UWC Login problem from explorer

Dear All
I am having funny problem with UWC, if I try to login to uwc via windows explorer with correct username and password repeatedly I receiving login page and uwc leave some errors in regards of SSO, but if I use the firefox, I can login to UWC with no problem and also UWC doesn't leave any error, I can't understand what is the problem,
here is the error if I use the windows explorer,
Dec 3, 2006 2:05:19 AM com.sun.uwc.common.auth.IdentitySSOAuthFilter doFilter
WARNING: SSOException..Invalid session ID.
Best regards
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Hi Jay
for some reasons as soon as I try to access the uwc from explorer even without login I get the below error and warnings inside the uwc log.
Dec 5, 2006 2:09:59 PM com.sun.uwc.common.auth.IdentitySSOAuthFilter doFilter
WARNING: SSOException..Invalid session ID.
Dec 5, 2006 2:09:59 PM com.sun.uwc.common.util.UWCPreferences node
SEVERE: Could not load the file: /var/opt/SUNWuwc/WEB-INF/domain/en-us/i18n.prop
erties (No such file or directory)
Dec 5, 2006 2:09:59 PM com.sun.uwc.common.util.UWCDomainCache loadUWCResourceBun
WARNING: Unable to load default resource bundle for domain mycom-int.co.ukand lo
Dec 5, 2006 2:09:59 PM com.sun.uwc.common.util.UWCPreferences node
SEVERE: Could not load the file: /var/opt/SUNWuwc/WEB-INF/domain/en-us/i18n.prop
erties (No such file or directory)
Dec 5, 2006 2:09:59 PM com.sun.uwc.common.util.UWCDomainCache loadUWCResourceBun
WARNING: Unable to load default resource bundle for domain mycom-int.co.ukand lo
Dec 5, 2006 2:09:59 PM com.sun.uwc.common.util.UWCDomainCache loadUWCTheme
WARNING: Theme for localeenandmycom-int.co.uk is not configured
Dec 5, 2006 2:09:59 PM com.sun.uwc.common.util.UWCDomainCache loadUWCTheme
WARNING: Theme for localeenandmycom-int.co.uk is not configured
Best regards

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  • UWC Login Problem

    Hi All,
    I am having a problem with UWC. Users can log into Calendar Express just fine, but Messenger Express and UWC fail. When I run start-msg I get the following:
    Connecting to watcher ...
    Launching watcher ...
    Starting store server .... 1433
    checking store server status ... ready
    Starting http server .... failed
    Starting mmp server ... 1435
    I'm not that familiar with these products, so I am not sure if this is the problem or not. But I don't know where to go to start the http server.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    awell wrote:
    It is entirely possible. When I reran the configure script, it configured pop and imap, which were not configured before.
    I also don't think there was supposed to be an MTA on this box. So how is this system supposed to be able to receive new emails? No MTA means its just a mail-store only.
    So these extra services may be using ports set up for something else. You would have seen more errors if that was the case.
    By default port 80 is enabled for messaging server http access. If you have another webserver installed on the same system - perhaps hosting UWC - then it will also be using port 80.
    You can change the port number for messaging server http access by running the following and restarting messaging server:
    ./configutil -o service.http.port -v <new port number>
    You will have to reconfigure UWC to use the new port.
    Do pop and imap have to be configured for uwc to work?POP no. You can disable it by running "./configutil -o service.pop.enable -v 0" and restart messaging server.
    IMAP yes. The http process talks IMAP to the backend-store. So it goes:
    UWC -> mshttpd -> imapd -> store data.

  • Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro - Creating PDF from explorer (Right-Click) problem

    I am new here. I've searched the forums here and maybe I've missed finding the solution.  We recently updated from Acrobat 6 Pro to Acrobat 9 Pro, and I can no longer get a PDF to be created in the same folder the Word, Excel or other file is located.
    In otherwords, when I use (under Windows Explorer) the right-click option and Convert to Adobe PDF, Acrobat 9 Pro keeps asking me where to save this file!  Under Acrobat 6 Pro, it would just create the file under the same folder unless I specified otherwise.
    I have tried to look under the Word 2003 Adobe PDF "Change Conversion Settings" and I do not have the box next to Prompt for Adobe PDF file name checked.
    Am I missing something? I would have assumed this simple process would have carried over from Acrobat 6 Pro. I really do not want to go through a bunch of processes just to save the PDF in the same folder. Under Acrobat 6 Pro, this was a simple task. I am not doing anything major, just converting various Word (.doc) files to PDF.

    Using Windows 7, Acrobat 10.0.1, basically the same problem.
    Explorer > Right-Click > Convert to Adobe PDF
    brings up the Save As dialog and if you'll notice the path in the address bar at the top, it defaults to the last folder in which you created a PDF.
    In the Save As dialog, browse to the folder in which you want to save the PDF then click the Save button. This folder will stay in effect until you change it by browsing to a different one in the Save As dialog.
    Using Acrobat X, I tried everything I could think of to get a fast, efficient way of converting multiple files to PDF (with the same name and in the same folder as the source files) and, unfortunately, the method described above seems to be the fastest. I tried drag and drop to an Adobe PDF printer shortcut and that didn't work at all--it did nothing! In Acrobat X, File > Create > Batch Create Multiple Files will present a dialog with options for saving to the same folder and keeping the same name as the source file, although it seems like the files process slower in addition to having to click 8 times (not counting selecting the files) before the process begins.
    I fervently hope that Adobe will change Explorer > Right-Click > Convert to Adobe PDF back to automatically saving to the same folder as the source document.

  • Why am I unable to login to Apple Support site from my iPhone, but have no problem from my desktop?

    Why am I unable to login to the Apple Support site from my iPhone, but have no problem from my desktop?

    I have never been able to log into this forum on my phone. I have the settings set as noted above. Any further ideas?
    Never mind, I just tried it again and all of a sudden it worked. All I did was retype the last part of my e-mail address.

  • Problems - Javascript errors, when I login Portal from Internet.

    I have the following problem:
    In order to login SAP Portal 7.0, externally, I created a URL in  public host like http://km.mycompany.com,
    and that URL redirects me to my portal URL, like http://myserver.mycompany.com:50000/irj., using SAP WebDispatcher
    The problem is that if logon to http://myserver:50000/irj (from inside my LAN), I can navigate it OK.
    But if I login Portal from the Internet (outside LAN), I have in several pages Portal Javascript errors. I analyzed that these errors occur for example on page User Admin, or the Webdynpro Administrator.
    After analyzing a bit, I found that pages that give me javascript errors (for example, "SSR is undefined" or " 'me' is undefined", that dont let me to click buttons or see gifs images, or display /nwa page) occurs in the pages that does not begin with "/irj" but with "/webdynpro/dispatcher. "
    any ideas ???
    thanks in advance,
    Edited by: Leandro  Balboni on Sep 1, 2008 11:44 PM
    Edited by: Leandro  Balboni on Sep 1, 2008 11:45 PM

    JavaScript issues 9 out of 10 have to do with FQDN issues.
    Anotherthing to check in the WepDisp config is:
    wdisp/permission_table = URLpermissions.pfl
    Good luck,
    Benjamin Houttuin

  • I can only open 1 .Ai file at a time from explorer

    Okay.  Googling is getting me nowhere and posting this is a last resort.
    computer is running:
    Windows 7 x64 SP1
    Creative Suite 5.5
    Illustrator 5.1
    The problem is:
    From within Windows Explorer, I can only open 1 Illustrator file at a time.  To get a different file to open, I either have to drag and drop the second file into the tabs under the menubar, or I need to quit Illustrator and re-open it.  Also,  I can not open additional files from Explorer one-at-a-time if one is already open.
    If I go to File -> Open I can select multiple files from within the Open File dialogue window and they open just fine.  but i can't do it from within windows explorer.  This used to work and now it doesn't and I have no idea why.  Can anyone help me out?
    Seriously? 137 views and no replies?  No one has run into this before?

    This is a long shot but try going to Preferences/Type and uncheck "Show Font Names in English".
    Quit illustrator and restart, does it work now?
    The reason I´m suggesting this is that unless I have this box unchecked, some internal function in illustrator crashes after I´ve opened one document and I have to quit & restart if I wan´t to open another one. A rather silly bug and I stumpled upon the solution by accident after cursing illustrator for a couple of months...

  • Error 18452 "Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication" on SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition 64-bit SP2 clustered instance

    Hi there,
    I have a Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise x64 SP2 cluster which has 2 SQL Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition x64 SP2
    A domain account "Domain\Login" is administrator on both physcial nodes and "sysadmin" on both SQL Server instances.
    Currently both instances are running on same node.
    While logging on to SQL Server instance 2 thru "Domain\Login" using "IP2,port2", I get error 18452 "Login failed. The login is from an untrusted domain and cannot be used with Windows authentication". This happened in the past
    as well but issue resolved post insatllation of SQL Server 2008R2 SP2. This has re-occurred now. But it connects using 'SQLVirtual2\Instance2' without issue.
    Same login with same rights is able to access Instance 1 on both 'SQLVirtual1\Instance1' and "IP1,port1" without any issue.
    Please help resolve the issue.

    I Confirm that I encountred the same problem when the first domain controller was dow !!
    During a restarting of the first domain controller, i tried to failover my SQL Server instance to a second node, after that I will be able to authenticate SQL Server Login but Windows Login returns Error 18452 !
    When the firts DC restart finishied restarting every thing was Ok !
    The Question here : Why the cluster instance does'nt used the second DC ???
    Best Regards     

  • Suddenly I can't drag files from explorer into audition anymore.

    Hi any help on this would be greatly appreciated.
    I was having some trouble with my m-track ASIO interface drivers so I went through some steps to try and fix this, and made some changes to audition and windows 7. I made some changes listed here http://avid.custkb.com/avid/app/selfservice/search.jsp?DocId=349411
    anyway, none of it helped my issue, and to make matters worse now I cant just drag files from explorer windows into audition (which would usually load them in the menu on the left and place them into multitrack editor)
    I can still load files through the open menu but this is pretty inefficient way of doing it.
    Now I tried to reverse the changes I made but I still cant drag and drop into audition.
    does anybody know what might cause this and how to fix it?

    Well, just finished my weekly podcast using Garageband and the "new and improved" iTunes. Here are the clunkers I've found:
    1. Original problem of not being able to drag from iTunes to GarageBand. JamButty, I'll try out your workaround... for this show I literally had to drag all of the files I needed out of iTunes into a folder... Then why use iTunes at all?! Really stupid.
    2. I noticed when I dragged the final show off of iTunes to a folder I use to upload to my S3 account, it now just has the black mp3 icon... not the image I use for the show. Granted, not a functional problem, but just stupid none the less why they would eliminate that.
    3. Show notes in the metadata. Usually I'd copy my first paragraph of show notes (what goes on the web page) into Info > Comments in the metadata. And, if was too long, it would just chop off the end of it. This time I got a "bink" sound and nothing copied in. Tried it a couple of different ways with the same results until I figured out to just put half the copy in. Again, stupid, useless, time-consuming change.
    I love Apple to death, but I hate what they do sometimes. The make a great product... then eventually screw it up with dumb changes (for example, the latest version of Final Cut)

  • Web Center app with ADF Security - login problem

    I have a custome Oracle Web Center app.
    I have a page.html with an embedded login form posting to j_security_check. I've configured the ADF security policies to redirect to a JSPX on successful login.
    When I try the correct username/password, I get redirected not to the page I defined in ADF, but to the root page
    and i get
    Error 403--Forbidden
    I've checked the weblogic.xml as per http://andrejusb.blogspot.com/2009/12/solving-error-403-forbidden-in-adf.html, all the required entries are there.
    This works fine if i use a Login link with
    destination="#{'/adfAuthentication?login=true&amp;end_url=/faces/postLogin.jspx'} "
    which redirects to the default login.html and then to the right page. I've copied the form from the default login.html into my master HTML page.
    Hope my question is clear. Any suggestions why it is going to the wrong URL after login.
    Is there anything specific I should see in the jazn-data.xml or web.xml regarding the post-login URL since i cant see that in either.
    P.S. Have been advised to try here when I originally asked this in the WebCenter forum. Web Center app ADF Security - login problem
    Edited by: new_to_webcenter on 18-Jan-2011 05:25

    Thanks for your response Frank.
    The web.xml has
    When configuring ADF Security via JDev , I chose "Redirect upon successful authentication" to the Welcome Page
    this then adds into web.xml
    So the sequence which works is:
    Login via the '/adfAuthentication?login=true&end_url=/faces/postLogin.jspx' and this redirects to login.html (OOTB form which posts to j_security_check) and then to the postLogin.jspx
    I'm trying to do away with a Login link, and trying the simple login form embedded in my page alongwith other content.
    So should the form be posting to j_security_check directly or to the adfAuthentication ?

  • IMac login problems on any 10.6 update

    I have a 24" iMac that is 2 years old. After using snow leopard on my husband's new macbook I decided to get it for my imac. The base install of 10.6 works fine but of course it immediately wants to be updated to a new release. If I update it past the base install from the CD I get login problems.
    What happens is that the desktop appears and the finder menu is at the top but the date and network status etc - everything from the top right of the menu bar is missing. The computer will not move forward. No amount of waiting or button pushing will improve the situation.
    Sometimes I could log in to another account but then it would start happening on that acocunt too. I made myself a new account and it started happening on that too. Every time if I did a re-install of the base 10.6 from the CD it went back to working fine. I would have to say no to every update of 10.6 on software update. This has been going on for 6 months. I thought maybe with 10.6.4 they fixed it but it did it again.
    yesterday I did a fresh install. Thinking it was caused by my old quicken 2007 or parallels (though its v 5) or something else that has some bit that starts at login I formatted the HD , installed 10.6 fresh and installed nothing but ilife 9. I downloaded the 10.6.4 update and it still happens. I logged off my account and logged back in to test and it froze again. I am at my wits end. The only thing I saved from my old profile was my mail folder. I can find nothing else to fix. Any ideas?

    SamNS wrote:
    the desktop appears and the finder menu is at the top but the date and network status etc - everything from the top right of the menu bar is missing.
    Do things behave better if you boot into "safe mode" by holding down a shift key while your Mac is booting?

  • Auto login problem in Discoverer -- Urgent Help

    Hi All,
    I'm trying to call discoverer 4i plus from viewer.
    I did auto login for discoverer 4i plus for 9i AS(2.1).It worked
    fine. I did the same for 9i AS(2.2).Basically i tried to get
    login inforamtion from cookies in webdisc.js file .The edited
    webdisc.js like this
    var user = getCookie ("Username");
    If i remove this line my discoverer 4i plus works fine without
    having any problem.if add the above code then i get the
    following error
    "Unable to connect to the Oracle Discoverer Application server.
    Failed to connect to session XXXOracleDiscovererSession4 using
    Any help please..
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Jerome ,
    Thanks for the reply.
    I installed 9iAS(2.2) on NT. clint is on WIN2000.
    Are u using cookies?
    In my viewer, i've provided a link to plus. When an user hit
    this link it should take the userid from viewer and auto logins
    to plus. In viewer, i'm putting the userid and password in a
    cookie and reads the information from cookie in webdisc.js(This
    is disco plus script file for auto login)
    I did the whole process in 9iAS(2.1) it works fine. Only this
    version(2.2) i'm getting the error
    "Unable to connect to the Oracle Discoverer Application server.
    Failed to connect to session XXXOracleDiscovererSession4 using
    I'm interested to know how u did auto login on NT using <PARAM>
    Best Regards,

  • Printing from Explorer context menu prints in wrong scale

    I have a problem with a customer; when they right-click a PDF file and choose "Print" from Explorer context menu the actual printout is sometimes printed in the wrong scale, ie it looks zoomed. The same problem exists when printing PDF's from other applications as well, for example Outlook. If they print the same PDF one more time (by right-click-printing) the problem may resolve itself. Sometimes it's enough to print twice, other times they need to do it more times. The problem exists in several computers, which is why i want it to be a problem with some default-settings in Adobe Reader.
    What might cause this behavior ?

    So, 4 years have passed, and one would hope the problem solved itself in some update the last 4 years.
    However, it has not. (Well, actually it was fixed for a short while. Then it broke again:()
    I do have some fresh information that can help you devs at Adobe to maybe get closer to a solution.
    Just before christmas (nov 22) i was doing a new attempt to solve the problem.
    At the time Reader XI had been released, but not yet installed at the client. Crossing my fingers and praying to higher powers i downloaded XI and gave it a shot; and the problem actually went away! My theory was that finally some architectual change had been implemented; or parts of Reader had been rewritten for any reason. Anyhow, the problem was gone after nearly 4 years and both me and the client was happy!
    Today the client called again. The PDF-printouts are zoomed again. Worse than ever. Now, EVERY PDF that's printed was getting zoomed (if printed from another program.). When printing, Reader flashes by the screen; so i guess the app does something like "adobe.exe /print %temp%\whatever.pdf" or however it works.
    I immediately suspected that an update had been installed and broke the Reader again. This was the case. 11.0.06 had been auto-installed last week. After searching adobe site for 30 minutes i finally found the downloads required to get 11.0.05 installed and running again. *poof* problem gone. Every print is good.
    11.0.05 does not contain the bug that makes most printouts zoomed. (WORKS)
    11.0.06 contains the bug again. (DOES NOT WORK)
    So, whatever changes are in that update broke the Reader for the client again.
    ADOBE: Hope this gets u closer to a solution!
    PEOPLE: If you are experiencing the same problem as my client, please try my solution. It just might help you.
    ps. oh, and where u download older versions from adobe.com is
    Install order:
    - 11.0.01                AdbeRdr11000_mui_Std.zip
    - 11.0.04 patch      AdbeRdrUpd11004_MUI.msp
    - 11.0.05 patch      AdbeRdrSecUpd11005.msp
    Im not sure if installing Multilanguage/All Languages makes a difference.

  • Simultaneous login problem

    I am having simultaneous login problems. In the past I have been able to sign into my skype account on both my Mac Book Pro and my Windows 7 desktop PC. However since I had to change my password I can only login into one machine at a time now. Also when I change my password on the desktop PC I can only sign into that skype / computer. Whenever I type the same account name and same exact password on my Mac Book Pro, it says it doesn't recognize my sign-in details but I am 100% sure that I typed it in exactly the same way as I did on my desktop. Another is that when I reset my password on my Mac Book those details won't work on the Desktop PC and vice-versa.
    I would like to know what is the problem in this situation, I am not sure if this is an application error or a networking error where the account details are not signing in from a different IP or MAC address.
    Please and thank you!

    "The load balancing was already functional:"
    Do you have a description how to do that?
    I Would like to know how.
    "so ALL traffic, not going to the LAN network and so over this interface, went out on the DMZ interface, with source IP from LAN."
    If you put the VPN servers behind 1-1 NAT instead they will use the firewall as GW and the VPN clients will get at your remote sites/LAN IF you add routing definitions in VPN config what networks are reachable through VPN.
    Or you keep servers as they are but also add add more routing definitions in VPN AND static routes to each server with the firewall as gw to those remote networks. Default gw will still be through the DMZ IPs though.
    The problem with more than one VPN client from behind same IP address is, with your current server settings, most likely because of the client side NAT router isn't coping with the task. Your public IP VPN server(s) should mean NAT VPN problem is at the other end (customer/client network router/firewall).
    If two VPN clients behind same NAT router connected to different servers at your end, "" and "" (both are public IPs?) respectively I believe at least two should be able to connect.
    3G/4G modems isn't an option?
    Maybe try bringing your own tested working portable router (ethernet/wifi maybe includes a VPN client that connect to your servers) to the customer and put it temporarily on their LAN? There are these small new 3G/WiFi routers too. Depends on wether you need to be connected to customer LAN or not.
    Try other VPN solution, SSL or OpenVPN?
    Use both PPTP and L2TP simultaneously (PPTP could be troubelsome if GRE/TCP 1723 passthrough is disabled)?

  • OSX 10.5.2 Server Login Problems

    I have seen a few other posts with the same problem, but have not seen a solution.
    I cannot login!
    This is a brand new and fresh install of OSX 10.5 server on a PowerMac Dual 2.5ghz G5 w/5Gb RAM machine. When I run the install as standard server from the distribution DVD, it works fine, and I establish one administrator account. I then proceed to software update to 10.5.2, and after that the machine won't accept my user account and password. I am stuck, as I have not setup any additional account as of yet. I experience the same problem from ARD, or from Server utilities. It won't accept a login. I am running almost no services as of yet, except for VPN and file service. I am using the ethernet connection to my LAN, Time Capsule as the internet router/interface and firewall.
    Since this occurred after a new install, I erased and partitioned the HD, and performed a repeat new install. I got the same result.
    I could perform another fresh install if I knew of something I could do differently that would solve the problem. Perhaps establish some additional server admin accounts? I am grasping at straws.
    There must be a problem in the OSX Server 10.5.2 update software. I am running nothing else on this machine.
    Does anyone have a suggested fix?

    Although I feel kind of dumb replying to my own post, I have some additional information after scrounging around and realizing that the only login that works is root. The following things have become apparent.
    1. LDAP master is hosed. Doesn't exist on the server. I can only assume that the 10.5.2 upgrade killed it. There are no accounts on the machine after the update, and I get an error message that reports LDAP master missing when I try to recreate an account. Another clean install later, followed by the 10.5.2 update, and the problem is quite reproducible.
    2. This appears to be the result of applying the 10.5.2 update. Was not a problem prior to that.
    I am going to try to reinstall again, but leave the original version of OSX server alone for the present.
    Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

  • Problem with explorer.exe when LR starts

    When starting LR (V1.0) the task manager reports that explorer.exe is eating up about 50% of my CPU. Closing LR does not have an effect. Only a re-start clears it up. This is now the second time I have installed LR as there was a conflict the first time I upgraded from the beta 4 version. I have searched through many of the same folders that my LR library uses with Bridge and Windows explorer and there was no problem with explorer.exe. Only upon starting LR does the problem occur. Any advice much appreciated. Thank you!
    Windows XP Media Center Edition SP2
    Pentium 4 3.2 GHz
    2 GB RAM

    Firefox is the last ever version of Firefox for Win98 / SE / ME.
    You can try KernelEx to get Firefox 3+ to work, but it would be very slow with an old PC of less than 750Mhz.

Maybe you are looking for

  • Using Aiport Express and internet at the same time?

    I was just wondering if anyone could offer any advice on this subject please? I've got a Macbook running through a wireless BT ADSL modem. I have also managed to connect the Macbook to my Aiport Express to allow me to wirelessly pipe iTunes through m

  • How to get Manager name of a particular BP/User from territory management

    Hi Guys, I want to retrieve the Manager name of a particular BP/User from territory management. The manager might be in any territory hierarchy level above the user. Please guide. Regards, Shaili

  • Shuffle Problems

    I have loaded my shuffle 3 times. 750 songs, 150 songs and 100 songs. When I use my shuffle it only plays the last 100 songs in the shuffle. My ipod shows that I have the 1,000 songs in the ipod. How do I get the entire library of songs in the "shuff

  • Cost of activity regarding a specific time period (start/finish)

    Hi I need to export into an excel a field in which there's the cost (of each task) for 2015 and for 2016 years. For example. I insert a row "TaskA" : start at jan-2015 and finish at oct-2016. I need to know how much cost in 2015 and how much in 2016.

  • BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE ---- need to update custom field in MSEG table

    Greetings all, I'm using 'BAPI_GOODSMVT_CREATE' to create goods movements. also I need to update one cutom field(z-field) in MSEG table. Could anyone please advice how can I update the custom field thru EXTENSIONIN. thanks in advance.