Values for user defined charactericts  COPA

I have creatd some client specific characteristics in my configuration, How can i assign vallues to those characteristics?

Use Derivation rules for deriving Characteristic values. (KEDR). You can also manually input values vide KES1

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  • QE71 -F4 Values for user defined fields in inspection points

    I have used QAPP_CUST_IP_F4 function module to list F4 values in Inspection points and QAPP_CUST_IP_CHECK for validation of those user fields.
    When configured for an inspection point, these modules are working fine when we use in QA32 and QE51n. But when we use QE71, the FM's does not getting called.
    Is there any configuration needed to make them work in QE71?

    Same kind of issue we have faced in one of my implementation ie when we used to do the RR through QA32 system allows us to show the F4 which is assigned for that inspection point. But same F4 help was not working during rr through QE71.
    For this issue we haven't applied any note by debugging in QE71 fixing call function he done some changes in the assigned FM
    after that its appered in QE71 100% it will flow in QE71 also without NOTE.
    Check with abaper
    Link: QE71 - verifiying user fields and providing lists of values

  • Batch Input for user defined fields (SRM 4.0)

    Now in my project,we are developping Batch Input function about PO,CONF in SRM 4.0.
    and in this time, we will use over 20 user defined we have to enter the value to user defined fields by using Batch Input function.
    But if we will enter over the 10 value for user defined fields,we have to scroll the screen.
    How do I scroll in SRM?(What's the command to scroll in SRM)

    better lock the user since he may some business documnt open and you can not proceed further.

  • LSMW  - Maintain Fixed Values, Translations, User-Defined Routines

    Hi all,
    I know a little about LSMW.I can perform all the steps and I have uploaded from flatfile to standard tables for transaction XK01. I just want to know what we can perform in sixth step.If I want to write a user defined routine how can I do that ? Can anyone explain me with a simple example and detailed description.

    hi, you means the 'Maintain fixed values, translations, user-defined routines'.
    You can definite some fixed values and translations rule in this step.
    And go back to the 'Maintain field mapping and conversion rules' steps.
    You can utility these pre-defined in the data mapping.
    You defined a fixed valued name 'BUKRS'
    Through click the button in the application bar in step 5,
    you can use a FV_BUKRS in data mapping.
    FV_BUKRS is the name of the fixed value name in data mapping.

  • DI Sever for User Defined Table

    Hai Guys,
      I am using B1WS web service. I want to post values to User Defined Table (EX: @TableName)  using web services,is there any services for User Defined Table in Web Services
    please give me a solution for this..

    Hello madhu,
    B1WS is unable to access UDT. But DI Server can access UDT with RecordSet
    SOAP Request Message:
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16"?>
    <env:Envelope xmlns:env="">
      <dis:ExecuteSQL xmlns:dis="">
       <DoQuery>SELECT OCRD.CardCode, OCRD.CardName, OCPR.Name FROM OCRD
    JOIN OCPR ON OCRD.CardCode = OCPR.CardCode
    SOAP Response Message:
    <?xml version="1.0"?><env:Envelope xmlns:env="">
    <env:Body><ExecuteSQLResponse xmlns=""><BOM><BO><AdmInfo><Object>oRecordset</Object></AdmInfo>
    Kind Regards

  • What is the Object Type for User Define table ?

    Dear All Experts,
    I create one of the User Define Table with no. of UDF's
    I already register User Define Table with Unique ID.
    As per my knowledge, Unique ID is our Object type for that User Define Table.
    I want to add Transaction Notification Code for created Used Define Table.
    This Transaction Notification prevents user to must enter name in that form.
    IF (@object_type = 'Z_Roto' AND (@TRANSACTION_TYPE = 'A' or @TRANSACTION_TYPE = 'U'))
    If not Exists (Select T0.DocEntry from [@Z_ROTO] T0 Where ( T0.Name is null  OR  T0.Name = ' ' ) AND T0.Code  = @list_of_cols_val_tab_del )
    SET @error = 1
    SET @error_message = 'Name is NULL then So, Please enter ZERO Value i.e. 0 in Filed_Name'
    Please help me for this problem.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Nishit Makadia

    Hi All,
    Thanks for your replay.
    Below code is working for User Define Table's Transaction Notification
    IF (@transaction_type = 'A' OR @transaction_type = 'U') AND @object_type = 'Z_Roto'
    If Exists (Select T0.Code from [@Z_ROTO] T0 Where ( T0.Name is null  OR  T0.Name = ' ' ) AND T0.Code  = @list_of_cols_val_tab_del)
    select @error = 10
    select @error_message = 'Name is NULL then So, Please enter ZERO Value i.e. 0 in Filed_Name'
    Necessary to Remember 4 Things. That are mentioned below.
    1) Register User Define Table (UDT) with using "Object Registration Wizard". For Example : @object_type = 'Z_Roto'
    2) When you define selection criteria then it must be compulsory for use Code Field. For Example : Select T0.Code from [@Z_Roto]
    3) When you define selection criteria then it must be compulsory for use Code for @list_of_cols_val_tab_del.
    4) Use error code as 10 Number
    Thanks & Regards,
    Nishit Makadia

  • DI_Inability to enter value in user defined field: Hour

    I am using SAP Business One 2007 A PL15, and I seem to be experiencing the same issue described in these two support notes:
    1086704 [DI_Inability to enter value in user defined field: Hour|]
    1016731 [DI_Inability to enter value to Hour User Defined Field|]
    However, they are for SAP 2005 and say that the issue should be fixed.
    Does anyone have any insight into whether these issues have been fixed in a more recent patch of SAP 2007?
    Thank you in advance.

    Dear Mike,
    By check the Related Notes,  the issue in SAP Note 1086704 is fixed on SAP Business One 2005 A SP01 Patch 32 and the issue in SAP Note 1016731 is fixed on SAP Business One 2005 A SP01 Patch 29.
    If your issue is same as the Notes then it should be fixed in a more recent patch of SAP 2007.
    Best Regards
    Jane Jing
    SAP Business One Forums team

  • Crystal Report Templates for User-Defined Objects

    Hello Experts,
    I am running SAP B1 8.8 PL11. In the current patch SAP has default Crystal Reports that can be used as Layouts for Invoices, Credit Memo's so on. Is it possbile to have layouts for user defined objects ( say for instance i have a customized form under sales module, can i import a crystal template for this customized form?). In the report layout manager i don't see an option to import user-defind objects.
    Any help would be appreciated.

    If this is still a problem please re-post to the SAP Integration Kit forum.

  • Standard report for User defined feild in order operation

    Hi all,
    do we have any standard report? for User defined field in order operation. actually we have User defined field in task list and same could be reflected in order operation. so i am using those user defied field to record extra info in maintenance order.  i am wondering how to get the reports . do we have any standard reports?
    Amit kushwaha

    Dear Amit
    I have utilised 3 user fields & activated order enhancement tab. I could find these three fields in report IW37N & IW49N. I m using ECC 6.0 EHP4. Try to set the layout & look for  fields - user field for quantity in the layout. For this please maintain some data in these user fields of some orders and then check for those orders in t code- IW37N & IW49n.

  • Badi: for user defined fields in Budget Entry Document

    I am implmenting BADI for user defined field in budget entry document definatin name 'FMBW_CUSTOMER' . I have created two fields in include 'CI_FMBH' and also created a sub screen and assign this subscreen to badi. I have called get data and put data methods in PBO and PAI. like this.
    create object grid1.
      CALL METHOD grid1->if_ex_fmbw_customer~get_data_from_screen
      importing doc_header = doc_header.</b>
      CALL METHOD grid1->if_ex_fmbw_customer~put_data_to_screen
          doc_header = doc_header
          processing_mode = 'CRE'.</b>
    But the system is not saving these fields in database.
    What could be the problem .

    Hi, did you have any advance on this issue?

  • Is there a range of error codes reserved for user defined error codes?

    I would like to create my own error codes for a CVI dll but I want to make sure I don't use error codes already defined for something else. Is there a range reserved for such use?
    Samee thing for warnings (errorcode > 0)

    I have never found a positive mention of a "safe" range of error codes available for user-defined error conditions, but I can suggest you some source of informations.
    First of all, every library has its specific list of error codes, usually listed in the relative include file. All these error codes are listed in the online help too (search for "error codes" in the index tab of the help).
    Second, GetGeneralErrorString () is a function that can be used to trap errors of the following libraries with a unique error function:
    User Interface Library
    Easy I/O instrument driver
    Toolbox instrument driver
    ActiveX Library
    DIAdem Connectivity Library
    .NET Library
    DataSocket instrument driver
    Network Variable Library
    Real-Time Utility Library
    TDM Streaming Library
    UDP Support Library
    This means that the error codes from this libraries do not overlap, so you could derive from its code some ranges not used by these libraries.
    Nevertheless, there is not a single function for error trapping: every library has its proper list of error codes and a function to decode them in human readable form, andthere is no guarantee that these ranges does not overlap. It's up to you to trap errors from every function in the proper way.
    Proud to use LW/CVI from 3.1 on.
    My contributions to the Developer Zone Community
    If I have helped you, why not giving me a kudos?

  • Class Data Sharing for User Defined Classes

    i am using jdk 5.0 . JDK 5.0 supports class data sharing for system level classes. Is there any way a class data sharing be done for a user defined class?

    Samantha10 wrote:
    Is this class data sharing possible for user defined classes also? i have a singleton class which i am invoking through a script. The script has been scheduled to run every 1 sec . Since it is being invoked every 1 sec hence the singleton pattern is failing . Hence if the this class data sharing is possible then the singleton pattern can be made applicable.If you have a single process and you have a single class loaded by two different ClassLoader instances
    in some respects they will be two different classes
    if (class1 instanceof class2.getClass())returns false.
    This is not the case for Java core classes because they are always loaded by the SystemClassLoader.
    You write you
    have a singleton class which i am invoking through a script. What approach to you use to invoke the singleton?
    I am trying to figure out if you launch a new JVM every second...
    Maybe you can use Nailgun.

  • Error: property is not set correctly for User Defined Fields.

    Hi Gurus,
    I am trying to define a new field Department of type Lookup. For this i have created a new field in user defined fields. But when i click on create user in web console it give me "property is not set correctly for User Defined Fields."
    I created a lookup field for department , but looks like i have to some kind of mapping. How can it be done?

    Hi Kevin,
    I couldnt get it done. This is what I had done so far.
    Created Lookup.Users.Dept ( with code code=23 & decode=treasury)
    Added two field in &
    lookupfield.header.users.deptcode=Department code
    lookupfield.header.users.deptname=Department name
    In my lookfield properties in
    column caption=Department code,Department name
    Column query= Not sure what to give? here

  • Base Document and Target Document Menu for User Defined Forms

    Hi Experts,
    I am facing a problem regarding enabling the menu "Base Document" Menu UID="5898" and "Target Document" Menu UID="5899" . Both of these menu Items are not enabled for User Defined Form .Actually I have developed a user Defined form for Purchase Requisition that targets Purchase Order . User can Copy Line Items From Purchase Requisition to Purchase Order and I am tracking the DocEntry and LineId of PR into PO Item's using UDS . I want to Open this PR Document upon Click of BaseDocument Menu .I have tried all the options. I have used Form.enableMenu() method also . But none of those options work for this menu . I ahve also searched about this problem i this forum also but there is no soultion so far posted regarding this.
    I really want to confirm whether it is possible or not using SDK for User Defined Forms . Is there any possiblity of implementing any WorkArounds and Having this feature implemented .
    I am Expecting a true solutions as this Forum has so many Experienced Experts .
    Thanks and Regards,
    Pooja Singh.

    Hello Poja,
    It is not possible, because the requested menus are depending on the forms, and the are not exists,
    add the menus to the User Defined forms, and use right click to activate them:
    oForm.Menu.Add("5898", "Base Document", BoMenuType.mt_STRING, oForm.Menu.Count)
    oForm.EnableMenu("5898", True)
    And hanle the menu event when you clicked them and the form is your custom form.

  • How to handle form close event or escape key press event for user defined f

    Please let me know how to handle form close event or escape key press event for user defined form...
    Thanks & Regards,

    You can catch the form close event like this
    If ((pVal.FormType = 139 And (pVal.EventType = SAPbouiCOM.BoEventTypes.et_FORM_CLOSE)) And (pVal.Before_Action = True)) Then
          Catch ex As Exception
            End Try
          End If
    Hope this helps

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