Vertical green line on Qosmio's G20 LCD Screen

(Sorry for my bad English)
Hi all,
my laptop have a vertical green line on the right side of the screen.this line is visible in BIOS screen also. so i think it is a hardware related issue.but one good thing is that it is not visible in a white background.i don't know why;
Is there any thing i can do other than replacing the screen(i don't have any warranty on the LAPTOP :( )
The problem occurred after installing windows 7 beta edition,it changed my resolution to 1400 * 900 and i think which may cause an overheat on graphics card which may lead to my problem.
Please help me.

> Is there any thing i can do other than replacing the screen (i don't have any warranty on the LAPTOP )
I would not replace the screen before you would not know whats exactly wrong.
I mean there could be also a graphic card issue and not screen issue.
In your case I would recommend connecting the machine to the external monitor to check if the same vertical line would appears on a second monitor.
If the same lines are visible on both screens then its definitely not a screen issue but GPU issue and in such case the mobo must be replaced :(

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    Welcome to Apple Support Communities
    The display or graphic card are damaged. The only thing you can do is to take your computer to an Apple Store or reseller to get your computer repaired.
    If you use an external display with your Mac, connect it to your computer and see if these lines appear on the external display. If so, it's a graphic card problem

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    This question is shown as answered, did you find a solution??? I have the same problem, but not with the original effects. Just with the ones that I uploaded from apples website.

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    I have a similar issue since this morning.... MacBook Air 13"  C02GM1ASDJWV
    And also 3 months after the warranty is over....Strange.....
    In general, i'm starting to be disapointed with apple products as like my iphone, i had issue juste after the one year warranty was finished. I'm wondering why?
    Please notice that i'm a user since a long time of mac products and didn't had any issue before. It was the reason i was staying a mac user. But now things seems different.
    I'll have a look if i can change my computer screen my self or for  a sheap price somewhere. But no way that i spend 500euros for that....

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    I am occasionally getting patches of short vertical green lines on my 30" display
    using Nvidia GF8800GT 512MB
    If I put system to sleep when it awakes it's ok
    is this indicative of pending failure
    this is the second graphics card in my new two month old Mac Pro, original card just stopped working.

    Not yet resolved it is erratic when it occurs but lasts for the session and is apparent in any graphics irrespective of application. I had a feeling it was a graphics card problem but may be wrong. I will have to try a stress test when I get chance.

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    Could be the display or the video card. Sounds like something is temperature sensitive.
    Blow out all the dust in your mac pro.
    Reseat the video card.
    See if these help.
    You would need another display to check the card and another computer to check the display.
    Also see if any of the threads in the More Like This section on the right side of this page have any ideas.

  • Imac 21inch 2010 on boot vertical green lines then white screen ,will not load can anyone help please

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    Howdy carliosa,
    If your iMac is not starting up normally you may need to do some checking to make sure things are working correctly. I would suggest starting with the steps in this article -
    Resolve startup issues and perform disk maintenance with Disk Utility and fsck - Apple Support
    Thanks for using Apple Support Communities.
    Brett L 



    It is probably a display or display connector issue. To check this, take a screenshot of the display by pressing Command, Shift and 3 keys. Then, open the screenshot created in Desktop, and see if the line appears. If not, it is a display issue.
    If you have not got a MacBook Pro with Retina display, you can repair this yourself. You just need to look for the display connector of your MacBook Pro model in the Internet and install it, and if this does not work, you have to replace the whole display.
    However, if you do not know a lot about computers or your Mac is in warranty, you should take the Mac to an Apple Store or reseller to get it repaired

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    I am trying to burn a DVD in iDVD.
    I keep getting a green line at the bottom of the screen. I tried "squaring" the pixels before outputting the project, but I didn't render the project this way in FCP before trying that.
    Could that be the problem?
    I also tried buring at 1x.
    Any help would help!
    Thank you,
    Evan Jacobs

    Well to answer the questions. This artifact is in fact a physical one because you can see it when you boot the Mac and sign in with a different profile. I decided to test my luck at the local Apple Store just to see what they said. They looked at the display for about 3 minutes and then said that it would be nearly 700 bucks for parts and labor to basically put a new display on my laptop. He said that since its a TFT screen chances are on of the layers within the screen are messed up hence I see this black line. I decided Im going to look elsewhere and see if I can't find a solution here. If worse comes to worse, then I'll live with it till the Pro Book is out and get that with Apple care.

  • I have vertical colored lines appearing on the Mini Ipad screen

    I have vertical colored lines appearing on the Mini Ipad screen

    I had the same problem with my first gen ipad mini. The solution was not  to do a hard reset, but instead to push the sleep/off button until the  red slider appeared, then slide to OFF. Wait a few seconds then push the  sleep/home button until the Apple logo appeared. The lines were gone.  I  called Apple Support and they wanted $19 to troubleshoot over the phone  and $99-$199 to bring to the nearest Apple store. This may not be a  permanent fix, but it resolved the issue. I purchased my ipad mini from a  local electronics store in May of this year. Believing it to be new and  still under warranty I called the AppleCare store and discovered that  it had "previously" been purchased in November a year ago and was no  longer in warranty. As stated, I've had the device since May and it has  worked wonderfully until today when I turned it on and it had colored  vertical lines displayed on the screen. The lines would change color at  times and even became a solid black stripe. The strange thing was that  when taking a screen shot the lines were not noticeable and didn't show  up on the picture. The Customer Care support tech told me to search  other display issues. On one of the support threads it had something to  do with videos/video apps and that is where I saw to do the SLIDER OFF.  It worked even when the hard RESET had not.

  • A vertical red line appeared on my iphone 4 screen..what is going on?

    A vertical red line appeared on my iphone 4 screen..what is going on?

    who knows what it is, and frankly, who cares?  Bring the phone into Apple for replacement.

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    I am having a VERY annoying problem in final cut. All of my footage now has green vertical lines running through it.
    Here is a picture of what it looks like:[email protected]/4731527252/
    When I open the source footage from the browser, everything looks fine, but the same clips in the timeline do not. If I do "replace edits" on all of the cuts, it fixes the problem temporarily, but soon it comes back. Exporting the video sometimes seems to help (i exported it once as prores from FCP and it was fine, I exported it once as H.264 through compressor and it had the lines).
    I have also tried using a preferences manager to backup, delete, and restore my preferences but that didn't help.
    Making a new sequence or even project and copying the cut over didnt help.
    For the record this only seems to have affected this one project so far that I have noticed. I have opened the project on another mac and it worked fine.
    Any ideas?? I am stumped. It sounds like it is my final cut, computer, or maybe video card? Im not sure and could use any advice you have.
    Thank you

    Called apple care today and they suggested I try the exported files on another comp to see if they work. They also suggested I make a new user account and try to run FCP there.
    I don't have immediate access to another computer, BUT I did try the new account. Opening the exported H.264 file that I made in my main account still showed the green lines, but when I started FCP the problem didn't seem to be there (although since the problem was sometimes spotty that doesn't necessarily mean its fixed but I played with it for a while and seemed to be working). Also, I was able to export a copy of the film that did NOT have the green lines on it (when viewed from either account). So this leads me to believe it is a software based issue of some kind, although I can't really think of what to do.
    Any suggestions?

  • Vertical green lines while watching DVD on M40-148

    When I try to watch video or DVD on my new laptop there is several vertical green dotted lines across the screen.
    Why is that? And how do I get rid of them?

    Hello guys
    It is very strange issue. A friend of mine has also M40 and I have tested playing DVD films and everything works fine. It is very strange that you see those lines just while DVD player runs. Something like that should not happen.
    In my opinion you should reinstall the unit with recovery DVD and dont make any installation. Immediately after operating system installation try to watch DVD using preinstalled DVD player. If the problem persist contact service partner and let them check the unit. The unit is pretty new and warranty is still valid.
    As far as I know the recovery image is tested and something like that should not happen.
    Good luck!

  • Annoying green line flickering below Compaq Cq40 LCD

    i dunno if it's because of the new BIOS i installed that caused it i upgraded from F.24 to F.30 version and after that suddenly there's this annoying green line flickering below my lcd screen..and my CPU temp now reaches to 60+ degree celcius whereas before the upgrade my CPU temp only rises up to 32 degree celcius.
    I already flashed the F.30 BIOS and now it's back to F.24 the temp went down but the green line flickering below my LCD is still there..i checked for new updates for the graphics card but it says that it's up to date. so theBIOS has nothing to do with the flickering line after all i thought it was caused by the high temperature. Bought my laptop in Singapore last February no problems encountered until this one  
    BTW my laptop is a Compaq CQ40 319TU with Licensed Vista Home Premium OS.
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    ^^im from the Philippines too kababayan   hope this will help here's a link of the list of HP's support center in the Philippines
    i brought my laptop in Baguio City support center the staff were very polite and approachable, the technician said the flickering line is 95% due to hardware problem.
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  • MBP display is showing a thin green line on left side of the screen

    Hi All,
    I have 15 inch Unibody MacBook Pro bought in late 2009. Specs are as below. Initially it was 4GB RAM. I upgraded it later to 8GB OWC RAM.
    Model Name:          MacBook Pro
      Model Identifier:          MacBookPro5,3
      Processor Name:          Intel Core 2 Duo
      Processor Speed:          2.8 GHz
      Number Of Processors:          1
      Total Number Of Cores:          2
      L2 Cache:          6 MB
      Memory:          8 GB
      Bus Speed:          1.07 GHz
      Boot ROM Version:          MBP53.00AC.B03
      SMC Version (system):          1.48f2
    NVIDIA GeForce 9400M:
      Chipset Model:          NVIDIA GeForce 9400M
      Type:          Display
      Bus:          PCI
      VRAM (Total):          256 MB
      Vendor:          NVIDIA (0x10de)
      Device ID:          0x0863
      Revision ID:          0x00b1
      ROM Revision:          3448
      gMux Version:          1.8.8
    Color LCD:
      Resolution:          1440 x 900
      Depth:          32-Bit Color
      Core Image:          Hardware Accelerated
      Main Display:          Yes
      Mirror:          Off
      Online:          Yes
      Quartz Extreme:          Supported
      Built-In:          Yes
    Display Connector:
      Status:          No Display Connected
    I bought Lion from App Store recently and installed it successfully on my MBP. After few days when I left my machine running Lion from morning till evening I see a thin green line on the left side of the screen. I tried searching the web and tried few options like restarting the machine, resetting NVRAM and doing Apple hardware test (By pressing D while the machine boots). The Apple hardware test did not detect any problem. The green line still exists.
    Please suggest me how to get rid of green line.

    Hi Brent,
    I took it to apple service center. They did some checks and found out that the display has gone bad and they replced it with new one.
    Did you try connecting other display (may be Apple Display or Dell monitor) using an adapter?  In my case the Apple service center people tried doing it and the display was appearing just fine without any green line. So the fault was in my MBP display.

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