Vendor return delivery form Quality Management on inspection type 08

Dear all.
I have a query regarding vendor return delivery. The issue is on a transection when one of our user has wrongly post the material to restricted stock after rejecting it on an inspection lot (Orign 01), that actually has to return to vendor and lot is the second return delivery to vendor on the same P.O. and line no.
To correct this i have done a transfer posting and transfer the material back to quality inspection by using movement type 322. Now i have an inspection lot with 08 orign but this time the system is not allowing me to post a return delivery and showing "PU Qty deficit" error.
Any one has any idea! please advice.
I am very thankful for your help.

Dear Tahir,
Have checked the scenario and is working fine, I think  there is some i found in  your  3rd communication in this thread. Gajesh has given you right path, you are trying it differently  so there is a error. Just do following and revert back:
You have applied 08 insp type  and lot i generated again and you have posted it to block stock correct no???  and you have already removed 08 type now fine.
Now go to migo >> *select return delivery  against  original material document, put reason for movement  and select stock type as block stock *  and post the document.
You were trying to do reverse GR instead of return delivery hence system was not allowing, pl check and revert it works 100%.

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  • Vendor Return Delivery through Quality Notification.

    Hi Experts,
    I m doing vendor return delivery through quality notification with action box , after giving PO NO. & Material document no we are getting the  following error
    1) Could not create return delivery
    2) Deficit of PU IR quantity 2.000 EA
    For the GR based IV reversal after IR tick is not active.
    Kindly suggest possible reason for the same
    Thanks & Regards

    There is deficit of Quantity i.e the quantity lying in stock is less than 2. and secondly for GR based invoice verification the IR tick should be there in PO in Invoice tab.

  • Vendor Return Delivery Process

    Dear All,
    Kindly listout the process of Vendor Return Delivery for the Subcontracting Purchase process...
    MIGO (GRN) qty : 4 EA (Main material) (sub contracting challan reconciliation done for the full required sub materials)
    Reworkable Qty: 1 EA (Found by Quality)
    Return Delivery : 1 EA (in Movement type 122 through QM side so that the Main material only will remove from our stock)
    Now while sending this return delivery Main Material to the Sub contractor what could be the official document will be sent
    along with.

    This one defective item has to be sent to subcontractor for rectification .. right !!!
    You have to again go for subcontracting cycle .... Here BOM will be recursive .... Vendor most probably will do it for free ... so u have to go for free PO or just put say 0.01 as amount. .... do MB1B 541 ...create a subcontracting GR and reconcile the challan ....
    Now the catch .... how to differentiate rework material ....
    You can create a new PO doc type ... as "JW or SC Rework" ... Create rework PO in this doc type ...

  • Vendor return delivery error

    Hi SAP ,
    I have very critical issue to be resolved immediately in the area of Excise for CAPITAL GOODS, please help! The things is....
    1. At GR level using mvt 101, system is posting all BEDECSSECess to correct RG23C register, fine
    Quality people have rejected goods, when Iu2019m trying to create vendor return delivery using......
    1. GR (122) >J1IS>J1IV, using this process system is posting BED+ECS to RG23C but SECess to RG23A, I wanted to know why SECess is getting post in RG23A instead RG23C. plz suggest if any config. chages to be done.

    Hi John,
    1. Check mat. type defines in J1ID.
    2. Chekc the Acct. Det. for ETT OTHR for Excise India.
    3. Check Imm. utilization from Series grp conf.
    4. During J1IV , change the Excise posting From RG23A to RG23C, save it.

  • Vendor return delivery for excisable goods

    I have few queries regarding vendor return delivery of excisable items.
    1) MIGO is done- Part 1 is done
        J1IEX_P- Part 2 is done.
       MIRO is done/not done.
    2) MIGO is done-Part 1 is done.
        J1IEX is not done.
        MIRO is not done.
    3) In case of return PO, when we do MIGO with 161,
        should I select Create excise entry or No Excise Entry??
    What will be correct vendor return delivery procedure??
    I've searched forums, but I'm not able to get the proper solution for excisable items.
    Can anybody tell me step by step procedures for above.
    Thanks in advance,

    You need to select Create excise entry , as you have claimed the Credit for the materials , so you need to reverse that as you are not utilising the material in production of finished goods.
    Thanks & Regards

  • Error while doing Vendor Return Delivery

    Dear Gurus,
    When i am making vendor return delivery( From Unrestric Stock) getting error like below:
                 <b>Insufficient Quantity in the Register RGSUM</b>
    Quantity in the register is the difference between Receipts and  Issues.  Since for  the particular material type and excise group there may not enough balance.
    1. Check Table J_1IRGSUM.
    2. Create Receipt enter the register for the excise group.
    Could you plz guide me to overcome this problem.

    Dear Dipak,
    Thanx for your reply.
    I will give bit explanation abt my scenario:
      Made a Goods Receipt.......for 100kG
               After Goods mooved to QM and subsequently moved to Unrestricte stock
               When i issued that material to prodcution foud out of 100kg, 10KG are
                  defective........For 10KGs i want to make Return delivery to Vendor.
               For this, i am doing GR ( thrugh MIGO) Selecting as Return Delivery and
                  giving reference of GR document number( i.e 10KG receipt)....when doing
                  this i am getting Error Message.
    If i missed any step in between....pls point out and guide me.
    For doing J1IS, i need return delivery GR number, but while Doing Return Delivery GR getting Error message like that.

  • How to explode BOM in vendor return delivery ?

    I am working on creating item categories that will help explode BOM
    But I have to do that for vendor return delivery
    The BOM (structure A or B) settings are visible in item category for sales order but not for delivery item
    So, how can I make an item category with BOM , for delivery (no sales order will be used) ?

    J1IS is only to reverse exice duties which were captured earlier. in oder to cancel the excise you are using J1IS. However if you wich to pass the accounting entry for the same you ahve follows as below.
    it will cancel the excise invoice .If u go to J1IS and cancel the document only the excise invoice created will be cancelled, no accounting entries will be generated. In order to capture accounting entries you have to fetch the accounting document of J1IS through table j_1iexcdtl and j_1ipart2, pass a reversal entry for the accounting document through FB08.
    As per norms there is no possibility of reversal entry for CST as it will to material cost  you have to pass the entry in FI.
    Hope this helps you.

  • Return Delivery Form

    Any one tell me the standard Return Delivery form name( smart forms or sap script ) anything?
    thanks in advance

    Use the standard form /SMB40/SDDLN_A and driver program RLE_DELNOTE

  • Unable to create Vendor return delivery from blocked stock

    Would like to know how to enable delivery picking from blocked stock.
    Some back ground : I am using Delivery type RL (Vendor returns). Required config is done in IMG.
    In our process we move defective material to blocked stock. Next create a Return PO to pick material from blocked stock.
    Next use VL10b to create delivery document against this PO.  We are able to create delivery & PGI from blocked stock.
    All above steps are executing seamlessly without any issue In our QA system.
    However in PROduction system delivery document does not find any qty in blocked stock inspite of being in the blocked stock.
    Please let me know where I could find the setting to enable delivery shipping/ PGI from blocked stock.
    Look forward to some good responses.

    When you enter a return delivery, you should reference the purchase order or the material document, so that the system can:
    Suggest data to simplify data input (for example, the storage location)
    Check that the returned quantity does not exceed the delivered quantity
    Reduce the quantity delivered to date
    Reverse other updates that occurred (for example, for a goods receipt into consumption) when the goods receipt was entered
    Before you enter a return delivery with reference to a purchase order, you have to determine whether the goods were posted to stock or to consumption, or whether they were posted into goods receipt blocked stock. If you posted the goods to a particular stock type at goods receipt (for example, quality inspection stock), you have to return them from the same stock type.

  • Vendor Return delivery Cancellation

    Dear Guruu2019s,
    I have one problem regarding return delivery (122) cancellation.
    One of our QA guy wrongly posted return delivery to vendor through QA11u2026
    Now how to reverse it, Before QM module we had reversing through MBST codes..
    After QM module system is not allowing to do cancellation of return delivery (122) document from
    Waiting for ur replies.

    1) Create own report program refer to source code which is attached in SAP note 175842.
    (The object name is 'RQEVAC50'.)
    2) Assign the transaction 'QA11' as allowed transaction into movement type '123' at transaction OMJJ.
    (This is configuration.)
    3) Execute above program and input the inspection lot number then execute.
    (Stock which was transferred from QI to other will be reversed to QI stock again.)
    4) Post stock again at transaction QA11 or QA12.

  • Cancelation of Vendors return delivery document  ( 122 Movment type)

    Dear All,
    We have a case where in all vendor receipts are quality checked and in case a quality lot is rejected a returns delivery is crated to the vendor with SD returns delivery type RLL..
    We want to reverse this returns delivery and accept the the quality rejected lot. Can you please suggest how to do the same.
    We tried to reverse the returns delivery with transaction VL09 we got an error " the vendor rejection returns delivery type RLL cannot be reversed.
    We also tried out transaction  MIGO Cancellation option and got an error "material document cannot be processed"
    Please suuggest the procedure to reverse this material document.

    H i Deepak!
       We also have the same scenario like yours.But I am struggling to get the pricing details from the purchasing document. I don't know how to control this function.Material price and ED elements to be copied from the reference purchase document.How are you handling this? Kindly reply me soon.
    The following information may be useful to you.
    Posting a Return Delivery with Reference to the Purchase Order
    Choose the Enjoy transaction MIGO for posting goods movements. Enter the purchase order. In goods-receipt-based invoice verification, the system displays all the GR items. Choose the items that you want to return, specify the quantities, and choose movement type 122.
    Posting a New Goods Receipt with Reference to a Return Delivery
    If you receive a substitute delivery after you have returned goods to a vendor, it is advisable to reference the associated return delivery by using a reverse posting when you post the new goods receipt. This enables the system to suggest and update the data for this particular business process. This is particularly important in goods-receipt-based invoice verification, so that the link between the goods receipt, the return delivery, and the invoice remains intact (see also Subsequent Delivery).
    The table below shows which reversal movement types you can use to reference the associated return delivery.
    Goods receipt      Return Delivery              Substitute delivery
    101                         122                                    123
    103                         124                                    125
    105                         122                                    123
    For example, if you posted the goods into goods receipt blocked stock using movement type 103, you return them using movement type 124 (return delivery from goods receipt blocked stock). To post the substitute delivery back into goods receipt blocked stock, you do not use movement type 103, but reverse the material document for the return delivery. The system automatically suggests movement type 125, which maintains the link between the goods receipt, the return delivery, and the invoice.

  • Vendor return material to quality inspection.

    I have send Raw materials to vendor for processing. Here we received the final product from vendor
    and some Raw materials are left with the vendor.
    I want to take back the  balance Raw materials from vendor and the balance material, when I take back,
    it should  go to quality inspection.
    What movement i have to use .

    Inform your QM Consultant to add 542 movement in quality inspection parameter.... he will be able to do it the similar way how he would have done for movt type 101....he just needs to add 542 in the list...
    Award if u find it useful

  • Issue of Quality Inspection for consignment return delivery

    I am doing a returns delivery(from a Sales Order) from a Customer Consignment.
    I am getting a error when I do a Post Goods Receipt(PGI). QM is active for that material.
    The error I am getting is
    "Change the inspection stock of material XXX in QM only"
    Procedure says
    "Check both the QM inspection setup data and the movement type for material XXX in the quality management view of the material master"
    The movement type used in the returns delivery is 655(GD returns for QI).
    What is the solution for this error. Do I need to change/add new Inspection type based on the Movement type?
    Please let me know ASAP.
    SAP Fan..

    You can read this link for inspection for customer return [Inspection for customer return|]
    It looks the material master is set-up inspection type with 06 - returns from customer. Also the movement type 655 moves the goods into QI stock.  In this case, the Quality personnel needs to change the inspection stock type using transaction code QA32. They will change the usage decision on the customer returns.
    Once the change the inspection type is changed, you can do the post goods receipt.

  • Return del to vendor- How delivery type determination

    Hi All,
    When i am creating return delivery to vendor in MBRL transaction code with reference to Material document, the system is creating delivery with RLL document type, want to understand how the system is determining RLL document type for 122 movement type vendor return delivery.
    Do we have any assignment for delivery doc.type determination like how we have PO returns delivery.
    Thanks in advance!

    Got the solution from SAP note 359247, we need to do the configuration as suggested in this Note.
    The steps are:
    1. You must add an entry to the domain fixed value for the domain DLVTP: Fixed value RL. Short text: Return delivery to vendor - this is already available in ECC 6
    2. Use transaction SM31 to maintain the view V_156Q_VC. Go to movement type 122 and change the delivery category from OD to
    RL for all entries with movement type 122.
    3. Use transaction SM31 to maintain the view V_156Q_VC. Go to movement type 161 and change the delivery category from OD to
    RL for all entries with movement type 161.
    If we complete setp2, the system will determine RLL delivery type which is correct.

  • Return delivery in QA11

    Hi All,
    One way to process vendor return delivery is using transaction code MBRL - Return Delivery with check box on as Create delivery. This will create delivery in background and process return to vendor referencing to original PO goods receipt created.
    Where as on QA11 Usage Decision, there is option to create material movements automatically from quality inspection stock. When you process UD the material movement take place as per proposal you made on UD stock movement screen. It post return delivery using movement type 122. But how to make an option enable that will create delivery automatically at the time of UD for return delivery as available for transaction MBRL. This will help for picking and packaging planning.
    Any suggestions!!!
    V S

    sorry wrong forum...the question was answered in QM forum

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