Video tracks disappear when changing between sequences in premiere CS6

Dear people, can you please help me find out why video tracks disappear when changing between sequences in premiere CS6.
All it shows is the audio track and it is maximized to the first frame of the sequence. Video tracks are there but hidden - although video IS showing up in the program monitor.
When I pull the tracks down in the timeline window using the dividing line between the video and audio tracks and set the sequence work area back it works fine, however it is a great annoyance having to do this every time when i swap between sequences.
Can anybody please suggest a solution to this?
I'd appreciate any help.

This is the audio tracks problem i cannot overcome:
(basically every type of audio i drop/place onto the timeline becomes left channel only, regardless of it being music or camera-recorded audio.
In the source monitor everything plays back just fine, but when placed to the timeline - it becomes LEFT only.
Weird.... (or am I and not it)

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  • Video tracks disappear

    Video tracks disappear after leaving a sequence or after reopening a project in Premiere Pro CS6 (Windows7, 64bit). Cannot find them. Audio tracks are still there. Reinstalling doesn´t help. Anybody knows an answer?
    I´m using a Toshiba Tecra W50-A104 Notebook.
    Intel Core i7 4800MQ
    NVIDIA Quadro K2100M 2048 MB
    Thank you

    Have not heared this for CS6 yet, anyway
    Pull down the audio.

  • Copying clips between Sequences in Premiere Pro CS6

    Had to go back to Premiere CS6 because CC started crashing when viewing a clip in the Source window.  Have to get work done so I went back to an older file in CS6.  In CS6, I had two sequences I was working between and when I would copy clips from one to the other, I would lose audio on the sequence where the clips were going (video is viewble though).  I could here it fine until I closed the project (after saving) and opened it later.  The projects are identical, just one had a few tweaks to the edit.  Same clips in the Bin.  Any way of updating, relinking clips, fixing this issue?
    Mac Pro
    OSX 10.7.5

    Seaspray -  I will let the experts correct any bad advice here and perhaps I am adding nothing you already don't know or are doing.   I recently went through the same exercise being new to PP CS6.   Is that footage interlaced?    I first drug a sample clip to the New Item button to create a matching sequence.    I had some issues when I wasn't being careful about sequence settings matching, particularly putting interlaced in a progressive sequence.   When I was ready to export, I chose the H.264 Blu-ray preset closest to my source footage.   I made sure the key video characteristics matched - frame size, frame rate, progressive vs. interlaced, if the latter upper or lower, PAR, etc. etc.   In some cases I tweaked VBR vs. CBR and bit rates.    I then produced separate .m2v and .wav video/audio files.   Then I imported those files as assets into Encore.   You should then see Encore tell you it does not need to encode the video or audio after analysis.    Unfortunatley, this process does require one encoding, but I don't believe there is anyway around that matter as PP CS6 apparently does not support "smart rendering".   However, I think with just one encoding you are not going to see your footage noticeably degraded.    Agreed, none of the monitors in PP or Encore should be used to judge quality.   I also noticed major differences playing back files on my PC with various media players vs. PS3 + big TV.  

  • Video effects not working on nested sequences in Premiere Pro CS5

    Hi -
    I am having some trouble with Premiere ProCS5. I have a project with a few clips which I put together in one sequence. I put this sequence into another sequence. There I will add one or two tracks of additional images and apply color correction.
    The problem is: None of the video effects I drag onto the sequence (which now is a nested sequence) have any effect. Whatever I change in the effect controls will not sho up in the monitor. Audio effects do work, though. Furthermore, none of the tracks above the nested clip are displayed. To clarify: The nested track is on V1, another clip is on V2 and an image is on V3. Only V1 gets displayed.
    I know this is supposed to work and it actually does in another project created in the same version on the same machine with the same kind of material. But no matter how often I create a new project, applying video effects to a nested sequence just does not work.
    Even more strange is the fact that my applied effects DO show up in the "Export Settings" window. They DON'T, however, in the final rendered file. I would suggest this is a bug.
    What could be the reason for this behaviour?

    It can help if you Toggle Track Output to ON. The visibility icon on the left side on each track.

  • Exporting scene changes from SpeedGrade to Premiere CS6

    Hello All,
    I am currently using Adobe SpeedGrade and Premiere Pro CS6.  I have a lengthy 2 hour video with multiple scene changes in it.  I decided to go with the SpeedGrade "Scene Change Detect" tool to automatically find the scene changes and chop the video up for me.  When it is done analyzing the video, I select the "Split Into Clips" option and save the file as an EDL.  (I am not very experienced with SpeedGrade or EDL's so excuse my unprofessionalism.)  I go to import the EDL into Premiere to make some changes to it, but all I see is a folder that contains an .avi file, which is the original file I had put into speedgrade, and a sequence.  When I drop the sequence into Premiere, it is not split into clips like it should be.  Is there something I am doing wrong?  Thanks.

    Unfortunately this is a limitation of the EDL-format. Other competitive applications show the same results with exporting a EDL form a scene-detected clip. The purpose of an EDL was to be able to lay out an edit as efficiently form one machine to an other, with tape or film as footage. 'dumb'-cuts are ignored because they have no purpose for this. Now, two generations later, we want those dub-cuts for various reasons... If requested Adobe to alter the edl-creation in SG so then when importing it in PR, the dumb-cuts stay.
    You could do the same here:

  • Video footage I've imported from iMovie to Premiere cs6 is missing after the import!  please help!

    I initially imported raw video footage from an event that I shot into iMovie 11, but later decided to try an edit the footage in Adobe Premiere CS6.  I successfully imported the iMovie file folder into CS6, then saved and exited the program to work on it after lunch.  When I returned and reopened the file, the footage could not be found.  I attempted to reopen it in iMovie and it came up as a missing file also.  I know it successfully opened in Premiere because I've seen the footage.  I didn't trash anything so it's not in the trash.  Where did my footage go, and how can I retrieve it?

    Hi Ann, Hi JSW,
    I looked around a bit and noticed that this same problem sometimes happens in iMovie itself. People lose their media because it gets copied inside the project file itself. If you right click to see the package contents, you might be able to locate the media and copy it to a dedicated folder, then reconnect media to it in Premiere Pro. See this post on the apple website: Source clip missing | Apple Support Communities

  • Audio Tracks Disappear When Zooming on Timeline

    It's very strange, but whenever I zoom in on a certain portion of a timeline I'm working on, audio tracks warp, change, duplicate, or disappear altogether. See below for a video:
    Does anyone have any idea as to what this could be? Thanks in advance for all and any help!

    It's actually a feature film I've been working on for quite a while – most likely several CC versions back, maybe even from CS6 – sorry I can't remember off the top of my head. Could that be what's causing it? Is there any fix? Or do projects that have been upgraded several time throughout CC update history always have this issue?
    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • Delay on playback when switching between Sequences (Media Pending)

    Hello guys,
    I'm growing quite frustrated with Premiere CC lately.
    So I am running CC on a Desktop PC. Core elements are : Asus X-79 Deluxe, Intel i7 4930K, 32gb ram, Geforce Titan.
    OS (Win 8.1) and CC are running on a SSD. Footage is on internal 7200rpm HHDs.
    All other softwares (mostly Davinci and Red Cine) are working perfectly, fast, no crash what-so-ever. So I thought the system was working fine. But Premiere is a nightmare and I'm trying to figure out where it can come from.
    Some issues appeared recently, on the latest version, and I did not have in the previous ones.
    First, I was facing a huge problem when simply opening clips from the Project window into the Source player. I usually had a 30-second "Media Pending" every time. When working with 1000+ files, it was simply impossible to work. Weirdly enough, I found a trick : when opening the first clip, I would have this Media Pending issue, but (that's where it gets funny), if I did not play the clip, just stay on the first frame, and opened a second one right away, then the second one wouldn't have the Media Pending issue. As long as I stayed on Frame 1 of each clip, I could open the next one without any issue. Then, once I navigate in those "pre-opened" clip, they'd play fine, without delay. But again, if I went a bit further and opened a new clip (not previously pre-opened) I'd have to go through 30 seconds of Media Pending again. F*** annoying. But whatever, I just had to open all clips before starting editing and then it would work.
    But now, I have a very similar issue when I edit further on. Especially if I have several sequences, every time I move from one sequence to the next, it would take several seconds before the video (on the Program Player) would appear. Most of the time, the player just stays black, but a couple of times, I got the Media Pending screen again.
    Then, once this is passed, the playback is all over the place. The most common problem is that the video plays, but if I press stop, the cursor stops on the timeline (the UI reacts to what I do) but the video keeps playing.... and I can press stop like a maniac, it stops playing like 20 seconds later... The UI still reacts, I can navigate menus etc... but the video just keeps playing. I have to wait several seconds before being able to work again.
    I've tried a lot of things : changing the footage to a different disk, updating Video drivers. I suspect it is related to a fairly new function cause I never had these problems on the previous Premieres (the pre 2014.2 version). But right now, I just missed the deadline of a client today because the program was being so slow. You can imagine I feel a bit stressed.
    Let me know if you have experienced stuff like this before, or if you had any idea where it can come from, I would really appreciate your help!
    Thanks a lot!

    Yes of course, I know it's mostly the frustration talking, but unfortunately the issues with the software are important enough to affect my job a lot.
    And they are still here, I'm really trying different solutions, especially since they appeared recently, they must be linked to a new feature somewhere in Premiere. Any idea what it could be? It working absolutely fine on Premiere pre-2014.2.
    Now I open my almost finished sequence, and when I drag the cursor across the sequence, every time it's on a new clip, it freezes for a while. A few seconds. Then that clip plays fine. I move to another shot and it's the same, the video freezes for a while (UI still reacts normally). If I try to just press play, it plays the shots that i already when over, but if there is a new one, the video freezes, sound continues, and I can press stop as many times as I want, it keeps playing.
    Once I have finally gone once over every shot, then the video plays absolutely fine. So I guess it has to do with a cache option. But tried cleaning the cache, moving the scratch disk to a different disk (now it's on a internal ssd, should be fast!) but to no avail..
    At this point, I feel the last 3 options I have is :
    - finish my current projects, and try an entire new workflow for the following ones, and use something else than the MXF container
    - or, finish my current projects then move to Avid
    - rebuild my entire system to see if that changes anything

  • Why Does Logoc Pro (With Video Loaded) Crash When Changing Screensets?

    I have an annoying problem which has only started happening since I've been working in Logic Pro with a movie loaded.
    The movie (.mov) is 2min 59 sec long and 3.2MB.
    There are about 12 audio tracks with my voice commentary on them and I'm working on a music track to go behind video & voice.
    My Mac OSX !0.5.7 has 7GB of RAM.
    The crashes happen regularly but only when I change screen sets.
    Thankfully the program saves my file every time but it is still annoying because I have to load up again.
    I've also turned off automatic backups and a virus barrier but it does not help.
    Has anybody had this problem?
    any assistance is much appreciated.
    PS: Since this movie project is my first, how do I save the movie with my voice commentary and music when I'm finished? Is it just a normal bounce?

    Yes this is a known problem - with Quicktime. Downgrading to QT 7.4.5 works for some.

  • Using Windows 7 and Firefox 10.0.2, at random times all home page images "disappear" when switching between web sites. Page layout on some web sites is lost. Requires removing and downloading Firefox to restore. Any ideas?

    I have recently (6 months ago) purchased and use an HP Pavilion desktop with Windows 7. At times, when especially active (several windows open) and switching between windows or using links to connect with another web page, all the images on the home home page "disappear", that is to say there is space, but no image, as if the page did not load correctly. When this happens, pages other than the home page also do not display images.
    Same pages display correctly in Explorer whenever this happens.

    Can you please try setting up full persmission in the security properties for everyone on the wsconfig folder C:\ColdFusion10\config\wsconfig  and restart ColdFusion Server.

  • OWA - save menu disappears when switching between calendar and mail

    Hi everybody!  We recently migrated to from Exch 07 to 13, and there seems to be a small problem in OWA. 
    In OWA 2013, when users creates an invite in Calendar, and switch back to Mail, a menu appears (see below) and then disappears immediately.  Instead of allowing users to choose whether to save or discard changes to their invites, it automatically discards,
    and goes to Mail.  It happens in both IE and Chrome, and for all users. Any ideas what's
    going on?   Tried all the usual - clearing cache, etc.  It doesn't appear to be a problem with the client.  Thanks!

    From your description, I recommend you create a new mailbox in your Exchange server 2013 and verify if this new user has the same issue. What's more, this issue doesn't appear on Outlook, you can try to recreate OWA virtual directory to check the result.
    Here is an article for your reference.
    Reset Client Access Virtual Directories(Note: Though it is Exchange 2010, it also applies to Exchange 2013 about this issue.)
    Best regards,
    Amy Wang
    TechNet Community Support

  • Video Track Disappeared

    Dear Fellow FCProers,
    I am sorry to bug you with this one - I've combed through the old postings but can't find an answer to this one. I think it's a quick resolve.
    I had to get out the door and, hastily saved my project (command+S). I must have hit a key that made my video disappear - the actual files are still on the timeline and I can play it fine, but can only hear the audio. Is there a way that I can make them visible again?
    I am forever grateful for ANY help coming my way! Thank you, Tupy.

    Make sure your Canvas and/or Viewer are set up correctly:
    Accidentally pressing W will cause the settings to change.

  • Logic goes nuts when changing between 96k to 44.1k

    I need to restart my computer a few times until it finally allows me to move between sample rates (some arrangements are 44.1k most are 96k.)
    I'm using Logic 8, PT 7.4 HD3 accel.
    Any thoughts would be welcome.
    Message was edited by: mblack

    I'm pretty sure that an external USB drive won't have the bandwidth to handle real time playback of 40 24/96 audio files.
    20 44K files requires a quarter of the throughput compared to 40 96K files, hence why you don't see the problem working with 44K files or smaller track counts.
    I presume your disk meter is peaking when playing back the song?
    Try putting the audio files on a FW400, FW800 or eSATA drive - you'll get much better disk throughput.

  • Sound disappears when changing speaker config

    Hello all, I currently have a bit of an annoying issue when using my x-fi titanium card in vista 64 bit.
    When I goto change my speaker config from headphones to 5.1 or vice versa, the sound from the running apps disappears
    and I have to restart the applications for sound to come back. For example I am playing a song in winamp, i change speaker config
    from 5.1 to headphones, sound gone, close winamp and reopen sound is back. Same thing goes for my games.
    Any possible solutions to this thanks.

    The only thing I don't like about the iPhone headset solution is that the earplugs are uncomfortable, and keep falling out. I basically don't like things stuck in my ear. So I am thinking of buying an actual over-the-ears headset to plug in to the headset port.
    A couple of questions:
    - Is there any reason at all to go USB headset instead? It seems like a waste of a USB port since there is a headset jack.
    - Is there any way of switching the output sound back to the speakers while the headset is plugged in? Or do I have to physically unplug it each time it is not in use for a Skype call (which is the only time I would use it)?

  • Manually Added Adhoc Approvers disappears when change the Schopping Cart

    Hi All,
       We are facing a problem in the Shopping Cart , whenever we are login in to the change mode of check status the manually added approver get disappears.Any point on this will be highly appreciated.
    Mahesh Mohan D

    We are manually adding the users , the system is not determining the approvers for some of the cost centers this is basically for giving the option for user to select his/her approver . Here we are manually adding the two levels of approvers .
    For the manual approval case we are using Adhoc-Approval workflow.
    We have a scenario for a particular account assignment category, the approvers are not determined through the n-step approval badi but are added manually in the approval preview.
    In the case when requisitioner changes any data in the shopping cart which is in awaiting approval or which is rejected by any approver and present in requesitioner inbox, the manually added approvers are disappeared and no approvers are displayed in the approval preview and when the workflow is retriggered with no approvers.
    Is there anyway we can store the manually added approvers in the case when the requisitioner changes the cart.
    Thanks And Regards
    Mahesh Mohan D
    Edited by: Maheshmohan D on Nov 18, 2008 9:44 AM

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  • Can I play embedded video in Adobe Reader for mobile device (android tablet)?

    I have created a PDF file using adobe xi pro and embedded a video in the file. When I move the file in my tablet (andorid jelley bin) and try to run the video file using mobile Adobe reader nothing happen. Any help will be appreciated.

  • MDM Server doesn't start after upgrade to SP 5

    hi, i'm not used to sap services on windows hosts. After the Update from 7.1.04 to 7.1.05 the mdm server doesn't start. I found only a few logs (unter c:/usr/sap/SID/MDS00/work). Most of them from sapcpe (without errors or warnings). Only the sapstar

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