Video quality downgrade after uploading to Youtube

Hey everyone, I've just started making movies and been playing around with video options for a few days and gotten past a few major milestones, however I just want to see how I can increase the video quality as the exported file doesn't look nearly as good once it's uploaded to youtube.
Quick notes about how I do it atm: First, I use FRAPS to capture video with Adobe Premiere 4.0 exporting my files as full 1900x1200 @ 29.97 FPS using the Windows Media Video 9 codec.
Encoding process: Two
Bitrate mode: Variable Unconstrained
Pixel Aspect ratio: Square
Decoder Complexity: Auto
Keyframe Interval [seconds]: 5
Average Bitrate[kbps]: 10,000
Exported video looks fine, however when I upload to youtube the quality really downgrades...viewable and correct resolution but still crummy for such a great looking vid. Hoping someone can help me out here! Thanks in advance.
Source video:

First, I would do a Search on this forum for "FRAPS." There are several articles with comments on the best workflow and also settings for Import and for Export.
Next, YouTube is trobulesome. First, they re-encode everything and their specs seem to change weekly. It's tough to find out what they want on any given day. I'd go to their site and get the very latest instructions and attempt to duplicate those perfectly, knowing that they might be different tomorrow.
Good luck with this one, and good luck with the FRAPS footage.

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    Please recommend best Video/audio format to upload to YouTube, for a) upload speed, b) picture and sound quality.

    Emailing video can be a real drama.
    You can easily convert YouTube video if you have the free software MPEG Streamclip:
    Download version 1.9.3b4 and install in your applications.
    Open then File > Open URL and copy/paste the YT clip address.
    Then File > Export to QuickTime and select Apple Intermediate Codec for the compression.
    The converted file will import into iMovie.
    Regards, Z.

  • I'm new to FCPX and Compressor 4.  My HD video looks terrible when uploaded to YouTube and are no longer 720 or 1080p HD.  Are there codes or a secret handshake to have my HD video remain HD on youtube.  All help appreciated.

    I have been editing in FCP X 10.0.6 and have had success with that on my Mac Book Pro Retina.  But when I go to compress the 1 minute video detined for YouTube inputing that I wish for it to remain in HD (720 and or 1080p) via Compressor 4, the video compresses and I upload it to youtube via their uploader and when the video is played back it looks aweful.  Needless to say it is no longer HD and very blurry.  Is there any help you can give me with step by step codes to follow to ensure my 1 minute video is viewable in HD? I sure would appreciate it. Thanks in advance.  

    Thanks a million Russ for you time and input.  I have recompressed my project several times and that aspect has worked a charm.  But I seem to come unstuck when I upload my compressed video to youtube only.  All the presets seem fine and I have done it using either ProRes or Youtube/Vimeo HD options.  I have just left them on my desktop and uploaded to youtube via their uploader from there after sucessfully compressing them with Compressor 4.  Yet, there seems to be no improvement in the picture quality.  Mind you the sound is fine.  I will get busy with some screenshots if you still think they would be handy.  Many thanks again for your consideration. I really had hoped it was as simple as a secret handshake too. Darn. LOL  -RR

  • How do I "copy" a project to make needed edit changes after uploading to Youtube?

    I have imovie 2013.  After uploading a project to Youtube, I needed to make an edit.  I deleted the video from Youtube and did the needed edit using my original project.  After re-uploading it to Youtube, I saw that the edit did not was still the original video.
    I figured I needed to create a new project with a new project name, make the necessary edit, and then upload this second, edited project.  Of course, I don't want to start from scratch and I want to "copy and paste" the old version to the new version, make the needed change, etc.  I have no idea how to do this.  Is there a simpler way than how I am attempting to do this?  Thanks for any advice.

    Hi Roy,
    Click on your original movie (project) in the Event so that it is highlighted. From iMovie's menu select Edit > Duplicate Movie. A copy will be placed in the Event below the original. It will have the same name but with a number appended (number 1, given that this is the first duplicate). You can rename the duplicate if desired. You can also make as many duplicates as required. Projects (including duplicates) don't take up much space as they basically link to the media in the Event (as well as keep track of your edits, transitions, titles, music and so forth).
    Edit the duplicate and upload it to YouTube. It should be treated as a separate movie.
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  • Voiceovers get delayed or shmushed toward the end after upload to youtube

    I'm putting little bars of commentary all over my videos and it looks and sounds great. when I upload to youtube, the video stays great, but then when I try to view it again in the iMovie software, all the audio is delayed or pushed back into one clump after the end of the video. I have to manually sort it out again to make the video the way it was before I uploaded. What is this all about??? Please help!

    These have nothing to do with Firefox.
    C:\Users\Vinegarhill-User Acc\Desktop\Malware Removal Programs\eXplorer.exe
    This one - C:\Users\Vinegarhill-User Acc\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\ak4dv58c.default\extensions\ \components\afom.exe - is probably the '''AFOM - Memory Recovery & Retention For Firefox Only''' extension.
    My advice is to uninstall that extension. IMO, you have too many extensions installed, and are asking for problems with Firefox. I am not against using a lot of extensions in Firefox ''(I typically have 45 to 50 extensions installed, but the mix of extensions you have scares me as potentially problematic.)''

  • Video quality difficulties with Vimeo and Youtube sites and with smart phone

    Ever since the Vimeo and Youtube sites have changed, it has been pretty difficult to get the video quality I had before. I'm using Final Cut Express to edit, Quicktime Player to resize the video to 640x480 (is too wide when saving FCE project as Quicktime movie), and Jes Deinterlacer to remove all of the jaggies that the original deinterlacing on FCE doesn't fully do (skateboarding video). I'm aware Final Cut Express 4 is a discontinued product, and Apple support over the phone can't help me. The quality is TERRIBLE on my smart phone, and used to be really good before the site changed. The Vimeo app played my videos very clear. I'm using a MyTouch smart phone. I want to know if the quality being bad on mobile is because of the sites being changed, and if there is anything I can do to get the quality I want. I've worked on this the past three weeks, and this is my final option, so any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Here are the steps I'm using to export (still trying more export options in Jes Deinterlacer).
    Step 1: In FCE, click "File", "Export", "Quicktime Movie". In "Include:", choose "Audio and Video", "All Markers" for "Markers:", and check box "Make Movie Self-Contained".
    Step 2: Open file in QT Player. Click "Window" (at the top between "View" and "Help"), and choose "Show Movie Properties". Click "Video Track", and click "Visual Settings". Change the dimensions (which are supposed to be 720x480 4:3 but the video is stretched). Enter "640 x 480" for "Scaled Size:", then same with "Offset:" Keep "Preserve Aspect Ratio" unchecked, then when finished entering numbers check it (doesn't let you uncheck it which would be best). Check the "High Quality" box if it hasn't already been checked. Close the window, and click "File", and then "Save".
    Step 3: Open file in Jes Deinterlacer. In "Input", check box "Reinterlace Chroma", choose "Video range", and check "Remove Jaggies". For "Project", choose "Deinterlace" and "Use Bottom Field". Check "Adaptive", "Local", and "Filter Chroma". In "Output", choose "Video range". Choose "Export", and "Mpeg-4". For "File Format:" choose "MP4", for "Video Format:" choose "H.264", and for "Data Rate:" enter "2000" for "kbits/sec". Leave "Optimized for:" "Download" as is. Choose "640x480 VGA" for "Image Size:", and "Current" for "Frame Rate:". For "Key Frame:" choose "Every", and enter "24" for "frames". Click "Video Options". Leave the "Main" box checked, and check "Baseline" for "Restrict Profile(s) to:". Choose "Best Quality (Multi-pass)" for "Encoding Mode:". Click "Ok". Click "Audio" (since done with "Video"). For "Audio Format:" choose "AAC-LC (Music), for "Data Rate:" choose "320 kbps", for "Channels:" leave as "Stereo", for "Output Sample Rate:" choose "44.100 kHz", and for "Encoding Quality:" choose "Best". Click "Ok" (leave "Streaming" alone).

    First, I would do a Search on this forum for "FRAPS." There are several articles with comments on the best workflow and also settings for Import and for Export.
    Next, YouTube is trobulesome. First, they re-encode everything and their specs seem to change weekly. It's tough to find out what they want on any given day. I'd go to their site and get the very latest instructions and attempt to duplicate those perfectly, knowing that they might be different tomorrow.
    Good luck with this one, and good luck with the FRAPS footage.

  • Horrible final video quality in After Effects CS6 when rendering a 1920x1080 video with H.264 format

    I've been using After Effects CS6 on my Macbook Pro for over a year now with no issues. However, today when I exported a video to be rendered in 1920x1080p with H.264 format, I got the worst quality final video I've ever seen. I filmed my video files in 1920x1080p (like usual), and I clicked all the same buttons I normally do to export a video, but every HQ video I try to export looks horrible. I haven't clicked any crazy buttons or anything out of the ordinary.
    I always export a video following this sequence:
    File > Export > Add to Render Queue > Lossless > H.264 (quality format) > video output (make sure it's checked) > audio output (make sure it's checked) > OK > Output to Desktop
    My render settings are always set as "best settings" including "full" resolution and "best" quality.
    Now, when I click H.264, a "settings mismatch" pops up and says:
    "Warning: Output file will be resized from 1920x1080 (1.00 PAR) to 320x1080 (6.00 PAR) to meet format constraints"
    The rendering quality and playback quality within After Effects is great, but once the video is exported, it is horrible.
    PLEASE HELP?! I have deadlines I need to meet!

    Use the H.264 encoding presets in Adobe Media Encoder.
    The H.264 export features in After Effects have been removed in later versions because of numerous problems.

  • Last-minute help! Video quality drops after burn

    I'm exporting a video out of FCP using Compressor, saving directly to the DVD format for burning inside DVD Studio Pro. When I preview the video inside DSP, it looks amazing. After I finish burning the disc and view it in DVD Player, the video quality looks horrible.
    See a screenshot here:
    The one on the left is DVD Player, the one on the right is the preview inside DSP.
    Any advice? This is actually ridiculously last-minute... Any help would be hugely appreciated

    I have been having simliar trouble, esp. with textured backgrounds in the video.
    Specifically, someone sitting in a board room delivering a short message (2 minutes) on camera. The background is a textured wood panel with a continuously changing color gradient.
    I encode in Compressor, NTSC lower field, 2-pass VBR, 6.1 Mbps avg., 7.2 Mbps max., AIF audio. I have also tried a number of bit rate variations including CBR and AC3 audio.
    I drop the clip in a DVDSP track and it looks fine in simulator. Also open the m2v in QT Pro, it looks fine.
    After building, I check the TS_Folder in Apple DVD Player, and the background pulses, shifting from light to dark and is filled with artifacts. It looks even worse on a set-top player.
    I have had problems like this a number of times, and end up having to use other programs on Windows to get around it. Kind of a pain.
    Has anyone else seen anything like this?
    G5 Dual 2.3 GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   2.5 GB RAM, ROM v5.2.4f1
    G5 Dual 2.3 GHz   Mac OS X (10.4.8)   2.5 GB RAM, ROM v5.2.4f1

  • How can I edit a .3pg video on iMovie and upload to Youtube without compromising the quality of the video?

    So far I have just transfered the .3pg video files from my Droid X to my Macbook Pro.  iMovie won't let me open a .3pg file and the last time I used a .mov, there was no option to view the video on 720p, which is what I would like.  Any ideas?  Thanks.

    I would suggest that you get MPEG Streamclip from Squared 5, which is a free download.
    Also, install the Perian components from (Also free).
    Drag your android clip into MPEG Streamclip. The FILE/EXPORT USING QUICKTIME. Choose the Apple Intermediate Codec as the codec.
    You can import the resulting file into iMovie using FILE/IMPORT MOVIE...

  • Rotating videos in Quicktime Prop & uploading to youtube

    I recorded a video on my digital camera, and rotated it from horizontal to vertical with Quicktime Pro. However, on uploading it to youtube the video has rotated back to its original state, which means you have to tilt your head to watch it. Is there a way of preventing this from happening?

    Open the file as is in MPEG Streamclip.
    Export to a non lossy QT format like Animation. (File export to Quicktime, select animation as the codec)
    Open that in QTPro.
    Rotate and save in a reasonable format, H264 with a bitrate of 1400 will do a good job.
    You cannot export MPEG 1 or 2 at all from QT and not lose the audio so you will have to convert to QT with Streamclip to get a workable QT file that you can edit in QTPro.
    Since it will be gigantic you need to compress it so it can be submitted, if they handle H264 then use that, if not use MPEG-4 and a 2500 kbps bitrate.
    Note MPEG-1 looks pretty lousy most of the time, and a lot of Youtube clips look pretty awful too in Flash due to low bit rates originally and upscaling bigger than 320X240 (MPEG-1 standard) so this should look no worse.
    I don't rotate clips as a rule, but when it is open in Streamclip have a gander at the options and see if you can rotate and save in MPEG-4 and all in one step. I know you can crop the size, so rotation, maybe too.

  • Video quality poor after saving

    I'm using Soundbooth CS4 on a Mac and when saving a video/audio file the video is really poor quality, blurry etc. I'm exporting using the compression guidelines for vimeo (, as that is where I'm planning on uploading to. I've tried saving as an .mp4 and .mov and had the same problem with both. Has anyone had the same problems?

    AT&T delivers U-verse service over a fiber-to-the-node
    It is important to note this is not a cable modem as you stated. Cable modems work of Docsis technology. You have Fiber which I would take over Docsis any day. You should have very good internet. Yes 6MB Down is just fine for streaming Netflix. You can stream good quality at less if it was the case.
    The problem could be local. You mentioned the laptop is fine but the apple tv gets worse. Are both on WiFi? If yes then check the signal strength of the Apple TV vs. the PC when you see this happening. It could be possible but not likely that you are getting wifi interference. Possibly from a phone or house hold appliance. This also could depend on your country and the default channels. Try connecting the Apple TV via ethernet if you can and see then if the same thing happens.
    Good Luck

  • Video quality poor after placing into timeline, don't know why?

    I've done some screen capture with Camtasia on a Windows machine. When I import it into FCP X the quality is fine when viewing prior to placing into the timeline. After I put it in the timeline I find that while editing that the video playback is now blurry, as is the exported media. I'm not sure what's causing this, can someone help?
    Thanks in advance.

    I set the Playback to High Quality and that didn't help. Thanks for the tip! I'll continue to dig into this problem. What's odd is that my first few projects with learning how to use FCP I used GoPro output and I never saw this issue, but that is HD output.

  • Recorded a Playbook video and want to upload to Youtube

    Not having any luck. Is the Playbook video file type not compatible? Suggestions on path forward would be appreciated. 

    Upload speeds from your ISP might be a big factor. 720p video is huge. If you I stall AIR browser from Apple World you can check the size. If your upload speed is low you might need to downcovert it. You can use MS MovieMaker on Windows and I Am sure Apple has probably a free app as well go downcovert it to 480 to make the files smaller.

  • Captivate Video Quality issues when post to YouTube

    We are using Captivate 7 and I am creating training for the MS Dynamics CRM application.
    I created a video demo selecting the application window as the screen size. When I replay the video in Captivate or when I publish to Adobe COnnect, the replay looks fine. When I publish to YouTube however the text on the screens I recorded is very blurry. How do I get a better result with the publishing to YouTube? .

    I'd imagine Youtube would be better if you're targeting overseas. I'd have to believe that YouTube/Google has a more global delivery setup than the smaller video may play back better overseas via YouTube than Vimeo.
    Plus, integrating Vimeo video into Captivate may be more of a challenge...
    On the other hand, maybe not. Can you integrate a Vimeo video using the Web Object? If so, that may give you MORE flexibility than the YouTube interaction object.
    Additionally, I know you can setup private channels on if you don't want your content visible to everyone, that may be a better option. Whether you can setup the URL in Captivate to access those private videos on Vimeo though, I'm unsure. I don't think that would be as possible/easy to do via the YouTube interaction widget...

  • Why does my video get blurry when uploaded to youtube?

    I shot my video on a 5d m2, Processed it in premeir Pro cs6 and exported full res and encoded for you tube. It is tack sharp on my computer quick time player etc, but when loaded into youtube looks like a cell phone video.  Please help!  Thanks to all for your help.

    Try exporting using the H.264 preset for YouTube at the dimensions of your video. It sounds like you may have done that but you were not specific.
    Also, verify that you are looking at the HD version of the video when you use the YouTube player. All this assumes that you waited long enough for YouTube to process the HD version. It first encodes a SD version, then it encodes the HD version.

Maybe you are looking for

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