Variable on navigation attribute

Hi Friends,
    Is it possible to create variable on navigation attribute?if possible we will face any kind of issues?give me u r ideas related to this
Thanks in advance,

You can create variable on a characteristic info object that is present in the cube and not on nav attribute.
Also, nav attributes are a performance dampener. If you can, try to put the characterstic in a dimension of the cube.
Ravi Thothadri

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  • Variable for navigational attribute affected fiscper input variable

    Dear Friends
    Initially, the query is having an input variable for fiscper. The query was able to run properly.
    When i add a input variable for a navigational attribute to the same query which is based on multiprovider, the fiscper input variable is no longer  seen.
    So, I removed the global filter for the navigational attribute and it is ok again.  I fixed a value for the navigational attribute at filter level is also fine.
    Please advise what could be the cause. Thank you so much.
    Best regards

    Hi Bass,
    Again seems to be a strange issue, if you have two independent characteristic with two different input enabled variables then there is no reason for the variable to not to show up on selection screen.
    Once you add the new variable and save the query just make sure that you have earlier variable as it is and check the query properties popup and see the fiscper variable sequence in the variable list.

  • User entry variable on navigational attribute

    Can I create a Manual Entry/Default Value variable on a navigational attribute?
    P R.

    Thanks for your replies.
    The attribute is in the master data carrying infoobject. We changed it from display to navigational after the query was created so that we can create variable. The query is based on ODS. In the query, I don't see the option of creating variable on the navigational attribute. Is there any other step to be done?

  • Variable on Navigational Attributes in ODS

    BW Experts,
    I have a Navigational Attribute in my ODS. In  my query design, I do not get an option to build a variable for selection on this Navigational attribute. Is it a fact with ODS that Variable cannot be built on Nav Attributes?

    hi Ashwin,
    we have to logout and login again bex analyzer to reflect any changes on infoprovider, i guess you were opening bex and turn on ods navigation attribute and couldn't find it in bex query, then you logoff and login again and see the navigation attribute, you can have a try
    hope this helps.

  • Doubt on Navigational attribute

    Hi All,
          Can we create variables above navigational attributes in bex reporting. Any pointers would be highly appreciated.

    Sure you can, there is no difference to the handling of regular characteristics. Just try it.
    Regards, Klaus

  • Hi all can anyone let me know about navigational attributes?

    hi all,
    Can anyone let me know the importance of navigational attributes with examples.
    if docs pls email at [email protected]

    HI haritha,
    Navigational attribute is used for drilling down in the report. We don't need to maintain Navigational attribute in the cube as a characteristic (that is the advantage) to drill down
    0MATERIAL has a Display attribute called MATGROUP and a Navigational attribute called MATTYPE.
    If you want your report to show MATGROUP, you need to have 0MATERIAL in the query too. A Display attribute always 'tags' along with the 'parent' characteristic.
    However you can include MATTYPE in your report without using 0MATERIAL. For reporting purposes a navigational attribute behaves just like another characteristic. This means that you can also have variables for navigational attributes.
    One drawback is that since they are stored outside your Info Cube (in master data tables), the OLAP has to perform an extra step to pull in this data and this leads to some performance impact, although in most cases this is negligible.
    When you double click on a cell in a report which contains a characteristic value, the report is filtered for this value and the entire characteristic column is removed from the results area. If you double click on material 1001, the material column goes away from the results and in the filter cells above the report, you can see value 1001 against Material.
    If you double click on a key figure value, nothing
    If you double click on a Char column heading, the char is removed from the drill down.
    If you double click on a key figure column heading, all key figures go away, and the values that are left are for the key figure you double clicked. Again you can verify this by looking at the filter cells against the key figure structure.
    Re: Navigate Attribute
    assign points if helps,

  • Variable entry from Navigational attribute

    I would like to let the user of a web query enter a value for a navigational attribute of a characteristic in the variable screen. How do I create variables based on nav attributes?
    The report shows 0MATERIAL with key figures. The user should enter a Division (Nav attr of 0MATERIAL) before entering the query.
    Best Regards

    Hi Daniel,
    In the infoobject maintenance of 0MATERIAL, Make sure the attribute Division has NAV property instead of DIS in the column Navigation Type.
    Then, Have you switched on the navigational attribute in Infocube.(Modify Infocube >>Nav.attributes)
    After doing these two steps you should achieve what you are trying for.

  • Variable creation on navigational attribute?

    HI all ,
    Can we create navigational  variable on navigational atribute .
    Srinivas .

    When we make an attribute as navigational..then that attribute behaves exactly like any other
    you can create variables for the same in order to drilldown the query for detailed analysis on navigational attribute level.
    hope this is clear for you.

  • F4 Input values for variables based on Navigation Attributes

    We would like to use the option "Q Only Posted values for navigation"  from the set F4 mode 'Query Execution Filter Val. Selectn' in the Multiprovider specific properties.
    The problem is that  this option Works for Infoobject stored on the infocube, but It doesn't work for Navigation Attributes.
    Question : Could you please tell us how to use the option "Q Only Posted values for navigation" with _Navigation Attributes _ ?
    Edited by: Radjech Radjech on Nov 24, 2011 2:22 PM

    The input help only offers values for which you can select data in the current navigational state
    Check the below link ,
    Only posted values for navigation - what does it mean?

  • Need help on Authorization on Navigational Attribute.

    Hi All,
    I am working on Authorizations.
    I am using the info Object "Material group" which is the Navigational Attribute of 0MATERIAL.
    In Reporting, I have created the Authorization Variable for Material group.
    And after this, i have created the Authorization Object in RSECADMIN and added the info Object "Material group" and harded coded the value as "1000". After this, i have created the Authorization Role in PFCG and added this authorization Object over there.And this role is assigned specific User.
    While Running the report on specific User, for Material group, filteration is not happening over there (Material group = 1000). It is showing all values for this user.
    Can you please help on this issue.
    Shahina A

    Thanks for your reply. I was on leave for the past 2 days. I have checked as you suggested.
    In 0MATERIAL, 0MATL_GROUP is the attribute and i have made Authorization Relvent for this Attribute.
    And i activated the Info object 0MATERIAL.
    Then i have run the query in RSRT and found an error while running the Report.
    Can u pls help on this issue.
    The system determined the authorized characteristic values for the characteristic 0MATERIAL__0MATL_GROUP. It determined that you do not have the (analysis) authorization to view transaction data for any characteristic values or range.
    System Response
    If this situation occurs when a variable is being filled, the query cannot be executed.
    You must have authorization for at least one characteristic value for the characteristic 0MATERIAL__0MATL_GROUP.
    Create the appropriate analysis authorizations for the user.
    If you are only authorized for evaluations that aggregate using the characteristic 0MATERIAL__0MATL_GROUP (for ":" authorizations), use a query without this characteristic. If the characteristic is not used as a filter or in the drilldown, variables should not be used.
    Procedure for System Administration
    Notification Number EYE 018 
    Shahina A

  • Can i filter a report based on a value of a navigational attribute?

    Hi all,
    i need to filter a report and the characteristic i need it's a navigational attribute that is already present in the infocube, can i use it as a filter or i need to add a new characteristic to the ic?
    thank you

    You can use navigational attributes to filter your report. When you switch on the navigational attributes at the cube level, the X table or Y table will be connected to the star schema of cube.
    Navgational attributes behave like a characteristic in the report. You can create variables, filter etc on navgational attributes.
    Hope it helps.

  • Variable for an Attribute

    Dear friends,
    How to create the variables for Attributes?.
    For ex. 0Division is an attribute for 0Material.My requirement is to get the 0Divison in the selection screen.0Division infoobject not avilable in the cube.
    Could you pls suggest with your inputs?
    Thanks in advance..

    Hi Soujanya,
    One way is to make 0Division as navigational attribute for 0Material in transaction code RSD1.
    Once it is marked as navigational attribute goto infocube chane ->Navigational attribute and you should able to find 0Division there check the checkbox. and activate the info cube.
    Next time you login into Bex you should able to see the info object 0Division in the infoproviders tab.
    Hope that helps.
    ***Assigning points is the way to say thanks in SDN.***

  • Authorization for navigational attribute

    Hi Gurus,
    I am facing an authorization issue with respect to infoobject hierarchy. I have created authorizations as below.
    There one infoobject 'A' and a navigational attribute 'B' in infoobject 'A'. This navigational atribure A_B is used in an infocube.  And hierarchy is uploaded to Infoobject 'B'. Now I want to give authorization for this hierarchy in infoobject 'B'.
    Now coming to authorization.
    1. I have made Infoobject 'B' as authorization relevant in Business explorer tab.
    2. Created authorization object say ABC in RSSM and inculded infoobject 'B' & 0TCTAUTHH (since I want to authorize the hierarchy and we are using 3.5 authorization concepts in BI 7.0).
    3. Activate this authorization object for the infocube.
    4. Included this authorization object in the role included for my user. In the field 'B' of authorization object I have given ' ' (space) and in the field 0TCTAUTHH I have given the technical name of the hierarchy.
    4. In 3.5 query designer I have put this navigational attribute A_B in the filter area and activated the hierarchy in the properties tab for the same hierarchy that I inculded in previous step.
    5. Created a variable with processing type authorization.
    Now when I run this report I get an error as no authorization for object ABC.
    Can someone help me if I have done anything wrong.

    In the infoobject A maintenance screen check the chekc box for field "AuthorizRelevant" for B to make it authorization relevant navigational attribute.
    Then go to RSECADMIN and ope your relevant authorization.
    In the menu bar just above the "Authorization Structure" you will find the button with icon of infoobject.
    Chick on this icon this will give you a screen to enter characteristic name of which attributes are to be added to authorization.
    Enter the infoobject A name here and click on continue.
    This will give you list of all authorization relevant navigational attributes present for A.
    Add B from this list to the authorization.
    Hope this helps.
    - Geetanjali

  • Navigational Attribute as Text Element

    I have a report which shows list of Titles in the first column and the corresponding amounts based on several account and profit center restrictions in the further columns. 
    Titles basically are movie names.
    Titles have navigational attributes like Video Release Date, Theatrical Release Date. These navigational attributes can be displayed in the report. But, the user doesn't want to display them in the report. He wants them to display them as the text elements.
    As we are neither using a filter nor variable on these navigational attributes, these are not being shown as text elements.
    Is there any way, I could show these navigational attributes for a given title as text elements?

    Ok, let's make this simple. I have a Title: 9381780, which has navigational attribute, Theatrical Release Date: 01/09/2004.
    In my query definition, I have this title restricted by this value 9381780 and the navigational attribute in the rows panel.
    Now, the query displays me the both the Title and it's navigational attribute as columns in the report.
    But, if u see the text elements, I see only Title: 9381780, because it's a filter.
    I cannot see the navigational attribute, Theatrical Release Date: 01/09/2004 in the text elements because it is neither a filter nor a variable.
    I want to display this navigational attribute, Theatrical Release Date: 01/09/2004 in as a text element.
    Hope I made it clear.

  • Navigational attribute issue-time dependent

    Hi all,
    I am working with 0PA_C01, I included some additional navigational attribute(time dependent )to 0employee, but when i am checking all these navigational attribute at cube level or Report  , i can find only the latest values ,for eg i added  Designation as a time dependent navigational attribute for 0employee, and the designation for a employee is changing after 12.2008 from VP to SVP ,at the cube   and also in the report  i can find only the latest designation for all the calmonth ie before 12.2008 also  as SVP .
    I checked  the the time dependent Navigational attribute option to make designation as a time dependent navigational attribute ,and also ran the attribute change run .
    Can anyone suggest some information to fix it?

    Dear Sandya,
    Results correct only in your report. Time dependent attributes displyas data based on keydate. if no key date specified, system takes current date as key date and displays data.
    So in your case latest data displaying. If you want to see any historic designations, you need to specify key date, which shold fall into that particular range.
    Create a User entry variable for keydate and use.
    Key date
    Each query has a key date. For time-dependent data, the key date determines the time for which the data is selected.  The default key date value is the date on which the query is executed, that is <Today>.
           1.      Click on the Key Date field. A dialog box with a calendar appears for you to select your key date.
           2.      Select a date from the calendar. If you select 01.01.1999 for example, time-dependent data is read from the 01.01.1999.
    The key date applies only to time-dependent data.
    Check: [Query Properties|]

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