "include header row in initial page" and "include header row in subsequent pages" selected on the Pagination tab.
    Then using a "keep with next" might work ok.

  • Spreading a single form across multiple pages

    I'd like to implement a single record form that spreads it's items across multiple pages for the purpose of grouping related information on each page such as "Contact Details"," Education Profile" etc. There are way too many columns for a single page.
    In Oracle forms you can create a form across multiple canvases or on different tabs of a tabbed canvas. Each item has a property to position it on which canvas.
    Is this possible in ApEx? I can see that transaction processing could be complex.
    How do I avoid, for example, inserting the record a second time if I commit from a different page?
    Any comments appreciated.
    Paul P

    Another way to do this without javascript and ajax that works pretty well is to setup a list that represents the logical "sections" and display it as a sidebar list.
    Create a hidden item on the page called PX_ACTIVE_SECTION and set the visibility of each region on the page based on the value of this item. For example: :PX_ACTIVE_SECTION = 'Contact Details'. You can also have multiple regions associated with a single tab. Set the default value to whatever section you wish to display first.
    Next, set each list item to be "current" when :PX_ACTIVE_SECTION is equal to that item ('Contact Details', 'Education Profile', etc.). Also set the URL destination of each item to: javascript:doSubmit('section name');
    Finally, add a branch back to the current page that sets PX_ACTIVE_SECTION to &REQUEST.. This traps the doSubmit call so you can set the hidden item. (Add a condition, if needed, to prevent this branch from executing due to other buttons and requests).
    The result is that the user can switch freely between sections and save after all data is entered. The page does refresh (since it doesn't use AJAX), but if your regions aren't too big, it should be reasonable.

  • How to identify a user across multiple pages

    I'm doing a homebanking and I would like to know how to identify a user across multiple pages.
    I have already take a look at HTTPSESSION, but I didn't understand.
    Can someone help me.
    I'm send the servlet Logon.
    import java.sql.*;
    import java.util.Date;
    import java.util.*;
    import javax.servlet.*;
    import javax.servlet.http.*;
    public class Cons_logon extends HttpServlet
         private Connection conexao = null;
         Login1 login1;
         public void init (ServletConfig cfg) throws ServletException
                   conexao = DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:odbc:bank");
              catch (Exception e)
         public void doPost (HttpServletRequest req,
    HttpServletResponse res)
    throws ServletException, IOException
              String Suser, Spassword;
         PrintWriter out;
    out = res.getWriter();
    String opcao = req.getParameter("log");

    I would recommend using the authentication mechanism that's guaranteed by the servlet spec. If you do that, you can just call
    to get the user name across multiple pages.
    If you want to use your own login scheme, you can create a new session object and map it to a user name somewhere in your app. Or you can just put the name of the user on the session. But the preferred way is to use the default authentication scheme defined by the spec.

  • Span picture across multiple pages

    Besides using "careful cropping," does anyone know of a way to take a given picture and span its parts across multiple pages when printing? The lagest format I can print is 8.5x11", but I am trying to print an exploded view of a picture that would ideally be four by four 8.5x11" pages or four pages across and six deep. Regardless, I was only able to get it to work by carefully duplicating a picture four times and then cropping it into four equal and lined up 4x6 sections and then printing each 4x6 on an 8.5x11" sheet.

    I'm not sure I would have done this with columns. Because of your desire to link from one piece of text to another, in all three columns, I would use linking text boxes. Each of the three boxes on a page will be independent of each other, but can be linked to the boxes on the following pages. Does that seem like what you're looking for?

  • Print across multiple pages

    I am setting up a financial statement that will include monthly actuals & budgets.  Is there a way to print this across multiple pages?  I currenlty have it setup in Excel and even printing on 11x17 it prints across 2 pages.
    I currently have XI but didn't now if the feature was available in this version or possibly in 2008.

    hello E Hammer,
    in XI to XI R2 you have 2 options:
    1) use a Cross-tab as it can easily print across multiple pages.
    2) try the workaround using the attached sample report...there are instructions on the report itself on how to create this "banner" style report. you do not need a special printer driver to do this. just to warn you in advance though, it's a bit of work.
    in cr2008 it is much easier as you can use the "Disocciate Formatting Page Size and Printer Paper Size" option to create a report which would print out to multiple pages horizontally.

  • Verity search results across multiple pages

    Hi, I am attempting to implement verity search on my website and am using the code below for the search, and search results page.
    Currently the results are limited to 5 as specified by the maxrows command. How can I implement a forward and back feature across multiple pages? (like google search results)
    <cfparam name="form.params" default="">
    <cfparam name="target" default="searchVerity">
    <form method="post" action="results1.cfm">
    Enter your search term(s) using AND, OR, NOT and parens.
    Surround an exact phrase with quotes.
    <input type="text" name="params" size="75" value="#form.params#">
    <br />
    <input type="submit" value="Search">
    Result Page:
    <cfparam name="form.params" default="">
    <cfparam name="target" default="searchVerity">
    contextPassages = "1"
    contextBytes = "300"
    maxrows = "5">
    <hr />
    <h3>Search Results</h3>
    This search returned a total of <cfoutput>#foundResults.recordCount#
        </cfoutput> results.
    <cfoutput query="foundResults">
    <hr />
    File: <a href="#foundResults.URL#" target="_blank">#
        foundResults.title#</a> (score=#foundResults.score
        #)<br />
    Highlighted Summary: #foundResults.context#

    Hi All,
    Has anyone tried to implement the jsptags in Servlets?
    I am using Servlets and required a Search display like this. I have my results being retrieved from a class and I am trying to display these results in a table format.
    Customer c = new Customer();
    then i iterate through the customers

  • Diplay results which span across multiple pages

    hello friends
    i want to display my search results which span across multiple pages with next and previos buttons. example google search .ie if u search for a topic it gives severl pages with next and previos buttons.
    thanks in advance

    There is no way to delete those records selectively from front end.
    The best possible way is to delete the records from MRP_FORECAST_DATES tables from backend.
    Hope that helps!!
    Mohan Balaji
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  • Use LR Across Multiple Drives

    I'm curious to know if LR will support my current image collection, which resides on 2 separate external firewire 800 hard drives. I read somewhere that LR 1.0 would still require a library file to be housed in a single location, and that you could only have a single LR library.
    I would like to work with LR using referenced files, rather than importing my images into the database.

    Thanks for your quick reply Don. Yes, I have been using LR Beta for awhile now, but I had read that 1.0 did away with having multiple libraries (MacWorld article, I believe).
    Good to know when LR 1.0 ships I can use it across multiple drives.
    Follow up question for you: You mention it works with files stored on or offline. How do you handle moving files from online to offline storage? Is LR "smart" in that it can detect changes in file locations or does it prompt you the item has been moved?

  • Table not going across multiple pages

    I have two simple side-by-side tables that I want to stretch across multiple pages when necessary by clicking the Add Another button object.
    I think I've done everything necessary to have the table repeat on multiple pages:
    1. My table is in a subform. 
    2. The subform is set to Flowed.
    3. The table has Allow Page Breaks with Content
    4. The table is not a group table
    5. I have the Rows in Binding to Repeat Row for Each Data Item
    What I do notice is that when I click on either Table and then click the Pagination tab in Object--- Pagination is greyed out
    Can anyone offer any suggestions?
    Thank you.

    first of all thanks for the link to the tutorial
    function(){return A.apply(null,[this].concat($A(arguments)))}
    Niall O'Donovan wrote:
    Example of building dynamic tables here:
    I have created a header on my master-page (just a Logo-picture). When my dynamic table reaches the end of the page, it creates a new page - any problem yet.
    But on the new page, the table just starts directly on the top (y = 0). In this way the table is placed above my logo.
    Is there any way to solve this problem?
    Anything like "check if there is a header on master page and set new rows on next table under the header"?

  • How do you Spread an Image across multiple pages and print?

    I'm trying to create a large poster to be put on a bulletin board. I've mangaed to spread the image across multiple pages but I can't figure how to be able to print the pages have the edges line up successfully after cropping. I've been playing with the bleed settings but can't figure it out. Here a shot of what im working with:
    Im working in CS3 on Mac OS X

    Create your InDesign document at your final size and when you print it out put a check mark in the box for Tile

  • Same Region across Multiple Pages

    Hi There!
    Working on a requirement where I need same region across multiple pages.
    One way (Hard way) to do it is , repeat the region in all the pages.
    Is there any other way (smart way) so that I can write region once and reference it in other pages ? ? ?

    Yes, you can design this form on Page 0. Then this form will apply to every page.

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