Video tracks disappear

Video tracks disappear after leaving a sequence or after reopening a project in Premiere Pro CS6 (Windows7, 64bit). Cannot find them. Audio tracks are still there. Reinstalling doesn´t help. Anybody knows an answer?
I´m using a Toshiba Tecra W50-A104 Notebook.
Intel Core i7 4800MQ
NVIDIA Quadro K2100M 2048 MB
Thank you

Have not heared this for CS6 yet, anyway
Pull down the audio.

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  • Video tracks disappear when changing between sequences in premiere CS6

    Dear people, can you please help me find out why video tracks disappear when changing between sequences in premiere CS6.
    All it shows is the audio track and it is maximized to the first frame of the sequence. Video tracks are there but hidden - although video IS showing up in the program monitor.
    When I pull the tracks down in the timeline window using the dividing line between the video and audio tracks and set the sequence work area back it works fine, however it is a great annoyance having to do this every time when i swap between sequences.
    Can anybody please suggest a solution to this?
    I'd appreciate any help.

    This is the audio tracks problem i cannot overcome:
    (basically every type of audio i drop/place onto the timeline becomes left channel only, regardless of it being music or camera-recorded audio.
    In the source monitor everything plays back just fine, but when placed to the timeline - it becomes LEFT only.
    Weird.... (or am I and not it)

  • Video Track Disappeared

    Dear Fellow FCProers,
    I am sorry to bug you with this one - I've combed through the old postings but can't find an answer to this one. I think it's a quick resolve.
    I had to get out the door and, hastily saved my project (command+S). I must have hit a key that made my video disappear - the actual files are still on the timeline and I can play it fine, but can only hear the audio. Is there a way that I can make them visible again?
    I am forever grateful for ANY help coming my way! Thank you, Tupy.

    Make sure your Canvas and/or Viewer are set up correctly:
    Accidentally pressing W will cause the settings to change.

  • Disappearing Video track

    At the school I teach for, we use FCP 4.5 HD on eMacs & G4 Towers running Mac OS 10.4.3. I've seen this bug, but can't remember how to remedy it. Whenever a clip is inserted or dragged from the source window to the canvas, only the audio gets placed. You can see the video timeline as you drag and when your video appears over your sequence line, but once you let the mouse button go, only the audio lays down. I don't have any layers locked, i have checked the sequence settings. Nothing. Has anyone else seen this ?

    Hey Ted-
    The only way I have seen this is when the video source tab is disconnected at the far left of the timeline. When the clip is dragged in the arrow must be placed over the video track. If it is just over the audio section that is all that comes in.

  • Final cut x muting a video track?

    what options do you have when right clicking on a video clip in the timeline? can you mute video tracks???

    Mute Audio
    Pulling down the volume fader to mute an audio channel is not the right way to (from a sound engineer point of view). If you had the level set at a specific level then you have to remember that if you want to "unmute" it. The Mute button is the correct way to to. Unfortunately, FPx doesn't have a mixer (yet) so you have to go to the Inspector and uncheck the audio. You will notice that the waveform disappears from the Clip
    Mute Video
    To mute the whole Video (or any Clip), just select the Clip and use Key Command V or the Menu Command "Clip > Disable"
    I cover that in more details in my manual "Final Cut Pro X - How it Works", available on my website:
    Edgar Rothermich

  • Restoring stereo audio track link to video track as source/destination

    I've read everything I can find relevant in discussions & manuals but can't figure out how to get my two audio tracks (stereo) linked back to video track as destinations, as they once were, with video and audio source/destination tabs joined. In the patch panel (when I started this morning) I noticed that only A1 destination button had an a1 source. There was no a2 Source button to join to A2 Destination.
    In my groping around I managed to also make the a1 source button dissapear as well. Link and Stereo Pair are checked in the Modify menu. Linked Selection button is on in Timeline.
    What the heck am I doing wrong here and how do I get those Source buttons to reappear? Thanks for whatever advice you guys can give.
    - Frazzled Idiot

    "how do I get those Source buttons to reappear?"
    The vn and an source tabs appear and disappear in the timeline depending on the clip in the viewer: if it is only video, there is only v1, if it is only stereo audio you have a1 and a2, if you have a standard clip audio + video you have v1, a1 and a2, and so on. Just depends on the clip in the viewer.
    If you had only a1 source, it means that you probably had your clip unlinked, your stereo pair unlinked and you loaded only one of the 2 stereo tracks to the viewer. If you want to edit them back together select the video and 2 audio tracks in the timeline and cmd-L (link video to audio) and opt-L (link stereo pair).
    After that when you load the clip in the viewer you'l have again v1, a1 and a2 source buttons ready to use.

  • When I import my footage, the audio track disappears!

    I have footage taken with my Canon vixia hfs11.  Footage looks great.  However, when I import the footage into Premeire Pro CS6, the audio track disappears.  I have used the Media Browser to import and import under file.  Nothing works.  The file is a MTS.  Please help!

    As Karsten Schlüter, says MPEG Streamclip is a great way to make sure the video is as compatible as possible. You can also try downloading to multimedia helpers like DivX (in the case of some Xvid/Divx MP4 formats). I have a Flip mino video camera that requires DivX to be installed to play them back. And once I installed it the videos would be editable in iMovie '11. Something to try.

  • Long load times for large video tracks

    Is there a recommended file size to stay under for video tracks in iTuens U? I know the hard limit is 500Mb per upload, but it seems as though any file that is more than about 10 minutes in length takes upwards of 10 minutes or longer to load. A short video (under 5 minutes) will load immediately. Is iTunes content not really streamed?

    No, it is not streamed. But iTunes U isn't setup to be a streaming service. If you sniff packets (I didn't want to, but our security guy made me because of a local issue ... long story), you'll see that content is grabbed by way-of-an HTTP GET. There is a certain sense to that ... iTunes and iTunes U are, effectively, aggregators of content. You can get iTunes U to stream ... sort of ... but it is not a true streaming service (and, in fairness, it wasn't designed to be).
    There is a trick you can play with encoding ... I don't have my notes with me (someone will remember) ... wherein you can ask that content be encoded to play as quickly as possible ... "instant on". There are a couple of apps, I believe, that help automate the process. It is not the same as streaming, but is helpful in situations in which you want a streaming effect.

  • Lots and Lots of video tracks...

    Hello Ya'all:
    Just reporting some bugs/discoveries I made in FCP 5.0.3, when using storage which is almost infinetesimally fast. I know FCP supports a maximum of 99 video tracks, but I wonder how many have actually been tested (realistically): Here's some problems I have when doing lots and lots of video tracks:
    Qty. Description
    Up to 10 Fine - no problem.
    12 Program intermittently crashes with no error, when
    sitting idle.
    14 The scroll bar on the right side of the video
    portion of the timeline stops drawing properly,
    but the crashing above goes away.
    16 Crashing is back - scroll bar still not operating
    20 Crashing stops, but scroll bar still not drawing
    24 Same as above.
    25 Seem to have hit some sort of maximum, as the
    video portion of the timeline header turns red.

    I rant for lots of does Jim.
    I rant when someone with NO CLUE as to the post production process tries to tackle a complex process thinking that FCP is easy. Especially when said people, who previously edited home movies or short films on FCP, suddenly think they can edit broadcast television.
    I rant when people think a simple plugin will edit for them, or suddenly make everything ready for broadcast.
    I rant when someone assumes that FCP can do something it cannot, and is mad for FCP not being able to do it.
    I rant when people don't do their research, buy gear, shoot hours and hours, only to find that it won't work on ANY system...and they blame the system for not working with the new gear, even though the gear came out AFTER the system.
    But mainly I rant for the first reason. Too many people think that editing is easy and that they can just buy a G5, monitor, camera and a few books and be ready for Prime Time. No no no. Even Robert Rodriguez, the ultimate film rebel, took a long time to learn what he learned. I have spent a large part of my career learning post production...broadcast standards, specs, color correction, show timing, audio post...not to mention the art of storytelling. And it really gets on my nerves when someone thinks that they can take an Mac Mini and camcorder and edit a broadcast show...and get angry at Apple for things not working properly.
    Get the proper tools. Get the proper training. Cut your chops by editing a lot and a lot and a lot. Research everything before you buy and jump into a project with a huge deadline. I am venturing into HD...I start editing next week...I have been researching the topic since July and am STILL testing gear and my workflow.
    I am sure there are plenty more reasons I rant, but those are the ones off the top of my head. I just have little patience with people who think that editing is easy and instantaneous. It is hard and time consuming, and if I didn't love it to death I wouldn't do it.
    "There's no need to fear, UNDERDOG is ranting!"

  • How can you collapse several video tracks into one track?

    Hi, I have a stack of five video tracks that make up an identification placard for a speaker. I need to create motion on this, but don't want to have to do it to every track individually. I believe there is a way to incapsulate all five tracks into one track. Does anyone know the method of doing this?
    Thanks so much, Bob

    Select the tracks and type Option - C, or go to the menu Sequence > Nest Item(s).
    That will nest the tracks in to one clip on your timeline. If you need to make changes in the nest, double click on the nested clip in the timeline and it will re-open the tracks that have been nested.

  • How do I get the audio track to stick with the video track?

    Whenever I move or cut the video track I want it's audio track to move or cut with it, how do I get them to stay together so I don't have to do double work?
    This should be an easy one...Let's see who can answer first.....ready, set, GO!

    Sounds like Linked Selection is switched off. Check the button in the upper right of the timeline window. Shift-L will toggle it off and on.

  • ERROR message (iDVD) 'no video tracks selected'  where is 'SHARED'

    (I think everyone's asleep on the iDVD boards, so I've taken the liberties of posting here also, sorry.... ssshhhhhhh....)
    My first time using iDVD (it's 5.0) --
    Exported sequence from fcp as QT.....
    Dropped into into 'drop zone' hit 'burn', and get "no video track defined"
    I searched this forum (iDVD) and it seems I need to tweek "shared" setting.... since I made the sequence in fcp (not iMovie), where is this 'shared' menu?
    Very perplexing...

    Here'w what Ken says from his article detailing iDVD:
    Once you have set all your markers, set an in and out point on your Timeline, File Menu > Export. From FCP 4.5 and FCE 2, select QuickTime Movie (not 'Using QuickTime Conversion').
    There is an option in the Save box, "Make Self contained". If you uncheck this box the movie that is generated will consist of pointers to your media. The export process will happen quickly and the resulting file will be small in size. This is a good choice if you will be using iDVD on the same Mac as your editing application. If you chose to "Make Self contained" the resulting movie will contain all of the media, it will take longer to export and the file size can be quite large, (about 22 gigs for a 100 minute movie). If you will be moving to a different Mac to work on iDVD then you'll need to have your movie be self contained. In either case, leave 'Recompress All Frames' unchecked.

  • Looping a video track with escape -- Bug or Pilot error?

    [The next 2 paragraphs are a repeat of my previous post. I'm including them for context.]
    I'm working in DVDSP 4 and have encountered a few "anomalies". I wanted to see if I am doing something wrong or if I have found a bug. I will break this into two posts because they are two different issues.
    Basically I am creating a DVD that will back a live presentation. The video track is timed to approximate the length of the presentation. But I want to have several "escape hatches". If a segment does run a little long then the presentation will dump into another track that has a still image and a background music track. I don't want to pause the play, because I want full-field video and audio. I also want to advance through the presentation by simply clicking the NEXT CHAPTER button.
    [/End repeated section]
    So the other problem with looping a still on a video track is escaping the loop. I've set this track's END JUMP to go to the "Chapter 1" marker of the current video program. (It's the only marker on the this timeline.) I've targeted the "Next Chapter" button to return me to my main timeline. Whether I simulate OR burn this DVD program I get the same results. The playhead does not jump tracks. Instead it returns to the start of the current timeline and begins playing again.
    Is this supposed to happen? DVDSP lets me assign all these actions, and the manual and support seems to indicate this should work, but it doesn't. Not sure if this is a bug, a problem with the DVD spec, or simply my lack of knowledge. (please help)

    Houghts & Aldershot -- thanks for your reply. To add a little clarity the project goes like this:
    The MAIN track is 20 minutes long. If the speaker finishes a section early, he can "NEXT" to the next section (next marker). If he runs long, when he gets to the next marker the dvd will dump him into another track (Lets call it WAITING TRACK) that will "hold" (with some music) until he hits NEXT again. So far this all works.
    The problem is getting OUT of the WAITING TRACK loop and back to the MAIN track. Putting a second marker near the end of this track (as Aldershot suggests) will jump me to the end of WAITING but how do I get back to the marker in MAIN? Can I just set an end Jump to go back to the marker I want in MAIN? Will the presenter then have to hit skip forward twice? (I guess I'll have to try and see.)
    I guess I could target this marker in main with the MENU button, but then the presenter would have TWO buttons to worry about. I'm trying to make this as zipless as possible.
    By the way, if I don't loop the WAITING track back to the first marker, this scenario works. The problem only arises if I loop back to Chapter1. Making the end of the track an infinite hold looked to be a promising option. But it seems to put the player into pause. The user must hit PLAY and then NEXT. Two buttons again.
    I'll keep digging and follow up as I learn more.

  • I am unable to delete music from my iPhone5 either directly or via PC.  On the iPhone the tracks disappear but the phone remains full and the data is still visible on the PC.  I am unable to manipulate the data in any way on the PC.

    I am unable to delete music from my iPhone5 either directly or via PC.  On the iPhone the tracks disappear when swiping left and deleting but the phone remains full and the data is still visible on the PC. The music was installed on the phone from the backup of a previous model but with the addition of new tracks I am now unable to add more or update to the next operating system as the phone is full.  On my PC the music is still there and but the neither the delete function or any form of sorting/management on the music files is functional. Other Apple products work OK including previous phone, ipad.ipods etc Any advice/help available to get past this would be appreciated.

    I think it is 7.1.1 - there was another update today which I've uploaded but it didn't make any difference. It's just the music libary on the 5 that's causing me problems.

  • Audio and Video tracks don't go up/down together EVEN when linked selection is checked!

    I'm sure this is something really simple but I just can't figure it out. And it must be a button or a option that I've checked because it didn't use to do that a few days ago.
    Basically, I have a clip on the timeline which has a video and an audio track. I want to move the video clip up to the next video track but I want the audio to move down to the next audio track too. Right now it's not doing that. Only the video file moves up to the next track and the audio clip remains in the same track. How do I fix that so that however many tracks I move the video up by the audio goes down by that same number of tracks?

    Hi Shooternz,
    shooternz wrote:
    Not sure how other NLES manage it but I think it would be a pain if audio  automatically followed video in this respect.  eg Blocked layers b'cos something is already there.
    FCP &, and earlier behaved that way. I prefer the way Premiere Pro does it. You often do not need to move the audio to a different track when you move video to another track. I want to control the placement of audio and video separately now.

Maybe you are looking for