Vendor Out Going Payment Tcode(F-53)

Hi Experts
While Posting Documents In Vendor Out Going Payment tcode F-53 i didt get invoice against posting screen
I get post outgoing payments select open items screen
plz giv valuable solution to me

You need to check in FBL1N first with the Vendor, whether there are any line items in open status or not?
While searching in FBL1N - keep the Open item date as today's date.
If yes, go to F-53, requirements which are necessary, just see throughly..
Posting date
Document date
Bank account
Vendor account (basically appears as ACCOUNT under open item selection)
Click on "Process open items"
They should display
If there are no open items at Vendor line item level, then there won't be any list t display at payment level, means
FBL1N   Open items should display in F-53
Check them plz
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  • TDS Not deducted at the time of Vendor out going payment (F-53)

    Dear All,
    First we did prepayment through F-47, iam tryin to clearing the vendor payment amount through F-53 , at this  TDS amount not deducted for that payment. can any one solve this issue as soon as possible....
    Thanks & Regards
    Vijay Kumar

    Hello vijay,
    TDS should be deducted at time time of Advance Payment or Invoice Booking only, not in F-53( Payment against invoice).
    if Payment is made in Advance you must have deducted tds amount. f-53 is normally using for payment against invoicing.
    and invoicing is already done with deduction of tds.
    Vishal Sonawane

  • How to print vendor ref. no. in out going payment.

    hi all,
    i want to print vendor ref. no in out going payment pld.
    hw to get it in pld?

    Hi Chetan
    In the VPM2 Table look for the field DocEntry, Join it on OPCH.DocEntry, and then look for NumAtCard in OPCH to find out the vendor's Ref No
    the following query expains it
    SELECT     dbo.OVPM.CardName, dbo.VPM2.SumApplied, dbo.OPCH.NumAtCard
    FROM         dbo.OVPM INNER JOIN
                          dbo.VPM2 ON dbo.OVPM.DocNum = dbo.VPM2.DocNum INNER JOIN
                          dbo.OPCH ON dbo.VPM2.DocEntry = dbo.OPCH.DocEntry
    WHERE     (dbo.OVPM.DocEntry = %x%)
    I hope this now solves your problem!! Cheers

  • Not picking all open items at the time of out going payment(F-53)

    Dear Experts,
    I'm facing the issue at the time of out going payment(F-53)
    At the time of vendor line item display system is showing open items but at the time of out going payment(F-53)
    system is not picking the all open items it is picking only two items
    Pls help
    Hari Prasad

    Hi Experts,
    Thnx for Quick response
    As per your instructions, I checked auto payment run here we have done successfully for vendor
    Open items shown in FBL1N but these open items not coming at the time of  out going payment
    I checked SPL GL indictors also
    Hari Prasad

  • Issue in PLD of Out going Payment

    Hi All,
            I have a pld on out going payment where when we select the Account, we also get field to add description. Now when i try to caputre this detail in PLD, the system shows an error message, "The requested action is not supported for this object". In the pld, i have selected table RCT4, description.  Can anyone please tell me whats the cause of this error and ho can I capture the Doc. Remarks in PLD??
    Thanks in advance,

    Hi Joseph,
    It is not possible on Outgoing Payments.
    Try to Create QPLD.
    IF you need Outgoing Payments row details. Try to Create Query Print Layout Designer(QPLD).
    If you need to Print rows of Accounts in Outgoing Payments.
    Try this Query and you will design QPLD.
    SELECT T0.DocNum, T0.DocDate, T0.CardCode, T0.CardName, T0.Address, T1.AcctCode, T1.AcctName,
    T1.Descrip, T0.CashAcct, T0.CheckAcct, T0.Comments, T0.DocTotal,  CASE WHEN T0.CashSum > 0 THEN 'Cash'
    WHEN T0.CreditSum > 0 THEN 'CC' WHEN T0.TrsfrSum > 0 THEN 'WIRE' ELSE 'Check' END AS 'Mode'
    LEFT JOIN VPM4 T1 ON T0.DocEntry = T1.DocNum
    INNER JOIN OPID T2 ON T0.PIndicator = T2.Indicator
    WHERE T0.[DocNum]>='[%0]' and T0.[DocNum]<='[%1]' and T2.[Indicator]='[%2]'
    ORDER BY T0.[DocNum]
    If you need to Print rows of Accounts and Cheque Details in Outgoing Payments.
    Try this,
    SELECT T0.DocNum, T0.DocDate, T0.CardCode, T0.CardName, T0.Address, T1.AcctCode, T1.AcctName,
    T1.Descrip, T0.CashAcct, T0.CheckAcct,
    T4.[BankCode] as 'Bank Name',
    T4.[AcctNum] as 'Check A/C No.',
    T0.DocTotal,  CASE WHEN T0.CashSum > 0 THEN 'Cash'
    WHEN T0.CreditSum > 0 THEN 'CC' WHEN T0.TrsfrSum > 0 THEN 'WIRE' ELSE 'Check' END AS 'Mode'
    FROM OVPM T0 full outer JOIN VPM1 T4 ON T0.DocEntry = T4.DocNum
    LEFT JOIN VPM4 T1 ON T0.DocEntry = T1.DocNum
    INNER JOIN OPID T3 ON T0.PIndicator = T3.Indicator
    WHERE T0.[DocNum]>='[%0]' and T0.[DocNum]<='[%1]' and T3.[Indicator]='[%2]'
    ORDER BY T0.[DocNum]
    IF you want extra some details, Check this thread.
    Re: PLD- outgoing payment .(RCT4 ,tables data is not comming)
    Re: PLD-How to increments rows of accounts in O/g payment.

  • Error in the Out going payments

    Am getting error when making an out going payment : -
    Cannot add or update this document , its rows are missing [Outgoing payments - invoices -sequence no.][Line 0][Message 131 - 197]
    Any one had this before, what's causing it ?
    Edited by: Martin Kamau on Mar 24, 2009 10:00 AM

    My problem was with missing detail in the database tables. The outgoing data table OVPM, VPM2 etc were not posted correctly. The system hanged at some point and the table inserts were not completed. Try check on those tables and see if the data postings are ok
    Good luck.
    Edited by: Martin Kamau on Apr 8, 2009 9:48 AM


    Dear All
    I required a PLD for Outgoing Payment with A/P Invoice whose payment we pay. I develope a PLD for Out Going Payment but not develop of A/P how we make a print for A/P invoice with Outgoing payment in separate page. When i print Out Going Payment automatically print out A/P invoice hows payment is selected. First I select the A/P Invoice then I pay the out going payment.
    Thanks in advance
    M. Rafiq Khan

    It cannot be done in PLD since PLD is very basic, you can make a query and use Crystal Report or QLD.
    Below is an example of the query :
      T0.DocTotal + MIN(T0.DiscSum) + MIN(T0.WTSum) + MIN(T0.DpmAmnt) AS TotalAmnt,
      'Mode' =  CASE WHEN T4.CashSum > 0 THEN 'Cash' WHEN
      T4.CreditSum > 0 THEN 'Credit' WHEN T4.TrsfrSum > 0 THEN 'Bank Transfer'
        ELSE 'Check' END ,
      'APCMDocNum' = T2.DocEntry,
      'OutDocNum' = T4.DocNum
      dbo.OPCH T0
      INNER JOIN dbo.PCH1 T1 ON (T0.DocEntry = T1.DocEntry)
      LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.ORPC T2 ON (T1.TrgetEntry = T2.DocEntry)
      LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.RPC1 T3 ON (T2.DocEntry = T3.DocEntry)
      LEFT OUTER JOIN dbo.OVPM T4 ON (T0.ReceiptNum = T4.DocNum)

  • How to select  multiple vendors in out going payment

    We are issuing Letter to Bank asking to issue DD against 10
    Vendors. In this case Bank issuing DD and making debit as
    one entry. In Outgoing payment is it possible to select 10
    vendors at time ( Is there any other way instead of 10 outgoing
    payments )and make it as single payment, so that bank
    reconciliation will be easy.
    any body can help pl.

    I am a little bit surprise but I need more explanation from you.
    do you mean the vendors are the same ? it means the 10 vendors are actually 10 A/P invoices ?
    if not, I am afraid that outgoing payment can take 10 different vendor codes all at once in the same outgoing payment no.
    it must be using DTW but the final result is not one outgoing payment no.
    You could create a consolidation vendor although actually they are not under one company group. It is in the BP master data --> tab accounting --> payment consolidation

  • Out going Payment

    Dear sapient,
    I need some soultion for the following problem,
    User made the payment posting by using t.code F-02. but user made the wrong entry like this
    Bank a/c      Dr
       To vendor      Cr
    and after posting the entry user printed the check in FBZ5. so here wrong entry have been posted. System should not allow to posted like this. is there any standard customization to avoid this type of error by user.
    Thanks in advance
    Thanks & Regards

    hello kumar 
    Well in my perspective, i don't really care what Tcode you are using to made a payment posting. But i sure like if you can use the previous posting statement for doing the payment.
    Here's the deal when you use a manual journal to entry the payment make sure there is an open balances into the vendor account. Here's i think what missing from your standard accounting procedure.
    now as your convenience what solution you will take. adding something into your procedure or made a new procedure to create a payment posting.
    hope helps

  • Approval of Out going payments

    Hi Experts,
    I want to enable the Outgoing payment Approval. Bot for Cash Approval It should use one template and for other payments it should use another template.
    I Used following queris for this
    For Cash
    SELECT distinct 'True' from  OVPM WHERE CashAcct IS NOT NULL and CashSum>0
    For Non Cash
    SELECT distinct 'True' from  OVPM WHERE CashAcct IS NULL and DocTotal>0 and CashSum=0
    But System starts approvals using Both Templates simultaneously, for all outgoing payments
    What is wrong with these queries?
    Please Help
    Ajith G

    Hi, use these queries:
    SELECT DISTINCT 'True' WHERE $[OVPM.CashAcct] = '' AND $[OVPM.DocTotal] IS NOT NULL AND $[OVPM.CashSum] = 0.0

  • Approval Procedure for Out Going Payments

    Hi All,
    I need to set up an approval procedure for Outgoing payments.
    Terms & Conditions:
    Documents Should go for approval only when a Outgoing Payment is raised by choosing the cash account in Cash tab.
    Is there any default Procedure to setup this Approval Procedure.
    Please do the needfull.

    For outgoing payments you can set approval procedure only for version 8.8. Then you can apply a query based approval with a query like this:
    If  $[OVPM.CashAcct]='38110000'
    Select 'true'

  • Have to populate new field in pexr2001 idoc type (out going payment order)

    Hi All
    I want to populate extra field( internal sap generated invoice number) in the PEXR2001 IDOC TYPE.But I dont know which user exits i have to use. program we are using wasRFFOEDI1
    was it
    Do I have like i have to use user exit <b>EXIT_SAPLIEDP_002</b>
    I could nt find where it is called in the program RFFOEDI1. Could you help me where to find this.

    It is quite deep ...  but please check this.
    1. Go to SE37 and enter FM FI_EDI_PAYEXT_PEXR2001_OUT.
    2. Double click on FORM FILL_IDOC_PAYEXT (include program LIEDPF2F).
    3. Double click on FORM HEADER_PAYEXT (include program LIEDPF28).
    4. Double click on any FORM FILL_SEGMENT_*. (i.e FILL_SEGMENT_IDKU1).
    5. Then double click on FORM  STORE_PEXR_SEGMENT (include program LIEDPF15).
    6.  In here, you should be able to link to FM EXIT_SAPLIEDP_002 using CALL CUSTOMER-FUNCTION '002'.
    Ferry Lianto

  • Incoming payment from a vendor-is there any tcode to post

    How do we post an incoming payment from a vendor.Is there any tcode to post or f-02 should be used.

    Also try F-52
    Thank You,

  • SAP has T-code to auto send out the payment detail to each vendor ??

    Could you advise if SAP has T-code to auto send out the payment detail to each vendor?

    So many different ways to do this, but none of it is "Automatic". To automate, you may need to use BTE, workflows, message outputs, etc. First, you need to identify content: Which report or information you want to include. From my experience, no standard report is always sufficient. So depending on your requirements, then outputs from FBL1N or reports under "Print Correspondence" might help. Custom ABAP and SAPScript forms is what seems to work well for some customers. Then you need to decide how you want the message sent: Fax, email, interface, etc. Each decision lead you towards diff implementation. None of which are trivial. So, research your design goals and provide your requirements, then we might be able to provide further help.

  • With holding tax base amount for 1099 vendors with discounted payment term

    Hi Friends,
    We have a below situation for 1099 vendors,
    Some of the 1099 vendors are set-up in the system with payment term with discounts i.e. 2% if paid within 10 days
    As per config, system posts with holding tax base amount at the time of posting payment.
    With holding tax rate is 0%,
    Based on modified net amount calculation
    Cash discount calculation before w/tax calculation
    When we have vendor with input tax, system excludes tax amount at the time of payment but for the with holding tax base calculation amount system does not exclude input tax type.
    Which causes difference in 1099 – misc vendors
    Below is the example of how system calculates the amount.
    Invoice $ 1000, payment term 2% if paid within 10 days. Input tax 7.25%
    Payment going out=
    $1000- $ 72.5(tax 7.25%) = $ 927.5 – 18.55 [2% discount] = $ 908.95 (payment amount)
    With holding base calculation =
    $ 1000 – 100 (2% discount) = $ 900
    Difference between payment going out and with holding tax base = 908.98 – 900 = 8.98
    Can some one please tell me how to get rid off this difference?
    Moreover, please tell me if it’s normal to have 1099 vendors with discounted payment term.
    Any thoughts on above situation will be helpful
    Edited by: Shefford William on Jan 28, 2008 11:36 PM

    Dear All
    i am also having the same problem. The example is
    Net invoice Value   = $ 100,000
    Input Tax @ 15%   = $  15,000
    Total Invoice Value = $ 115,000
    Cash Discount = 20% with in 20 days
    On payment the system behavior should be
    Debit  Vendor invoice Value   = $ 115,000
    Debit  Cash Discount @ 20%    = $   20,000   ( 20% of the Net Invoice Value that is 20% of $ 100,000)
    Credit  W/H Tax deduction @ 3.5% = $ 3,325  ( 3.5% of 95,000 the Inv Value - Cash Discount that is $ 115,000 - $20,000)
    Credit Bank Account  = $ 91,675 ( Inv value - Cash Dic - W/H tax that is $ 115,000 - 20,000 - 3325 = 91,675)
    However at the time of payment system is calculating tax as follows
    Debit  Vendor invoice Value   = $ 115,000
    Debit  Cash Discount @ 20%    = $   20,000   ( 20% of the Net Invoice Value that is 20% of $ 100,000)
    Credit  W/H Tax deduction @ 3.5% = $ 3,220  ( 3.5% of 92,000 the Inv Value - Cash Discount that is $ 115,000 - $23,000. This $ 23,000 is only calculated for W/H tax calculation that is 20% of $ 115,000 )
    Credit Bank Account  = $ 91,780 ( Inv value - Cash Dis - W/H tax that is $ 115,000 - 20,000 - 3220 = 91,780)
    this is not the common practice when using the net base value in the system.
    Can any one help me in this regard. I really have been stucked in this problem for many days
    Bilal Athar

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