Using variables across timelines help

I wonder how can I use this code for a nav to change over and out states.
This line of code works.
sym.getComposition().getStage().getSymbol("Section2").getSymbol("map_Popups").getSymbol("U SA").play("Over");
I try to save each country into a variable but doesn't work.
sym.setVariable("current2", "USA");

You now need a getVariable() in order to read it. Try this:
sym.setVariable("current2", "USA");
// get the variable
var newCountry = sym.getVariable("current2");
sym.getComposition().getStage().getSymbol("Section2").getSymbol("map_Popups").getSymbol(ne wCountry).play("Over");

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  • Using variables across multiple pages...

    Hello all,
    I may have forgotten something very basic in my time away from php and MySQL, so please keep that in mind when reading this question.
    I have a page that has 5 links on it. Selecting one of the links would open a new page, which makes an SQL query to summon data specific to the link that was chosen.
    Instead of creating 5 succeeding pages, one for each link, I'd like to use one page. Based on the variable generated/created/assigned when a given link on the previous page is selected (for simplicity, clicking the first link would generate a 1...clicking the fifth link would generate a 5) the query will look for specific data in the database, likely this will be accomplished by making 5 seperate includes files with specific commands or array structures to acheive this. Simplicity.
    Simplicity except I'm not yet certain as to how this is accomplished.
    Here's where someone's going to throw the book at my head...can I generate a variable that can be stored for use on another page?
    I never ask easy questions...sorry about that.
    Thanks to any and all in advance for your help!

  • Using variable across layers

    I am trying to use a file name which is in a variable in one
    layer into another layer.
    How can i do this . When I use the variable name as it is in
    layer 1 i get this error
    **Error** Scene=Scene 1, layer=content, frame=1:Line 4: ')'
    or ','

    can you post your code? Variables as far as i know are not
    effected by layers. You should be having no problem, so i think
    there is another problem besides it beeing on a seperate layer...
    EDIT: Unless are you talking about flash movie layers? or
    layers you load movies into i just realized that i think i
    misunderstood your question. lol

  • Using variables with lightboxes...

    Hi all,
    I am currently creating a scenario with two lightboxes. When you click a button the lightboxes will appear. When you click the 'x' button on both of the lightboxes, a button will appear, allowing the user to go onto the next slide. However, I have been unable to achieve this effect.
    I have been able to use variables across different slides, but not on the same slide. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

    Create a counter variable that you assign the value 0. Maybe it is even better to assign that value not in the definition but On Enter for the slide. For the moment you have two actions, those will have to be turned into conditional advanced actions with two decisions. Something like this:
    First decision 'Always'
    IF 1 is equal to 1      this is a mimicked standard action
       Show lightbox 1         
       Increment v_counter
    Second decision 'Checkit'
    IF v_counter is equal to 2
       Show Gr_Buttons
    I used a group, didn't want to type too much, you can group the 3 buttons.

  • Use variable in mapping

    How to use Variable in mapping ? I've tried #PROJECT_CODE.VARIABLE_NAME but execution ends with an error "Illegal character"
    With regards,

    There is no need to use package name if variable is locate in the same package with the interace. Else (according with documentation):
    Referring to variable MY_VAR in your objects should be done as follows:
    • #MY_VAR: With this syntax, the variable must be in the same project as the object referring to it. Its value will be substituted. To avoid ambiguity, consider using fully qualified syntax by prefixing the variable name with the project code.
    • #MY_PROJECT_CODE.MY_VAR: Using this syntax allows you to use variables across projects. It prevents ambiguity when 2 variables in different projects have the same name. The value of the variable will be substituted at runtime.
    • #GLOBAL.MY_VAR: This syntax allows you to refer to a global variable. Its value will be substituted in your code. Refer to section Global Objects for details.
    • Using “:” instead of “#”: You can use the variable as a SQL bind variable by prefixing it with a colon rather than a hash. However this syntax is subject to restrictions as it only applies to SQL DML statements.
    And make sure you declare it in the package as was suggested in the previous post.

  • Help creating a path using variables.

    I;m trying to create a path to a movievclip created with
    attachMovie. I need tio create the path using variable:
    How can I tell flash that var1, var2, etc are variables and
    not a relative path?

    Hello Tks,
    depending where the movieclip is that you are trying
    communicate with you need to use either other movieclips or you
    will need to use _parent.
    var gong:MovieClip;
    var bong:MovieClip;
    var song:MovieClip;
    to access song from the timeline in which all these movie
    clips were attached
    from song to the timeline in which all movie clips were
    Hope this helps..

  • Help with using variable for name of table in PLSQL block...

    I am trying to use a variable for the name of a table but getting errors ...i am sure I am close to the correct form here but something is wrong. I sure would appreciate some help!
    ln_month Number;
    ln_day Number;
    ln_year Number;
    ls_year VarChar2(4);
    ls_prev_table VarChar2(30);
    ls_cur_table VarChar2(30);
    ln_prev_year Number;
    ls_prev_year VarChar2(4);
    ln_prev_month Number;
    Select To_Number(To_Char(sysdate, 'MM')) into ln_month from dual;
    Select To_Number(To_Char(sysdate, 'DD')) into ln_day from dual;
    Select To_Number(To_Char(sysdate, 'YYYY')) into ln_year from dual;
    If ln_month = 01 Then
    ls_cur_table := "T_CPRS_FDW_CUR_JAN_ACTUALS";
    ls_prev_table := "T_CPRS_FDW_PREV_DEC_ACTUALS";
    ln_prev_year := ln_year - 1;
    /***above is where I am trying to use variables for assignement to years and months tables***//// ln_prev_month := 12;
    End If;
    /*------MORE IF STATEMENTS FOR EACH MONTH ---OF --THE YEAR ...AND its the following 2 variable statements that the compiler doesnt like! */
    If ln_day < 20 Then
    Delete from :ls_prev_table;

    The parser does not under variables directly in dml statements.u need to form a statement and the parse and execute the same...
    so the soln is
    lv_stmt varchar2(250);
    lv_stmt := 'Delete from '&#0124; &#0124;ls_prev_table;
    execute immediate lv_stmt;
    -- Same is the case with the insert stmt--
    This should solve ur problem.
    u could also give a direct call like
    execute immediate 'Delete from '&#0124; &#0124;ls_prev_table ;
    Note: This statement "execute immediate" holds good for oracle versions 8.x and above which makes the stmt very simple. For lower version u need to use the dbms_sql package to parse and execute the statement which has a series of statements for the same.

  • SPSiteDataQuery - filter by file Title - Can I use variable for the filter value?

    I use SPsiteDataQuery to search across multiple lists and filter by file title. I have the file title information in a variable.
    Can I use variable in the filter value?
    string fileName = "Policies.doc"
    SPSiteDataQuery spQry = new SPSiteDataQuery();
    spQry.ViewFields = "<FieldRef Name='Title'/><Value Type='Text'>fileName</Value>"

    If I have understood correctly, you want to search based upon a File title in all the sites. You can include a query to filename in the spQry
    spQry.Query = "<Where>" +
    "<Eq>" +
    "<FieldRef Name=\"FileLeafRef\"/>" +
    "<Value Type=\"Text\">" + fileName + "</Value>" +
    "</Eq>" +
    Please click "Propose As Answer" if this post solves your problem or "Vote As Helpful" if this post has been useful to you.

  • Using variables: Statement must appear within on handler

    I would like to use variables in my flash app. The app is quite simple, has many buttons, and on each of those buttons I have a simple script: on-rollover and on-release. For both actions I use the same value, which I want to put in a variable. The following script results in an error message: Statement must appear within on handler. When I have to declare the variable inside the on-handler, I have to declare it twice, which makes it useless as I have to enter the value twice. How can I get this working?
    country = "uk"
    on (rollOver)
    on (release)
        getURL("/"+country+"/", "_self");

    Select a frame on the timeline where your buttons live and then move the buttons handlers there:
    myButton1.onPress = onPressFunction
    myButton2.onPress = onPressFunction
    myButton3.onPress = onPressFunction
    myButton1.onRelease = onReleaseFunction
    myButton2.onRelease = onReleaseFunction
    myButton3.onRelease = onReleaseFunction
    country = "uk"
    function onPressFunction(){
    function onReleaseFunction(){
        getURL("/"+country+"/", "_self");
    If you use this approach you MUST remove the scripts from buttons themselves.
    I hope this helps.

  • SQL IMPORT ..... ACROSS - need help

    I can't find any examples on how to use the "ACROSS" feature of the SQL IMPORT command.
    I have a cursor defined as follows:
    SQL DECLARE csrData CURSOR for -
    select replace(vchAccount,':','_'),replace(vchEntity,':','_'),'U','NETINCOME','YR05',sum(myAmount1),sum(myAmount2),sum(myAmount3),sum(myAmount4),sum(myAmount5), -
    sum(myAmount6),sum(myAmount7),sum(myAmount8),sum(myAmount9),sum(myAmount10),sum(myAmount11),sum(myAmount12) -
    from xxwhbat.tblBCPOut215 -
    where iYear=2005 -
    group by vchAccount,vchEntity
    SQL OPEN csrData
    I am then trying to load each of the sums to a variable where the first sum should go to January in my TIME dimension, and the last sum should go to December in my time dimension. It appears that I have to have something like below, however, I don't know what "SOMETHING!" should be.
    :APPEND YR -
    Any help would be appreciated.

    That works, but is not the answer I am looking for. I want to understand how to use the across part of the SQL IMPORT statement. The documentation has no examples, and I cannot find any examples anywhere.
    Besides, if I was building a generic data loader (my end goal), that read tables to decide what the query was going to look like to run, and what periods would be loaded, I would need to use "across" so that I don't have to hardcode the time periods.
    For the past several years we have had many OFA implementations. One of the problems with it has always been this Year/Time combination, making it very difficult to create non-hardcoded reports/data entry forms. Models and programs that work with status always have to either disect the time values in status, or relate it to a relation to do some special processing based on year. In addition, when we started evaluating AW's, we found that with our data, separating year from time increased performance of our calculations.

  • Sharing User Defined Variables across projects

    I'm wondering if it's possible to share User Defined Variables across projects. What I have in mind is that I would like to have my User Defined Variables configured in a central location and then insert them into my projects as linked variables so that they update automatically when I change their values. For example, I define a variable named Product_Version that has its value set to 9. Then I insert this variable into all my projects as a linked variable. After 2 months the product version changes to 10, so I change the value of the variable to 10 in the location where it is stored and it is automatically updated in all the projects. Can this be done somehow? I'm new to RoboHelp and I can't find any answer. I've been searching for the solution for some time in the product help, on the Internet to no avail. I even contacted Adobe Support and they redirected me to this forum I used Help and Manual before and their way of dealing with user variables was pretty simple.

    Hi there
    Unfortunately RoboHelp doesn't offer up a way to allow this, At least, not directly.
    However, I do believe I found a way to make it happen, The variables are stored in a file named rhvariable.apj. So what you could do is to add this file as a Baggage File to each of your projects that will share the variables.
    Now you would create a Shared Location as well as a new Category in your Resource Manager. This will create a common location to store the apj file.
    Add the Baggage File to the location. Repeat the process for all projects that are sharing the variables.
    Now, when the variable gets changed in any of the participating projects, the shared location should be updated and you can accomplish the goal.
    However, note that even though you will have what you are wanting, it will still require opening each of the participating projects, synchronizing the APJ file and generating the output in order to update it all. No way I'm aware of to escape that.
    Cheers,,, Rick

  • How to get a field that using variable in order to create a query

    I found a difficulty when creating a query. so, I would like to ask you some question.
    1. How to get a field that using variable which that field I want to put it in my query?
    For example, I would like to take quantity field in inventory audit report. And when I put my cursor in
    quantity field, there was only variable, item, etc. How to get this and put it in query?
    2. How to combined the invoice quantity with inventory audit report quantity?
    3. I have a query like this:
    SELECT distinct T0.[DocDate] as 'Tanggal', T0.[DocNum] as 'No.Faktur', T1.[ItemCode] as 'Kode Barang',
    T1.[Dscription] as 'Deskripsi', T1.[Quantity] as 'Quantity', ((T1.[LineTotal])/(T1.[Quantity])) as 'Harga
    Satuan', T1.[LineTotal] as 'Harga Total', T3.[CalcPrice] as 'HPP Satuan', ((T3.[CalcPrice]) * (T1.
    [Quantity])) as 'HPP Total', T4.[ItmsGrpNam] as 'Jenis Barang', T5.[SlpName] as 'Nama Sales', T1.
    [WhsCode] as 'Kode Gudang' FROM [dbo].[OINV] T0 INNER JOIN [dbo].[INV1] T1 ON T0.DocEntry =
    T1.DocEntry INNER JOIN OITM T2 ON T1.ItemCode = T2.ItemCode INNER JOIN OINM T3 ON T2.ItemCode
    = T3.ItemCode INNER JOIN OITB T4 ON T2.ItmsGrpCod = T4.ItmsGrpCod INNER JOIN OSLP T5 ON
    T0.SlpCode = T5.SlpCode WHERE T3.[TransType] = '13' and T3.[CreatedBy] = T1.[DocEntry] and T0.
    [DocDate] >=[%0] and T0.[DocDate] <=[%1] and T4.[ItmsGrpNam] =[%2] and T1.[WhsCode] =[%3]
    Is it possible if I just take one invoice with invoice quantity and only show up at once although I have a
    lot item cost for that item? (because I'm using FIFOmethod).
    Please help me.. cause I'm stuck with this thing :l.
    Thank you very much, and I'm waiting your respon soon.

    Try this one:
    SELECT distinct T0.DocDate as 'Tanggal', T0.DocNum as 'No.Faktur', T1.ItemCode as 'Kode Barang',
    T1.Dscription as 'Deskripsi', T1.Quantity as 'Quantity', ((T1.LineTotal)/(T1.Quantity)) as 'Harga
    Satuan', T1.LineTotal as 'Harga Total', T3.CalcPrice as 'HPP Satuan', ((T3.CalcPrice) * (T1.
    Quantity)) as 'HPP Total', T4.ItmsGrpNam as 'Jenis Barang', T5.SlpName as 'Nama Sales', T1.
    WhsCode as 'Kode Gudang'
    FROM dbo.OINV T0 INNER JOIN dbo.INV1 T1 ON T0.DocEntry =T1.DocEntry
    INNER JOIN OITM T2 ON T1.ItemCode = T2.ItemCode
    INNER JOIN OINM T3 ON T2.ItemCode = T3.ItemCode AND T3.TransType = '13' and T3.CreatedBy = T1.DocEntry AND T3.Warehouse = T1.WhsCode
    INNER JOIN OITB T4 ON T2.ItmsGrpCod = T4.ItmsGrpCod
    INNER JOIN OSLP T5 ON T0.SlpCode = T5.SlpCode
    WHERE T0.DocDate >=[%0\] and T0.DocDate <=[%1\] and T4.ItmsGrpNam =[%2\] and T1.WhsCode =[%3\]

  • Used variable substitution to substiture the field 'date' in file name

    Hi gurus
    I have used variable substitution to substiture the field 'date' (dd/MM/yyyy/hh/mm/ss) in the file name so when empty payload (a valid xml ) is generated by Message mapping then the communication channel is failing by showing the following error
    File processing failed with Error during
    variable substitution: The following variable was not found in the message payload
    : date
    As of now the business is not getting effected as the business scenarion needs only customer master data at the reciever side But when ever there is no custmer master data in the sourse side the message mapping is generating an empty payload and the communication channel is failing ( so it is an internal issue and is there any way which could solve the both (ie the business must not get effected and as well the communication channel must not fail)
    any coments on this will be higly apreciated
    thanks and regards

    Hi Sandeep -
    Yes If you use the Variable substitution from the payload , that perticular field has to be generated in the target structure.
    To handle this You can do the following:
    Sourcefield --->exists -> IfThenElse-->TargetField
    Where     SourceField>exists(node function)-> If
                   SourceField -
                   CurrentDate(Date Function)----->Else
    Hope this will help !!

  • Reciever File Adapter - Temp File Name Scheme using Variable Substitution

    How can I create a temporary file that uses variable substitution? 
    We are having a problem with files merging when we write files using the "Use Temporary File" setting on the FIle Adapter.  So two independent files are merging into a single file.  We are not using the "Append" setting.
    We would like to use a Temp File Name Scheme that would append the message id onto the temporary file name. 
    Using variable substitution we created a msgid variable.  When added to the temporary file name using %msgid% the temporary file name is created with %msgid% in the name instead of the actual message id.  We put the variable into the "File Name Scheme" as well and the end completed file used the message id in the name.
    Any Ideas?

    HI Matthew,
    Why are you adding the message id into the temporary file??
    I understand that you want the output of the filename to contain message id .. and hence you are using variable substitution for the same.
    Temporary file name will anyways get overwritten by the actual file name (here the actual filename will be using variable substituion).
    So i suggest to achieve your scenario you can add any name in the temporary file and maintain the desired filename you require as output in the variable subsititution.
    Temporary File Name option actually acts as a lock - unlock mechanism from PI side while the file is getting written to the file server so that while PI is writting the file no third party application batch program picks it up.
    I hope this helps.

  • Using Variable Substitution

    Hi Im new to XI and Im testing a simple file to file scenario by using Variable Substitution method.
    PFB the input payload of my scenario:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
    - <ns0:INF94145_Emp_Input_MT xmlns:ns0="">
    - <Employee>
    - <Details>
      <Other />
    - <Address>
    - <Employee>
    - <Details>
      <Other />
    - <Address>
    I  used the variable substitution feature of Receiver File adapter to get the Output file name as one of the Field value from payload(Employee name in this case).
    Now my question is can I be able to get the output files based on employee names.i.e.,for two employee details I should get two out files and for n employee details I should get n output files.
    Can anyone tell how  the above scenario could be done.
    Thanks for your help.

    I have used multi mapping and I tested the same and is working fine when I test in TEST tab present in mapping.
    My scenario is a file to file and also I used same fields in input and output DT(datatype) for understanding purpose.
    My input data type is as follows:
    - <ns1:INF94145_Emp_Input_MT xmlns:ns1="">
    - <Employee>
    - <Details>
    - <Address>
    But when coming to END to END testing I'm getting an error in IE as follows:
    <SAP:Code area="MAPPING">GENERIC</SAP:Code>
      <SAP:P1>Split mapping created no messages</SAP:P1>
    Can anyone say what i have to do to overcome this problem.
    Thanks and regards,

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