Video Answer to "How to make 3D Video out of regular 2D Video"

Didn't know how to do that and asked here this question 2 month ago - Is it possible to make 3D video out of regular 2D video file to watch further on my iPod. So I came across an answer to this on ...Youtube!
Here are two video screencasts I found to progs that can do such thing, So I've tried and now enjoy my movies in 3D on iPod.
If you're interested then deffo check them out:

follow advice given in this User Tip
                 How can I make a still frame from iMovie 11? (also works in iMovie 10)

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  • How to make the audio track independent from the video track?

    Can someone remind me how to make the audio track independent from the video track? My memory just went blank. Must be the age.

    Hi -
    Select the clip in the timeline.
    Type Command + L or go to the menu Modify > Link to toggle it off.

  • Does anybody know to have a video of my face and make it start out as a blk

    Does anybody know to have a video of my face and make it start out as a black screen the make it gradually have a white line come up my face?(like the show on cartoon network, is it called "Fosters"?)

    You can do this if you create a key with your face or start with green screening it.
    Use a garbage matte if it is static.

  • How to make a snapshot out of a movie file?

    How to make a snapshot out of a movie file and integrate this snapshot into the movie? Thanks, Wolfgang

    Either you use the Hold function from the Retiming popup or you export an image and reimport it.

  • How to make a key out of this data?

    Since no one replied to my last post, I'll give it another try. From an RTSP server I get two values, a key called rsaaeskey (342 bytes, without the line breaks):
      K3Z6FK7XVnfehYYJjRw7THMZzSvq7FtLB9QgulqQTJ3awJdwS0ACb1FkAand an initialization vector called aesiv (22 bytes):
      zcZmAZtqh7uGcEwPXk0QeAThe data is obviously Base64 encoded. However, after decoding I don't know how to make a key out of it. Trying KeyFactory's generatePublic and generatePrivate methods result in an InvalidKeySpecException with any algorithm I've tried (RSA, DSA, DH).
    I think this is a multi-prime RAS secret key (someone said they're 342 bytes long), but how do I generate a Java Key out of it?

    The rsaaeskey, decoded to binary, is a binary array of 256 bytes. Using the DUMPASN1 tool we see that the bytes are not in ASN.1 BER or DER encoding.
    C> openssl enc -base64 -d -in rsaaeskey.base64 -out test.bin
    C> dumpasn1 rsaaeskey.bin
       0 CB   18: [PRIVATE 11]
                :   81 A1 C0 60 4E 28 B6 D2 7F 67 6C A7 D8 1B 21 A1
                :   3E ABIf it were encoded in ASN.1 BER or DER encoding it will start as a "SEQUENCE" or a "SET", not as an unrecognized data.
    You need to check the exact specification of the protocol. (Are you using TSP - RFC 3161, or RTSP - RFC 2326?)

  • How to Make iPhone Ringtone From DVD Music/Music/Video?

    People want to show their individuality anytime and anywhere with their inimitable hairstyle, clothing, and other things. Your phone's ringtone is also really important to show your difference from others. So how to make your own unique ringtone for your incoming calls, clock alarms, clock timer becomes a really important thing.
    Today I will show you how to make your own iPhone ringtones from your DVD/video/music. Someone will say that you can buy them on itunes. Yes, everybody can buy it. It is not unique and special. Let's make our own iPhone ringtone together.
    Things you need:
    1. DVD/video/audio files that contains the music you want
    2. Ringtone Maker
    3. Computer(Windows/Mac)
    Step 1: Load File/DVD
    Load your video/audio files or DVD to this iPhone Ringtone Maker
    Step 2: Choose music
    You need to choose which part you want to convert as your iPhone ringtone or you want to make the whole files as your iPhone ringtone. Just drag the bar to set the begin point and end point
    Step 3: Pre-listening
    You can pre-listening the ringtone, if you do not like it you can adjust the length of your ringtone.
    Step 4: Make Ringtone
    After you have done all the tings above, you can click “Generate” button to start the conversion.
    Soon you will get your own ringtone.
    1. if you want to put your ringtone directly to your iPhone, please check the box before “import to iPhone”.
    2. if you want to manage your ringtone, you can click “manage ringtone” button to do it easily.
    For Mac users, you can use Ringtone Maker for Mac to do this easily with the same operation as windows one.
    To help you to make your iPhone and iPod more enjoyable here I also recommend you this to iPod Converter, to iPhone Converter and Transfer

    Removed post. Banned user due to spamming.

  • How to make a chat room with sound and video with java!

    Please tell me how to make it!

    Please tell me how to make it!I suggest you to employ some experienced programmers. Doing it by yourself seems impossible (judging from how you asked).
    Another suggestion is, don't think to make an aeroplane if you don't have experience making a kite. Moral of the story: learn step by step, see java tutorial, explore its API especially the and Threading.
    No offence, I hope my suggestion is encouraging.

  • Answer to how to make PSE12 default for jpgs

    Earlier I asked for help in how to make PSE12 the default program to open jpg files. I wasn't able to get my problem resolved. Until today. I contacted Adobe Tech Support.
    You need to locate your file. Mine is at C/Program Files (x86)/Adobe/Photoshop Elements 12/PhotoshopElementsEditor.
    The Editor file did not have an extension name and needed to be renamed to PhotoshopElementsEditor.exe.
    As soon as I did that, I was able to make it the default.
    Your Adobe program may be in a different place, but the steps would be the same.
    Good luck! Thanks to Adobe Tech Support.
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    Message was edited by: Shelter Cove

    Find a closed psd file. Click it once to highlight it and press command+i for the Get Info window. Under Open with Application choose PSE, then click Change All.

  • How to make a gif out of a movie clip?

    So yeah... I'm an idiot when it comes to these things.
    How do I go about doing a gif of a small video?
    And... Could you do the explanation in a step by step guide please. Thanks

    Video to GIF | free Video to GIF Generator on Make A GIF
    Animated GIF Generator - Imgflip
    How to Make an Animated GIF from a Video in Photoshop CS5
    The Complete Guide to Making Animated GIFs - Lifehacker
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    GIF Maker From Videos. Create Awesome Gif Animations ...
    Bloggif : Convert video to animated GIF for free

  • How to make a stationery out of .doc or .docx file?

    I stumbled upon a website that has some nice stationery, in .doc format. and since there few free pre made stationery available for, at least to my knowledge, because I think I almost downloaded every free stationery available out there that could be easily found via Google. I decided to download some of these .doc stationeries and try to put them in, but first I had to convert them into .html format. so here is what I've already tried and did not work:
    first I tried opening them in TextEdit, which supports .doc out of the box, only to find out that the pictures in the documents are gone to thin air. I tried saving it and then opening it with something else like Open Office, but the pictures were permanently gone.
    then I tried opening the original documents directly in Open Office, you guessed right If you said they will look screwed, and they were, and tried to save them as html, they were screwed even more.
    so I did a bit of research and found out that I could use Google Docs in order to convert the documents, I uploaded them into my Google docs and then tried to open them with it, but found it that Google docs can't handle the pictures (specially background pictures) either. as a result I did more searching to find a document converter and here is what I found:
    I found a few online service to convert these documents: was pretty good to convert the files into an .odt format. at first I thought yes I got the solution, now I can simply convert it to html using Open Office, but unfortunately, when I saved the document in html format and checked it in Safari to see how does it look, as If I would have done the same in MS Office with the original format, it looked pretty much screwed .
    So I continued to look and I found a few other online services one of them asked me to pay a fee, I skipped to the other one which was unfortunately the website wasn't functioning properly I think, at least for me (maybe someone out there has succeeded using it, I don't know.) and it didn't send me anything.
    Finally I found that could convert .doc or .docx documents into html, or at least that is what it claims to do so, I tried it, and after I received the file via email, I found out it only contains a bmp image of the document's background. So much for the online conversion services!
    But I decided I would give it a last shot using MS Office online, so I opened up my old Windows Live mail and went into my Skydrive, I uploaded the documents and tried saving it as html, but there were no save as html (after all an online copy of MS Office should have some limitations, otherwise few people will be willing to buy a Desktop version) but this didn't made me disappointed, since I already knew, that Neither Office Word can make a clear conversion, so I tried something different, while I was in Safari looking at the document in online MS office, I saved the page as Web Archives, then I opened the file with TextEdit, and after deleting useless links and pictures, I finally managed to get a clear document with everything that supposed to be in it. At this point I only need to know how to make use of this document to create a stationery with this raw file which is in Web Archive format. any ideas?

    I'm a total idiot! How did I overlook functions? I think I might have mistakenly chosen convert to BMP instead of html. I tried it and the result was very good.
    OK I finally found a good solution for this problem, so everyone out there that has the same problem, here is what I did:
    1. OK if you have some .doc and .docx file formats and you want to convert them into something like .html or .odt, without having to reedit the code or getting a screwed document, use in order to convert them into .odt so they would look as they do in MS office just go to the website and upload your documents then choose .odt, then click convert, after a few moments you will get a link to download your .odt files. you can use and play around with your document in Open Office, I have tested it and it's really good.
    2. Or if you want to convert them into .html with a clean code, and all the elements in it, simply go to and then ulpoad your documents, choose .html and enter your email address, you will have your .html files zipped and sent right in your inbox, then you could use Kompozer like me, or any other html editor, to make a template out of it. I tried it and the result was nice, now I have a bunch of nice html files that I can use to make templates and email stationery.

  • How to make a "Program" out of my .java files?

    I have made a little application that stores a file to disk. Is there someway to make a file out of my .java files so it can be run without opening my editor and choosing run?

    sorry I didn't check that, I can now run the jar command.
    But even though I can create a .jar file I get an error. I have followed the guide that says I need to add the applications Entry point.
    I have two classes:
    saveDates.class //contains the main method
    UserInput.claa // Parsing of user input
    When I create the jar file I type:
    jar cfe saveDates.jar SaveDates SaveDates.class UserInput.class
    But when I try to run it like:
    java -jar saveDates.jar
    I get the error:
    C:\workspace\dato>java -jar saveDates.jar
    Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: SaveDates$1
    at SaveDates.main(
    Do I need to change the main method someway?

  • How to make a fly-out menu item checked?

    is there a way to make a fly-out menu item (coming from an XML list) checked - like in this example:
    by the way, I know it's been submitted as a bug already, but fyi sub-menu items (2-1 in the following example) don't work as expected:
    var xmlMenu:XML =
          <MenuItem Id="item_1" Label="Item 1"/>
          <MenuItem Label="Item 2">
            <MenuItem Label="Item 2-1"/>
          <MenuItem Label="---"/>
          <MenuItem Label="Item 3"/>
    Thanks in advance!

    If Harbs says nope, it's nope
    At least now I know it. Thanks!

  • How to make a Poster Frame to Flash 8 Video

    Hi to all,
    I want to make a poster frame (a simple jpg)
    to display before the FLV video plays.
    So first the user to click the play button or on this poster frame.
    The code below does exactly what I need, but it is in Flash CS4.
    How could I do the same with Flash 8 Pro (ActionScript 2.0)?
    Any help?
    function showPosterFrame(event:Event):void {
        myPoster.visible = true;
    function hidePosterFrame(event:Event):void {
        myPoster.visible = false;
    function playMovie(event:MouseEvent):void {;
    myPoster.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, playMovie);
    myVideo.addEventListener(VideoEvent.PLAYING_STATE_ENTERED, hidePosterFrame);
    myVideo.addEventListener(VideoEvent.COMPLETE, showPosterFrame);

    are you using an flvplayback component?

  • How to make iMovie the default for importing from video camera?

    I successfully imported 5 or 6 mini discs from the video camera, then on the next download attempt I saw a pop-up box. The box said something like "what program do you want as the default for downloading?" I was thinking iMovie, but apparently clicked iTunes (too many iTerms), and now when I put the camera into PC CONNECT mode, iMovie won't start up as it had before. How do iReverse my mistake and make iMovie the default again.
    P.S. - I already tried Preferences in iMovie and in Finder.

    If you are talking about having the default be Hebrew-Qwerty, then just make sure that in system preferences/language & text/input sources you have only one box checked, the one for Hebrew-Qwerty.
    There is also an opportunity to choose this during initial setup, you have to click on a button to have it show you all the keyboard options, I can't remember.

  • [FCP S2] How to make each scene a clip when capturing video?

    I'm totally new to Final Cut Pro and have recently purchased my Mac Pro and FCP Studio 2. I come from background of Pinnacle Studio on PC and so this seems like a huge leap.
    Any way, With Pinnacle Studio, when capturing video it automatically made each scene (point between Start rec and Stop rec on Video Camera) into a clip. I could then drag&drop the clips I wanted into my project timeline. I can tnen eaily add transitions inbetween these clips in my time line.
    Now with FCP S2, it seems to capture the video as one long clip and apparently, as I've been told, the only way to separate each scene is to manually cut at the point of a scene cut. Now I can't believe that $1200 software would make you do that and $99 software does this automatically. So I have come here in the hope to find an expert who can explain to me, in very simple terms and steps, how I can achieve this in FCP S2.
    Any help will be much appreciated.

    Here is a bit of the FCP manual that relates to capturing a single tape and capturing individual clips for each break in TC:
    How to Avoid Capturing Clips with Timecode Breaks
    The “On timecode break” pop-up menu in the General tab of the User Preferences
    window gives you several ways to avoid capturing clips with timecode breaks. It’s
    important to set this option to suit the way you intend to capture your clips. You have
    several options:
    Â Make New Clip: This is the default option. Video that’s already been captured before
    the break in timecode is saved as a single media file, with its Out point set to the
    frame occurring immediately before the timecode break. Final Cut Pro then
    automatically continues capturing video after the dropped timecode frame as a
    second media file. When this option is selected, clips captured after timecode breaks
    are named with the original name and the number of the clip. For example, if the
    first captured clip’s name is “Cats Playing,” the second clip’s name is set to “Cats
    This is a good option to choose if you are capturing an entire tape. For example,
    suppose you are capturing the entire contents of a 60-minute tape that has four
    timecode breaks. Instead of restarting the capture every time a timecode break is
    detected, Final Cut Pro captures all media from the tape as five clips, skipping over each
    timecode break and ensuring that the timecode of all captured media is frame-accurate.
    There you have it.

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  • BADI/User exit for ME18 to specifically check for Approval Level...

    Hi all, I hope this is not a repost. I have found none so far in SDN forum. However if do, please point it to me. I will gladly close this thread. Ok, i need a userexit/badi, whichever will do, to check for user approval levels in ME18. So far I coul

  • Data Recovery on modified G4 DA.

    I have three internal hard disks, an 80 GB system drive, 500 GB music drive, and a 750 GB work drive. I was performing system maintenance, and lost access to the 500 GB drive with all the music on it. The data is still there, but the disk won't show

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    I have made a PDF from a PowerPoint file and as expected the actions were lost from the PPT. I would like to make the PDF to start when opened and change to the next page every 10 sec.  I have tried Advanced/Doc Processing/Page Transitions - set flip

  • OWB 11.2 internal error during mapping generation

    Dear all, Ever since switching to OWB 11.2 I have been sporadically receiving unexplicable errors during mapping deployment. It only happens when I generate more than 1 mapping simultaneously, and it appears to be completely random. One or more mappi