Very poor video quality after transcoding in Adobe Encore CS5.1

I have very poor video quality after transcoding the video file (MPEG) in  Adobe Encore CS5.1. Below you see my used settings in my filmproject.
The problem exists after transcoding in Adobe Encore CS5.1. I checked all steps and found out that there is no problem until transcoding. My exported file  in MPEG has very good video and audio quality.
1. Camcorder: Panasonic AG-AC160AEJ
Operating System : Windows 7, 64 Bit, Ultimate edition
Source files: MTS files
Recording settings (clip settings):
Type: MPEG Movie
Image Size: 1920 x 1080
Frame Rate: 25,00
Source Audio Format: 48000 Hz - compressed - Stereo
Project Audio Format: 48000 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo
Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1,0
2. Sequence settings in Premiere Pro
Sequence was created from Clip directly with settings above.
3. Exporting settings in Adobe Premiere Pro:
Match sequence settings was activated. Now other changes were set.
4. Exported File:
Image Size: 1920 x 1080
Data Transfer Rate: 25920 kBit / s
Frame rate: 25
Bit rate: 384 kBit / s
Channels: 2 (stereo)
Frequence: 48 kHz
5. Transcoding settings in Adobe Encore:
I used different transcoding settings such as automatic DVD Transcoding, CBR and VBR.I also set “use maximum render quality”. But all results were always the same: very poor quality.
Why does the encore transcoding cause such bad video quality?
How can I solve this problem?
Please help me soon.
Best regards.

Hi Ann,
1) I did not only „Automatic (based on source)“ options in my tests, but also many other customized options.
The results are very poor. I have done a new test with the following settings. The result is also poor:
Download link:
Export Settings:
Format: MPEG2-DVD
Preset: Custom
Codec: MainConcept MPEG Video, Quality: 5
Frame Rate: 25 fps
Field Order: Upper
Pixel Aspect Ratio: Automatic (based on source)
Render at Maximum Rate: [active]
Bitrate Encoding: VBR, 2 pass
Minimum Bitrate (Mbps): 5
Target Bitrate (Mbps): 9
Maximum Bitrate (Mbps): 9
GOP Settings
M Frames: 4
N Frames: 12
Use Maximum Render Quality: [active]
Multiplexer: None
2) Why shouldn’t I use the “Match Sequence Settings” in exporting? Because of the big output file size?
I used it and the results are very good as I expected:
Download link:
Export Settings
Match Sequence Settings [selected]
1920 x 1080, 25 fps, Upper, Quality 50
User Maximum Render Quality: [active]
3) I tried also Dynamic Link in PremierePro (to Encore).
The results are also poor.
4) I will test also LagarithLoslessCodec and frameserving +DGMPGDec. But the video is vertical long drawn-ot.
I think I did not use it correctly. 

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    It sounds like you are familiar with Encore.  Let me ask this general question.  Can one expect to achieve the same video quality after transcoding in Encore as the video originally imported or is some loss inevitable?
    Actually, this should answer both questions.
    What happens first is that your capture device/card will compress the signal originally. You then Import this footage into PrPro for editing. It will not be edited in it native format, as it is compressed and is also GOP (Group of Pictures) format, i.e. there are not real Frames to edit. These must be created for Frame editing. Now, you're working pretty much in a good replication of your initially compressed files. Here comes the problem: you now wish to Export to a BD. You need to re-compress and Transcode this material in PrPro to a format that can be used on a BD player. A second compression and Transcode will need to take place.
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    Read Bill Hunt on a file type as WRAPPER
    Video from a cell phone is going to be HIGHLY compressed, and really is not suitable for editing

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    Dear all,
    We have been provided with a number of .mpg files from a
    client and we have streamed then into Flash, using the usual
    settings. When streamed however, the resulting video is of a poorer
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    doing something wrong, but we've tried a number of various options
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    Hi B,
    We used - at encoding screen:
    Profile - Custom
    Video Codec - tried On2 and Spark
    Quality - High
    Frame Rate - Same as Source
    Key Frame Placement - Automatic
    We used similar settings for .WMV files in the past and the
    video quality was fine, but with .MPG files, the resulting quality
    is much less than the original.
    Best wishes

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    I hope the iMovie programming team at Apple is READING THESE POSTS, plus the other threads complaining of the lousy quality that results when interlaced video (480i or 1080i) is imported into iMovie '09 (even with all the recent updates). Various folks and e-book authors have posted workarounds, but these are cumbersome and defeat the entire purpose of iMovie -- which should be a simple and elegant video editing solution. Millions of users have interlaced video which they would like to edit (for you novices, you're affected if your video was shot on mini-DV tapes, or the HDV format -- plua many other non-tape formats also use interlaced video, so check your camera's specs).
    Apple, PLEASE ADDRESS THIS GLARING FLAW in iMovie '09. It's absurd that iMovie 6/HD, which worked flawlessly with DV and HDV footage, is no longer supported. IMovie '09 has many great features, but what value are they if the end-product looks bad?

  • Poor Video Quality on DVD Created by Encore

    I am using Premiere Pro CS6 to edit video shot in 1280 x 720. I've linked the sequences from Premiere to Encore and created the DVD in Encore. I did not run the sequences through Media Encoder first but, rather, let Encore handle the transcoding and compression.
    The video when viewed in Premier looks great. The video when previewed in Encore looks great. But the quality of the video when burned to a DVD is lousy. I believe that the video on the DVD is only standard definition, but still the text is blurry and the images are fussy and jagged, more than I expected. Is there something else I should be doing in Premiere or Encore to ensure a higher quality DVD?

    Well, I thought I followed the advice I was given pretty closely but I am still having a problem. I volunteered to shoot video for a Special Olympics and was hoping to have already delivered the final video, so any help you might yet be able to offer would be appreciated.
    For testing purposes I exported just 3 Sequences from Premiere into Media Encoder (total video length was less than 50 minutes) , transcoded them, and them brought them into an Encore project, but the resulting DVD is still of very poor quality. The video is noticeably blurry and a bit jumpy, and the text is also blurry.
    I am viewing the DVD on a 42 inch LED TV.  If I view the Media Encoded .m2v files directly from the computer (i.e., not using the DVD) on a large LED monitor they look pretty sharp.  This leads me to suspect the somehow I am not using Encore correctly.
    I will ultimately split the video in two, using 2 DVDs for different segments, so that the total across the 2 DVD is the original 100 minutes.
    Here are my specs:
    Original Assets
    The original video was shot in 1280 x 720p.
    My sequence timelines in Premiere were also 1280 x 720p
    All lower thirds text was created in Photoshop at 1280 x 720
    Media Encoder
    All the video was exported directly from Premiere
    Format: MPEG-2 DVD
    Codec MainConcept MPEG Video
    Quality (as automatically set by the slider) defaulted at 4.0
    TV Standard: NTSC
    Frame width/height: 720 x 480
    Field Order: None  (Progressive)
    Pixel Aspect Ratio: Widescreen 16:9
    Render at Maximum Depth: NOT CHECKED  (I forgot)
    Bitrate: VBR 2 Pass
    Minimum: 4
    Target: 6
    Maximum: 8
    GOP M Frames: 3 (default, I assume since I did not change it)
    GOP N Frames: 12 (again, default, I assume)
    Encore (all default settings as far as I know)
    Only 2.1GB of a 4.7GB DVD was used
    I burned directly to a DVD disk
    Project Settings:
    Authoring Mode: DVD
    Television standard: NTSC
    Codec: MPEG-2
    Dimensions: 720x480
    Frame Rate: 29.97
    Fields: Lower First
    Maximum Bitrate: 8.0 Mbps
    Any additional help you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

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    To better understand, when you saw poor quality, that is compared to what? The original clip?
    Are you viewing both on the same monitor? If you remove the effects, does the quality look better?

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    Any ideas to overcome this?
    Thanks in advance,
    iPhoto 9.5.1

    Import one to the desktop from your phone with Image Capture (in the Applications Folder). How does that compare?



    The videos on WCSN are Windows Media Video's...320x240...not very good in quaintly to start with. If you make these video larger on the screen they are going to degrade...sorry

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    With thanks to Ralph for his always informative response and Luis Villazon from MacFormat (Q&A Issue 221) I had a better understanding of the issue, but unfortunately the suggestions failed to resolve the issue.
    Then I discovered the DrayTek Vigor 120 ADSL2+ Ethernet Modem.
    This is a true modem in that it does nothing else, nothing fancy, no NAT, not DHCP. Just a modem.
    Connecting this to the AEBS and setting the 'Connect Using' parameter to PPoE gave control back to the Airport.
    iChat now works as expected.
    You might say the 'Vigor 120' is the Airport's missing modem !

    Thanks for letting us know.
    7:36 PM Sunday; May 9, 2010
    Please, if posting Logs, do not post any Log info after the line "Binary Images for iChat"

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    Poor print quality after not using my printer for about 6 months.  Ran thru the tools (clean printhead, aligh, etc  . . .) didn't help. Replaced all chartridges, still no help. 
    I'm fairly tech savy, been in IT for 27 years starting with hardware support. 
    Question,  can I manually clean the printheads or should I just replace. I would rather try to clean them manually after just shelling out > $ 170 on new chartridges.

    Hi @Brentl 
    Yes, you can clean the printhead and the inside of the printer. The following document will help; 'The Following Printheads are Missing or Damaged, Replace the Printhead' Message Displays on the All....
    I hope this helps.
    Please click the Thumbs up icon below to thank me for responding.
    Please click “Accept as Solution” if you feel my post solved your issue, it will help others find the solution.
    Sunshyn2005 - I work on behalf of HP

  • Issue with Adobe Encore CS5.1 and Matrox MAX H.264 encoding on Windows

    Here's some information on an issue that we've identified with Matrox products and Encore CS5.1:
    "Issue with Adobe Encore CS5.1 and Matrox MAX H.264 encoding on Windows"

    Still flickering on Encore even when rendered in MPEG-2 DVD in Pemiere Pro CS5.5. Looks perfect in Premiere Pro.
    Any other ideas?
    EDIT: Was looking for Google for people with similar problems to me and I came across this
    I am currently re-rendering the video in PAL DV Widescreen MPEG-2 DVD and using maximum render quality.

  • Adobe Encore CS5 字幕不具合

    Adobe Encore CS5を使用しているのですが

    。。。 全編再生→チャプター1~すべての再生(タイムラインを直接再生)


    Still flickering on Encore even when rendered in MPEG-2 DVD in Pemiere Pro CS5.5. Looks perfect in Premiere Pro.
    Any other ideas?
    EDIT: Was looking for Google for people with similar problems to me and I came across this
    I am currently re-rendering the video in PAL DV Widescreen MPEG-2 DVD and using maximum render quality.

  • Freeware menus for Adobe Encore CS5 ?

    Where can I find freeware menus for Adobe Encore CS5 ?
    There are not many to choose from in the program

    I'm still a little confused, but that may be because you are having an odd problem.
    What I think is the case now is that you were in fact missing the library.  You added the library to your system, and you do now find the files and directories in the Adobe/...whatever.../Encore/ directories. (Are you on a Mac? For some reason I got that idea, and was unsure how that would affect this.)
    You do not say that you added these using the insturctions at:
    and I do not know if the files are "registered" in any way. I believe they are not. If they are in the directories, then Encore will use them.
    You do not say that you checked and the location in Encore preferences points to the location where you put the files. The fact that you now see the categories (the folder names) while you are running Encore, however, suggests that it is pointed to the right place.
    BUT, when you click on one of those categories, none of the templates are there. It is as if you have the folders in the Encore library, but no files inside the folders (or the extensions are wrong).
    Do I have this right?

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