Varible for Information Broadcasting Schedule (send Workbook with E-mail)

FYI: I set a broadcasting schedule to send workbook with e-mail. The pre-calculated server was set already.
My problem is that I want the value in selection-screen to be dynamic.
e.g. I want the date (variable for 0CALDAY) to be filled with value of current date (the date on the day that the schedule is executed).
When i set the broadcasting schedule, the wizard asks me to set the variable for selection screen. ("Variable Assignment"). I selected the variance that i prepared. (However, for that variance the date is fixed.) So, for everyday that the schedule is executed, the date value of the selection-screen is not the date that the broadcast schedule is execute; but it was the date on which i set the schedule.
Is there any method to set a dynamic variable (something like a dynamic selection of ABAP report) ?
or How can i solve this problem?
Thank you very much for your inputs in advance.

Hi Rlyn,
Have you thought of using standard SAP exit variable for restricting 0CALDAY in the query in the workbook on which the setting has been scheduled.
The SAP exit would automatically determine the current date and query your dataset as per the current date and then broadcast.
Other way to do this would be to create a variant you have done and to change the value of the variant everyday using an ABAP program to change the value in the database tables (RSRVARIANT for 3.x and RSPARAMETERIZA)
I would suggest you to try the former method(SAP exit variable).
Hope it helps,
Best regards,
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    FYI: I set a broadcasting schedule to send workbook with e-mail. The pre-calculated server was set already.
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    The Precalc server is only needed if you want to use Information Broacasting to create and distribute Excel workbooks. 
    You probably want to install this on a separate PC or server, and if you use the IB to generate a lot of Excel wkbks, you may need more than one.
    You can install on your BW Team's PCs if you want, but if you intend to let end users Broadcast wkbks, then look at PC(s)/Server(s) under your control. The Precalc Server is a Windows service that runs on teh PC/Server. 
    More recent SPs (3.5 SP 19 or 20 I think) have delivered  the ability for the Precalc server to queue up wkbks, as it only can run one at a time.  Prior to the queueing functionality, you could run into problems if mutlitple wkbks were hitting the Precalc at the same time.  There is a new RSADMIN entry that lets you specify how large the queue should be, e.g. 10 wkbks, 20, etc.

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    Check out the t.code  RSRD_LOG.
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    There is no separete license required for BEx Broadcasting.
      Check the below links for settings Bex broadcaster..
    Check OSS note :760775 - Settings for Information broadcaster (BW 3.5 Version)
    Check the attachment in the OSS note 917950 - BI 7.0.
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    Can anyone provide information related to sizing/setup for information broadcasting setup in BI 7.0 .

    These are the settings needed for the broadcaster:
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    In BI 7 we have various options..
    If you have Java Stack in BI server then it will use Portal and then there you can configure the settings, you need to give one technical name and then schedule the same.
    We faced the problem, in my system there is no Java Stack so we used BW 3.5 WAD in BI 7 system and then in WAD we configured the Broadcasting settings and saved with one Technical name then used RSRD_BROADCAST_STARTER program and create Varient for "Broadcasting settings and saved with one Technical name " and in PC after Cube load we given this Program with Varianet , so once dataloads will happen the reports will distributes.

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    I would like to know if there is way to add more drilldowns in the workbook and then distribute that workbook to the end users.

    No we don't want to save the workbook, becuase this is for the end user who wants to add a drilldown and then would like to send the output to his/her own email.   Basically end user should be able to add drilldowns to the workbook in the way he wants and wants to schedule the workbook in background using Broadcasting.

Maybe you are looking for

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