Very Urgent (How can i add fade in and fade out Action)

Hi, How can i add fade in and fade out action on the JButton when the mouse is over the button.its mean that when the mouse is over the button then the button's Label is fade in and out.
plz give code example

If you want to fade in and out anything, you should look at the Composite interface. A Composite is part of a Graphics2D object. You should be able to gradually change this on the button, but maybe within a different thread?

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  • How can i add videos,movies and tv shows episodes to my ipod nano?I want to know whether i can directly add them through my pc or not without downloading them from i tunes store?

    how can i add videos,movies and tv shows episodes to my ipod nano?I want to know whether i can directly add them through my pc or not without downloading them from i tunes store?

    Yes, you can add your own videos to iTunes, then sync them to your nano, subject to supported max resolution limit and file type.  The specs for the 7th gen nano says (I don't know which nano model you have), Video Format Support
    "H.264 video: 720 by 576 pixels, 30 frames per second; Baseline, Main, and High-Profile level 3.0 with AAC-LC audio up to 256 Kbps; 48kHz; stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats
    MPEG-4 video: up to 2.5 Mbps, 720 by 576 pixels, 30 frames per second; Simple Profile with AAC-LC audio up to 256 Kbps; 48kHz; stereo audio in .m4v, .mp4, and .mov file formats"
    (earlier nanos have lower max resolution limits)
    So, "HD" video is too high resolution, so iTunes will not sync such videos to the iPod (although they play in iTunes).  If you are asking how to set up iTunes to sync videos in general (regardless of source), please post back.

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    Now please let me know how can i add the dimensions and data loading into planning apllication without manuallly?

    you can use tools like ODI or DIM or HAL to load metadata & data into planning applications.
    The data load can be done at the Essbase end using rules file. But metadata changes should flow from planning to essbase through any of above mentioned tools and also there are many other way to achieve the same.
    - Krish

  • How can I add the status and profile picture features on an account that was created before iOS 5?

    How can I add the status and profile picture features on an account that was created before iOS 5?

    Have you looked at the previous discussions listed on the right side of this page under the heading "More Like This"?

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    On the ipod itself?  If so how?
    I've tried checking on box by the sync music to deselect "Entire music library", but get the  message about "Are sure.... All existing content on the iPod will be removed and replaced...".  However, I don't want to do that as there is music on my ipod I don't want to loose, got it from a previous computer that crashed and could not be recovered.

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    I have an  ipod touch 3rd  generation and a new computer. How can i add all purchased and non purchased songs into the new computers itune library? The old computer is dead! Will not even turn on. Help!!!!!!!! I'm going crazy.

    Look into downloading some type of iRip software! Allows you to transfer music from iPod to iTunes.

  • How can I add a title and ALT text to a JPEG image in Elements 11 for MAC?

    Does anyone know if there is an easy way I can add a title and ALT text to a JPEG image in Elements 11 for MAC?
    Very grateful for any help here.

    The Arrange menu is your friend.
    You may select the arrow then "Bring to Front".
    Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE vendredi 19 septembre 2008 17:49:50)

  • How can I add Yahoo msngr and MSN Msngr friends to iChat AV 3?

    Hi guys,
    I need to add yahoo and msn msnger friends to iChat AV v3.1.5.
    Can someone guide me or give directions how to do that?
    Anyone please,
    Many thanks,

    Most of the JABBER Server (clients), have more IM client compatibility. Meaning,
    the way it was explained (that link), so just like you add a msn adress you can also add a Yahoo nickn.
    Youd should search for a Jabber server that handle a yahoo protocol connection too. If so, you can add yahoo too..
    anything else or help just add me on iChat.

  • How can I add a picture to the Automator Action "Watermark PDF Documents.action"

    Looks like a bug: under 10.7.2 i cannot add a picture to the Automator Action "Watermark PDF Documents.action".
    Works perfectly under 10.6.8.

    Its a verified bug (Automator - Watermark PDF Documents).
    Please report to
    As a workaround, if you saved the Action in SL, option-click the action, navigate to the file "document.wflow", open in TextEdit, search for the key "fileNames" and replace your old image with the new

  • How Can You Disable Ease-In and Ease-Out Of Ken Burns

    It seems that along with everything else that has changed with iMovie version 10, when you add photos to the timeline it automatically places an ease-in and ease-out to the Ken Burns move.  For those of you who have been on a Mac for a while, this was how iMovie behaved in version 6 and earlier, and it feels rather dated.
    If you are putting together a video slide show with multiple photos back to back, having the zoom ease in and out for every image is incredibly obnoxious.  I can see situations when you are providing a narrative that it might be important, but often photos are just being animated to music.  Is there a way to disable the easing or am I just best keeping to iMovie 9.0.9?

    Hi Douglas,
    Thanks for visiting Apple Support Communities.
    It does look like this is the default behavior for imported pictures in iMovie 10, and can't be disabled from the iMovie preferences. The best workaround is to select all of the pictures in your timeline and turn off the Ken Burns effect using the Adjust menu.
    iMovie Help
    Modify a crop, rotation, or Ken Burns effect
    In the timeline, select the photos you want to modify or restore to their original state.
    Click the Adjust button in the toolbar.
    The adjustments bar appears above the clip in the viewer.
    To show the cropping controls, click the Cropping button.
    In the cropping controls, change Style from Ken Burns to Fit to display the pictures in their original size. From there, you can crop them individually as needed.

  • Urgent: how can I add gmail via microsoft exchange?

    Dear friends,
    Please help to instruc me how to add gmail via Microsoft Exchange in system Mountain lion.
    I already fill in all info probaly, but it does not work, keeps showing "the exchange server ...... is not responding." please help, thanks so mcuh.

    All.  I too was hoping that I could set up osx mail using exchange so it is a real shame it doesn't work the same as iOS even in Mountain Lion and still not in 10.8.2 where some more platform unification updates where made but then if it is Google that have to supply the server / make available....
    Anyway, My primary reason for wanting to do this was contact sync.  However, I now have contacts synced with OSX contacts following another thread you can search for.  It was as simple as going into preferences accounts in the contacts app and setting up the google account.  The same as selecting the default google type account in mail instead of exchange.
    If mail is open, even minimised you will get mail notifications even using IMAP in the new OSX notification centre.  And with contacts google account set up you will see another sync icon next to the time capsule icon.
    So now all is working on OSX.

  • Please very urgent How can i call focus event for dynamic created txtbox

    I create a one texbox using javascript .now i want to call onFocus event that textbox.How is it

    I create a one texbox using javascript .now i want to
    call onFocus event that textbox.How is itJust for you, slowly, so you can understand:
    Javascript was invented by Netscape and is a scri�ting language for browsers.
    Java is a programming language invented by Sun.
    Netscape. Sun.
    Notice a difference?

  • How can i add Cc address and Bcc address in  demo.mail package

    hi everybody,
    In our company's reporting purpose we are using the demo_mail package associated with the UTL_SMTP package.This procedure is working fine.But my problem is i want to add Cc and Bcc option in the mail.Hi anybody know how to add these option in thr demo_mail package.Thanks in advance for your replay

    Hi ,
    I think that there is not such a convinience....However , using the UTL_MAIL built-in pl/sql package and specifically the SEND procedure you can....
    The general format of this is as follows:
       sender      IN    VARCHAR2 CHARACTER SET ANY_CS,
       recipients  IN    VARCHAR2 CHARACTER SET ANY_CS,
       message     IN    VARCHAR2 CHARACTER SET ANY_CS,
       mime_type   IN    VARCHAR2 DEFAULT 'text/plain; charset=us-ascii',
       priority    IN    PLS_INTEGER DEFAULT NULL);Also note the dbms version..... I'm not sure if this is applicable to versions below of 10g!!!

  • How can I add "arrow pointers" and text to photos on my mac?

    I take pics for safety inspections and I can edit them in paint on my PC but I need a referral to a good app to do the same for my mac. The arrows I point to the safety issues and usually add a caption so when I take it back to the directors I can show a presentation of the exact safety issues that need fixing. Using photo proof and adding the arrows and caption make it much more professional. But there are so many apps out there I don't want to waste $29.99 for an app if it doesn't work or if y'all know of a better one.

    Skitch is one possibility and is free. It has ties to Evernote but I use it and save marked up photos to my laptop without them going to Evernote.

  • How can I add a signature and insert pages?

    The security settings only let me either add a signature OR insert, rotate or delete pages. I need an option to do both. Is there a way to make my own custom security settings?
    Basically, what I need is a document that is not editable when you open it in illustrator or other editing programs. Setting the security to allow only adding and rotating pages is perfect except for the not being able to sign it thing...
    We work like this: We print a file, add one of the customized "approved" stamps in the annotations pallet, add some other pages to it and send it to the sales rep. They may need to extract or delete pages but have no need to edit them. However, compeitors occasionally will get the file and want to import it into their own system. Which is why we want the security, so they cant.
    If theres another way to add some sort of stamp or signature to the file, that would be fine. Its just an iso thing.
    Im using windows 7 and adobe acrobat XI pro.

    I am not sure I understand what you mean by "security". Do you apply a "Permissions" password to PDF? If so, then remember that Adobe products and some other PDF Viewers obey restrictions that you set for a PDF, but many 3-rd party PDF Viewers do not. So, even if you set the restrictions, it is still possible to not obey them. There are even Web services where you can upload a PDF with restricted permissions and it will return an unrestricted PDF. This whole restrictions thing was put in PDF when Adobe was the only game in town but that was 10 years ago..
    You can use certifying signature to reliably restrict what can be done to PDF, but Acrobat UI provides limited restriction choices. Other Adobe products, like LifeCycle provide more restrictions choices but this is probably a too expensive solution for you.

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    Hi All, I need to download smartforms to MSWord.Is there any Function modulr for that..... I think 'CONVERT_OTF' will not work in this case

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    I cannot open HotSync Manager: The application "HotSync Manager" could not be launched because of a shared library error: "4<HotSync Manager><HotSync Manager><HotSyncLib.PPC>" I am hoping Apple users can help me find these files and delete them. Help

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