Variable Offsets are working only partially

Hello experts, at first I thought that an offset I placed on a variable for 0FISCPER was not working. I am trying to do a report which gives me the value of couple of Key Figure "Earnings", for a certain Fiscal Period and this same Period but for the last year. That is (please consider each "/" as a blank space):
////////////              Earnings  //////////////////               Earnings
///////////           on FiscPer   ///////////        on LastFiscPer
///////////           (E.G. 01.2008)  ////////      (E.G. 01.2007)
Char1 /////////         $       ////////////////////////////                      $
Char2 ////////         $       /////////////////////////////                      $
Char3 ///////         $        //////////////////////////////                     $
I am using a variable that I created, which takes a user input. On Selection "Earnings on FiscPer" I placed the variable with no offset. On Selection "Earnings on LastFiscPer" I placed the same variable, with a -12 offset.
The problem I have is that it is not working. The offset is not working, it just displays the value for the Fiscal Period given by the user, not last year's Fiscal Period. However, the funny thing is that if I place the offset as +12 and give as input las year's Fiscal Period, the offset works and displays the value for the next year's Fiscal Period. So the variable offset works only on one side, with possitive offset values. I have tried different approaches (some coming from other posts from this forum) but I cannot get the offset to work with negative values.
How can I manage to get this to work? Any ideas?
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Hi Pedro,
i will try to answer your questions:
a) range of values instead of individual value for variables:
-> if u use a range of values for one KF u will always get cumulated values for this range
-> for example: 0FISCPER3 with range 001-016 and 0FISCYEAR 2008 -> u get the sum of all periods for year 2008
Idea : i have a query where i have a KF with a range. I defined a solid start period (0FISCPER3) for example 001 and have an input ready variable for end period, called "Period to". Also u have input ready variable for 0FISCYEAR. This KF shows me the sum until the defined end period for a user defined year.
b) 0FISCPER3 in lines or columns:
IF u now drop 0FISCPER3 in free characteristics in query designer, u are able to do a breakdown in BEx Analyzer for 0FISCPER3 in lines or columns.
1) u have created your KF as i descriped in IDEA
2) u have dropped 0FISCPER as free characteristics in query designer
3) At BEx Analyzer u go to query properties -> put 0FISCPER3 in columns (-> maybe u change with properties display options for 0FISCPER to text -> it dispays for 0032008 -> Mar 2008)
4) Press ok
5)  Right click on your KF and choose "Add drill down according to" -> Choose "posting period" (0Fiscper3)
6) Do a horizontal drilldown for posting period with drag and drop
-> Now u have a drill down for posting period in your KF, but also for all other KF too
-> To avoid this u can customize workbook settings
1) Change to design mode
2) open properties for analysis grid and disable display options for "Hierarchy icons"
Another way is to delete the hierachy icon
-> u now only see a drilldown with posting period for these KF u wanted to have a drilldown to.
If u now only want to see posting periods which have values and disable all which have no values, u can activate zero suppression for lines and columns in query properties.
Voila, u have a worbook which now shows for your KF all availble posting periods in one year without creating 16 monthly key figures. In addition u can change the inner year range of summation of period values
Hope it helps
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    When I run the query, the offsets are not being accepted.  Only the selected FY variable.  The first and second restricted kfs show 2009 data and not 2009, 2008 as it should.  Has anyone else had issues with this?  I am not using 0FISCPER but 0FISCPER3 but I am not sure how that would make a differnce.
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    I kept my variable offsets in the restricted key figure and they aren't working.  When I just put fiscal year in the column and put the 0P_FYEAR and 0P_FYEAR-1 I get the 2 columns and the offsets filter through just fine.  It seems to only be messing up when they are in the restricted key figures themselves.

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    I'm pretty sure this is not how it is supposed to work.  In previous versions of Premiere, it would render all red segments in one go.
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    I did find this post on a different forum: ssue
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    Characteristic 0CALDAY is filtered by additional restrictions (the restrictions must be joined using an OR-connection)
    A second characteristic, which is restricted by a variable, is compounded to charcteristic 0CALDAY.
    Variable Z_OD is a hierarchy node variable, but the hierarchy has not been determined uniquely.
    A variable can be changed during query navigation only if it is used exclusively in a drilldown-characteristic, and there are no further restrictions to the characteristic other than this variable. There must be no additional characteristics with variables compounded to the characteristic you are working with. For variables for hierarchy nodes, the hierarchy must be determined uniquely and agree with the set display hierarchy.
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    CEE6 wrote:
    What video format (including embedded audio) is able to be viewed and heard by both OSX Lion users and Windows users?
    You have to make a distinction between the container format (eg, AVI, MKV) and the video/audio format (eg, DIVX). For instance, without additional software, QuickTime can play .avi files with the IndeoVideo codec, but not .avi file with the DivX codec). Further, you have to make the distinction between what can be played using an independent player, eg, QuickTime Player, and what can be played within the presentation software (Keynote or PowerPoint).
    You can refer to
    < 6-8c76-12cb3a0063ee>
    for suggestions. In practice, for presentation clips, I think you're limited to MPEG-2 and MPEG-4. I don't know if an additional MPEG-2 QuickTime component is required under Lion, you'll have to check that yourself. So, in the end, it's MPEG-4. Both Keynote and PowerPoint Win/Mac should be able to handle it.
    can anyone suggest a safe application that I can purchase from the apple app store that will allow me to convert video files
    What's a 'safe application'? And why do you have to buy it from the App Store (yuck!)?
    Handbrake, as mentioned by X423424X, is free and works very well. There are probably others, too.
    this forum is the best place to learn
    Perhaps, but it may not be the place to get answers to this question. Try a PowerPoint Mac user forum, they would have more experience in these x-platform issues. This forum is oriented more towards the hardware side of the MBP platform.

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    iCloud should still help you reduce some hard drive space. Just select "optimize" in the icloud tab in Mac Photo App preferences.
    Granted, not the same as completely offloading your library to a back-up drive at your location.
    Good Luck!

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    Hello there DesertRat71,
    I was thinking that some of the songs in your library may have been purchased under a different apple id. You have already done the first thing I would have done by de authorizing and re authorizing. To verify this, highlight one of the songs that will not sync over and use File>Get Info. Here is the help menu link for it if you need it help://bookmark=' th=English.lproj#itns2937'
    In the Summary section there will be an Apple ID entry. If it shows something different than what you are currently using then I recommend signing into the Apple ID it shows and authorizing the computer for that one as well.
    All the best,

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