UWL - Records not getting into LeaveRequestApproval web dynpro screen

We are on EP7 sp9 and ECC 6.0. We are working with UWL. In UWL, we downloaded the standard XML file and done changes for removing the other tabs except the 'Tasks' tab and also placed the refresh button on main screen. It looks fine. Now, the problem is the web dynpro screen is not pulling data from backend. Previously, when we click on 'LeaveRequestApproval' work item, we use to get ITS screen. at backend we did changes in SWFVISU transaction to get web dynpro popup screen when user clicks on 'LeaveRequestApproval' work item. We could able to get the popup web dynpro screen, but it is not pulling any records from backend.
Now, let us know where we are doing mistake? do we need any more configuration at backend? If so, let us know the work around for it.
Thanks in advance.
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But are you able to see the labels, buttons etc ? Or is it that the entire page itself is not visible ?
Please check the log file and see what is the error you get there ? Or probably check on the backend side if there is a dump.
You can also check with the debugger on the backend side...see what exactly happens on the backend when the page is getting loaded.
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    Check table RBEX on R/3 side whether any entries exists in that or not.
    if it does not contain any entry it will not bring any data.
    Check the link.
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    Looking forward to active replies.

    Hello Harsh,
    In webdynro adobe integration we use webdynpro native controls and the form must be in the
        ZCI layout. In SFP >layout you have to insert the webdynpro script .After going to the layout
              go to utilites and insert webdynpro script.Then you can find a variable containerfoundation_js.
    If you have changed the layout from standard layout to ZCI layout in form builder (SFP), the update the layout using program FP_ZCI_UPDATE.
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    I am working on an application where a user will enter the vendor number and based on that vendor the information of the vendor such as his name, address should get filled in the interactive form that we have created. I am able to get the vendor information at the back end and I have created a print button and hitting on that print button will actually fill the form. But now my problem is when I run the application the form is already displayed on the web dynpro screen (without any vlaues) and when I hit print button the form gets filled with correct values but I don;t want form to be pre displayed until and unless user hits print button. Can you please tell me how can I do this.

    Hi Thomas,
    Thanks for quick reply.
    Let me explain you what I want... I am very new to webdynpro so my questions may sound very basic or may be weird.
    I have an application where the user will enter the vendor number on the web dynpro screen and then will hit the button PRINT and when he hits print  button the PDF form should be displayed on the web dynpro screen. So far when I run my application the vendor number (input field) is there and a print button is also there but beneath there is the whole interactive form is showing up (a balnk) and when I enter the vendor number and hit print the same form will get filled up with the required data.
    What I want is when I execute my application and on the web dynpro screen only the vendor number field and the print button should be visible and not the PDF form, the PDF form should only be displayed once user hit print button. I tried to change the value of the property from visible to none and what it did was the PDF form was not visible on the web dynpro screen on both the occassion i.e. when I execute the the web dynpro applkication and after when user hits print button.

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    I am trying to trigger a BPM process from a Web Dynpro screen so I created a BPM process and created a WSDL and consuming the WSDL in the Web Dynpro app but getting an exception "Exception on creation of service metadata for web service mass config parameters service reference ID '28af57ab-9212-4ffd-90c6-0779c78a8da3' and application name 'demo.sap.com/testwd'. Check mass configuration has been done properly."
    Please assist with what I am missing.

    I ran into the same error when attempting to consume a Process as a web service from my Web Dynpro component.  I found that it is actually succeeding in kicking off my process, but it looks like it fails from my calling component.  It seems to be related to calling a service meant to be asynchronous as a synchronous service.  In my case, it throws a SOAP fault "com.sap.engine.services.webservices.jaxrpc.exceptions.SOAPFaultException: Process start has been triggered" when I run it from the WS Navigator manually.  It turns out that the same error is getting wrapped by the exception you were experiencing.  Try using the getCause method to see if the same is true for you.  This environment is still new to me so I don't have good solution on how to make it not throw that error in the first place.
    [addendum] I ran across [this|Start BPM Process Trigger - Read timed out] thread that explains exactly what I had guessed.  You can remove the response part of your WSDL and it will get called successfully in an asynchronous manor.  Note that you must manually remove some of the entries in the WSDL since the visual editor with the 7.1 environment doesn't clean up after itself as well as it should.
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  • Converting Web Dynpro project into a Web Dynpro DC

    I have a Web Dynpro project created.
    Now I want to convert it into a Web Dynpro DC (Development Component).
    Could anyone tell me if there is a standard procedure to do this?
    Right now, I am following the below procedure:
    Copy all the folders under root folder->src-> packages of Web Dynpro project into root folder->src-> packages of Web Dynpro DC.
    Rebuild the DC.
    But in this procedure I am getting errors (in view code) as the required interfaces (example, IPrivate<<component-name>>.java) are not getting generated when I re-build the DC.
    Could anyone help me with this issue?

    Hi Aditya,
    I have used two way for this and both worked fine for me.
    1. While creating DC project at the end there eill be a check box, which when you tick will show your local dynpro project and you can then import that.
    2. Create DC project after that copy the component of your local dynpro project and paste it on the option where you can create the component of DC project.
    After pasting click next - next so that everything remain in sync.
    After that check if you have any compilation error, check them if they are because of some jar files.. you have to add the library files by using the option -> DC Metadata ->DC Definition ->Used DC.
    If you got no compliation error, then just rename the component ( again click next) and then deploy.
    otherwise you may get deployment error.
    Hope this helps,

  • Eclipse environment does not appear the options "Web Dynpro Project"

    Hi all,
    I installed the SAP NetWeaver 7.1 Composition Environment SP03
    But in my eclipse environment does not appear the options "Web Dynpro Project" and not "Development Component Project".
    That is, I can not do a Web Dynpro project
    I have to do some more configuration in eclipse, for example, carry some plugin?
    How to do this, please help me

             I think you are suffering from the problem below.
    Problem Statement:
    No Webdynpro Perspective is Visible
    only perspectives available are
        Team Synchronizing
    How to Solve:
    There are many ways that this kind of error can occur.
    1.   It may occur due to "improper installation of NWDS"                                        
    How to Check and Resolve :    Is NWDS is displayed in intalled list in Control panel? If 'yes' then it is properly installed. If 'No' then reinstallation is needed.
    2.  It may occur due to "installation of Skeleton alone"
    How to Check:
                                      you can check if your installation includes Web Dynpro by selecting
    Help->Software Updates->Manage Configurations.
    When installing Developer studio 7.1 you only get the bare eclipse installation (Skeleton). You have to add web dynpro and all, after the initial install is complete.
    The installer installs the kernel of the Developer Studio. The kernel contains Eclipse and a few SAP additions, but is not equipped with the SAP features necessary for the Composition Environment. In order to install the required SAP features you have to install the SAP features.
               How to Resolve:
    Updating the NWDS software will resolve the problem.
    Go to Help->Software Updates->Find and Install. This will install the default SAP plugins that came with your NWDS CE 7.1 setup source and also the additional updates that are needed.

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    sorry...posted in wrong forum...

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    I'm trying to get data from an ALM application we use(Collabnet TeamForge) using a SOAP webservice, and am running into a problem.  I should mention that I am new to both Flex, and webservices.
    I used the "Import Web Services" option in Flex Builder 3, and had it generate code for all operations in the WSDL.  Some of them work just fine.  However, there are several where the data from the SOAP response does not get into the Flex object. The senario that doesn't work is when the response contains a data type that extends another datatype.  In TeamForge, they have a type called TrackerSoapRow.  It extends FolderSoapRow, adding 3 fields.  The problem seems to be that in the response from TeamForge, the 3 fields defined in TrackerSoapRow are in the middle of the fields defined in FolderSoapRow.  I've debugged into it, and the problem occures in mx.rpc.xml.XMLDecoder.getApplicableValues( starting at line 2204 of XMLDecoded.as).  As I read the code, the only way a match can be found is if the fields in the response are in the exact same order as in the definintion.  When its processing the extended data type(  by a call to XMLDecoder.decodeComplexExtension ) at some point, one of the derived type's fields is encountered, and the process stops.
    I have called the service using soapui and verified that all the data I expect is in the response.
    As I mentioned, I'm new to web services.  So, I suppose its possible that the format of the data being returned from TeamForge is incorrect.  That they are not supposed to intermingle base and derived fields.  If thats the case, then I need to report this as a bug to Collabnet.
    All help is appreciated.
    Marc Robertson

    Not knowing any of the details about how you call a web service from OAF myself - I'd suggest you post on the proper forum for OA Framework questions: {forum:id=210}

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    I am running 64bit version - can not get into istore but can get to other web sites. i have checked my settings i nIE

    Hello trobrie
    Start with the article below, it will provide multiple troubleshooting options as well as a link with more advanced troubleshooting steps.
    Can't connect to the iTunes Store
    -Norm G.

  • Mail account cannot update because home directory is full. But I can not get into mail without freezing. Is there a back door entry?

    mail account cannot update because home directory is full. But I can not get into mail without freezing. Is there a back door entry?

    Do you mean that your startup disk is full?

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    Welcome to the Apple Community.
    You might try a forced shutdown to begin with, hold down the top and home buttons together until the device shuts down, then restart it.

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    Do you keep your data backed up?
    If not, you should always do so*:
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