VCR/DVD combo (maybe without a tuner) to use with a converter box?

The VCR that I've been using is starting to chew up tapes so I'm looking for a replacement.   I've had my eye on a Magnavox ZV426MG9 VCR/DVD tunerless combo since the manual I looked up online indicated that it could be connected to a converter box.  However, some negative customer reviews of that unit and the Magnavox unit WITH a tuner, ZV457MG9, make me wary of getting that one.  Also, my stepfather has said that he's had problems with previous Magnavox recording devices he's owned.  So does anyone have any recommendations for a VCR/DVD combo unit, with or without a tuner, that can be connected to a converter box that they could recommend?  Since I have a converter box, I figure I may not necessarily need a tuner but it has to be able to be connected to a converter box, not just a cable or satelite box.  I'm thinking of copying movies that I've recorded on VHS to DVD to increase my supply of usable tapes.  I record cartoons that I watch every day.  Also, since I don't have a lot of money to spend, I'm considering factory refurbished or used items.  On ebay my spending limit is up to $100.  Each time I think I think I can afford to order what I need, something else comes up that needs to be paid off and I keep having to put it off.   And I don't suppose I can put a Geek Squad service plan on something I buy somewhere else.  If I can, let me know how that can be done.

Thanks. Changing the channel isn't really an issue for me since I usually only record one channel a day and that's cartoons in the morning.  If I need to record anything else in the evening, I've usually at home to reset the VCR and set the channel on the converter box.  I figured out how to record from a converter box on a VCR and wrote a post about it on Best Buy's digital tv transition board before they took that board down.  And I have done some research on tunerless VCR/DVD combos from looking up the manuals online and contacting the manufacturers directly and found that not all tunerless units can be set up to converter boxes. Some can only be connected to satelite or cable boxes, or at least the manuals only include instructions for connections to cable and satelite boxes and nothing else or the manufacturers claim that connections are only possible to such devices.  As for Panasonic, my stepfather bought a Panasonic unit and had terrible luck with it and so I am staying away from that.

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  • Connect HDTV to VCR DVD combo device and Motorola 7101 Cable Box

    Hi all, first post.  Am not too saavy re: new technology.  Iam trying to connect my Panasonic VCR DVD combo to my TV:  Sony HDTV and Verizon 7101 Cable box.  Should be fairly straightforward but being technologically illiterate it is very challenging.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks   Jergen

    There are usually several choices. If your DVD/VCR has S- inputs and outputs, the preference is to run S-Video cables from the cable box to the DVD/VCR, and from the DVD/VCR to the TV set (that will be another input on the TV). The S-VHS connections will provide the best standard definition video quality.
    The audio is more complicated. I ended up using Y cables so that I could split L and R audio outputs into two L and two R audio outputs. , one set runs to the TV, the other  set to the VCR/DVD audio inputs.. You will need to run Audio cables from the DVD/VCR from the audio outputs on the VCR/DVD to the audio inputs that correspond to the S-video input you are using for video from the VCR/DVD to the TV.
    Generally you have to enable the S-vide input on the DVD/VCR if it has one, and it usually an option with an Aux input.
    If you DVD/VCR unit doesn't support S-Video input, then you run a cable from the composite video output on the Cable box to the composite input on the DVD/VCR. You still have to split the audio. If it doesn't have S-VHS input, it may not have S-VHS output, in which case you run composite video to the TV in addition to the audio cables.
    IF neither of those are appealing to you, the cable box also output SD TV on either Channel 3 or 4 (your choice), and you can just run a coaxial cable connection from the cable box to the DVD/VCR instead of the Audio and Video cabling, you can also run a coaxial cable from the DVD/VCR to the TV's antenna input and tune the TV to channel 3 or 4 (your choice, determined by whatever channel the DVD/VCR is set to output on). If you use Coaxial cable, whatever links you use it with do not need the AV cables, however the picture quality will be substantially lower than S-Video, and somewhat lower than the composite video.

  • Help connecting my VCR/DVD combo and my Wii

    I have a TV with a built in VCR (that doesn't work), so I have VCR/DVD combo.
    I would like to hook up my VCR/DVD combo and my Wii but I am not sure how with my HD DVR box.
    The HD DVR uses the only audio/video plugs that are on the TV.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Go to Solution.

    TV on channel 3
    FROM AV SWITCH--- RCA(red yellow white)------ TO DVD
    FROM AV SWITCH--- RCA(red yellow white)------ TO VERIZON BOX
    FROM AV SWITCH--- RCA(red yellow white)------ TO WII
    If your AV switch does not have enough hook ups... may want to buy a bigger one OR hook one device in the front RCA jacks... I personally would go with the Wii in the front.....
    once hooked up, the TV is on channel 3... and the AV swithch is switched to whichever device you like
    If you use the RCA jacks on the front of the TV, you will need to change the input selection of your TV, in order to view the device plugged in there
    hope this helps
    if not, I reccomend either
    A) contact the AV switch for support on walking you through hooking their equipment up
    B) get a local teenager/friend/family member/coworker/etc to come hook it up for you.... maybe make them lunch or buy them beer or something
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  • Can HP USB tuner be used with SnapStream?

    I'd like to be able to record programs and then watch them on my ipod.  SnapStream seems to provide this capability, but I can't tell if its compatible with the HP USB tuner.  Does anyone know if the software works with the HP product, or is there a better way to convert the recorded programs to be ipod compatible?

    Roy, welcome to the forum.
    I believe that the monitor should work with your computer.  Here is the User's Guide of the monitor.  The max resolution for the monitor is 1600 x 900.  Here is the Product Specifications page for the computer.  The Integrated graphics is the nVidia GeForce 9100.  I can't see anything that should be a problem.
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  • Witch compatible Tv Tuner to use with nvidia 6800GT ?

    Hi guys !
    Currently i have an MSI Neo2 Plat, with an All in wonder Ati 9600  pro.
    I want to change for a nvidia based card 6800GT + buy a new Tv Tuner card.
    Witch Tv Tuner will be the MOST compatible with : a) my motherboard and b) my 6800GT ?
    I hope i can have some answers or some REAL life experience, because i don't want any problem
    THanks !!!

    If anything don't buy the new TV-tuner card from nVidia, eventhough it has timeshifting abilities. Although it might seem nice to have yet another nVidia-card hooked up your system, the card sucks pretty hard. I bought a XFX nvTV card 2 months ago for ~ €90,- (120,- USD) and I'm sorry I spend so much money on this.
    The software and remote are completely fixed, you can't program any button yourself. But thing that annoys me the most is that the card is very slow in changing channels. So some quick zapping around is a pain in the ass with this crappy tuner.
    A friend of mine use to have a 5 year old Hauppage card and that worked great.

  • New VCR/DVD player that connects to antenna input

    Sorry! I guess I should clarify this. We have a "screw in" coaxial cable that runs from our antenna into the house. As our TV is newer we don't have a "screw in" coaxial input (only AV cable inputs) so we have to run it through the dvd/vcr players. However, our current player no longer works for anything other than this (doesn't play DVD/VHS anymore) so it is basically like a giant paperweight.  We are looking at replacing this unit, but need the new one to have the screw in option (or be able to purchase another device that has the screw in coaxial option). Otherwise we do not have access to any television channels. Unfortunately I don't know what to look for in either a new player or an additional device. Thank you for your help with this!

    I am very confused as to what I need to look for when buying a new VCR/DVD combo. (Yes, I still want to play tapes)   I need it to have a "screw" in connection for my roof top antenna's coaxial cable like the ones picture below. I have tried the plug in coaxials slots (with out the screw in option), and they don't work. But when you go to buy any device they just meniton that it has a coaxial slot. I have heard a lot of different information about what I need to get from an RF Modulator to a Tuner. When I looked at the RF Modulator it appeared to be letting you convert AV cables from a device (dvd player) to coaxial input (older tv model). Please help! Thank you!!!!!Rocketfish™ - 50' RG6 In-Wall Indoor/Outdoor Coaxial A/V Cable - BlackModel: RF-RG650BK | SKU: 6602822Easily connect your HDTV to a cable box, satellite or antenna with this Rocketfish™ RF-RG650BK RG6 coaxial A/V cable, which can be used indoors or outdoors for flexibility. The 2-layer shielding offers reliable performance.  Read reviews (0)Sale: $39.99

  • My Toshiba DVR620KU VCR/DVD unit chews tapes

    I bought my DVR620KU VCR/DVD combo unit some time last year as a refurbished unit.  As such it either had no warranty or a very short term warranty.  And since I bought it as a refurbished unit, that meant that it didn't qualify for any of BestBuy's Geek Squad service plans, so they won't touch it.  Anyway for the past month or so, maybe longer, the VCR side has been chewing tapes.  Sometimes, it won't rewind and intead will switch off. When I turn it back on, it ejects the tape.  And tapes recorded on the VCR side are horrible.  And sometimes, the machine will make a squealing sound when I fast forward.  And when it does rewind, I hear a clicking sound.  And it's left one edge of my latest tape all crinkled.  Have other people had this problem? Is it a problem that can be fixed and does it cost a lot to fix it? The DVD side works just fine.

    Right now. I'm just using the DVD side to record stuff I want to keep permanently since my stepfather stockpiles DVD+R disks that can only be recorded onto once. I was recording my cartoons onto tape since I watch those and rewind the tape to reuse. But now that the VCR chews tapes, I have those on the Verizon Fios DVR.  The Toshiba unti itself is still connected to the converter box that was already connected to the TV before we got Fios in the house. I still record operas that transmit over the converter box onto DVD.

  • No picture on TV/DVD combo when connected to laptop via HDMI

    I have. 2008 19LV50KW TV/DVD combo that I'm trying to use as a second monitor for my new laptop. I have it connected via HDMI port, and the laptop recognizes the Toshiba, I have windows 7 and have dual monitors enabled, yet there is only Black on the Toshiba TV (I have it on the HDMI input selection). What could be the issue ?

    I've seen a number of similar posts around the internet.  I have this same Toshiba TV, and my new fire TV stick from amazon will not display via the HDMI (the only option).  So then I tried my laptop, and discovered that it too would NOT display.
    Based on that troubleshooting, I've concluded that it much be an issue with the TV.  Can this be remedied in any way?  Both my fire TV stick and my laptop work on all of my other TVs.  There seems to clearly be an issue with the HDMI input with this Toshiba model, and maybe more.
    Please advise.

  • Sat Pro 490xcdt & CDRW/DVD combo SD-2212 compatible?

    Hi, I am hoping someone will be able to tell me whether a Toshiba CDRW/DVD combo drive [model# SD-2212] is compatible with a Toshiba Satellite Pro 490XCDT laptop?
    I have searched the web and toshiba's site for compatibility info but have not found any stating one way or the other.
    Thanks for any help or suugestions.

    Well, I dont know if this drive is compatible with this unit but I have found other drives which are supported:
    Part numbers: P000242100, P00025200, XM-1602B, ZA2000P04
    Please check this page where I found this info

  • How to create apple id without payment option or using debit card

    can any one help me to solve this problem dat i want to register my aplle id without payment otion or using with debit card option bcoz i have tried a lot bt its nt accepting

    There are instructions on this page for creating a new account (the instructions won't work with existing accounts) without giving credit card details (I don't think that debit cards are still accepted) :
    e.g. if doing it on a computer's iTunes, then if currently logged into an account then log out of it, find a free app in the store and click on its free 'price' :
    Click on 'create Apple id' on the popup :
    You should then be able to enter details of your new account and get 'none' as a payment option - I tried it a few days ago in response to another thread and got 'none' on the payments screen, and was able to click on the verification email and download a free app with it

  • Vcr/dvd player combo and compatibility with TV

    I received a VCR/DVD player combo (does not have a digital tuner)  for Christmas.  I have basic cable hookup without a cable box and my tv  does not have a digital tuner.  My dilema is that both sides play just fine but I cannot record from the tv.  I would like to know what I can do to remedy this problem.  If anyone has any suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated!!

    Since you do not have a tuner on the dvd/vcr combo, the only way you can record tv shows on this unit is if your tv has a video output on the back of the tv. Few newer tv's have this feature anymore.
    See this picture. There is a pair of audio outs on the right, and the bottm right is a yellow output for video. These are the composite outs to go to a unit like yours.
    If the unit came from Best Buy, you can see about exchanging it for a Panasonic DMR-EZ48VK or LG  RC897T units. They are stocked in store and have a HD tuner in them.
    Best Buy employee, 15 years selling electronics

  • Toshiba 24LV411U TV/DVD combo turns off

    I have a Toshiba 24Lv411u TV/DVD combo.
    When turn it on the red light turns green for about 10 seconds then it turns itself off again.
    I unplugged it for a few months...went back to it today and it worked fine for a few hours.
    Now it's back to the same old turning itself off again.
    Any ideas?

    Toshiba 24LV411U is not known to me but from my point of few its hardware malfunction.
    Maybe something wrong with main board or other electronics parts.
    Sorry mate but I think its impossible to say whats wrong exactly without detailed check.

  • Toshiba TV/DVD combo 32SLV411U - listening through wireless headphones?

    I hope I am posting this in the right place. I couldn't find a specific board just for tvs?
    I have recently purchased a Toshiba TV/DVD combo 32SLV411U. I really like it but have an issue.
    The best way to go about this I guess is to tell you what I hope to be able to do.
    First, I will say I did call Toshiba tech support and they said it couldn't be done and advised I buy a sound bar.
    I am not 100% convinced they fully understood or that a sound bar would solve the problem.
    The tv model I have does not seem to have a separate headphone jack. I does obviously have the rear hookups for the rca type cables.
    While watching a DVD (unhooked from cable box, in DVD mode) I want to be able to have the tv totally silent.
    I live in an apartment complex and don't wish to disturb neighbors. I want the audio from the DVD to come through to the wireless headphones only. This does work when the TV is hooked up to the cable as the sound comes through the cable box.
    It seems to me I should just be able to attach the rca audio cables to the back of the TV and listen as I have described above. But I can't get it to work no matter what configuration I have tried. I don't know if I just need to set things up differently or what. When I go to menu and look at the options, it doesn't seem to give me many choices in that area, unless I am looking in the wrong place.
    Can this be done without me buying anything extra? If so, how do I set it up to do this correctly when watching a DVD?
    If I do need to buy something else, how does a sound bar work and would it solve the problem?
    Or should I look for a stand alone DVD player with audio hookups in back (that kinda defeats the purpose of
    having a TV/DVD combo but might be a less expensive option.
    I guess I should've taken a second look at the features before purchasing the TV combo. I just assumed that with the audio hookups in back it would work. I had no problems with the previous TV/DVD combo I owned, but it did have a headphone port. In the meantime, I am watching DVD's on my PC.
    Any information or advice is truly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    > I hope I am posting this in the right place. I couldn't find a specific board just for tvs?
    You could not find a right board because this is a Toshiba computer systems user to user forum.
    However maybe I could help you:
    > While watching a DVD (unhooked from cable box, in DVD mode) I want to be able to have the tv totally silent.
    I live in an apartment complex and don't wish to disturb neighbors. I want the audio from the DVD to come through to the wireless headphones only. This does work when the TV is hooked up to the cable as the sound comes through the cable box.
    In my case I connected my HiFi directly to the DVD player using RCA cables (red/white chinch).
    Furthermore the DVD player is connected to the TV via HDMI.
    I can disable the sound on TV and can listen to the sound coming from the HiFi speakers.
    If you want to use headphones, then connect this to the HiFi and this should help you :)

  • How do I get a 23.98 sequence onto a dvd(29.97) without adding 3:2pulldown?

    I am having a hard time finding a process for burning 23.98 footage onto a DVD without having the method of 3:2 pulldown effecting the overall look. I have a sequence in Final Cut Pro that is 23.98. I’d like to burn it to a DVD but when the 3:2 pulldown is added the footage looks awful. I can’t conform the footage because audio will be out of sink and everything will be to fast. How can I take this .mov file and get it onto a DVD without visibly seeing the pull down. Does anyone have a suggestion? Please help or even start a conversation. I can’t do any work until I get this figured out.
    Final Cut Pro
    Adobe Encore

    steveffg wrote:
    I don't believe it's adding pulldwn because each frame is smooth when you tab through each frame.
    You are right. I didn't see that you have this in a 24p sequence. You should be able to FILE>EXPORT>USING COMPRESSOR, select the preset that most closely matches the length of your movie, and encode. This should give you a progressive mpeg2 file that you can use.
    What is DVDSP ? I use envore but if that doesn't work than I assume DVDSP is a program.
    DVD Studio Pro, comes with Final Cut Suite. You may want to give it a try, maybe Encore is doing something strange with your file?

  • Insignia 26" LCD TV/DVD Combo display problem

    My Insignia 26" LCD TV/DVD Combo has a display problem when you turn it on it is very bright, changes to verticle stripes after about 10 minutes of "warm up" you begin to see a egraded picture and after a little more warm-up the picture finally comes through clear.  I am past my warrenty period but I would like to fix the TV rather than throw it away.
    1) can someone tell me what the problem is
    2) identify the part that needs replacment and the cost
    3) estimate repair cost if I brought it in to be fixed
    Thank you

    Try setting the input to antenna and then scanning. If that doesn't work, you will need to get a tuner box.

Maybe you are looking for

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