Variant as sub-item in Sales Order

Dear Experts: 
I have a scenario as follows:
1. i want a variant as a sub-item in the sales order with reference to a higher level item. when user will enter the KMAT article, the pop-up will come for choosing variant and the KMAT will be replaced with the variant as it happens in configurable material.
2. this variant article should not be relevant to pricing, delivery and billing; i. e. - document should not be incomplete for net value,  this variant should not come in delivery and billing document.
how can i achieve this scenario?
Farahnaz Sobhan

Delivery creation that is selection date is controlled by the schedule line of the line item in the sales order
Try by changing the schedule lines in sales order in VA02
there you try to change the delivery date to past
It might be possible if you had enough stocks at that time

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  • Copy down Ship-to Partner from main item to sub-items on Sales Order

    This is my first post on the forums here.  I'd appreciate any help you can give on my issue below.
    I have a requirement to copy down the ship-to partner from the main item to sub-items during sales order create or change.  Currently I have code in include MV45AFZB within user exit USEREXIT_FILL_VBAP_FROM_HVBAP as follows:
    <i>* Need to be able to copy the ship-to of a BoM parent down to the
    respective BoM children if the parent has a different ship-to
    from the header.
    data:  wa_xvbpa like vbpa.
    Clear: wa_xvbpa.
    read table xvbpa into wa_xvbpa with key posnr = hvbap-posnr
                                            parvw = 'WE'.
    A BoM parent line has a different ship-to from the header.
        if sy-subrc = 0.
          read table xvbap with key uepos = hvbap-posnr.
    See if current line is the child of that BoM parent
            If xvbap-uepos = hvbap-posnr.
              move wa_xvbpa-kunnr to xvbpa-kunnr.
              move xvbap-vbeln to wa_xvbpa-vbeln.
              move xvbap-posnr to wa_xvbpa-posnr.
              move 'WE' to wa_xvbpa-parvw.
              modify vbpa from wa_xvbpa.
    This isn't working for me.  At one point, I was able to copy the ship-to down to the first sub-item but not any subsequent ones.  I'm sure I need to add some code to another sales order user exit to get this to work, but I'm at a loss at this point.   Has anyone had to do this or something similar before? 
    Thanks very much in advance for your help.

    Can you check few more things and tell me?
    - In this exit, does XVBPA and XVBAP contains all the line items. ( main and sub items ).
    - In Sales order creation time, do these table have VBELN populated when this exit triggers.
    - If you modify XVBPA or XVBAP in this exit, do they get overwritten after that.
    Try this code. See if it works.  Let me know if you still have a problem.
    DATA: wa_hvbpa LIKE vbpa,
          wa_xvbpa like vbpa.
    CLEAR: wa_hvbpa, wa_xvbpa.
    * check if HVBAP and VBAP line items are not same
    IF vbap-posnr <> hvbap-posnr.
    * read the ****-to partner from main-item
      READ TABLE xvbpa INTO wa_hvbpa WITH KEY posnr = hvbap-posnr
                                              parvw = 'WE'.
      IF sy-subrc = 0.
    *   read the line item data for sub-item based on main item
        READ TABLE xvbap WITH KEY posnr = vbap-posnr
                                  uepos = hvbap-posnr.
    * See if current line is the child of that BoM parent
        IF sy-subrc = 0.
          MOVE wa_xvbpa-kunnr TO xvbpa-kunnr.
          MOVE xvbap-vbeln TO wa_xvbpa-vbeln.
          MOVE xvbap-posnr TO wa_xvbpa-posnr.
          MOVE 'WE' TO wa_xvbpa-parvw.
          MODIFY vbpa FROM wa_xvbpa.

  • Disabling the Qty field for Input for Sub items in Sales Order and Delivery

    I have a requirement, where by we need to disable the qty field vbap-kwmeng for input for sub items of the BOM.
    I am planning to use the user exit the include MV45AFZZ for sales orders.
    But i need to disable the input only after the BOM Explosion and item category determination in the sales order.
    Can i Use the same exit ?? what additional conditions i need to take into account.
    also we need to disable the delivery quantity field also for the sub items of this sales bom.
    I see that this User exit is not available in delivery procesing.  How to acheive the required functionality in the delivery processing...
    your advice is much appreciated in this matter.

    Route is determined
    1.Country of Departure & Departure Zone taken from Shipping Point
    2.Country of Destination & receiving Zone from Ship to party
    3.Shipping condition from CMR
    4.Transportation Group from MMR
    5.Weight Group which is optional.
    Check the above.
    Route is determined in delivery.

  • Get Classification status of item in Sales Order for variant configuration

    Hi Experts,
    I want to get the classification status against the variant configuration of item in sales order.
    When i enter the sales order in VA03 , at the item level, I select the item and click on item configuration icon below.
    Here I can see the variant configuration. Now if I do not maintain the configuraiton correctly, then the classification status shows either locked or incomplete. When it is properly maintained  it shows released. ( When it is locked, the classificaiotn status shows a red signal at the left bottom corner).
    My requirement is to capture this classification status at the item level of each Sales Order.
    How can I get this.

    try this code:
    * Initialization
    * read configuration from database
                instance                     = vbap-cuobj
                configuration                = gt_configuration
                invalid_instance             = 1
                instance_is_a_classification = 2
                OTHERS                       = 3.
      IF sy-subrc <> 0.
        WRITE: /'   No configuration data found!'.
    * only sinlgle-level configuration possible
      READ TABLE gt_configuration ASSIGNING <gs_instance> INDEX 1.
    * get and show status
           klart EQ <gs_instance>-conf-klart
           AND statu EQ <gs_instance>-conf-cstatus.
      IF tclc-frei = 'X'.
        WRITE: /'Status:', icon_green_light AS ICON.
      IF tclc-gesperrt = 'X'.
        WRITE: /'Status:', icon_red_light AS ICON.
      IF tclc-unvollstm = 'X' OR tclc-unvollsts = 'X'.
        WRITE: /'Status:', icon_yellow_light AS ICON.

  • How to get Characteristic Values assigned to the line item of Sales Order?

    I want to get the Characteristic Values( Variant Configuration )assigned to First Line Item of Sales Order.
    I was using the Fn. Mod.: VC_I_GET_CONFIGURATION_IBASE,
    this fn. mod. giving all the Characters but not the assigned characteristic values.
    Is there any other way to find characteristic values of sales order.
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    For example, please see this example program.
    It lists the characteristic names, the values, and the description of the values which are tied to a sales document.
    report zrich_0001.
    * Internal Table for Characteristic Data
    data: begin of i_char occurs 0.
            include structure comw.
    data: end of i_char.
    data: xcabn type cabn.
    data: begin of xcawn,
          atwtb type cawnt-atwtb,
          end of xcawn.
    data: xvbap type vbap.
    parameters: p_vbeln type vbap-vbeln,
                p_posnr type vbap-posnr.
      select single * from vbap into xvbap
                 where vbeln = p_vbeln
                   and posnr = p_posnr.
      clear i_char.  refresh i_char.
    * Retrieve Characteristics.
      call function 'CUD0_GET_VAL_FROM_INSTANCE'
                instance           = xvbap-cuobj
                attributes         = i_char
                instance_not_found = 1.
      loop at i_char.
        clear xcabn.
        select single * from cabn into xcabn
                 where atinn = i_char-atinn.
        clear xcawn.
        select single cawnt~atwtb into xcawn
                   from cawn
                     inner join cawnt
                       on cawn~atinn = cawnt~atinn
                      and cawn~atzhl = cawnt~atzhl
                          where cawn~atinn = i_char-atinn
                            and cawn~atwrt = i_char-atwrt.
        write:/ xcabn-atnam, i_char-atwrt, xcawn-atwtb.
    RIch Heilman

  • To add the line item in Sales Order

    Hi Experts,
    I have to insert  the line item between two line item in sales order dynamically.
    How should i do this.
    any idea??
    Thanks in Advance.

    I guess you are talking about BOM, sub-items or free goods, wherein after you put in one item the other material defined gets added automatically in the sales order.
    That is done with the help of Item Category config by functional person.
    Check here for more info
    [Item Category|Re: Item Category;
    You can also use user exit MV45AFZZ form user_exit_move_to_vbap for a specific logic defined at runtime.
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  • Automatically add line-items to Sales order

    Our client needs us to add line items to sales orders. The requirement is such that, when the users enter a material on a line item, they wish to see few more materials automatically added as new line items -- item category to be maintained as "Free" items. This appears similar to automatically getting BOM-sub-items for materials which have BOMs maintained. The client is not willing to maintain BOMs for materials in question. They instead have asked us to maintain sub-item materials in a Z-table and then fetch those to populate the subsequent line-items on the sales order.
    So far, we have tried to fiddle around with the XVBAK and XVBAP internal tables in sales exit (MV45AFZZ) and also tried to use BAPI within the same exit. Both methods do not work.
    Could you please guide us ? Thank you.

    I think you can try with product proposal(Item Proposal). T.Code:VA51.
    Using this one can create list of items to be proposed at the time sales order processing.
    Item proposal contains list of items with or without default quantities those were frequently ordered by the customer. You can create any no of items in an Item proposal.Like wise you can create any no.of item proposals.
    But,You can assign only one item proposal per customer in sales tab of the CMR.So that when ever you are creating order for that customer you can access those materials which are listed in an Item proposal completely or selectively,with or without default quantities.
    The items which are proposed from an Item proposal are always changeable.
    Item proposal makes sales order processing simple and fast.
    Only the thing here is it will not automatically explode like in case of BOM.You have to manually select those items from an item proposal.
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  • Automatically add line-items to sales orders

    Our client needs us to add line items to sales orders. The requirement is such that, when the users enter a material on a line item, they wish to see few more materials automatically added as new line items -- item category to be maintained as "Free" items. This appears similar to automatically getting BOM-sub-items for materials which have BOMs maintained. The client is not willing to maintain BOMs for materials in question. They instead have asked us to maintain sub-item materials in a Z-table and then fetch those to populate the subsequent line-items on the sales order.
    So far, we have tried to fiddle around with the XVBAK and XVBAP internal tables in sales exit (MV45AFZZ) and also tried to use BAPI within the same exit. Both methods do not work.
    Could you please guide us ? Thank you.

    Ist method:
    Maintain one Ztable with the fields of Material and sub materials.
    write BDC to create order,before entering the material  number check if material is existed in Ztable or not.
    If it exist take that material and added as a another line item.
    if not exist create like normal line item.
    2 nd method:
    Ask your MM functional consultant to maintain supression of materials concept.

  • Automatic 2nd line item in sales order

    Hi All,
    We are using variant configuration.
    I have one requirement where if i input the first line item in sales order for a material, system should automatic input 2nd line itme of another material based on configuration mainatined.
    Please let me if it is possibel.

    Dear Satyajit?
    Material based on configuration mainatined.
    What do you mean by the above statement? Whether you are looking for such a configuration
    that you have maintained such combination somewhere in the system?
    Have you checked the possibilities of using a BOM?
    You can also check the possiblity of material listing.
    Thanks & Regards,
    Hegal K Charles

  • Line item in sales order

    Hi sdn team,
    can i delete line items in sales order...i mean i was asked not to do so..... when i do so what kind of consequences will i have to look forward to?

    Yes you can delete the Line Items in Sales Order.
    Consequences with Example:
    The BOM Item ( Main Item ) is having the 3 line items (Components / Sub items)
    which are explode in the sales Order for which, if you delete the one of the
    Component items in sales order then only 2 componets will delivery and 2 will be
    billed instead of 3 components items. well this will be a problem for the customer
    and leads to Customer Complaints.
    Hope this Clarifies Your Doubt and Please Reward If Really Helpful,
    Thanks and Regards,

  • Partial delivery per item in sales order and ATP - schedule lines

    I've problem regarding ATP- schedule lines and partial delivery flag.
    In sales order there is flag Partial delivery per item B / 1 . That means create only one delivery even with quant 0. That comes from customer master or customer info-record and it is OK.
    Please look at next example.
    Customer requires:
    10 PCS of materail A on date X. Only 5 PCS are available on date X.
    10 PCS of material B on date X 0 PCS are available on date X, 10 PCS are available on date Y.
    So if we create outbound delivery on date X it will contain only 5 PCS of material  A. No successive deliveries will be created for material A because of the flag B/1. That item is closed.
    Problem is with material B.
    The sales order will be open because of material B and on date Y we can easily create another delivery with 10 PCS of mat B.
    That is wrong. Agreement with customer is only one delivery for ALL items in sales order. If we create delivery on date X it should contain only materials which are available on date X and sales order should close.
    Do you know how to fix this problem?

    I've think you didn't understand my requirement. I allways get schedule lines but they are confirmed on different dates.
    Example in same sales order we have:
    Schedule line for item A:
    DATE X confirmed quantity 10
    Schedule line for an item B.
    DATE X confirmed quanitity 0 (zeroe)
    DATE Y confirmed quantity 10.
    I would like to create outbond delivery on date X with:
    item A quantity 10
    item B quantity 0.
    And if that hapens than B/0 rule will work or reference customzing that you suggested before. So order will be closed because all items are processed or referenced once.
    Do you know how to do that?

  • Restriction of number items in sales order

    how can i restrict no of items in sales order?
    sales order has been created for 10 items and all the 10 items
    quantity should be 72 not more than that and system should
    not allow to enter the quantity.where we can configure for

    You have to try with User exits in the program MV45AFZZ - USEREXIT_READ_DOCUMENT or USEREXIT_SAVE_DOCUMENT in the same program
    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Error determining posting period(infostructure S008,Variant Z2,RC3) while creating Sales orders from Inbound IDOCS

    I am getting this Error message"error determining posting period(infostructure S008,Variant Z2,RC3)" while creating Sales order from Inbound Idocs in the IDOC,which is affecting sales order creation.
    While viewing this Info structure S008, I could see no records have been maintained. Wanted to know the reasons behind this Hard error?
    Is it something related to Date Field used in the Update Rules for this Infostructure which is causing this posting period error?
    Appreciate your inputs on this.
    Thanks and Regards
    Mohammed Roshan

    Thank you Jelena,I checked the Ship. Delivery dates in the IDOC which are for Current Fiscal Year- 20140703 and 20140711,Could there be any other reason for this error?
    Could it be an issue with e Update rule in this Infostructire S008
    Secondly when we try change the update rule thru MC25 for this Infostructure S008,It gives a message"
    "Maintenance of SAP standard updates not allowed"
    Kindly advice
    Thanks and Regards
    Mohammed Roshan

  • Add Line Item In Sales Order VA01

    HI All,
    I  have new requirement in creation of sales order . Here we have free promotion sales . Here if customer buy one material then he will get some other material as free .In standard sap we can give only one line item as free not more than that .
    Here our requirement is more than one line item . I suggested them maintain all the free materials in one Ztable when ever the original material  will come for  sales order then i have to fetch these materials from ztable  automatically and it should create sales order. I started doing this using user exit  FORM USEREXIT_MOVE_FIELD_TO_VBAP.
    These are the below links i checked in our sdn.
    Adding Line items to sales order on creation using User-Exit in VA01.
    Please give me some idea on this .

    Hi Asik,
    Thanks for your reply.In my case i can not got for Bom  because the schemes will change for every ten days. I think Bom  creation will fill a lot of data but it wont solve my issue.

  • Pricing For Text Item in Sales Order

    Hi ,
    How to give price for text item in sales order.
    With regards.

    Hi Afzal,
    consider to create a single service material as a generic one, type DIEN, with basic data and sales org views, with  item category group LEIS (it will determine item category TAX in sales order). Material description could be "Don't forget to change me!" so in sales order user remembers to changes the description according to the especific sales order requirements.

Maybe you are looking for