View videos with iPad

view videos with iPad   change default systems to use diff flash drive?

Not entirely sure what you mean, but if it's that you want to download and install flash then you can't - it is not supported on the iPad ( Browser apps such as Skyfire claim to support flash bu their reviews are mixed. Also some websites, especially news sites, have their own apps in the App Store, so you could check to see if any of your favoutrite sites have apps.

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  • I want to zoom while making video with iPad

    I want to zoom while making video with ipad

    I apologies. I was under the assumption that others reading my question would think if I was talking about iMovie I have it on my iPad and I never clarified thank you for pointing that out. I do have iMovie and had iMovie the whole time in my attempts including the one where I looked through iTunes in my PC while my iPad was hooked up via USB , was in my iPads apps looking at the list and iMovie was not one of the listed. But even if it was how is this going to help me?

  • In airplane can't access paid video cause it's in cloud how can I get out of cloud so I can view video on ipad

    CCan't access paid video on iPad why

    Are you referring to being in Airplane Mode, or on an actual aircraft? If you purchased a movie, you would need to download it to the device, and would need to do that while you could still connect to the Internet.

  • Viewing videos with a mac

    every time i try to view a video that is posted on a website, my macbook starts downloading it to the desktop. when it is finished downloading, i click on it and it says it cannot be played. does anyone know how to view videos off the internet on a mac??

    Are these Windows Media (.wmv) files? If so, check out
    That will allow you to play Windows Media files using QuickTime.

  • Is there any way to View video with HTML5 video browser, as from wikipedia articles, on my IPad mini?, Is there any way to View video with HTML5 video browser, as from wikipedia articles, on my IPad mini?

    I do a lot of research using Wikipedia articles.  Sometimes those articles have video attached.  When I click on the play button of the image, it opens a floating window with the first frame of the video, but it's not moving. A thin banner at the top of it me: "For a better video playback experience we recommend a [ HTML5 video browser".  And touching the play button ( hoping it might play anyway) has no effect. It will not play.
    Is HTML5 a PC/Windows only format? Or is there an App that will alow me to use these videos on my  iPad mini?  I've spend 6 hours already trying to find out what I can do about this, and I've made zero progress.  I've checked out a handful of apps in the app store, and don't even know what I'm looking at.  I got the Wikipedia app for mobile devices, and it doesn't offer the videos in the truncated articles it provides.  I've spoken to several Apple techs at the Applecare phone number, and no one there seems to know anything about it.
    surely, I can't be the only one with this issue.  Please comment, please help.  Thank you all.

    Dear Bob,
      I downloader a VLS Streamer from the Apple app store.  It requires some kind of helper software to run, which, as far as I can tell from the video at the developer's site, allows one to download content from one's mobile device to their computer.  Since I don't have a compatible computer for my iPad to link to, the instructions don't help my situation.  I emailed them with my query and will probably hear from them sometime this week.
       I've lived with this problem for the 3 months I've had my iPad, and I'll keep after it until I have a solution.  But right now, I've run out of steam.  If this lead helps me to resolve my issue, I'll come back and HELPFUL or RESOLVED every response you've given.  I'm very grateful for your help.  Sorry I'm so utterly clueless.
       Thanks once again.  Please don't cringe if I get back to you another day.

  • Video with ipad

    I have many video clips taken with my iPad that show up on the camera roll.  When I open iMovie on my iPad, none of the videos are there.  How can I get iMovie to recognize these existing clips?

    Found out the problem.  The recipients were not using QuickTime.
    They were using the viewer that comes with Windows 7.
    Turns out the viewer will sometime play .mov files upside down.

  • Indesign CS5.5 Problem layer with video with ipad and share video in a swf file on web

    Hi Everyone,
    I have two problems:
    I'm just working on my portfolio
    - I've a page with 3 layers (Cover, Video, base) I'd like that the "cover" layer hide part of the video when it's playing. With a preview as SWF file it's working fine but when i try the preview for ipad or upload on a device when the video start it stay on the top.
    So doesn't "respect" the layer order. Why? how is that possible?
    - I created and exported my portfolio as .SWF with also html file. In this portfolio there are 2 Video File (.mov .m4v) when i try the preview in local they work fine, but when i upload the portfolio with the resourse files and all other file created, i share it and all the aniamtion works fine exept the video. They doesn't show up. Why?
    I mean all the folder ar shared, i don't want everytime download the folder in my desktop to watch also that video.
    How can i do that?
    I just want to share a portfolio with inside video.

    That might or might not work. Let's try closing ID again, log in withthe old user, then delet the files, if they exist, inthe list you'll find at Adobe Forums: InDesign crashes at startup
    Your user library is hidden in 10.8, so if yo don't kow how to show those files, see Access hidden user library files | Mac OS 10.7 Lion
    Now restart ID using the Keyboard shortcut to remove the prefs (hold down Cmd + Control + Shift + Opt keys as soon as you launch ID and choose Yes when asked if you want to replace the prefs. If you don't see the confirmation message, you weren't fast enough, so you need to try again).

  • Syncing iPhone 4S video with iPad 1 problem

    I just bought an iPhone 4s and shot a video this morning. I plugged it into my laptop and synced it.  I then plugged in my iPad 1 and synced it.  It said there were 2 items that wouldn't sync and they were the videos I shot.  What's the problem ?  It said check iTunes.  I looked but didn't see the problem anywhere.

    Hello, Timusername.
    The following may be helpful in getting you calendars syncing correctly:
    Sync Services: Advanced troubleshooting for contact and calendar syncing
    Start with the first section that refers to Reset Sync History, then navigate to the section for your operating system Mac OS X 10.6.8.  Test syncing after each step.  If the issue persists see the section regarding syncing calendars:
    For issues with syncing calendars
    First, you should back up your calendars: Back up your calendars by choosing File > Export > Calendar Archive in OS X Mountain Lion or File > Export > iCal Archive in OS X Lion or Mac OS X v10.6. In Mac OS X v10.5, you can back up your iCal data by selecting File > Back up iCal.
    Jason H. 

  • Flicker static when viewing videos with HTML5 on Youtube

    Hi Apple support community,
    I am looking for advice as to how to proceed with the following experience I have had using Safari to view YouTube videos on my MacBook Retina.
    As an attempt to save battery energy on my Mac, I have read that viewing YouTube videos on HTML5 vs. the default flash software will reduce the rate the battery is drained significantly. As such, I have been using HTML5 as the default viewing software for videos on YouTube for over two years now. However, a few months ago I started noticing that now when I watch videos there seems to be black and white static flicker (akin to an analog TV) that lasts for about a second and repeats sporadically during viewing. The audio is not affected at all. I have temporarily switched to reloading the replaying the videos via flash to see whether the same effect was observed, however, there seemed to be no issues when doing so.
    I have an inkling that it is a software, as opposed to hardware issue, as this issue is not observed generally on the screen as a permanent fixture, nor does it occur when using any other applications, including viewing streamed videos on other websites. It seems to be localised to YouTube videos using HTML5, as the static occurs within the frame of the video playback screen, as opposed to webpage.
    I am wondering whether anyone else has experienced or heard of this, and what recommendations are available for amending this issue, as though it is bearable, it is somewhat unpleasant to sit through.
    Kind regards

    Are these Windows Media (.wmv) files? If so, check out
    That will allow you to play Windows Media files using QuickTime.

  • Unable to view video with 3.0.4

    I am trying to watch a video on a U. of Illinois web site, and I get a notice that I need Safari 2.0. Certainly my 3.0.4 should work as well as 2.0 - yes? Is there something I am missing?

    Sorry for the double-post, but I think I have the answer! I did another online search (that's how I found this thread) and in the Flip4Mac forum, they have addressed problems with the latest version of Flip4Mac and streaming audio/video. The previous version ( had a "Create streaming movies" checkbox under the "Player" tab in the preferences. The latest version (2.2) does not. I think they are going to put it back in the next version, but in the meantime, use the Flip4Mac uninstaller to remove version 2.2, then download and install from this page (don't forget to check the "streaming" box):
    I did this and have been listening to streaming audio on CSTV for 20 minutes + with no stopping. Yay! Of course, we'd all be better off if CSTV would just step up their Mac development. Anyone care to join me in an e-mail campaign?

  • Problem viewing videos with 5th Gen 30 GB Video

    My iPod video is older, got it back in 2005. It used to play videos just fine, but now when I try to play something, it jams up. Just a black screen with a play indicator and a battery indicator, but no movie. You can't menu back and have to soft reset just to get it working again. Music works just fine.
    I tried restoring the factory settings as advised by the Apple support page, as well as updating the iTunes, etc. There should be plenty of memory available... It seems like it started this after I bought a season of a TV show in the iTunes store, but even without those files on the iPod, it still jams up.

    Well start with these articles and see if that gets you anywhere...
    iPod is not recognized properly by computer when USB drivers are not installed properly or are out of date
    iTunes for Windows: iTunes 7 doesn't recognize iPod
    iPod missing in "My Computer" or in iTunes for Windows
    Also you might try forcing the iPod into disk mode first, then connecting it to your computer and see if that makes it show up in iTunes...
    Putting iPod into Disk Mode
    Windows confuses iPod with network drive or hard drive and may keep iPod from mounting or songs may seem to disappear

  • I have a macbook 13" late 2009 and would like to connect my TV to macbook to view video with sound. What cable do I need to mack work?

    I have a macbook 13" late 2009 operating system OS10.9.2.
    I would like to connect my macbook to my TV . I have connected a mini DVI / HDMI cable to my tv which works for the picture but have no sound.
    How do I get the sound to work?

    When you connect the MacBook using a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter you will probably need to use external speakers or a 3.5mm stereo headphone jack to RCA sound plugs connected to a stereo sound system if your TV doesn't have separate RCA input plugs or a 3.5mm stereo input plug for audio with the HDMI plug. The Mini DisplayPort to HDMI doesn't carry audio unless you have the Mid 2010 model 7,1 and there're no audio plugs on most TVs to work with HDMI since it's expecting audio with the HDMI. But check your TV manual to see if it has audio plugs that work with one of the HDMI ports.
    If you have the Late 2008 model 5,1 Aluminum Unibody or Late 2009 model 6,1 White Unibody with the Mini DisplayPort rather than the Mini-DVI there is an adapter that uses the Mini DisplayPort and a USB port to combine video and audio to HDMI. It's only 2 channel stereo not 5.1 Dolby Surround. &p_id=5969&seq=1&format=2

  • Problems viewing videos with Flash Player

    I have downloaded the latest version of Flash Player, when I try to open a video link from Facebook, I got a message that reads;
    Flash Player upgrade required
    You must download and install the latest version of the Adobe Flash Player to view this content.
    What do I need to do to make it work?

    What is your OS?
    What is your browser?

  • Making SKYPE calls voice/video with iPad ?


    Not at this time. You have to manually make the call presently.

  • Cannot synch rented video with ipad

    rented a video, downloaded to the imac. never watched.  download was interrupted a couple of times as it was taking time and computer was turned off.
    now, trying to synch the movie to the ipad, it can't be done.   pop window saying video can't be played on the ipad

    Thanks for your reply.
    I realized that the movie was not completely downloaded.   After restarting the download and making sure it was 100% on the Imac, then I was able to move the movie to the Ipad and now I can watch it.

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