Viewer Version option not appearing in New Folio window

When I create a new folio I do not get the option to specify the Viewer Version.
The option does not appear in the New Folio window - see screengrab.
As I understand it - I need to set this to v23 or higher to allow my multistate objects to export as vectors when article is set to PDF (to prevent pixelisation on some ios devices).
I am using CS5 on a mac with the latest versions of the folio tools etc.
Any help would be greatly appreciated

I've just tried installing the tools on another machine (same hardware & software) and it works fine.
It seems there's something wrong with my install of the tools, in the About panel of the folio builder mine says :
Where as the machine that works says:
I've uninstalled the Folio Builder Panel and the Folio Producer Tools, then reinstalled - but no change.
Any ideas?

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    Creating a new iTunes account does not remove any purchases made on a different account.
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  • Folios Not Appearing in the Folio Producer

    Neil Enns - Adobe - branching this issue into a new discussion from original over at:
    Re: Use Preview on Device for Android on Mac - how to make it working?
    Our issues of not being able to preview on android seem to be caused by an issue with our folio producer.
    Currently we are only seeing a single old folio in the producer, none of the new folios we have created this year are appearing in our producer.
    We have tested logins etc. but we really only have one email associated with all of our DPS accounts, and this was the only account we could successfully log with. Even clicking the "Folio Producer" option in the folio builder panel menu only displays that single folio.
    When creating our folios, we have never checked the "Create Offline Folio" option.
    From what I have read, it sounds like the folios should be automatically uploaded to the producer. Is that correct?
    Aside from login / credential issues is there anything that would prevent our folios from appearing in the producer??
    (Certificates or provisioning or anything like that?)
    Thanks in Advance.

    Sorry... just thought I would just be super clear on some of the details.
    1) Logins are all consistent, across the board. - DPS App (InDesign) / Builder Panel / Content Viewer / Folio Producer -  We only have a single account that will actually allow us to log in to all these services, so as far as I can tell it's not a log in issue.
    2) Folios have all been produced as "online" ie. when we create the folio, we are NOT checking the "Create Offline Folio" option. (This is un-checked as the default)
    Screencaps of folio builder panel menu and folio producer web interface attached.

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    Which version of BW you are using ? If you are on BW 7.3 you wont get this option.
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    Thanks & Regards,
    Chandra Sekhar.

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