Using variables with lightboxes...

Hi all,
I am currently creating a scenario with two lightboxes. When you click a button the lightboxes will appear. When you click the 'x' button on both of the lightboxes, a button will appear, allowing the user to go onto the next slide. However, I have been unable to achieve this effect.
I have been able to use variables across different slides, but not on the same slide. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Create a counter variable that you assign the value 0. Maybe it is even better to assign that value not in the definition but On Enter for the slide. For the moment you have two actions, those will have to be turned into conditional advanced actions with two decisions. Something like this:
First decision 'Always'
IF 1 is equal to 1      this is a mimicked standard action
   Show lightbox 1         
   Increment v_counter
Second decision 'Checkit'
IF v_counter is equal to 2
   Show Gr_Buttons
I used a group, didn't want to type too much, you can group the 3 buttons.

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  • How to use variables with

    I need to get the number of lines in internal table, which would
    be easy, using DESCRIBE TABLE itab LINES lines. But the problem
    is, that I get the name of this internal table in the field of
    another internal table, so I have to use the name of internal
    table as variable, but I don't know how to use variables with
    DESCRIBE TABLE (or if this is possible).

    define two tables with diferent structures.
    data: begin of table1 occurs 0,
    registro type i,
    end of table1.
    data: begin of table2 occurs 0,
    registro type i,
    repid like sy-repid,
    end of table2.
    data: rows type i.
    fill them with data
    do 1000 times.
    table1-registro = sy-tabix.
    append table1.
    do 1757 times.
    table2-registro = sy-tabix.
    table2-repid = sy-repid.
    append table2.
    call a form that receives as input the table and returns the number
    of rows as output.
    perform howmanyrows tables table2 changing rows.
    break-point. "evaluate the number of rows
    perform howmanyrows tables table1 changing rows.
    break-point. "evaluate the number of rows
    form howmanyrows tables itable changing rows.
    rows = 0.
    loop at itable.
    add 1 to rows.
    You can try it if you don't find a better solution.

  • Using variable with the same name as field name?

    I have a complex proc where I have variables with the same name as field name used on a query. something like this:
    SELECT a.id_table WHERE a.id_table = id_table
    where the last id_table is a parameter sent to the proc:
    declare procedure myproc(id_table int)
    Is there any way or notation to declare the variable inside the query as a variable or I have to use a different name?

    Well, variables are not the only thing you have to change if you want to switch to Oracle.
    Although I don't think it is good practice (to use variable name same as column name), here is one example how you can achieve it using EXECUTE IMMEDIATE and bind variable
    SQL> select deptno, count(1)
      2  from scott.emp
      3  group by deptno;
        DEPTNO   COUNT(1)
            30          6
            20          5
    10 3
    SQL> set serveroutput on
    SQL> declare
      2  deptno varchar2(10);
      3  i number;
      4  begin
      5  deptno:=10;
      6  execute immediate
      7  'select count(1) from scott.emp where deptno=:deptno' into i using deptno;
      8  dbms_output.put_line('OUT ---> '||i);
      9  end;
    10  /
    OUT ---> 3
    PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.
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  • Is it possible to use variable with interval in BEX for filter or pl funct.

    we have filters in which variables with interval are being used, as well as planning functions in which a variable with interval should be used.
    In the planning modeler everythings works fine. But I have problems to fill values for these type of variables. The error message "specify a value for variable xxx " is always generated. I know it is possible to do this (with VAR_LOW & VAR_HIGH instead of VAR_VALUE).
    Can someone please help?

    Hello Dries,
    yes, it's possible. You have to use VAR_VALUE_LOW and VAR_VALUE_HIGH.
    SAP NetWeaver RIG

  • Trying to use Variables with the Unknown Computer collection to prompt Task Sequence for Domain, Join Account, Join Password, and Join Location.

    I want to use SCCM 2012 R2 and OSD, to boot a bare metal machine, install and OS, and bind it to Active Directory. The catch is that I want the deployment process in SCCM to prompt for the following pieces of information, and then use that information to
    bind the computer to Active Directory (W/O using MDT) instead of supply the data in the task sequence.
    Computer Name
    Domain OU
    Domain Join Account
    I am approaching this in a similar fashion as stated in this blog.
    I have added the following collection variables to the unknown computers collection:
    When I launch the task sequence, I am prompted as I would expect. I input the desired information, the deployment competes, but it does not bind to the domain.  Here is what my TS looks like. I intentally disabbled  the apply Network Settings step
    because it forces you to enter specific information if it enabled. I don't want to that, thus why I am trying to use the variables.
    My SMSTS log does not have a whole lot of meaningfull data, but I can post it if someone wants to see it. The only possible thing I could think of would be drivers, their are some driver errors in the log. However, if I turn on the Apply Networking setting
    process in the task sequence and turn off the variables, the machines bind fine. With that in mind, I would not think my problem would be driver related. Anyone out there have expertise in using a process like this, that could assist?

    Awesome! Thanks. One more thing, how should I supply the OSDJoinPassword variable? Should I just enter %OSDJoinPassword%
    for Password and Confirm Password? I can not tell if it will actually read it as a variable or try to use "%OSDJoinPassword%" for
    the actual password.

  • Using variables with transform.colorTransform

    I have declared a handful of new colors like this:
    var colTransNameNumber:ColorTransform = new ColorTransform();
    colTransNameNumber.color = 0x77060A and so on.
    The Name and Number are coming from variables in the query
    string but when I try to call the colors by doing "colTrans" + name
    + num, I get the Type Coercion failed: cannot convert
    "colTransNameNumber" to flash.geom.ColorTransform. error. It
    doesn't like the string being passed to it. Does anyone know how to
    create this in the correct format?

    Have you tested if you can read the value of a variable from Captivate into your widget by using the MovieClip(root).varX code?
    I think that you are better off with using the Widget APIs approach to variable handling - it's usually defined as mainmov.varX and you can check the Certificate AS3 FLA to see how it works.
    EDIT: Just saw Jims answer - he is an AS3 wizz so if he says you done it correctly then that's most likely true ;o)
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  • Using variable with concate

    Hi All;
    I am trying to use two variables name as a file name in unload object target properties. Below sample is my file for create an export cvs file and concate two variables from another calling project variable.
    my variables are #VOC_FILENAME_PREFIX and #VOC_EXPORT_END.
    When i executed project my file created as *#VOC_FILENAME_PREFIX_MyProduct_#VOC_EXPORT_END.csv*
    but i want my file name as value of variables SampleFile_MyProduct_20090806.cvs.
    May anyone help me please?

    trying to hlep....
    Note :- This is just a test case (not the exact answer)
    Can you try the variable name length less than 25.
    so in your case the concatinate of variable length should be less than 25
    for example give #var1 and #var2
    Please let us know if this is working
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  • Using Variable with if condition?

    Hi Gurus,
    I have this xml structure below. I have this 3 columns for my report.
    1. Registrations: If Register is associated to a Create transaction then the value is “Y” Otherwise this value = “N”
    For Create Transactions, TRANSACTIONTYPE values are: 'Apply for Registration' and 'Apply to Vary a Registration'
    2. Cancellations: If Register is associated to a Cease transaction then the value is “Y” Otherwise this value = “N”
    For Cease Transactions, TRANSACTIONTYPE values is: 'Apply to Cancel'
    3. Updates: If Register is associated to a Maintain transaction then the value is “Y” Otherwise this value = “N”
    For Maintain Transactions, TRANSACTIONTYPE values are: 'Update Business Name', 'Update Person', 'Update Organisation' and 'Update Address'
    Expected Output:
    Register Entry Number     Registrations     Cancellations     Updates
    1-39444804     Y     Y     Y
    1-45786091     N     N     Y
    1-41181452     Y     N     N
    <TRANSACTIONTYPE>Apply to Vary a Registration</TRANSACTIONTYPE>
    Kind Regards,
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    Edited by: BIPnewbie on Apr 2, 2012 3:18 AM

    Hi JP,
    see my solution below
    ---declare your variable first---
    add the following codes per column in your table
    Register Entry Column:
    <?for-each-group:ROW; REGISTERENTRYNUMBER?>
    <?if:TRANSACTIONTYPE=’Apply for Registration’ or TRANSACTIONTYPE=‘Apply to Vary a Registration’?><?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX,'vRegistration',’Y’)?><?end if?>
    <?if:TRANSACTIONTYPE='Apply to Cancel')?><?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX,'vCancellation',’Y’)?><?end if?>
    <?if:TRANSACTIONTYPE=’Update Business Name’ or TRANSACTIONTYPE= ‘Update Person’ or TRANSACTIONTYPE=’Update Organization’ or TRANSACTIONTYPE=’Update Address’?><?xdoxslt:set_variable($_XDOCTX,'vUpdates',’Y’)?><?end if?>
    <?end for-each?>
    Registration Column:
    Cancellation Column:
    Updates Column:
    <?end for-each?>
    I already try those codes in the template that i've created and it works.
    Inform me if you have any other questions..

  • Re: Using Variables with SWFLoader?

    Try something like the following:

    Did you try passing URL variables after the .swf?
    Something like:
    <mx:SWFLoader source="app.swf?fName=Stranger" />
    Then, in your loaded SWF, try something like:
    private function init():void {
    if (parameters.hasOwnProperty("fName")) {
    PS: You may have to wait for the applicationComplete event
    before trying to access parameters.

  • Copy using Variables with multiple single values in BEX

    I have a requirement wherein on executing the planning function, the system should take the FROM and TO values of 0FISCPER and copy the data accordingly.
    Source variable is 'Single Value'.
    Target variable is 'Multiple Single Value'.
    I tried to give the Command Range as below:
    The button sequence is as below:
    VAR_NAME_1      0         ZFISCPER
    VAR_VALUE_1     0
    VAR_NAME_2      1         ZFISCPER_M
    VAR_VALUE_2     1
    In the Analyzer, I entered the values as
    In A30, VAR_NAME_1     0     =C20
    In A31, VAR_NAME_2     1     =C21:C24
    The values that I entered are as below:
    C20 =   2007001 - Source value
    C21 =   2007002 - Target values
    C22 =   2007003
    C23 =   2007004
    C24 =   2007005.
    The problem that Im facing is the system is unable to identify the multiple values that I enter for Target Fiscper and it displays as :#VALUE!
    How to enter multiple single values and reference them accordingly?

    I have tried to enter multiple single values as below:
    VAR_VALUE_1     0     000  - Source
    VAR_VALUE_1     1     003  -  Target
    VAR_VALUE_2     1     010
    VAR_VALUE_3     1     080
    VAR_VALUE_4     1     099
    When I tried to execute the planning function, the system copies the data from version 000 to ALL versions irrespective of values entered

  • Using Variables with SWFLoader?

    I can't figure out how, there's no SWFLoader.Var, or anything
    like that, and I can't find it in properties, how do it do

    Did you try passing URL variables after the .swf?
    Something like:
    <mx:SWFLoader source="app.swf?fName=Stranger" />
    Then, in your loaded SWF, try something like:
    private function init():void {
    if (parameters.hasOwnProperty("fName")) {
    PS: You may have to wait for the applicationComplete event
    before trying to access parameters.

  • How do i filter the records in analytic view by using variable/parameter for a time range

    i have a analytic view which has a output column as date type. i want the user who use this view have the control to decided the output records based on a time range (from x to y).
    i tried to create 2 variables, 1 for start_time, 1 for end_time. Ideally, i should have a expression for filtering data like this:
    $$start_time <= date_column <= $$end_time
    However, the variable windows doesn't seem to be feasible for the expression as above.
    Does anyone has the same problem and get it solved?

    just figured out by my own. So the answer is using "variable" with "range" option.
    Making a variable, then set the "selection type" to "range".
    When preview the data, the variable input window pops up with operator on default "equal", use dropdown list to swtich it to "between", then you can enter the start_time and end_time as a range filter.

  • How to create date variable with interval in VC

    Hi Everyone,
    I have 2 questions:
    <u>My scenario:</u>
    I am using a BI 7.0 Query which is having some variables. I want the same variables to be displayed in the VC output.
    <u>Question 1:</u>
    I know that how to bring these variables in variable screen, but when we use these queries, dont the variables in the variable screen automatically ask for the input?
    I tried it but it is not happening automatically.
    There are 2 inputs for queries with variables, i tried using both, but it is not working properly. Can any one tell me is it possible.
    <u>Question 2:</u>
    In this variable screen, I have to select date with interval format. but i dont know how to use variable with interval. ( Date with interval format).
    I hope some one might have come across the same scenario .. If so please share with the solution me ..

    Ok .. Let me be very clear .. I think I confused you.
    As you mentioned I have done every thing in query level.
    I have created a query with a variable which is an interval based variable(date).
    When I execute the query it asks for the dates to display the inbetween data.
    I gave the inputs and the data is displayed properly.( So far what I have mentioned is all in Query designer).
    In VC, I have used this query and it is having two ports named INPUT and VARIABLE. I know that I need to give input in variables. I selected the calander month variable from the list to display. After this I deployed the model. In the output screen the table is displayed and 1 text box is also available for the date input. I know that here I have to give date with same format as in Query designer output. I tried so many ways to give input by even selecting some other options like date picker but it is giving the following error - <b>Variable expects interval values; enter an interval.</b>
    The date format which I m using in Query is "MM.YYYY" and I m using the same format in VC too.
    Now I hope that u can understand better.
    I want to know is there any other way through which this can enter interval value or what mistake I m doing in the above explained scenario?

  • Using variables w/ loadMovieNum

    what is the proper syntax for using variables with loadMovie
    ive set up a button that will define a var
    on (press) {
    var bigpic = "2";
    and then further down the timeline ,
    i would like to use that the var bigpic in a loadMovieNum
    but what is the proper way to do this ?

    it all depends on what the intention of the variable bigpic
    is... is it intended as the level you want to load a movie in? if
    so then it needs to be a number rather than a string:
    var bigpic = 2;
    and then later:
    loadMovieNum("pic.jpg", bigpic);
    but maybe bigpic is the number of the picture that you want
    to bring in...?
    then you use something like:
    loadMovieNum("pic"+bigpic+".jpg", 2);
    (assuming that you're bringing in jpgs, that they're called
    pic1.jpg, pic2.jpg etc and you're loading them into level 2.)

  • "Set-aduser -clear" using variables

    Hello all,
    Is it possible to clear an attribute from a user using variables? For example, this little command works fine:
    get-aduser User31 | set-aduser -clear extensionattribute2, extensionattribute3
    However, I'd like to use this command with variables, like if I didn't know what attributes I wanted to clear beforehand, and could add these attributes to a variable and then pass them to set-aduser:
    $Variables = "extensionattribute2, extensionattribute3"
    get-aduser User31 | set-aduser -clear $Variables
    This command will not work, and I'm not sure if it's possible to use variables with the "-clear" parameter of "set-aduser"?

    You can do that this way:
    $attributes = 'extensionAttribute2','extensionAttribute3'
    Set-ADUser -Identity tester1 -Clear $attributes
    Get-ADUser -Identity tester1 -Properties extensionAttribute2,extensionAttribute3 |
    Select SamAccountName,extensionAttribute2,extensionAttribute3
    SamAccountName extensionAttribute2 extensionAttribute3
    tester1 ex2 ex3
    SamAccountName extensionAttribute2 extensionAttribute3
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